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*Pictures of Adel's soon to be fiancee, Abby
LaughMiss4543 12   04/01/14 10:55 PM
x*in the pics with side angles, she looks a little like farrah (teen mom). i'm sure she's a much nicer person though. NT
TwoMinutesHate04/10/14 02:05 PM
x*She's adorable!!! NT
Cindy04/10/14 02:01 PM
x*She looks a lot like Neda. NT
LillyBell04/10/14 11:20 AM
x*not at all, imo NT
Cindy04/10/14 02:01 PM
x*She sure likes taking selfies. NT
RatFloater04/02/14 03:07 AM
x*This pic reminds me of a pre-puffy lipped, brunette GinaMarie....
Squiggs04/02/14 01:33 AM
x*She does have a strong resemblance to GM. NT
Corndogger04/02/14 03:07 AM
x*Chick is too gorgeous to be wearing a pound of eyeliner/mascara NT
AOLuser12504/01/14 11:04 PM
x*She looks like she has a pound of makeup on. Lol. But she's pretty, I guess! NT
Sierra04/01/14 11:03 PM
x*:P beaten to the punch. IA though, men don't even like it nowadays. Plus, ever since finding that Skin Deep website, I cringe even more lol NT
AOLuser12504/01/14 11:06 PM
x*Which website? NT
LaughMiss04/01/14 11:09 PM
x*the skin deep database
AOLuser12504/02/14 12:23 AM
*More pictures of Janelle (Jon's gf)
LaughMiss4162 10   04/01/14 10:20 PM
x*holy crap -she and neda could be related NT
HES04/03/14 03:53 PM
x*I think she looks a lot like Neda.. NT
Starr04/02/14 03:22 PM
x*Neda > her. NT
xx2000xx04/02/14 02:33 AM
x*Getting that vacant, weird Liza-vibe from her lol NT
AOLuser12504/01/14 11:07 PM
x*Funny enough, Liza is always tweeting at her.. NT
LaughMiss04/01/14 11:08 PM
x*Okay, that's freaky. NT
Philster04/01/14 10:55 PM
x*He suuuuuuuure does have a type. lol NT
OttoJr04/01/14 10:40 PM
x*Which one is Janelle, The brunette? The one that kinda has a vague resemblance to Neda. NT
bugiardi04/01/14 10:36 PM
x*Yep she's the brunette in every photo. I don't think she looks much like Neda though, but he says they have the same personality NT
LaughMiss04/01/14 10:40 PM
x*I don't think she looks anything like Neda... NT
Sierra04/01/14 11:00 PM
*does serious sports still support bbcan feeds for USA ppl? I'm getting a copyright restriction pg, no feeds. help please!! thanks NT
Jennerific713367 0   04/01/14 05:16 PM
*Heather Sings The N-Word
byebyebitches2938 10   04/01/14 01:28 PM
x*Total over reaction
dalnet04/01/14 04:00 PM
x*It's not racist, just extremely ignorant and indicative of her sheltered life. Her rant about getting "more jobs and stuff" was more offensive imo NT
AOLuser12504/01/14 02:37 PM
x*What did she say about more jobs and stuff? NT
CassieS04/01/14 03:19 PM
x*Yup. Very ignorant. NT
stealthwhisper04/01/14 03:09 PM
x*I have no problem with her singing the "n" word as a part of a song. NT
krh503804/01/14 02:30 PM
x*So if a history book uses the "N" word does that make the author bad as well or anyone who says it out loud? Heather didn't use the word in an
Corndogger04/01/14 02:20 PM
x*Stamp NT
LittleLion04/02/14 08:41 PM
x*I totally agree, I actually think it is more offensive to say "the N word" than to just say it. I mean if you are being outright racist...
