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Updates: With a unanimous jury vote of 9:0, the winner of Big Brother Canada 5 is Kevin! NT (273202 min. ago)
Kevin voted to evict Demetres. It is now Kevin and Karen for the final two! NT (273264 min. ago)
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*BBCant is on hiatus? How shocking. NOT! I called it. NT
bigbrotherfan7180 3   06/05/17 03:44 PM
x*the final 5 were too borning to wach on feeds no game talk
jerry54306/05/17 04:12 PM
x*And I thank you for the name :) I've used it several times myself. NT
krh503806/05/17 03:45 PM
x*I can not take credit for it, but Id like to think I made it more popular ;) NT
bigbrotherfan706/05/17 03:52 PM
*Since the news of BBCAN going on Hiatus Ika again Thanks Production for her 2nd chance and sends a Lovely tweet to Arisa and cute tweet to Demetres <3
Dani250 2   06/05/17 03:34 PM
x*They are the reason its on hiatus the final 5 were boring and bashful
jerry54306/05/17 04:10 PM
x*Karen thanks Production for allowing her to live out her Dream <33
Dani06/05/17 03:41 PM
*With the news of BBCAN. I wonder if there is any danger heading for the BBUS franchise? Hmmm. NT
JennDiaz121 2   06/05/17 02:47 PM
x*BBUS is the real deal great feeds great entertainment
jerry54306/05/17 04:29 PM
x*Nope, BBUS is still a hot entity that BBCant could never match NT
bigbrotherfan706/05/17 03:44 PM
*Tweet from Arisa. It's official. BBCAN on hiatus.
Corndogger1976 40   06/05/17 01:51 PM
x*That sucks! US always had the best production value but BBCAN always cast better people. Is there any chance the US version also gets cancelled? NT
Disturbance9306/07/17 01:44 PM
x*The same people cast for Canada as the US. NT
krh503806/07/17 01:49 PM
x*Okay. Whether they do or not, they always seem to cast better people on BBCAN NT
Disturbance9306/07/17 05:27 PM
x*I think they're better at being diverse but they've cast some very poor game players over the past 3 seasons. NT
krh503806/07/17 05:29 PM
x*I'm heartbroken NT
canadaluvsjoker06/05/17 08:42 PM
x*Ika's been on Hiatus for months NT
Matzak06/05/17 07:18 PM
x*This is what happens when Tim gets brought back as a guest :X NT
M3gabyt306/05/17 06:40 PM
x*Can't believe karen kept this to herself NT
javabean06/05/17 03:34 PM
x*Neda tweet
Blockhead06/05/17 03:08 PM
WillettDrizzle06/05/17 05:58 PM
x*Well that wasn't very nice. I guess they figured if Neda and Ika were considered two of the best then why even bother. NT
Bobbo206/05/17 03:15 PM
x*Why? Jackie has joked about her curse and they're friends. NT
krh503806/05/17 03:24 PM
x*If they are friends I take back my first statement. NT
Bobbo206/05/17 03:48 PM
x*LOL she jinxed the entire house ! Now it's uninhabitable ! NT
krh503806/05/17 03:13 PM
x*lol NT
VelvetWind06/05/17 08:30 PM
x*Hiatus = cancelled. Just tell it like it is. NT
Bobbo206/05/17 03:07 PM
x*Actually no. When a series end for the season its referred to as being on hiatus until the next season of filming begins. NT
Hawkman06/05/17 04:15 PM
x*But fitting that definition BB was on a hiatus anyway as the filming wrapped up until next March. So why now announce it as on hiatus? Cancelled ! NT
krh503806/05/17 05:13 PM
x*Ok. I'm reading it as there will not be a next season. NT
Bobbo206/05/17 04:40 PM
x*Hmmmmm NT
VelvetWind06/05/17 03:00 PM
x*How sad, I really enjoyed this series :* Anyone think it has a chance to come back? NT
Cindy06/05/17 02:59 PM
x*If the studio they use for the house gets used for something else then it's less likely the show comes back. :( NT
Blockhead06/05/17 03:02 PM
x*Not shocking. And they probably saw that coming when they cast half returnees for last season. NT
krh503806/05/17 02:27 PM
x*I'm petitioning to bring Arisa to BBUS! NT
nicholaspuppy06/05/17 02:24 PM
x*Over Julie's dead body ! NT
krh503806/05/17 02:25 PM
