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Updates: With a unanimous jury vote of 9:0, the winner of Big Brother Canada 5 is Kevin! NT (267023 min. ago)
Kevin voted to evict Demetres. It is now Kevin and Karen for the final two! NT (267085 min. ago)
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M3gabyt32849 0   Sticky Post
*Houseguests From The Past Battle Houseguests From The Present For A Second Chance To Win Big Brother Canada 5 ~ (pics/bios)
Dreamer821 0   Sticky Post
*Season 2 Cast (Link Inside)
Dani11625 23   02/26/14 05:34 AM
x*Perhaps it's Andrew's (from season 1) twin brother. Didn't he try out?
MistedPeach02/27/14 02:56 PM
x*He did. BTW, Andrew is NOT denying that on twitter. NT
dustysnemisis02/27/14 02:59 PM
x*Forced myself to give one thought per contestant.
ringo902/26/14 08:21 AM
x*i hope the mystery hg isnt a usa contestant. i just smell a set up coming this season. either that or gary/ peter get to go back in. blah NT
AceRimmer02/26/14 03:56 PM
x*There are rumors that Hayden Moss will be the mystery HG. I highly doubt it. NT
MisterMac03/02/14 03:26 AM
x*There are rumors that players from BBUS will be guests on the Side Show. I can see Hayden being a guest. NT
Corndogger03/04/14 01:28 AM
x*Yeah you have to be a Canadian citizen in order to get paid from the Producers. Seeing as Hayden doesn't have dual citizenship, it's not him lol NT
whitecrocodile03/03/14 11:18 AM
x*You do not have to be a citizen to get paid. Where ever you read that was just flat wrong. But I still don't think it will be Hayden. NT
WillettDrizzle03/03/14 04:27 PM
x*I kinda think Dan, Dr. Will and Boogie got paid by productioh last year. Not as HGs though. NT
dustysnemisis03/03/14 11:26 AM
x*Gary and Peter are hosting an aftershow so not possible. My guess inside, spoiler if I'm right
ringo902/26/14 09:35 PM
x*all newbies! all newbies!! NT
VelvetWind02/26/14 04:06 PM
x*Where are you seeing there is a mystery HG? Also, I think it's funny that we have another Andrew Gordon (Captain Kosher from BB12). Kyle sort of
Corndogger02/26/14 01:57 PM
x*The cast photo says "WHO IS #FINALHG" NT
M3gabyt302/26/14 04:01 PM
x*Robyn Kass is tweeting 'hints'. "First hint ... tune in March 5th. :)" NT
dustysnemisis02/26/14 04:24 PM
x*i thought the usa casting agent also cast bbcan. stands to reason we'd have similar stereotypical wannabees in the house. NT
AceRimmer02/26/14 03:46 PM
x*Thanks! I had to Google Reiki Master. LoL!NT
ChiliBean02/26/14 06:03 AM
x*I'm dating a Reiki Master right now, and they are very centered, grounded, and spiritual people. She could do very well if....
whitecrocodile02/26/14 10:50 AM
x*very disappointed. again the usa casting agent centered on a few 'big' cities and no one is from REAL canada. i'm happy to see multiculturism but
AceRimmer02/26/14 03:53 PM
x*I know many Healers and Reiki Masters :) Maybe she doesnt ground herself! lol NT
VelvetWind02/26/14 03:51 PM
x*i do too. and they smoke way the heck too much pot....makes you feel relaxed and spiritual they say NT
AceRimmer02/26/14 03:57 PM
x*Some basic statistics
Dimples02/27/14 03:48 PM
x*LOL Actually my fiance smoked pot when he became a Reiki Master but quit cold turkey 12yrs ago! He's still a great healer. No need for the pot to heal
VelvetWind02/26/14 04:04 PM
x*ya it works on the energies and isnt really massage per say. many people think its like a massage therapist it seems NT
AceRimmer02/26/14 06:32 PM
*Huge twist in the works for BBCan2?