TheCobbler04/01/14 03:56 PM
x*i agree. some people just way too sensitive. NT
KlausHeissler04/01/14 03:51 PM
x*to avoid waiting...happens at 1:37 mark... NT
M3gabyt304/01/14 01:40 PM
*Big Brother Canada 2 on Facebook - What if The World Was Run By BBCan Production?
hishighness744 0   03/30/14 04:03 PM
*I think a paraphrase of the great Mortimer Duke from Trading Places sums up how we all feel about the Feeds being cut...
hishighness1405 4   03/30/14 09:26 AM
x*What an awesome meme. Trading Places is a classic. NT
TheBBPresident03/31/14 10:49 AM
x*I know they don't care, but they lost mom and me. Sure, we'll tune in here and there, but we are turned off. It's stupid to stop them a whole
MissJamesWhine03/30/14 03:43 PM
x*Can't understand why the biggest moment so far of the season they want to upset the viewers, stupid NT
Mmb199603/30/14 12:50 PM
x*$$$$$ They want ratings and more people to buy Slice as its free preview on Bell is ending. Did same thing last year with instant eviction. NT
hishighness03/30/14 02:32 PM
*New Big Brother's Moose in the Hoose podcast out now!
lightupvm328 0   03/28/14 05:17 PM
*Emmett leaves the BB Mzansi house. lol geez he didn't get this emotional his whole season on BBCA:
fredfred1162 0   03/28/14 03:36 PM
*anyone have a clip of the Jon/Allison drinking task they did? NT
glitznglam267 0   03/27/14 10:49 PM
*Liza's interview with Paul, it's pretty interesting, sorry don't know how to post video, but link inside
Bigsister5543 1   03/26/14 11:18 AM
x*That's Insane Dude! NT
hishighness03/26/14 11:35 AM
*Going live w Paul Jackson right now on The Murtz Show
Murtz315 0   03/26/14 11:00 AM
*Rob Has a Podcast Big Brother Canada Week 4 Recap w/ guest BB15 Judd Daughtery
LilKsweezy532 0   03/25/14 05:41 PM
*New Big Brother's Moose in the Hoose podcast out now
lightupvm455 0   03/25/14 03:58 PM
EARTHDOG802 1   03/25/14 02:18 PM
x*Neda is my girl, but that yawn pretty much sums up her game lol NT
AOLuser12503/25/14 02:32 PM
*emmett video from south africa slow to load
grumpy141261 2   03/25/14 03:38 AM
x*best part of emmett rambling monologue was his 'pzzy whipped' sound effect, lol i have no idea if that ka cha hand movement is multi country but
AceRimmer03/25/14 02:46 PM
x*Interesting. These two pages describe his secret mission, which is to break up couples.
HarriatLariat03/25/14 09:28 AM
*Bad Photoshop Theater presents: an alternate BBCAN2 title sequence
CoolAbedFilms850 1   03/24/14 11:54 PM
x*Lol @ Andrew. NT
SpaceEVA03/25/14 12:36 AM
*I posted this in Discussions but it makes more sense here. Emmett enters the BB Mzansi (South Africa) house:
fredfred949 0   03/23/14 12:17 PM
*Big Brother Canada 2 on Facebook - With Apologies to Tommy Westphall
hishighness376 0   03/23/14 06:54 AM
*McCrae and Spencer ~ BBCanada2 Spoilers & Strategy 3/20/12 Post-Eviction
Dreamer463 0   03/23/14 02:38 AM
*Gif -- When this week's POV winner was revealed to live feeders.
HarriatLariat1490 3   03/22/14 11:22 PM
x*Yippie. Andrew's ditzy playtoy won the veto! Now the house will really be shaken up! Wooo and... ugh, someone shoot me please. NT
hishighness03/23/14 02:58 AM
x*YAY Allison! NT
Megs03/23/14 02:10 AM
x*Great job getting that!! NT
deebee03/23/14 12:33 AM
*Rescheduled Kyle Interview
RealityCsek614 0   03/22/14 02:32 PM
*Rob Has A Podcast - Big Brother Canada Week 3 Eviction Recap with Ian Terry
CaboWabo437 0   03/22/14 05:29 AM
*Tumblr gifs of Neda and Jon in the hottub hallway. Neda is asking Jon to tell her if he met Marsha, and he's teasing her with the answer
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan1381 0   03/21/14 10:53 PM
*"Marsha the Moose March 13 I'm so sorry everyone had to find out about the rehab that way..
MenOfBigBrother949 0   03/21/14 07:57 PM
*Kenny modeling in a side banner ad. Also proof that the interwebs knows me WAY too well.
realazdreams778 0   03/21/14 10:35 AM
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