x*Julie can be there too. GIVE ME ARISA!!!! NT
nicholaspuppy06/05/17 02:26 PM
x*Maybe Arisa can take on the Dr Drew role. NT
krh503806/05/17 02:30 PM
x*Yes!!! NT
nicholaspuppy06/05/17 03:28 PM
x*They could probably get her one of those online certificates or something. NT
krh503806/05/17 03:44 PM
x*Arisa and Julie should have a battle of the block, with Derrick hosting the comp, to determine who will be the BB Host for BB19. NT
Blockhead06/05/17 02:35 PM
x*Yeah right, if someone was gonna host that comp it would be Les and we know who would win it ! NT
krh503806/05/17 03:00 PM
x*Its the Jackie curse that or Kevin Winning killed the series. It sucks because BBCAN5 was the last season I enjoyed since BB17 NT
Dani06/05/17 02:20 PM
x*the curse NT
Poz06/05/17 03:06 PM
x*:( after the first BB season I've enjoyed greatly in a long time NT
Poz06/05/17 02:13 PM
x*It was due to that damn Kevin Robert Martin. NT
ringo906/05/17 02:12 PM
x*That KevinMartin! Always scheming and messing things up! NT
Bobbo206/05/17 03:00 PM
x*That's what they deserve for blocking the feeds so often and horribly edited episodes... Ppl lose interest, ratings tank, show NT
godfreyfan06/05/17 02:05 PM
x*Insight never understood the show or audience and I blame them 100% for the show more than likely being cancelled. I'm surprised Shaw had so much
Corndogger06/05/17 02:15 PM
x*It's productions fault for playing to the 'home audience'. Thinking they are more important than hard core feeder fans. NT
dillybean06/05/17 02:29 PM
x*Oh well. NT
M3gabyt306/05/17 02:01 PM
*BBCan6 will be feeds only of an empty house. Will you still watch? They might put 16 actual hamsters in the house. NT
ringo917 0   06/05/17 01:50 PM
*Question for US people that live on or near the Canadian border. Can you pick up Canadian tv and radio stations? And vice versa. NT
Bobbo2140 2   06/05/17 12:08 PM
x*Of course you can. NT
Corndogger06/05/17 01:50 PM
x*Just looked it up. US, Canada, and Mexico use ATSC so no problem there. I guess the freq band plans are fairly standardized also but not sure, have
Bobbo206/05/17 02:20 PM
*Could the series be cancelled? Ouch! "BBCAN6 going on hiatus next year"
Dani743 11   06/05/17 11:31 AM
x*Good!! This season was the most horrible BORING season ever thanks to Demika. Demika tanked bbcan :/ NT
godfreyfan06/05/17 02:01 PM
x*Thanks to Ika for getting the series cancelled. NT
Blockhead06/05/17 02:00 PM
x*If it does come back I hope it's with a new prod. co. but I wouldn't bet on it coming back. Shaw's cheap & obviously advertisers weren't happy. NT
Corndogger06/05/17 01:49 PM
x*Arisa Confirms break
Dani06/05/17 01:48 PM
x*Interesting. I feel bad for Arisa. I really like her. But I can't say that I am surprised. NT
WillettDrizzle06/05/17 01:25 PM
x*Maybe Arissa is having a baby, and due at wrong time NT
mebe06/05/17 01:11 PM
x*Don't know anything, but highly doubt it'll come back 2019 or onwards after getting removed for a year. "Hiatus" is just a discrete sendoff. NT
Freddy7906/05/17 12:18 PM
x*wow?? NT
bigtimebbfan06/05/17 12:02 PM
x*Wow. I'm sad to hear because I love BBCan and highly enjoyed the last season. I know the ratings were lower, but you wouldn't know by the huge fanfare
CassieS06/05/17 11:52 AM
x*That Sucks. Someone was posting that the show averaged around 1 mil viewers with Canada's population around 35 mil. The US show in 2016 averaged
Bobbo206/05/17 12:32 PM
x*The US version airs during the summer time when it's mostly repeats on tv so a much lower bar. NT
ringo906/05/17 01:47 PM
*Dallas & Sindy should not have been asked back
jerry543260 3   06/05/17 07:48 AM
x*Bruno was the most questionable returnee, gamewise, personality wise he brought absolutely nothing. Sindy was a perfect ping pong ball between Ika
Poz06/05/17 02:09 PM
x*Sindy is a huge fan but she's an idiot.
