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*Big Brother Canada 3: Who Will Win? [POLL]
AprilSky1297 1   05/26/15 05:21 PM
x*go Godfrey go
Missfits05/27/15 04:15 PM
*Who will the Final 3 most likely evicted from Jury?
ABCD171030 0   05/25/15 07:42 PM
*How have your feelings about BB Canada changed since the start of the season?
WillRulz2801 6   05/20/15 11:23 PM
x*too many twists ruined the whole game. Its unplayable and unwatchable now NT
CaboWabo05/25/15 12:39 AM
x*I agree. I stopped watching a few weeks ago because it's become 100% scripted. Feeds being off more than they're on was the last straw. NT
Corndogger05/25/15 01:35 AM
x*never have i ever stopped watching feeds or waited days before watching an episode... that says it all for me. worst season in the entire bb franch NT
shermeli05/23/15 05:59 PM
x*I couldn't agree more! NT
Robdoggy05/26/15 08:54 PM
x*I have never quit watching feeds. This is the first time I have. I'm not pleased. Can it be fixed? Absolutely. But this was bad. NT
WillettDrizzle05/21/15 09:17 PM
x*So much that I stopped watching it along time ago. Some twists are okay but when the amount they did was uncalled for.
stitchmaker05/21/15 04:58 PM
*Nullify a jury vote
Bessie1487 3   05/20/15 08:10 PM
x*Pilar. NT
Dani05/20/15 09:16 PM
x*Don't know if I could vote. I feel like if you made it far enough to jury, you have earned you right to vote. sucks if someone is striped of that NT
ABCD1705/20/15 08:52 PM
x*so agree, and if the pic shown on many sights is true and there are only 7 jury votes--just so wrong, imo NT
theritz05/23/15 09:45 PM
*If Godfrey wins the DE, who will he nominate/try to evict?
ABCD171587 3   05/19/15 08:06 AM
x*I bet my house he wont win, lol NT
mobius05/19/15 05:49 PM
x*Sarah and Brit with the intention of BD Pili/Ash NT
bigtimebbfan05/19/15 11:49 AM
x*i disagree with the god wants B/S God want Ash out before Sarah or B imo NT
TKM80905/19/15 08:16 AM
*What are your thoughts on the quantity of Big Brother Canada twists?
CaboWabo2599 6   05/15/15 12:44 PM
x*Too many twists, if there are twists they should be earned not given NT
bbcanDDW05/18/15 01:52 PM
x*The producers of BBCAN come off as a bunch of children that don't know what they're doing. NT
Vernon505/15/15 11:35 PM
x*They ruined BBCAN and made it unwatchable.
stitchmaker05/15/15 06:38 PM
x*seriously, the HGs cant even play the game due to all the twists. the show was ruined NT
CaboWabo05/20/15 01:28 PM
x*i agree 100% NT
bigtimebbfan05/18/15 03:06 AM
x*A twist should be powerful, yet rare. When they have a twist every single week it just loses its novelty. NT
CaboWabo05/15/15 11:12 PM
*If Godfrey knows that Pilar is out of the POV comp, will Godfrey throw it?
Blockhead431 0   05/15/15 10:30 AM
*Was taking out bruno over zach a good choice for The Fembots?
chrisikris494 0   05/14/15 11:59 AM
*Who will be evicted tonight? The official poll.
Blockhead1140 2   05/13/15 09:25 AM
x*No Ash? NT
TwoMinutesHate05/13/15 01:07 PM
x*Ash has immunity because she's HOH. Did you mean Pilar? NT
bbBeth11105/13/15 01:24 PM
*What should britnee do with special power?
chrisikris1981 5   05/12/15 12:30 PM
x*Put both of them up and tell one of them they are a pawn. Payback is such a biotch. NT
LillyBell05/13/15 04:40 AM
x*I'd love her to really shock the crap out of everyone... take herself and Godfrey off the block... put up Sarah and Pilar lol NT
Dimples05/12/15 07:01 PM
x*It seems that Sarah is the POV, so this can't really happen? NT
Veruta05/12/15 11:34 PM
x*Yep..Sarah can't be put up. NT
Starr05/13/15 01:04 AM
x*It would be a wasted power to put up Sarah & Pilar, even if S didn't win POV. NT
LillyBell05/13/15 04:41 AM
*Your votes for Have Nots
WhatIAm1973 4   05/08/15 10:44 PM
x*Vault veto power?
Giddeon05/11/15 09:54 AM
x*I voted God/Bruno but it is not an option. NT
ScienceGirl05/11/15 05:41 PM
x*Zach/Pilar. NT
ASQ05/08/15 11:06 PM
x*Yeah, that's how I voted too and it's not an option. NT
Blackheart05/08/15 11:53 PM
*Do you believe Big Brother Canada deserves to be renewed for another season?
WillRulz1522 3   05/08/15 05:02 AM
x*Renew! But pick a more interesting cast!!
missvixen08/10/15 11:47 PM
x*enough with the twists every week! The HGs cant even play the game! NT
CaboWabo05/15/15 12:45 PM
x*Changes to production? No. I'm actually okay with the production. Changes to casting (or Kasting if you prefer). NT
Dimples05/08/15 02:24 PM
*Which gameplay move was worse from last nights triple eviction?
chrisikris1674 4   05/07/15 12:15 PM
x*Sarah. Bruno & Brit's choices at least had some logic behind them. Sarah's made no sense and cost her an ally. NT
utty1405/07/15 12:48 PM
x*Willow was such a floater she would have stuck with Bru & Zach just to stay in the house. NT
LillyBell05/08/15 02:56 AM
x*Bruno's choice to save Zach, as much as I dislike Zach... was a SMART move. It doesn't belong on this list. NT
Dimples05/07/15 03:38 PM
x*ITA! The twist will likely send Bruno to jury, but gaining favor with Zach and separating Ash/Pili was his goal. Sarah messed up the Pili vote. NT
ScienceGirl05/07/15 06:22 PM
*Any BB series, if they offered jury house feeds, would you pay extra to watch them?