dustysnemisis11591 28   01/25/14 08:35 PM
x*Fill the entire house with water and make them live in boats until they bail it all out with little buckets. NT
Veruta02/14/14 05:36 AM
x*They really should give fans a chance to pitch ideas & actually use them! :) NT
1jessie102/20/14 03:35 AM
x*gawd what on earth??? NT
Jokerette02/08/14 07:04 PM
x*Oh. It's The Hunger Games Canada - 1 male and 1 female from each province. Then each province sends care packages to their contestants. NT
CubbyPuppy02/03/14 05:29 PM
x*The twist is Gary is brought back in final 4 for a second time. NT
CalebFTW01/27/14 09:30 PM
x*returning hg has been done to death in usa version. the blurb says clearly not been done in usa NT
AceRimmer01/28/14 06:42 PM
x*LOL! I can see them doing that. They'll have him go from the Sideshow directly to F4. NT
Corndogger01/27/14 10:07 PM
x*Too funny! Would we really be surprised?! That's something that's never been done, lol NT
1jessie102/04/14 01:45 PM
x*Yes, that would be hysterical...but I think the article mentions the twists is at the beginning of the show? NT
colleenag02/04/14 01:48 PM
x*i think its going to be like bbuk, there was a season where the hgs were locked out until they performed some humiliating or funny stunt. that had to
AceRimmer02/18/14 05:52 PM
x*oh and the final two who didnt make it into the house by the first day or so were voted on by the to whom goes in, and who is out. NT
AceRimmer02/18/14 05:53 PM
x*Please, please, please let a UK style Big Brother come to North America. Canada will be my hero if they change the format to use public influence! NT
Lightstar01/26/14 05:07 PM
x*if they were smart, they would allow public voting. yes it is a bit of a popularity contest but it keeps the game fresh NT
AceRimmer01/28/14 06:44 PM
x*For some reason when you post links lately they come out as
Corndogger01/25/14 08:49 PM
x*Try it now. I think I figured out what I was doing wrong. NT
dustysnemisis01/25/14 08:59 PM
x*Works now. I had already copied and read the interview along with one linked to at the bottom of the article. It was with a Shaw Media exec and
Corndogger01/25/14 09:08 PM
x*We'll see. I don't mind different. A US/UK blend suits me just fine. I would, however, prefer to see them concentrate more on reward/punishment tasks
dustysnemisis01/25/14 09:19 PM
x*Either they're playing a competitive game which is primarily won based on what happens in the house or they're not. Group punishments/rewards are
Corndogger01/25/14 09:23 PM
x*BB Canada needs new producers. Do people really want a show that involves a ton of interference in the game? Are they going to let the public vote
Corndogger01/25/14 08:46 PM
x*Hrm. Making this type of statement before HGs are chosen and all the hopefuls can read this and get some advanced warning is dumb, isn't it? NT
fredfred01/25/14 08:46 PM
x*LOL. Yup. NT
dustysnemisis01/25/14 08:46 PM
x*I thought the HG's had been chosen already? NT
colleenag02/04/14 01:50 PM
x*this stinks of viewers making game changing choices NT
zagger01/25/14 08:44 PM
x*if stinks means good , yes i hope so. it is supposed to be a viewer controlled show, not like usa version of partially scripted entertainment show.
AceRimmer01/28/14 06:47 PM
x*if they want it to be a popularity based show then declare that, if it is competition then let it be between HG's with no big outside influence NT
zagger01/28/14 07:11 PM
x*Why can't it be a hybrid of the two? NT
dustysnemisis01/28/14 07:20 PM
x*because public voting means any competition moves get voided and worthless, no real point to them NT
zagger01/28/14 07:21 PM
x*Exactly! NT
1jessie102/20/14 03:22 AM
*Is there going to be another twist to bring one of the last three people evicted back? See Twistos tweet inside.
Corndogger10799 35   05/07/15 11:10 PM
x*If they can bring back Gary, who did nothing but put on makeup, they can bring back KEVIN yes! NT
LillyBell05/11/15 06:34 AM
x*or ? just a host of a comp, I hope NT
theritz05/07/15 11:39 PM
x*Wait..what about Sindy & JP? So they are stuck in jury but the TE people are eligible. OMG....Twist de Kevin! NT
ScienceGirl05/07/15 11:39 PM
x*so thought that kev left the house too easily for BB, he will return ! he was the "star" of the dr's. He will be a host of a comp, imo
theritz05/07/15 11:44 PM
x*Sindy already had her chance LOL. Sucks for JP though. NT
krh503805/07/15 11:41 PM
x*Interesting. The majority of the replies say Willow. NT
krh503805/07/15 11:30 PM
x*If the vote went out to TV viewers, Kevin has it. He is my far the most popular HG by the general viewing audience. NT
NSGirl05/08/15 06:22 AM
x*Damn near all of them say Willow. No Bobby support at all. NT
Corndogger05/07/15 11:32 PM
x*I saw 2 for Kevin, the rest were all for Willow. Poor Bobby, not a single vote. NT
Blackheart05/07/15 11:37 PM
x*Well Willow would help Sarah the most if it's somebody coming back, which is probably what the majority are assuming. NT
krh503805/07/15 11:34 PM