BB93106/05/17 10:28 AM
x*she knows nothing about the show
jerry54306/05/17 04:14 PM
*Dan tweets that he was asked to Play BB last year but turned it down..BBCAN4?
Dani792 12   06/03/17 08:09 PM
x*Whoa cool. Ultimately I'm glad it was Tim but I'm always up for seeing Dan play again. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan06/05/17 10:16 PM
x*The tweet makes it sound like they wanted Dan to go up against Tim instead of Jace for the place in the house NT
steve201306/05/17 11:54 AM
x*That or BBOTT but I hope they wouldn't dare insult him by asking him to sign up for that crap. NT
krh503806/03/17 08:16 PM
x*The person tweeting him asked if he desired to play in another country... Must've been Canada since he said "last year" NT
nammer06/03/17 08:18 PM
x*So that's how they ended up with Jace competing against Tim. NT
ringo906/03/17 08:10 PM
x*man, he looked like hell. Like he had been conjured up by a spell that didn't go quite right straight from 2004, clothes and all NT
Poz06/03/17 08:23 PM
x*Oh Jace. I'm happy that it was Tim and Nikki though. I've had enough of Dan. NT
nammer06/03/17 08:14 PM
x*YES! lol NT
VelvetWind06/03/17 08:37 PM
x*Thank god Ian wasn't the one next in line though. That would've been even worse. NT
nammer06/03/17 08:52 PM
x*lol no NT
VelvetWind06/03/17 09:19 PM
x*I wonder if Ian would beat Tim in that case? I would've voted for Tim back then even though I had no idea who he was. NT
krh503806/03/17 08:54 PM
x*I'd personally still vote Tim and Nikki but I don't know if Canadians would vote for who they were more familiar with...In that case, Ian. NT
nammer06/03/17 08:56 PM
*I just saw Peter from BBCan in a Canadian McDonald's commercial during the Stanley Cup. ...hmm NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan329 6   06/03/17 07:45 PM
x*Just seen it and came to see who else seen it yet. lol NT
M3gabyt306/07/17 06:54 PM
x*oh yeah -he talked about it before it came out during that reality recaps live stream, finale party vid w all the past HGs NT
HES06/04/17 02:59 PM
x*It is indeed him (He's the perfect spokesman for the McDonalds diet):
nammer06/03/17 07:59 PM
x*lol NT
VelvetWind06/03/17 08:38 PM
x*i dont know what to make of that NT
krh503806/03/17 07:56 PM
x*wow lol NT
VelvetWind06/03/17 07:53 PM
*This video of makes me crack up: Kevin describing the old man behind Arisa during the DE
Poz184 1   06/03/17 06:53 PM
x*He's a good story teller when he's not talking about the bible or boring movies, lol. I felt I was there how passionate he was describing it NT
Dani06/03/17 08:25 PM
*I'm just curious
c71391 2   06/03/17 11:22 AM
x*I doubt he is shunned. He doesn't seem interested in all the BB hoopla and after parties and crap. Most of BB4 seem to have moved on. NT
NSGirl06/05/17 06:17 AM
