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*Any reason the BBCA board posts this year now show Pacific Time, and not Canadian BBT (EST)? Quick View and Jokers front page do show posts in EST. NT
BleacherBum391 1   03/05/14 09:49 PM
x*The board's default time is and will remain PST. You can change the displayed time by editing your preferences...
M3gabyt303/05/14 10:03 PM
*How do I add an image to a post? NT
fredfred538 3   03/03/14 08:34 AM
x*Below the message box there is a thing that says "Show UBB Code>>>", click on that, a new toolbox will open up, click on "Image", a new box will
Blockhead03/03/14 08:38 AM
x*Wow, very cool, thanks for that bit of info! NT
colleenag03/03/14 09:10 AM
x*Thanks! NT
fredfred03/03/14 08:51 AM
*Hi M3... for those of us who did BBCA Updates last year, are we still ready to go for the "Twitter" button thing, or do we need to pm etc... thanks NT
shortcake672 2   02/16/14 03:05 PM
x*Yup. NT
M3gabyt302/17/14 12:37 PM
x*thanx :) NT
shortcake02/19/14 08:26 PM
*Is there something wrong with the BBCA viewer? Mine has just had a weird screen on it for days...
jblig948 2   05/01/13 07:00 PM
x*I think that's last years version. Don't think they updated it yet NT
CaboWabo03/06/14 04:31 PM
x*lol, that was meant as a Thank You to liquid8. It's from the end of last season :-) NT
jblig03/06/14 05:53 PM
*I need some help for tonight's show!! Is there a way to stream from justintv (on my laptop) to my ps3 using ps3 media server? Or anyway else? NT
Jupit3r69454 0   04/18/13 05:48 PM
*liquid8d you are awesome. I see youve added quad to BBViewer :) NT
steve20131114 1   04/15/13 10:48 AM
x*New update here. Great work on it, but it's the end of the season and it'd be nice to have the full working here instead of VLC. NT
xx2000xx04/15/13 06:01 PM
*is there a way to get rid of background noise..the static is killing my ears NT
nana110494 0   04/07/13 08:06 PM
*Iphone feeds work for a minute then the screen goes black and there is just to fix that?? NT
Roxy1957499 0   04/04/13 10:17 PM
*BBCA feeds fail to load with "That cam +quality is not available right now "..also
CelticChaos3865 7   03/29/13 10:02 PM
x*Thanks for the replies!!! Now if there was a way BB would omprove the audio. I rarely watch due to not being able to hear NT
CelticChaos04/10/13 12:34 PM
x*If you are using Windows, read this..
liquid8d04/11/13 08:22 PM
x*Feeds are cut off so they won't load. To upgrade, save the file, then close out the viewer, reopen and it should let you upgrade NT
Whirley03/29/13 10:32 PM
x*Feeds are down completely at the moment.. I assume they will be back - regarding the update...
liquid8d03/29/13 10:32 PM
x*@bigbrotherca says that the ipad/mobile streams will be back before they return...
M3gabyt303/30/13 08:29 PM
x*thanks! NT
liquid8d03/31/13 06:14 AM
x*same here
christinaN03/29/13 10:04 PM
*Just wanted to thank liquid8d for all their help!! NT
Cindy5221 10   03/26/13 09:47 AM
x* feeds buffering alot
christinaN03/27/13 05:45 PM
x*You'd have to ask the ones hosting them :) Seriously though.. I don't have control over that - I just point the viewer to the feeds. NT
liquid8d03/27/13 07:02 PM
x*Yes thank you! NT
PinkVelvet03/27/13 08:24 AM
x*I just want to thank M3 for the help also! NT
liquid8d03/26/13 04:46 PM
x*The Viewer has made the season so much easier for us in the US! Thanks tons! NT
jblig03/26/13 01:50 PM
x*Me too!!! I wouldn't be able to watch without his viewer! hmmm maybe I should be mad at him! lol NT
Whirley03/26/13 10:16 AM
x*me either! :P NT
liquid8d03/26/13 04:46 PM
x*You could have been selfish and kept it to yourself. TY for sharing! NT
Whirley03/26/13 06:49 PM
x*lol my family sure is NT
Cindy03/26/13 10:41 AM
x*My bf said I'm addicted and I need help lol NT
PinkVelvet03/27/13 08:24 AM
*Minor issue - but sometimes after I click the link to go back to the first page of the BBCA forum the top part of the board goes missing.