x*I'm surprised people still support Sarah given how sketchy she's been lately. And a huge backstabber! NT
Corndogger05/07/15 11:36 PM
x*I am sure it means for some type of reward..maybe they will let Sarah (pet #1) talk to jury member Kev (former pet #1) for the ultimate game f**k! NT
ScienceGirl05/07/15 11:26 PM
x*How would that be a reward for Kevin? If we get to vote for which jury member gets to go back who decides who they talk to? Production? NT
Corndogger05/07/15 11:28 PM
x*Whether it was production or a vote, it would turn out the same. Production creates their stars. Evidence: In Facebook fan favorite voting S1,
ScienceGirl05/08/15 12:23 AM
x*It would reward Sarah if she got to talk to the jury via Kevin (like Dan with Michelle S10). BBUS supervises interaction much better though. NT
ScienceGirl05/07/15 11:54 PM
x*I guess they let The Brick spoil one of their twists, now they had to make up a new one to let another sponsor do it. NT
krh503805/07/15 11:23 PM
x*Actually this wouldn't be fair to JP NT
carol84c05/07/15 11:23 PM
x*Yeah that would suck for him. The only evicted HG out of the first 9 evicted that never even got a chance to come back. NT
krh503805/07/15 11:24 PM
x*It better be Bobby or Britt is screwed big time NT
carol84c05/07/15 11:19 PM
x*Lol if they were to do that Kevin would easily win voting no contest NT
2Jay05/07/15 11:18 PM
x*Or if there was a comp he would probably win. NT
krh503805/07/15 11:20 PM
x*for sure NT
ABCD1705/07/15 11:19 PM
x*OMG there's literally 2 weeks left LMAO NT
shelly88805/07/15 11:18 PM
x*I've said it since s1, I fcking hate Twistos! NT
RatFloater05/07/15 11:16 PM
x*But alas S1 it was the Chevy Powershift, not the Twistos Twist! Twistos replaced Chevy after S1 as a sponsor. (That is why Jill got a SUV. No trip. NT
ScienceGirl05/07/15 11:50 PM
x*am done, ever, with the twistos twists ! So seriously thinking, would cancel my Shaw a/c , if that happens. This week's twist annoys me NT
theritz05/07/15 11:14 PM
x*Game is over on 5/27 and there's still 7 people left. If they brought someone back they would have to get rid of 5 people in two weeks! NT
Corndogger05/07/15 11:16 PM
x*Maybe it's just somebody coming back a la Rachel. Probably to give someone... insight into jury. NT
krh503805/07/15 11:18 PM
x*I think the same thing. I didn't see your reply when I posted above! NT
ScienceGirl05/07/15 11:28 PM
x*Could be. Maybe that's what Willow's letter to the jury was meant for but that was another epic fail! NT
Corndogger05/07/15 11:22 PM
x*or like the Dan help, so screwed that season too, He elfed Emmett/Andrew's game-- no thanks, the bb franchise again- darn NT
theritz05/07/15 11:21 PM
x*Oh my God no !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will quit BB Canada I swear. NT
krh503805/07/15 11:13 PM
x*I effing hope not. #justsaynototwists NT
Blackheart05/07/15 11:11 PM
x*Love it! LOL NT
ScienceGirl05/07/15 11:28 PM
x*They're being so crazy now with the twists that nothing they come up with would surprise me. NT
Corndogger05/07/15 11:12 PM
*BBCA2 start date and side show announcement video
Corndogger10098 24   01/20/14 10:06 AM
x*i want a bots like show with an audience. it makes the show waaaayyyy more fun, like uk NT
AceRimmer01/24/14 12:19 PM
x*Here's the press release:
dustysnemisis01/21/14 05:54 AM
x*The way you entered the URL isn't working correctly. Anyway, after copying and reading the press release I'm really disappointed. BBAD has the same
Corndogger01/21/14 09:22 PM
x*Sorry about the link not working ... my first attempt and I obviously got something wrong somehow. NT
dustysnemisis01/24/14 05:17 AM
x*It's not fair. When do WE get a side show? And if we did, what should they call it? Host ED, Dick on the side? NT
bbfan66101/20/14 08:17 PM
x*We did have one. It was cancel after BB10, It was called "House Calls" with Gretchen Massey NT
Dani01/21/14 10:22 AM
x*that wasnt on tv with an audience NT
AceRimmer01/25/14 09:26 AM
x*I think I remember they did take viewer calls...but they weren't on regular network NT
colleenag01/25/14 09:37 AM
x*House Calls was on and it was great. Much better than the show Jeff's being doing the last few seasons but that might be because Jeff's
Corndogger01/25/14 08:48 PM
x*Might be logistically difficult to host a show from Ireland. :P NT
dustysnemisis01/21/14 05:04 AM
x*Gary & Peter were ironically the biggest letdowns of the season. Both began with seemingly good potential, yet were tactfully/strategically inept NT
AOLuser12501/20/14 06:53 PM
x*Surprised at the choice of Peter and Gary. Both annoying. One yells, the other, well, makes no sense a lot of the time. Oh well, do not need to
mamap01/20/14 06:56 PM
x*I like the idea of having a side-show. While I'm not super-thrilled with the choice of Gary and Peter, I'm looking forward to it. NT
dustysnemisis01/20/14 03:38 PM
x*cant wait NT
bigtimebbfan01/20/14 01:33 PM
x*Personally, I had enough of Gary last season.... sigh... Let's make a poll -- how many times will he say the word "unfair" in his first show?