x*Does anybody from that season even hang out besides those two obviously ? Don't see much from any of them NT
krh503806/03/17 04:55 PM
*New Day, new Adventure...Demetres takes a scared Ika fishing & she caught a Fish
Dani2533 32   06/02/17 04:55 PM
x*Cute IG Post from Demetres where he calls Ika his "Bonnie"
Dani06/04/17 04:30 PM
x*Karen, Ika and Demetres this morning, Ika didnt like Karen's Red Robe but Karen wasnt having it, lol....Sarah Miller Plans to join them later today
Dani06/04/17 09:32 AM
x*Thanks Dani for posting all of this - I don't have or want snapchat and appreciate it very much. They are having so much fun it's contagious NT
Kitridge06/03/17 07:34 PM
x*No Problem, I dont have or want snap chat too so im grateful for the ppl who keep me updated on twitter. NT
Dani06/03/17 08:26 PM
x*It is fun to see them having fun NT
VelvetWind06/03/17 07:54 PM
x*Im loving watching Ika experience new things and listening to her laugh in every snap. She's so happy and you can tell. NT
Dani06/03/17 08:44 PM
x*DemiKaren reunited...Karen calls Ika out about her, Karen & Bruce has a lovely home
Dani06/03/17 06:41 PM
x*awesome NT
VelvetWind06/03/17 08:36 PM
x*Can we talk about how nice Karen's property is? Jesus NT
nammer06/03/17 08:17 PM
x*And Kruce's car collection...
nammer06/03/17 08:22 PM
x*I saw that Rolls Royce on Karen's ig but dammmmn I didn't know she had it like that NT
Poz06/03/17 11:22 PM
x*WOW! & I thought Demetres had alot of cars NT
Dani06/03/17 08:32 PM
x*I guess she really didn't need that $100K. Hope that never happens again. NT
krh503806/03/17 08:41 PM
x*Someone income shouldn't be a factor on whether they get to play or not, she's a long-time fan and im happy she got a chance to live out her dream NT
Dani06/03/17 08:43 PM
x*It matters when you're willing to give your game away because you don't really care if you win. I hate that. NT
krh503806/03/17 08:52 PM
x*I'm getting a little salty right now. She was the ultimate goat from the start, talked more smack about people than game especially Kevin, had people
Bobbo206/03/17 09:35 PM
x*I don't think Ika or Dem would have given up their game. They didn't so we don't know if they would. We know Karen did lol.. but hey that's her
VelvetWind06/03/17 10:13 PM
x*Ika did ask people to vote her out over Dem right? And Dem would have taken her to final 2 no? My opinion, I respect yours thanks :). NT
Bobbo206/03/17 10:34 PM
x*She did but did she think that was really going to happen? idk it's like reverse psychology I think? who knows. I don't think she would have settled
VelvetWind06/04/17 10:35 AM
x*It's the same as casting someone stupid, someone who's their just for the experience, someone looking for fame. Won't ever stop. It's just...
nammer06/03/17 08:59 PM
x*"This is true love she's driving my truck"
Dani06/03/17 05:41 PM
x*Heading to Shuswap to visit Karen.