Blockhead1481 2   03/24/13 10:28 AM
x*Can you describe where the link is you click to go back?
M3gabyt303/24/13 10:45 AM
x*That's what it looks like. Sometimes happens after I make a post. Sometimes after I read a post and click on Forums >> Big Brother Canada >> BBCA Di
Blockhead03/24/13 10:48 AM
*on bb discussion a lot of peeps are looking for bbad(I have it) is it streaming anywhere?lots of loyal fans asking here NT
theritz1120 1   03/21/13 11:15 PM
x*mute point- there is link now-thank you, bb NT
theritz03/21/13 11:25 PM
phoppe1080 1   03/21/13 08:57 PM
x*see a few posts below asking about Android phone. NT
liquid8d03/21/13 11:26 PM
*Cancel that emergency call to " liquid8d ". All players seem to be working now ; ) NT
AMK898 1   03/18/13 02:51 PM
liquid8d03/18/13 03:21 PM
*VLC media player
phoppe1245 1   03/18/13 09:40 AM
x*working now. things seem back to normal for the hush hush screen. NT
AMK03/18/13 02:49 PM
christinaN6422 10   03/18/13 08:30 AM
x*BBCA Viewer is working now NT
MegsMom31603/18/13 02:35 PM
x*Try opening them in Window Media player (file -> open URL) instead.
M3gabyt303/18/13 10:57 AM
x*tryed pastings links into windows media player doesnt seem to work NT
steve201303/18/13 02:23 PM
x*Links for windows Media player
phoppe03/18/13 01:34 PM
x*They work for me, but they only play for about 10 seconds before they reconnect and load another 10sec.
M3gabyt303/18/13 02:27 PM
x*we need help ASAP viewer etc all down :( NT
steve201303/18/13 09:37 AM
x*Use mobile links in VLC for now. NT
M3gabyt303/18/13 09:39 AM
x*dont work
christinaN03/18/13 09:50 AM
x*VLCPlayer is out also. We need the help of " liquid8d " ASAP! lol withdrawls setting in! NT
AMK03/18/13 08:33 AM
x*Wake up liquid8d!! hahahahahah NT
mamap03/18/13 09:40 AM
*I've tried everything I can think of but can't get the feeds to play on my Android phone.
bbfan344838 9   03/17/13 05:40 AM
x*couple ways to do it..
liquid8d03/17/13 10:29 AM
x*downloaded mxplayer, but I don't see Menu -> Network Stream
AMK03/17/13 03:33 PM
x*Either you have a menu button on your device, or the menu button is 3 little dots in the top right corner. NT
liquid8d03/17/13 04:03 PM
x*Works! Thank you! NT
AMK03/17/13 04:22 PM
x*np! NT
liquid8d03/17/13 04:24 PM
x*OMG, I feel so stupid, Thank you very much!! NT
AMK03/17/13 04:11 PM
x*Thank you much for your help! I'll give them a try NT
bbfan3403/17/13 10:51 AM
x*OMG I tried the MX player and it worked! I'm so happy, I can leave the house when the feeds are on now! I can't thank you enough liquid!!! NT
bbfan3403/17/13 11:00 AM
x*:) NT
liquid8d03/17/13 11:44 AM
*Playing, Recording and Capturing in VLC..
liquid8d1911 2   03/16/13 01:44 PM
x*i get vcl player is unable to play when go to play vcl could not connect to mobsteam NT
steve201303/16/13 07:52 PM
x*Thank you so much Liquid! This worked beautifully! I appreciate all you've done to allow me to enjoy the feeds! NT
MoonDesire03/16/13 06:57 PM
*PLS file links not updating completley :(
JCash22511 4   03/16/13 11:10 AM
x*Is your VB app getting a cached file perhaps?