Dimples01/20/14 03:32 PM
x*Sooo ... not tuning in to ET Canada tonight to see Gary talk about the show? NT
dustysnemisis01/20/14 03:52 PM
x*Meh. I might but I'm not really too excited about "side show". NT
Dimples01/21/14 04:08 AM
x*Do you guys have any suggested links where you can watch episodes in the US? Also, R the feeds free to watch and can you view them from US? NT
mmd01/20/14 12:10 PM
x*Cool. Any idea who the other HG hosting the after show with Gary is? NT
fredfred01/20/14 11:53 AM
x*Actually never mind, I just read the post below. Peter's co-hosting? Ugh. NT
fredfred01/20/14 11:54 AM
x*People will go deaf listening to his screaming. Gary's no more appealing as far as I'm concerned. NT
Corndogger01/20/14 12:16 PM
x*if people dont like it, dont watch. lots of fans watch bbuk but hate bots. i personally am looking forward to the aftershow if it follows the same
AceRimmer01/25/14 09:28 AM
x*You're assuming most people are like you. The evidence points to most people wanting BB Canada to be a complete clone of BBUS. If the producers
Corndogger01/25/14 08:53 PM
x*Arisa was coy yesterday responding to a question about a rumour that Rachel will be one of the surprise guests. NT
dustysnemisis01/25/14 09:31 AM
*Big Brother Canada: BIG NEWS for @BigBrotherCA fans at today's #ShawMedia Upfronts! We're back w/ #BBCAN3 and we're going to @Global_TV!
Dreamer9284 18   06/04/14 04:35 AM
x*Fun Facts: Global is basic cable, Slice is premium. Global is also where BBUS airs and gets 5 million viewers. This is great for BBCAN! NT
FOX06/06/14 04:08 PM
x*Good! About time! SliceHD would've cost me extra and I refused to watch it on the regular Slice. Too grainy on my huge flat screen. NT
mainstreetman06/05/14 12:48 AM
x*Does that mean we will be able to get the feeds (legally) in the states? tia NT
marybeth06/04/14 07:47 AM
x*Getting the BBCAN feeds in the U.S. has nothing to do with what network the show is on in Canada. Someone in the U.S. has to pickup the show and
Corndogger06/04/14 12:03 PM
x*I liked slice, is global TV anygood?
BBnightmarez06/04/14 07:02 AM
x*Global is Shaw's national broadcast network. Most places in Canada get Global so it's way better for BBCAN to be on Global than Slice. NT
Corndogger06/04/14 11:57 AM
x*This is wonderful news. I actually have Global! NT
jorsian06/04/14 05:57 AM
x*BB Can never belonged on Slice. Ratings are more important than subscriptions to a secondary speciality channel. Everyone in Canada gets Global TV. NT
WillRulz06/04/14 04:42 AM
x*This is such good news! NT
KingstonSue06/04/14 04:58 AM
x*But is Shaw going to keep the schedule? I can't see them giving up their lucrative American programming at the times BBCAN currently airs. NT
Corndogger06/04/14 12:05 PM
x*as some of us said, the ratings were good. keeping the sideshow on global, a network station on basic cable, really helped keeping this in the
AceRimmer06/04/14 01:32 PM
x*Huh? The numbers clearly showed how pathetic the ratings were. NT
Corndogger06/04/14 02:03 PM
x*Actually, BBCan2 had great ratings. You can't compare US ratings to Canadian ratings. It's a completely different system, demographic and population.
runningshoes06/04/14 02:30 PM
x*The network put a positive spin on the numbers that we laughed at when they came out. So if they're happy BBCAN fans should be happy. NT
bbfan66106/04/14 08:28 PM
x*We saw the press release with the numbers. The number of viewers was pathetic. Not sure why you're trying to spin the unspinable. NT
Corndogger06/04/14 02:35 PM
x*Oh geezus NT
LanaD06/06/14 08:45 PM
x*Not trying to spin anything. I'm citing many articles, press releases and basic facts.
runningshoes06/04/14 03:07 PM
x*You haven't cited anything. We've discussed the numbers here about three weeks ago. Research done. NT
Corndogger06/04/14 07:07 PM
*BBCANADA2 is getting a brand new home. going to be awesome..last years house was was really good ..They are moving locations ..