Dani06/03/17 01:12 PM
x*Ika is the fish out of water. She's not the outdoors type. lol. I don't see Ika liking country music either. NT
LillyBell06/03/17 06:41 AM
x*Theyre complete Opposites but some times opposites attract & they seem to be interested in getting to know the other culture..actually she does like 1
Dani06/03/17 01:22 PM
x*OMG! Demetres is having a "Meet & Greet, Welcome home party" at the infamous strip club he always talk with Ika about
Dani06/02/17 05:04 PM
x*No Pics or Snaps because Ika lost them, I was really curious how a small town strip club works, lol
Dani06/03/17 01:13 PM
x*I see she likes the oreo thins, I knew I liked her. The thins are way better NT
Poz06/03/17 02:50 PM
x*IG Live of Dem & Ika fishing
Dani06/02/17 05:02 PM
x*Ika met some of Demetres family
Dani06/02/17 04:58 PM
x*And she wore that side boob top. Sure made a nice impression on Mom and Dad I bet. NT
LillyBell06/03/17 06:43 AM
x*Those arent his parents BTW NT
Dani06/03/17 01:14 PM
x*I know. NT
LillyBell06/03/17 08:28 PM
*Ika post a couple of cute pics of her & Demetres at the Jasper Lodge he's always talk about taking her there
Dani4214 52   05/31/17 06:44 PM
x*Ika thanks BBCAN for her 2nd chance....She did herself justice, she wanted to prove she could be more than just entertainment
Dani06/01/17 10:27 PM
x*meh...she played like a chicken with her head cut off. NT
sliver01306/02/17 01:06 PM
x*I like that analogy. She squawked & screamed all season. If she played it cool along with her strategic play, it would have been better. NT
LillyBell06/03/17 07:19 AM
x*Ika meeting Demetres friends & they love her, awww! That's so sweet theyre so supportive & she seems to having a great time.
Dani06/01/17 10:16 PM
x*Update on the episode they're on :( (Damn you backwards week)
Dani06/01/17 10:10 PM
x*Cassandra loves the #IkaTakesEdson hashtag maybe there will be a #IkaTakesWinnipeg in the near future
Dani06/01/17 12:10 PM
x*its just an act their just milking it as much as they can
jerry54306/01/17 11:31 AM
x*Milking it would be trying to make money off of fans like we've seen with past HG. Sharing snaps and pics of their trip is nothing. NT
CassieS06/01/17 08:30 PM
x*Bingo! NT
LillyBell06/01/17 08:11 PM
x*Milk it for what? There's no money to be made if youre a BBCAN Showmance, none of them are getting gifts & arent selling calendars etc NT
Dani06/01/17 11:35 AM
x*They're trying to hang on to their (cough) celebrity. NT
LillyBell06/01/17 08:15 PM
x*ALL the alum are on snap doing the same. Kev & Pili are on vacay snapping. The only diff is Demika fans are reposting it to twitter & fangirling
Lollirot06/02/17 12:29 AM
x*That's different. If Kev/William were doing this, then I'd say yes, they're doing it to be fame whores. NT
LillyBell06/03/17 07:17 AM
x*They sure act like they have feelings for each other to me.. they are snapping and stuff because thier fans asked them too... They had feelings
VelvetWind06/03/17 05:52 PM
x*I give it 4 more months before they buckle under the pressure NT
SailingTeam06/01/17 10:15 AM
x*Just look at Ika's expressions in all those clips. She's doing it like it's a job. Love? No way, lust maybe but the bubble is bursting. NT
LillyBell06/03/17 07:22 AM
x*Not even that long NT
Matzak06/01/17 11:35 AM
x*you would think she would spend time with her kids by now
jerry54306/01/17 03:00 AM
x*Matching cute post on IG (this is rare for both of them but its super cute <333)
Dani05/31/17 08:37 PM
x*Couple videos from their trip to Jasper Park Today
Dani05/31/17 08:04 PM
x*Are her kids there too? NT
diggler05/31/17 07:13 PM
x*of course theyre there, you didnt see the kid swimming in the pool behind her? It makes logical sense to pull her kids out of school to take them to
Dani05/31/17 08:05 PM
x*She has been gone since March to play Big Brother that is fine but the game is over you would think that she would want to be with her kids now.Go to
diggler06/01/17 07:26 AM
x*She has been with her boys since the show ended, in fact they were at the finale. If she was going to visit her other hgs I'd think doing it while her
Dani06/01/17 11:12 AM
x*Pre teens and teens need their mom. NT
cdnshannon06/01/17 11:42 AM
x*it's not like she went to the moon. plus maybe her boys spend this time of year with their father anyway NT
Poz06/01/17 01:31 PM
x*I dont think there's an age where you dont need your mom, hell Im in my late 20's and I still need my mom, lol NT
Dani06/01/17 12:08 PM
x*I'm 40ish and I still need my mom. I don't think it ever changes. NT
Herbsmum06/01/17 12:52 PM
x*YAY! Team always needing your mom no matter your age <3 NT
Dani06/01/17 02:45 PM
x*That's True: Your Fortunate to Have Yours! :) NT
Matzak06/01/17 12:09 PM
x*Thanks! Im very blessed to still have both of my parents <3 NT
Dani06/01/17 12:12 PM
x*You are Blessed! :) NT
Matzak06/01/17 12:19 PM
x*I think the parents on this board get that, but if you ship the romance, I guess it's okay? Sorry, not in my books - time to stop being a teenager. ..
