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*anyone else having trouble logging into the slice/bbcan website via facebook? the login isn't appearing for facebook. NT
SpaceEVA470 1   03/28/13 06:56 PM
x*nevermind i got it to work somehow by logging into the facebook page first. NT
SpaceEVA03/28/13 07:02 PM
*the only way i'm willingly going to leave and be spoiled is if a LIVE endurance is still going on when feeds come back LOL NT
AceRimmer516 3   03/28/13 06:52 PM
x*last week feeds came back at the same time as the show started online/ NT
AceRimmer03/28/13 06:56 PM
x*But we can't tell you here...::flee NT
M3gabyt303/28/13 06:54 PM
x*naw i've got a cam open just incase, as soon as i hear voices i'll know and turn it off OR open more cams LOL NT
AceRimmer03/28/13 06:57 PM
*LOL. Well I would have used this room but when I first came to the main page the spoilers were at the top on updates. Oh well. NT
WillettDrizzle674 4   03/28/13 06:29 PM
x*I know! :( NT
LilKsweezy03/28/13 06:54 PM
x*Yeah too late.. lol. Thank you so much though admins<33 Brilliant idea NT
glaringdream03/28/13 06:44 PM
x*Pimpmikedizzle ~ bookmark this page then next week you won't need to worry about being spoiled NT
Dreamer03/28/13 06:31 PM
x*at least with alec not in hoh comp, we dont have to keep an eye out for his cheating lol NT
AceRimmer03/28/13 06:48 PM
*awww i'm here all by myself :( NT
AceRimmer444 3   03/28/13 05:55 PM
x*No you're not :p NT
Dreamer03/28/13 06:15 PM
x*I'm here, but verrrry curious LOL only 15 minutes until show time NT
Cindy03/28/13 06:42 PM
x*oh i'm an hr early LOL NT
AceRimmer03/28/13 06:01 PM
*ya yaya , i'm here early BUT i wanted to open window BEFORE spoiliers start being posted on main page. NT
AceRimmer611 2   03/28/13 04:15 PM
x*no one here?? guess i've got to keep the seat warm for another hour/ spoilers already coming in LOL NT
AceRimmer03/28/13 05:06 PM
x*SPoilers are already being spilled in main forum NT
AntisocialHG03/28/13 05:05 PM
*Ok episode is out....lets go to the regular forum now....1, 2, 3 go NT
ICBBsFuture223 0   03/21/13 09:44 PM
*I feel so spoiled to have a spoiler free forum. Thanks M3, this worked out well :-) NT
jblig451 2   03/21/13 08:06 PM
x*Thanks so much!!! xoxo NT
kristinah203/21/13 08:23 PM
x*Yes, thank you!! NT
glaringdream03/21/13 08:06 PM
*alec to liza. you're weird and i dont like you.
AceRimmer578 2   03/21/13 08:01 PM
x*He's an *****. NT
HalfManHalfAmazing03/22/13 12:28 AM
x*well its safe to go back onto feeds now. thx all NT
AceRimmer03/21/13 08:03 PM
*are they hearing that crowd noise when they vote? NT
SpaceEVA224 0   03/21/13 07:53 PM
*Topaz should have just said it!!!!! Lol NT
kristinah2182 0   03/21/13 07:52 PM
*I'll b shocked I mean shocked if Suzette goes!!!! NT
kristinah2199 0   03/21/13 07:50 PM
*did andrew look mad to anyone? not sure he'll be happy to win that particular hoh or not. anyone good at body language? NT
SpaceEVA925 5   03/21/13 07:48 PM
x*he was angry. he didnt answer correctly so alec purposefully hit the wrong answer then theatrically put out his hand. i'd be po'd if i was andrew NT
AceRimmer03/21/13 08:02 PM
x*I think he was just shocked. But it works great for him, I'm sure he cares more about photos/letter than the room, & he gets to keep laying low NT
ThoughtCriminal03/21/13 08:02 PM
x*just caught off guard when alec threw it to him NT
HES03/21/13 07:49 PM
x*mad? no way NT
HES03/21/13 07:48 PM
x*a short hoh and he doesn't get to play in the next one, not sure he wanted to win that one exactly.. he kinda fell into it. NT
SpaceEVA03/21/13 07:49 PM
*arisa is such a lame ad-libber, lol NT
HES1912 7   03/21/13 07:46 PM
x*"Tune in next week for another BANANAS eviction!" Oh Arisa!!! NT
ThoughtCriminal03/21/13 08:00 PM
x*It's pretty bad, LOL. But then again, Julie wasn't the greatest in her first season of BB either! Arisa will get better over time NT
ThoughtCriminal03/21/13 07:48 PM
x*She's really awkward NT
bbfan3403/21/13 07:48 PM
x*Yeah, I'm not a fan NT
Cindy03/21/13 07:47 PM
x*neither am i, it's only her first season so i'm trying to give her a chance but she drains the entertainment/energy/fun out of the show. NT
SpaceEVA03/21/13 07:48 PM
x*agree, agree & agree! on all counts! Not enough energy or... something! NT
PeechyGurl03/21/13 08:03 PM
x*seems that's the general consensus NT
HES03/21/13 07:48 PM
*do either of tonight's evictees make jury? NT
Cindy536 2   03/21/13 07:46 PM
x*Heck mother no so bye bye Tom yayyyyy NT