Annie20178871 15   10/29/13 06:59 PM
x*Less places to scheme, smaller house, one medium sized bedroom for all, weekly family dinners, never "listen to HoH" twist again, no fake final. NT
Veruta12/31/13 07:38 PM
x*Why 'less places to scheme'? NT
dustysnemisis12/31/13 07:47 PM
x*Making it harder to scheme means they aren't going on about game all the time. They have to choose their moments. NT
Veruta12/31/13 09:14 PM
x*It's way better when they game constantly. With the chance to correct their huge design blunders with the first house hopefully they'll get it
Corndogger12/31/13 10:11 PM
x*Well you both have your opinion about what makes something fun to watch. Constant game chat is boring to me. A challenge is more fun. NT
Veruta12/31/13 11:06 PM
x*Nothing wrong with talking game, IMO. I'd rather they have adequate places to scheme than sneaking in stealth whispers in between sonic slurps. NT
dustysnemisis12/31/13 09:33 PM
x*TBBR reported today that they've confirmed that the start of BBCAN2 has been delayed until March probably due to construction of the new house. NT
dustysnemisis12/13/13 04:54 PM
x*They need 2 or more bedrooms, a bigger backyard, and toilets inside a little room. LOL I can't believe the HOH toilet was separated by a curtain NT
LilKsweezy11/11/13 09:08 AM
x*Again -- I agree with the toilets and the backyard -- but I LIKE the one bedroom. I'd also like to see more real daylight. Get a glass wall onto a
Dimples11/11/13 06:31 PM
x*Hopefully they wise up and have multiple bedrooms and some place for people to scheme. And fix the phucking audio problems! NT
Corndogger11/02/13 11:52 AM
x*They need to fix the heating problems but no to multiple bedrooms! I like the one big room NT
Dimples11/03/13 07:04 AM
x*Having just one bedroom makes it too hard to scheme. They also need a way bigger backyard so they can do more elaborate comps. NT
Corndogger11/03/13 12:14 PM
x*Give them a couple extra lounges but I like the one big bedroom. I also think they need a bigger outdoor space. Real outdoor space. NT
Dimples11/04/13 04:06 AM
x*i liked season 1 house, but looking forward to seeing this one NT
bigtimebbfan10/30/13 06:57 PM
x*Interesting. NT
dustysnemisis10/29/13 07:36 PM
*Jon & Neda Dating
RussAZ7889 3   06/10/14 10:54 PM
x*Neda is very smart, but i think his ex overall was hotter. it is what it is. NT
willwill06/12/14 06:03 AM
x*Neda is very smart, but sets her makeup gun to...well, you know. Too much makeup covering up a pretty girl. NT
theotherguy06/14/14 11:52 AM
x*Hate to say I told ya so, but.... NT
MOP06/10/14 11:38 PM
*Mystery Room Picture RELEASED!
BigBrotherFly7872 18   02/24/14 04:24 PM
x*Looks like the hall to the Diary Room NT
BigBrotherFly02/24/14 04:24 PM
x*Pandora's Box NT
AOLuser12502/25/14 12:54 AM
x*PLEASE NO. Unless Producer's Box is used to create drama in the house like Marsha was. NT
Digitalpotato02/26/14 07:19 AM
x*Where's Marsha? NT
ringo902/24/14 05:16 PM
x*That gimmick only worked because they didn't know who Marsha was - if they put in Marsha, nobody would let anyone be alone in the room with her. NT
Digitalpotato02/26/14 07:20 AM
x*They could do like BBAU did with Surly (the fish!) NT
Whirley02/26/14 09:34 AM
x*Glue factory. NT
AZ_Cards_1102/24/14 07:54 PM
x*in a dumpster NT
zagger02/24/14 05:36 PM
x*Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! NT
ringo902/24/14 06:44 PM
x*eh, I don't care if Marsha is gone, I just hope that doesn't mean the tasks are gone too, those I liked NT
zagger02/24/14 07:08 PM
x*Put out to pasture. NT
dustysnemisis02/24/14 05:29 PM
x*Do you think with no moose that means they hired a different comp team? NT
Corndogger02/24/14 09:00 PM
x*Trevor Boris is still on the production team, according to his recent tweets; I believe he is still part of the comp team. NT
JoshNS02/25/14 09:15 AM
x*Yeah he is, he's also producing the Sideshow this year. NT
fredfred02/25/14 03:16 PM
x*That's not good! The comps need someone dedicated to them 100%. This sounds worse than last season. NT
Corndogger02/25/14 08:16 PM
x*yeah, because they need someone putting in full time to buy those bouncey balls and bubble gum NT
zagger02/25/14 08:18 PM
x*They need a full-time comp person so we don't have that crap. NT
Corndogger02/25/14 08:31 PM
x*Shouldn't affect comps too much most likely.I'm assuming the comps are planned and designed prior to the season beginning so the SS won't interfere NT
fredfred02/25/14 09:45 PM
*Is this Jon Pardy's girlfriend, Janelle?
Canuck17598 4   04/07/14 09:37 AM
x*Since she's from the Netherlands I would say probably not,
deebee04/07/14 01:30 PM
x*She looks like Neda. NT
no1home04/07/14 11:31 AM
x*TOTES looks like Neda!!! NT
deebee04/07/14 01:31 PM
x*location? netherlands which is over in europe. yes that is a pic jon and janelle but who knows NT
AceRimmer04/07/14 10:24 AM
*BBCAN5 has been renewed
Dani7197 2   06/07/16 09:41 AM
x*In an ideal world they would have a BBCAN Marathon! NT
banner_boy06/07/16 04:42 PM
x*great news NT
bigtimebbfan06/07/16 10:15 AM
*BBCAN1 Peter Brown & BBCAN2 Sarah Miller stop by Global News to talk about the Casting Call
Dani7173 0   10/18/14 07:27 PM
*House Photos
BigBrotherFly7118 21   02/24/14 11:38 AM
x*Diary Room
plopbellie02/25/14 02:26 PM
x*nice NT
bigtimebbfan02/24/14 01:09 PM
x*Very disappointed that they went with one bedroom again. NT
Corndogger02/24/14 01:09 PM
x*The way the house is shaped it seems smaller, but it's really nuts. It's going to cause tension definitely. NT
BigBrotherFly02/24/14 01:10 PM
x*I hate it because there's no place to scheme. If the producers want to do a BBUK version then they should be upfront about it and stop lying to us. NT
Corndogger02/24/14 01:12 PM
x*I agree, looks like this season is going to be very 1-dimensional again. They are catering purely to the casual/banal reality TV viewer. NT
AOLuser12502/25/14 12:53 AM
x*or catering to us bbuk lovers who want a real bb experience, not a 'who can lie the best, who can backstab the best' kinds game. many of us love the
AceRimmer02/26/14 06:38 PM
x*Very nice. Wish they would show the Have-not room.