NSGirl06/01/17 09:33 AM
x*True NSGirl....and kids don't forget. Demika think this "tour" they're doing is something. It's not. Seasons over & so are they. NT
LillyBell06/01/17 08:11 PM
x*This is exactly how i feel.Of course they where at finale they live in Toronto.Kids went home she went to Edson. NT
diggler06/01/17 12:48 PM
x*That's absolutely NOT true, after the annual Niagara Falls she spent a week home before going to Edson. NT
Dani06/01/17 02:44 PM
x*Wow a whole week after being gone 3 months. NT
diggler06/01/17 02:59 PM
x*She wasnt gone for 3 months, the show is 10 weeks, even if she waited a year before visiting her HGS, it wouldn't be enough for some & someone
Dani06/01/17 04:39 PM
x*Pre show sequester etc took two weeks. NT
LillyBell06/01/17 08:14 PM
x*Right? And not even a week. I feel so bad for her kids. That can't be easy. :( NT
cdnshannon06/01/17 03:06 PM
x*No you don't. This is just another way to bash Ika. NT
CassieS06/01/17 08:36 PM
x*We don't know her kids.. I bet they're very happy children NT
VelvetWind06/01/17 04:23 PM
x*I think it's pretty ***** to just assume she's a bad parent just because she isn't doing things the way you think she should, no one of
Poz06/01/17 03:47 PM
x*We can only go by what we've seen. Some have gathered she's a great mom, I have come to another conclusion. To each his own. NT
cdnshannon06/01/17 05:58 PM
x*Nah, I haven't gathered anything about her parenting based what we've seen. I couldn't possibly, but i'm certainly not going to say she's a bad
Poz06/01/17 06:05 PM
x*I wouldn"t say she is a bad mom either i don"t know her but being a parent myself i could"t imagine being away from my children for that long. NT
diggler06/01/17 06:55 PM
x*Exactly NT
VelvetWind06/01/17 04:24 PM
x*no kidding, its beyond ridiculous!! NT
Cindy06/01/17 04:06 PM
x*Im glad Ika isnt that kinda mother that thinks she needs to be up under her kids 24hrs to be seen as a "good mother" She said she always stands in her
Dani06/01/17 11:16 AM
x*She can do no wrong in your eyes anyway. I really just don't get why SHE wants to be gone again. Spending 4-5 days home after 3 months? come on NT
NSGirl06/02/17 06:33 AM
x*I completely agree NSGirl. NT
diggler06/02/17 07:23 AM
x*Surely they are. I can't imagine she'd leave them again. NT
cdnshannon05/31/17 07:20 PM
*Are Karen and her husband towing a vintage Rolls Royce for Demika in this snap? O_O
Poz547 2   05/30/17 08:36 PM
x*Karen is the biggest Demika fan, lol...its so cute. Im happy Ika is having more fun post season than she did in S2. NT
Dani05/30/17 08:58 PM
x*Pic from Karen's IG
Poz05/30/17 08:57 PM
*Demetres x Ika x Golf
nammer3745 42   05/30/17 12:59 PM
x*Ika saw a Bear
Dani05/31/17 06:01 PM
x*Demetres takes Ika hiking up a mountain
Dani05/31/17 03:07 PM
x*lord, i'm convinced this is a clone, where is the real Ika Wong, where are they keeping her... NT
Poz05/31/17 03:24 PM
x*haha..He's changing her "Nevers" & more. Hopefully going "Clay pigeon shooting" is next, now that should be funny & scary but very funny. NT
Dani05/31/17 03:58 PM
x*its common sense thats its not gonna work for them
jerry54305/31/17 01:05 PM
x*No, no Demika obsession on this site LOL Every thread! NT
NSGirl05/31/17 07:40 AM
x*nobody else is post anything.. I love seeing the pics NT
VelvetWind05/31/17 02:03 PM