kristinah203/21/13 07:47 PM
x*I'm glad he's gone too :) NT
BAYCITY9903/23/13 01:05 PM
*That could've been a disaster. Another easy-to-cheat comp NT
LilKsweezy623 3   03/21/13 07:42 PM
x*how can you cheat on the hopping? NT
AceRimmer03/21/13 07:43 PM
x*Someone (I think it was Andrew) wasn't really hopping on the ball, just jumping forward. The ball didn't even hit the ground. NT
ThoughtCriminal03/21/13 07:44 PM
x*true NT
HES03/21/13 07:43 PM
*Ahaha Emmett wasn't taking any chances his ass was flying!!! NT
kristinah2324 1   03/21/13 07:42 PM
x*Love, It! NT
HES03/21/13 07:42 PM
*sweet game! i used to love those balls. NT
SpaceEVA301 1   03/21/13 07:40 PM
x*Wooooohooooo! NT
bbfan3403/21/13 07:41 PM
*don't understand the spoiler warning when it's on the main update page - I wanted a surprise!! NT
PeechyGurl218 0   03/21/13 07:37 PM
*knew it! this is perfect so far as long as liza doesn't get veto.... NT
HES744 4   03/21/13 07:35 PM
x*its boring and predictable... sigh NT
AceRimmer03/21/13 07:38 PM
x*i disagree as it was fair. the US would often sway things so that someone like liza would stay NT
HES03/21/13 07:44 PM
x*I believe they swayed it so Suz could stay just to create drama w/Tom NT
BAYCITY9903/23/13 01:17 PM
x*Yes NT
bbfan3403/21/13 07:36 PM
*unbelievable, andrew doesnt view either of them as a threat. this is crazy NT
AceRimmer2057 8   03/21/13 07:34 PM
x*Well supposedly Liza called him an alcoholic so maybe he didn't like that? Idk lol NT
kristinah203/21/13 07:36 PM
x*he admits lovign the booze. i think andrew is just afraid of everyone NT
AceRimmer03/21/13 07:42 PM
x*andrew must have been afraid. he claimed he'd put up power players omg i'm so disappointed. what a coward NT
AceRimmer03/21/13 07:35 PM
x*wha? liza is the #1 target of his, and alec's, emmett's etc. NT
HES03/21/13 07:37 PM
x*what a waste of a de NT
AceRimmer03/21/13 07:36 PM
x*Andrew is a sheep. NT
no1home03/21/13 07:37 PM
x*TOTally disagree. if he were still under liza's spell i'd be disappointed, a lot has changed & so happy he & alec are tight now NT
HES03/21/13 07:38 PM
x*He's been saying he wants Emmett/Jillian/Tom out since the start. Now he's a sheep for Alec/Peter/Emmett. NT
no1home03/21/13 07:43 PM
*Good on Alec throwing it. Have to be sure him, Topaz and Peter play in the next HOH NT
LilKsweezy1813 7   03/21/13 07:31 PM
x*wonder what would've happened if noone pressed it. NT
SpaceEVA03/21/13 07:31 PM
x*Arisa said they'd move on to the next question NT
LilKsweezy03/21/13 07:33 PM
x*what if noone wanted to be hoh for the double and never pushed it though? NT
SpaceEVA03/21/13 07:35 PM
x*One could purposely hit the wrong answer, eliminating themselves and making the other person HOH NT
ThoughtCriminal03/21/13 07:44 PM
x*good point, wonder why alec didn't do that! NT
SpaceEVA03/21/13 07:44 PM
x*lol. they probably have a tiebreaker. Someone WILL be HOH NT
LilKsweezy03/21/13 07:36 PM
x*aha that would be pretty funny. NT
SpaceEVA03/21/13 07:37 PM
*so now that tom is gone, alec steps up as the cocky arrogant one. that was so ridiculous i hope andrew still puts alec up NT
AceRimmer851 5   03/21/13 07:30 PM
x*I think Alec let Andrew have it so he can play for next HOH n eat finally lol NT
kristinah203/21/13 07:31 PM
x*oooohhhhh thats why he made teh food comment. gotcha,. very clever NT
AceRimmer03/21/13 07:33 PM
x*Lol the boy is hunnnngry!!! NT
kristinah203/21/13 07:34 PM
x*I wonder what he's going to do lol , I haven't been watching feeds/keeping up at all NT
glaringdream03/21/13 07:30 PM
x*alec just cleverly made it look like he had made a deal with andrew. i hope jill and emm go up like anddrew talked about NT
AceRimmer03/21/13 07:32 PM
*my prediction for the powershift game was andrew! haha.. anyone else? NT
SpaceEVA403 1   03/21/13 07:30 PM
x*wow! liza/suzette was also my prediction for noms... i'm good lol. NT
SpaceEVA03/21/13 07:34 PM
*love it!!!!! alec handed it to andrew. was so happy when it came down to those 2 -my faves! NT
HES700 3   03/21/13 07:29 PM
x*i just wish andrew would get a longer hoh. NT
SpaceEVA03/21/13 07:30 PM
x*so true! oh well NT
HES03/21/13 07:31 PM
x*now the veto will be critical, y'all! NT
HES03/21/13 07:30 PM
*Ahaha audience cheering when Liza was knocked out lol NT
kristinah2786 3   03/21/13 07:27 PM
x*lmao! NT
LilKsweezy03/21/13 07:30 PM
x*I was too lol NT
bbfan3403/21/13 07:28 PM
x*Me three haha NT
glaringdream03/21/13 07:30 PM
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