M3gabyt303/16/13 11:45 AM
x*Not sure, will give me something to look for, thank you very much for replies :) NT
JCash203/16/13 12:15 PM
x*I think they are updating..
liquid8d03/16/13 11:15 AM
x*Looks like the PLS file caught up now. Thanks :) (with the exception of the 'orphaned' cam 3 high feed lol) NT
JCash203/16/13 11:39 AM
*I can only get cam 1 on the viewer. I have the latest update NT
Cindy4633 9   03/15/13 08:44 PM
x*2 feeds dont work again
christinaN03/16/13 07:46 PM
x*cam 2 is just loading.... cam 3 'that cam + qulity is not avail right now' cam 4 blank screen NT
Cindy03/15/13 08:45 PM
x*checking it out. NT
liquid8d03/15/13 10:01 PM
x*thank you!! NT
Cindy03/15/13 10:02 PM
x*looks like it is off an on.. Cam 1 high quality seems to be good right now. NT
liquid8d03/15/13 10:09 PM
x*yes, that is the only cam working for me. I've seen others say only cam 2 is working for them NT
Cindy03/15/13 10:14 PM
x*I have 1 and 2 on HQ only. NT
Squiggs03/15/13 10:18 PM
x*yay, I have cam 1 & 2 working now too (high def) NT
Cindy03/15/13 10:23 PM
x*It's a bit weird, but here is what is going on...
liquid8d03/15/13 10:37 PM
*just got new laptop on windows 8 & installed adobe air but when try & open the swf file to install bbca viewer i cant find adobe air on the lappy
steve20132093 3   03/14/13 12:10 PM
x*no need..
liquid8d03/14/13 12:58 PM
JennDiaz04/09/13 08:26 PM
x*ty that work :) NT
steve201303/14/13 01:07 PM
FrustratedFan2846 3   03/14/13 08:12 AM
x*How to capture live feeds?
hishighness03/16/13 05:08 AM
x*I'm not exactly "computer smart" either, but there are VERY DETAILED
AMK03/14/13 10:02 AM
x*there is tons of ways to watch.. check out the post above - if a certain way isn't working for you, be specific NT
liquid8d03/14/13 09:22 AM
*I can not watch live feeds :(
ugly_betty1688 2   03/14/13 07:59 AM
x*not familiar with BB Playbook, but..
liquid8d03/14/13 09:26 AM
x*Thank You :) NT
ugly_betty03/14/13 10:36 AM
*BBCAViewer - Green / Messed Up video issues.. If you have this problem, PLEASE READ!
liquid8d6713 20   03/13/13 10:50 AM
x*The suggestion from Adobe did not work for me
ryan00704/07/13 03:54 AM
x*Viewer Issue.
dustysnemisis04/01/13 04:49 PM
x*Small update...
liquid8d04/01/13 04:46 PM
x*I followed the instructions and I still got the green bar when I started watching on a camera...
Midi04/04/13 03:54 AM
x*Checking it, now, during the day and it's just as bad as before. Maybe traffic changed it at night? NT
Midi04/07/13 11:18 AM
x*Viewer issue
Antique_Linen03/17/13 01:51 AM
x*Thanks for all you do for us!!!
Midi03/15/13 11:32 PM
sherry03/14/13 10:14 PM
x*I'm having this issue on my Mac. Any suggestions? NT
JessicaJules03/14/13 11:09 AM
x*do you know what model Mac you have?
liquid8d03/14/13 01:28 PM
x*MacBook Pro, OS X 10.7.3.
JessicaJules03/14/13 04:44 PM
liquid8d03/15/13 01:51 PM
x*change you computer NT
TheSnowy201403/14/13 11:19 AM
x*Helpful. NT
JessicaJules03/14/13 12:42 PM
x*how do i found out what drive i have?
charmed6903/13/13 07:39 PM
x*My driver details
ryan00703/13/13 02:03 PM
x*6870 latest beta
xx2000xx03/13/13 01:15 PM
x*Thanks so much for looking into this. details inside
AMK03/13/13 11:10 AM
x*Yes! Thanks for all you do!
bbfankat03/13/13 01:37 PM
x*My thanks also for all you do; details inside
Rhoz03/13/13 12:21 PM
*BBCAViewer - 1.06 - with #JokersChat :)
liquid8d2697 5   03/12/13 03:10 PM
x*feed 2 and 3 not working
christinaN03/14/13 09:14 AM
x* this should mostly fix feed issues - some cam+quality combos might still not be available (but you will be told as such) NT
liquid8d03/12/13 03:12 PM
x*Cams 2 and 4 don't work on any quality setting for me NT
LilKsweezy03/14/13 08:19 AM
x*getting an error after trying to install
charmed6903/12/13 06:12 PM
x*choose 'Download', choose 'Postpone until restart', close then reopen app. NT
liquid8d03/12/13 06:21 PM
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