WillRulz853 1   05/06/15 09:53 AM
x*No everything I've heard leads me to believe it's quite boring NT
utty1405/07/15 12:47 PM
*How many episodes do you watch a week?
WillRulz1737 4   05/03/15 08:38 PM
x*I started to watch all 3 until I realized how bad the casting was this season. Not many players to really enjoy and get invested in, plus voting seems
littled05/06/15 11:39 PM
x*Watched all 3 until they stopped playing (for me) online, now just the feeds NT
bbBeth11105/04/15 11:53 PM
x*A little more cumbersome than last year, but relatively easy to find about 12 hours after first airing. 2-3 per week for me depending on interest. NT
RussAZ05/06/15 01:19 PM
x*beginning of the season i watched all 3, but now i just watch feeds NT
bigtimebbfan05/04/15 02:52 AM
*Triple Eviction!?!
NorthBayCJ2741 8   05/01/15 11:58 PM
x*I chose undecided because i don't know who will win HoH and which two will leave If Zack/Kevin/Sarah leave in ANY combo it'll be great! NT
bugiardi05/02/15 11:36 AM
x*It may be three evictions in one night but its not really a tripple eviction. That would assume that three people go on the block and all three leave
Dimples05/02/15 10:25 PM
x*3 people leaving in one episode = triple eviction. NT
LlamaLips05/03/15 11:12 AM
x*See for me a triple eviction would mean one hoh - three evictions. NT
Dimples05/04/15 03:29 PM
x*Then I guess you don't use the term DE for the doubles? Those are 2 people leaving in one night, never under the same HOH! NT
ScienceGirl05/05/15 10:59 AM
x*The 1st eviction is going to go as a normal one, then they immediately play HOH. That HOH will then name 3 Noms, then Veto, then 2 of 3 go to jury NT
NorthBayCJ05/03/15 12:40 AM
x*then why when they have two evictions in one night they call it a Double Eviction? NT
chrisikris05/02/15 11:23 PM
x*Exactly! LMAO I don't understand the confusion. It is the same format as a DE with 1 extra person leaving under the rapid HOH cycle. NT
ScienceGirl05/05/15 11:01 AM
*Final 2!!!
NorthBayCJ1040 1   04/25/15 09:28 PM
x*I picked Bruno because he is the best player, but I would stab him in the back at final four NT
bbcanDDW04/26/15 03:42 PM
*Worse ally to have?
Blockhead1794 4   04/23/15 10:54 AM
x*Obviously Zach. NT
RussAZ05/06/15 01:20 PM
x*How is Zach not an option? He was just HOH and won veto and got rid of his number 1 ally. Seriously. Worst ally in the history of BB everywhere. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/15 11:23 PM
x*Probably Sarah. Pilar can actually win a comp and Bobby at least looks like a physical threat. Sitting next to Sarah OTB is a death sentence. NT
whitecrocodile04/23/15 11:43 AM
x*all three suck! NT
mobius04/23/15 11:08 AM
*Who played a worse game?
WillRulz869 1   04/23/15 10:37 AM
x*I picked Jordan because he is a superfan and should know better. lawan knew nothing. NT
LillyBell05/01/15 09:44 AM
*What do you think of Sindy using outside information to her advantage?
WillRulz758 1   04/23/15 09:19 AM
x*There was no outside of the game , outside of the HGs information given. Even sideshow talked about impressions from what they already Knew and had
AceRimmer04/23/15 10:29 AM
*Of the HGs who don't have children, which would you trust to look after your kids?
WillRulz1447 3   04/22/15 02:09 PM
x*sindy or britt. both would keep an eye on the rugrats. Pilar, on the other hand, thought Godfr was one of the hinkey votes last night. Who'd want
AceRimmer04/23/15 10:32 AM
x*Kevin. He's very mature for his age. NT
krh503804/22/15 08:48 PM
x*Pilar is a lifeguard, so I picked her. NT
Blackheart04/22/15 05:03 PM
*Who is most at risk of going home?
chrisikris653 0   04/20/15 03:19 PM
*Which alliance do you like the most?
chrisikris1759 4   04/19/15 11:57 PM
x*Um, why isn't The SSB listed?!? NT
JessicaJules04/20/15 12:42 PM
x*thats why i picked others SSB FTW!!! NT
TKM80904/21/15 08:34 AM
x*I like Kev/Pil but can't stand Za/Ash/JP. I like Bruno but can't stand Bobby. Wish Bruno, Sarah, Britt, & Sindy would team up and get the rest out. NT
TrueNes04/20/15 10:18 AM
x*I feel exactly the same as you. NT
NotHappy04/22/15 01:13 PM
*What do you think of the BB Canada showmances?
WillRulz802 1   04/19/15 02:18 PM
x*these are more frendships... Jemmett on the live feeds was nonstop softcore porn NT
aaron904/22/15 09:18 AM
*If you could award a letter from home, who would you give it to?
WillRulz464 0   04/18/15 06:53 PM
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