philano02/24/14 12:59 PM
x*Let's hope this time the HN Room is is actually a room the HGS would NOT want to HAVE. Last year it was preferable over the regular bedroom lol NT
fredfred02/24/14 01:11 PM
x*No kidding. Best Have Not room ever. NT
Corndogger02/24/14 01:12 PM
x*I'm impressed. They certainly didn't cheapen the budget. NT
jorsian02/24/14 12:20 PM
x*It's nice. Strange that after only 1 season such a makeover. I hope they found a solution to being able to hear ppl when in the hottub. NT
ringo902/24/14 11:55 AM
x*It's not a makeover ... its a brand new house in a new location. NT
dustysnemisis02/24/14 12:01 PM
x*I gotta say it -- this house looks great!!! NT
Dimples02/24/14 03:26 PM
x*they had to build a new house because they had to move from the soundstage they were on season 1 NT
zagger02/24/14 12:00 PM
x*The living room has four monitors. Attack of the Arisa heads on eviction nights. NT
fredfred02/24/14 11:51 AM
x*I'm counting 11 chairs around the bar, fewer HGs than last year? Or am I just reading into that too much? NT
fredfred02/24/14 11:44 AM
x*If you look at the mirrors, the bar is 2 half circles. So it's prolly 16 chairs NT
BigBrotherFly02/24/14 11:45 AM
x*I feel I would get claustrophobic with all the low hanging parts of the ceiling lol. Looks very BBUK-ish, no? I like it though, very modern. NT
fredfred02/24/14 11:42 AM
x*Wow, it looks great. I'd even say that it looks better than any house from BBUS ever has. NT
markthespot80802/24/14 11:41 AM
x*1 room, and it's kind of too wooden! I love the CIRCLE Bar, and Living ROOM! Omg. NT
BigBrotherFly02/24/14 11:39 AM
* Gervais may be too nice for Big Brother
Dreamer7002 17   03/03/14 02:09 PM
x*uhhh.. "Breatherian".. WTF? NT
liquid8d03/03/14 06:53 PM
x*This is just too good not to share. This is what the wiki says about it. Breatharianism is the old/new age idea that...
WillettDrizzle03/04/14 10:36 AM
x*Wish I could do that!!! NT
MoonDesire03/04/14 05:35 PM
x*So she's the first confirmed kook. NT
AZ_Cards_1103/04/14 02:43 PM
x* Maybe she should have been trying out for Survivor. She'd do well
AnnieO03/04/14 02:39 PM
x*that was a cult during the 70s if i recall. michelle pfeiffer 'scarface' was a breatharian back then. she was emaciated NT
AceRimmer03/04/14 10:15 AM
x*I can see her ending up being the exact opposite of how her friend describes her. Total bitch and multiple slutty showmances. Def. not 1st out. NT
Corndogger03/04/14 01:14 AM
x*Oh please Anick, no totally bitchassness or slutty shomances, please. You are too pretty for that! NT
colleenag03/04/14 01:18 AM
x*Didn't her friend more or less say she likes to put her life out there for people to see? Maybe she's an exhibitionist. And why can't a pretty
Corndogger03/04/14 01:23 AM
x*Because Im hoping her stand alone strength is her beauty and brains to win NT
colleenag03/04/14 01:26 AM
x*Brains? Hahaha. That will surprise the crap out of me if this girl has any brains at all. You should check out her YouTube page. NT
WillettDrizzle03/04/14 08:41 AM
x*Will find out soon enough. Impossible to tell based on short clips and bios. NT
Corndogger03/04/14 01:29 AM
x*I've chosen P. Jackson as the first evicted. Unless like most BB they drag him to F3. NT
colleenag03/04/14 01:45 AM
x*Soooo, are they sequestering everyone for jury??