x*That's fine, but don't deny there is a Demika obsession. NT
NSGirl06/01/17 09:35 AM
x*its like that every off season. even in the US section. 1-3 people posting stuff over and over of the same 1-3 HG. NT
KlausHeissler06/01/17 02:39 PM
x*Oh I know. But I was called 'silly' last week for suggesting anyone on JU had an obsession with Demika. LOL I know better NT
NSGirl06/02/17 06:35 AM
x*You said worshipping. NT
VelvetWind06/02/17 10:41 AM
x*And I didn't say you were silly I said the statement was silliness NT
VelvetWind06/02/17 10:43 AM
x*Tomato Tomatto. WTH is the difference? Worship - Obsession. Pretty much the same. And why is that silliness? You really don't see anyone here that .
NSGirl06/02/17 10:55 AM
x*Woah nelly.. lol easy. When someone mentions something I said I'm going to correct them if it's something I didn't say. Just because someone posts
VelvetWind06/02/17 11:47 AM
x*Demetres took her to his parent house to checkout his old room (She didnt meet the parents theyre on vacation)
Dani05/30/17 06:41 PM
x*awww this is cute. The Golf Club is Team Demika <3
Dani05/30/17 06:34 PM
x*Ika Takes Edson, coming this fall to whatever channel BBCan is on NT
Poz05/30/17 02:50 PM
x*Havnt watched the vids but in that one shot Ika looks like Tiger Woods' ex wife. Don't mess up Demetres! NT
Bobbo205/30/17 02:47 PM
x*Now that I've seen the video I'll say it again. Don't mess up Demetres! NT
Bobbo205/31/17 05:46 PM
x*When he asked her if she found the seat belt yet, LOL!! NT
Dani05/30/17 02:25 PM
x*Hahaha! NT
VelvetWind05/30/17 01:27 PM
x*LOL, This is what I've been waiting for, OMG!! Too funny, side note I read his ex girlfriend was being messy yesterday on Twitter, I wonder if they
Dani05/30/17 01:06 PM
x*I read a screenshot early in the season of his "ex-gf" tweeting/DMing stuff. The poster later said they made it up. Take what you read on twitter
nammer05/30/17 01:11 PM
x*The ex im talking about is his most recent ex she's the supposedly "the nice 1" the 1 youre talking about is the "mean 1". After the twitter mess
Dani05/30/17 01:30 PM
x*And you believe these people actually had a relationship with him and are telling the truth about him if they did? NT
nammer05/30/17 01:48 PM
x*well they had pics and videos so umm yeah. NT
Dani05/30/17 02:09 PM
x*Even so, people can just make stuff up about said person and others post it here as if it were the truth. Just pointing that out to be fair to...
nammer05/30/17 02:22 PM
x*I probably shouldve been more clearer in my original comment but the ex GF wasnt being messy towards Demetres, she doesnt seem to be a fan of Ika's &
Dani05/30/17 02:44 PM
x*I'm just making a general statement. You also posted on another thread the comments that his other "ex-gf" made about him. IMO I don't think...
nammer05/30/17 02:49 PM
x*Ika was holding it more like a baseball bat. NT
ringo905/30/17 01:04 PM
x*Bonus clip (She's got a great baseball stance here):
nammer05/30/17 01:09 PM
x*And her stance looks like a toddler lol NT
krh503805/30/17 01:08 PM
x*And she's in perfect golf attire! NT
nammer05/30/17 01:07 PM
x*Ika and Demetres go on Instagram Live for a couple minutes:
nammer05/30/17 02:30 PM
x*All worried about her weave blowing NT
dillybean05/30/17 03:05 PM
x*Him seeing her without the weave will be a horrifying experience.