MoonDesire03/03/14 03:02 PM
x*If that's the case that's going back to how it was done in BB2 and BB3. Not good as early evictees know too little about what's really going on. NT
Corndogger03/04/14 01:11 AM
x*Probably just an error on the part of the writer. NT
dustysnemisis03/03/14 03:27 PM
x*She believes she can survive on air alone? In America that is called anorexia. NT
WillettDrizzle03/03/14 02:38 PM
*BBCan 3 will premiere on Monday, March 23rd
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan6833 10   01/19/15 05:48 PM
x*Do the Feeds start before that date, then? TIA! NT
HES03/08/15 06:25 AM
x*Probably after the show like the US. They will have already been in the house for many days. NT
xx2000xx03/09/15 01:15 AM
x*I'd like to be excited but I feel like I don't really have the time to watch feeds :( NT
krh503802/16/15 02:12 AM
x*I got you covered but some idiot from Global flagged my youtube account randomly by saying I violated their policy
xx2000xx02/18/15 05:03 PM
x*Yay! Just after Spring starts. NT
ChiliBean01/22/15 08:53 AM
x*Damn, late start. Didn't the first season start early Feb? NT
xx2000xx01/21/15 08:18 PM
x*Season 2 started March 5th last year. NT
GazingEyes01/21/15 08:43 PM
x*cant wait NT
bigtimebbfan01/20/15 06:16 PM
x*Seems like forever. I'm ready already NT
PVRlover01/19/15 07:42 PM
x*I'm beyond ready. This seems very far away. NT
Singaling01/22/15 04:03 PM
*Big Brother Canada live feed comments spark outrage
WillRulz6830 10   04/28/15 03:55 PM
x*bb 15 part 2? NT
MaddyP04/30/15 07:14 AM
x*LMAO! Seriously? Willow made a dumb remark while drunk and it caused outrage? Is Willow some evil person now? LOL. This is just stupid. NT
WillettDrizzle04/29/15 10:50 PM
x*Jordan?? jordan in jury was told about this? who is jordanbb? NT
AceRimmer04/29/15 10:07 AM
x*exact wording and intent is important. Willow tries hard to be funny and often inappropriate uncomfortable funny (sexual innuendo). I viewed the
AceRimmer04/29/15 10:06 AM
x*Leap in logic. Stating your own personal preference is not hateful in any way. Just because I am attracted to, have exclusively dated brunettes...
WillRulz04/29/15 11:24 AM
x* It is hard to believe there are people like her, terrible NT
dollady04/28/15 11:03 PM
x*Lmao ridiculous. Sure, it was a stupid comment but "outrage" over it ha ha ha ha. Pahlease. She took it back straightaway and apologized later. NT
SpaceEVA04/28/15 05:27 PM
x*I'm more pizzed off that BB let Sarah drink while being a have-not NT
bugiardi04/28/15 05:13 PM
x*Not surprising. .BB let Gary eat cheese when he was a have-not
kellucky04/29/15 09:57 PM
x*She apologized
clov3r04/28/15 04:17 PM
*Big Brother winner MacLaughlin enjoying life on the farm
Dreamer6278 0   03/22/14 01:37 AM
*Global releases a promo video for BBCA3 coming in Spring 2015...
colleenag6133 5   12/28/14 09:30 AM
x*I was able to watch it on Chrome with Hola extension. Waiting patiently for more. NT
ChiliBean12/31/14 02:47 PM
x*Exactly. The same here. Here's another update!>>>
colleenag12/31/14 02:50 PM
x*Begins in March. So how soon is the cast chosen? Can't remember. NT
ChiliBean01/01/15 03:48 PM
x*last yr the HG were announced the end of february NT
bigtimebbfan01/02/15 06:10 PM
x*I think they are still in the process of casting. I'm really not that familiar with BBCAN process. NT
colleenag01/01/15 03:52 PM
*All 16 HGs are new revealed...
M3gabyt36112 4   03/16/15 04:43 PM
x*5 more reveals remain but as of now Zach is my preseason favorite...
CalebFTW03/18/15 02:58 AM
x*um mostly LOW 20's.... this better not turn into breaker high... NT
shermeli03/16/15 10:37 PM
x*Wow, I totally read that as mostly LOW IQ's. NT
Blackheart03/17/15 10:22 PM
x*bwahah we'll know within the first week whether that applies :p NT
shermeli03/18/15 01:03 AM
*Big Brother Canada Returns March 5th on Slice™
Dreamer6073 12   01/27/14 04:14 AM
x*Ugh, an aftershow with someone who can't read people and someone who only cares about the attention. Why bother? NT
thuktun02/02/14 05:57 PM
x*If Peter does any wrestling references, the whole thing will be unwatchable. NT
Veruta02/14/14 05:37 AM
x*point is, peter was supposed to be from vancouver, was really from back east and now coincidentally is able to do a show, back east. i've always felt
AceRimmer02/18/14 05:50 PM
x*You're maddening to me! I either completely agree with you or completely disagree with you. It's never in the middle, LOL! :) NT
1jessie102/20/14 03:25 AM
x*One of the bigger complaints last season was way too many twists. So the producers are promising even more twists. Genius. NT
WillettDrizzle01/28/14 02:26 PM
x*And yet some people believe the BBCAN producers listen to viewers more than Allison does with BBUS viewers. They only listen (i.e., respond) when
Corndogger01/28/14 02:31 PM
x*some canadians loved the twists in our canadian version, different then what some have come to expect. i'm hoping the aftershow is like BOTS NT
AceRimmer01/28/14 06:41 PM
x*Has anyone heard if people in US will be able to watch BB Canada live feeds
Chilltown2201/27/14 06:24 PM
x*If you look at the top of the page you'll see "Feeds" with a bunch of links for different viewers, etc. You should be able to watch without too
Corndogger01/27/14 10:06 PM
x*Geo-blocked. But, that won't stop anyone that really wants to watch them. NT
dustysnemisis01/27/14 08:15 PM
x*With it running between March and April, I wonder if we may see more of an outdoor area. Okay, so its not the greatest outdoor time of the year for
Dimples01/27/14 03:57 PM
x*if it was done in vancouver, not toronto, the weather would be around 10-20 degrees celcius. we often have a week of 22 in the end of march NT
AceRimmer01/28/14 06:43 PM
fredfred5893 12   05/21/14 08:06 AM
x*@LizaStinton Want to Skype with your favourite #BBCAN2 house guest!?! With a $50 donation to charity, you can! Watch this
bugiardi05/21/14 03:04 PM
x*im on the fence with lisa, in todays economy, i will spend my money on groceries, rather than a chat with a bb hg NT
kelwin05/22/14 10:01 PM
x*Ah lol. I know it's for charity, and I'm not saying this, but I expect some cynical people will accuse them of charging money their autographs. NT
fredfred05/21/14 03:19 PM
x*Why does anyone pay any attention to that pig? She's vile. NT
OttoJr05/21/14 08:50 AM
x*I wanted to hang in there but just can't stand anything about this woman. NT
RatFloater05/21/14 03:51 PM
x*b/c she does cool stuff for us. She gives us insider information and ways to connect with our favorites. She is also entertaining from my perspective.
Megs05/21/14 03:26 PM
x*Only because she loves the attention...even negative attention which is why she starts so much crap. She doesn't care abut fans...only herself. NT
bblover6805/22/14 08:10 PM
x*You missed important pieces to fully understand Liza - she's really quite manipulative and attention hungry and lies about stuff and causes a
nicholaspuppy05/21/14 04:32 PM
x*Yup. She is a piece of work. Don't be fooled Megs by the stuff you are getting now, she is vile. You will see. NT
NSGirl05/22/14 12:06 PM
x*Shes a bitter psycho, but she gets some interviews that most people want to hear and rarely keeps any gossip to herself, Eventually she tells all! NT
bugiardi05/21/14 09:06 AM
x*That is what I like about her. She has no off switch in her brain. lol NT
MyBestBud05/21/14 11:21 AM
x*That is why she is entertaining. Speaks her mind whether you like it or not. I like her videos/interviews. NT
eureca05/21/14 12:12 PM
*Recap: Allison finds three clues and nears a super power
JK325860 5   04/06/14 02:47 PM
x*does anyone have a clip that shows Neda with the flowers first THEN Allison finding the first clue in them? NT
deebee04/07/14 03:22 PM
legs04/08/14 05:37 PM
x*I am SO with you! Did you hear Rachelle, Kenny and others talking about the flowers yesterday? !0:45'ish AM BBT
deebee04/09/14 01:48 PM
x*Odds are we'll see that on tomorrow's show. NT
dustysnemisis04/08/14 05:45 PM
x*UGH! SO hard to wait. ;) NT
deebee04/09/14 01:49 PM
*Introducing #HouseguestHangout — a weekly live show about BB16 with your fave BBCAN Houseguests
Dreamer5336 0   06/25/14 07:57 PM
*BBCAN5; Sindy Nguyen(bbcan3) and Danielle Reyes(bbusa3) both rumored to be on season.
SirBB5197 15   02/13/17 01:31 PM
x*According to reports, Big Brother Canada Side Show has been cancelled also. NT
SirBB02/14/17 03:49 AM
x*text between bb15 Mccrae and bb3 danielle reyes about bbcan5(click to view)
SirBB02/14/17 04:10 AM
x*I hope its true about Danielle but hell no to Sindy. NT
Cindy02/13/17 07:40 PM
x*IA, I prefer my Sindys with a C :) NT
FurlessBat02/13/17 07:44 PM
x*yes indeed lol NT
VelvetWind02/14/17 04:05 PM
x*me too! lol NT
Cindy02/13/17 07:46 PM
x*Emmett and Jillbot already did TAR Canada so would they still be under contract to that show? And what about the rumors of budget cuts? Either
Corndogger02/13/17 05:32 PM
x*Emmett and Jill might still be under contract with the network that did TAR Canada. It's a different network from Global/Slice. It's similar to how BB
BBFan199502/13/17 06:26 PM
x*I know it's a different network but it's the same production company. I doubt Bell has show plans for them but they a huge dick media conglomerate. NT
Corndogger02/13/17 07:06 PM
x*hmmm... so maybe it's that Canada vs USA season that everyone keeps dreaming about. NT
BBFan199502/13/17 03:27 PM
x*Well maybe it's a rumor because Dani said she was quitting Twitter NT
VelvetWind02/13/17 03:33 PM
x*I think she's quitting Twitter because she isn't as popular as Dan. That's the rumor I heard. NT
Blockhead02/13/17 03:47 PM
x*lol! NT
VelvetWind02/13/17 06:26 PM
x*Ok, kellyanne NT
FurlessBat02/13/17 04:34 PM
Blockhead02/13/17 04:36 PM
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