BB93105/30/17 04:21 PM
x*Some are under the assumption because a person wear weave they have little to no hair when in fact the majority wear it as a protective style. She has
Dani05/30/17 04:51 PM
x*Dill used to say she was probably bald, which is so untrue. Some women wear it to protect their hair from constant styling. Britney Spears fried her
CassieS05/31/17 02:34 PM
x*she looks great with her natural hair...
VelvetWind05/30/17 04:34 PM
x*If looking like that is a horrifying experience, then I want to look like that too lol. NT
CassieS05/31/17 02:35 PM
x*she's gorgeous NT
Poz05/30/17 04:58 PM
x*Perfect edges lol NT
VelvetWind05/30/17 05:29 PM
*BBCAN5 live feed stats. Up: 47.2%, Down: 30.9% (19 days, 18.5 hours), Sleeping: 21.8%. See inside.
Corndogger427 5   05/30/17 12:32 PM
x*BBCAN feeds suck and need some serious improvement NT
SailingTeam05/30/17 12:46 PM
x*When something is free, I don't complain. :) NT
LillyBell05/31/17 09:30 AM
x*Daily breakdown chart.
Corndogger05/30/17 12:33 PM
x*That's too small for me to see. Do they count the last few days of the season where they shut the feeds off permanently as down time? NT
krh503805/30/17 12:37 PM
x*Double-click on the chart to make it bigger. You should be able to read it then along with the explanatory text. NT
Corndogger05/30/17 12:55 PM
*Kevin and Pili go to Cancun; William reunites with his true love
nammer1085 9   05/29/17 07:08 PM
x*That's sweet they went away together. NT
jjjg05/30/17 06:10 PM
x*William was his Boy Toy. NT
VictorBBJodyFan05/30/17 12:48 PM
x*That happened as I expected...Pili won the battle for Kevin over William. NT
Corndogger05/30/17 11:36 AM
x*There was no battle NT
krh503805/30/17 11:39 AM
x*That's why Kevin is #1. He is a male that used his body to get what he wanted from HGs two seasons in a row. NT
rando11105/29/17 08:14 PM
x*LOL! Pillar gets the Guy, vacation and the $$$, William couldnt even get a sympathy vote! Pilar thanks you for the lovely vacation, William NT
Dani05/29/17 07:42 PM
x*That's funny! NT
Corndogger05/30/17 11:35 AM
x*I think it's pretty gross actually. NT
Bbfan5205/30/17 03:25 PM
x*lol NT
VelvetWind05/29/17 07:10 PM
*Demetres takes Ika to see Edson's main attraction:
nammer1052 12   05/29/17 06:58 PM
x*I'm surprised she would go away so soon after just getting home. NT
NSGirl05/30/17 09:15 AM
x*She was already in Alberta for the fan event, so it makes sense to visit now. NT
CassieS05/30/17 11:45 AM
x*She still had to 'go away' to be in Alberta - regardless of what she went for. I'm surprised she chose to go at all. to each their own I guess NT
NSGirl05/31/17 09:43 AM
x*She's the face of the season why is it a surprise a club would want her at their BB event? NT
Dani05/31/17 11:21 AM
x*Not surprised she was asked, surprised she went. NT
NSGirl05/31/17 12:29 PM
x*I really don't understand why its so surprising for a fan favorite to go to a fan event. NT
CassieS05/31/17 02:22 PM
x*I believe the implication here is that Ika should be home with her kids. Not the first time this has been "implied," although that has been denied. NT
JakeInOct05/31/17 03:44 PM
x*I am surprised SHE would want to go away again, after being gone 3 months. Even if they don't mind her going, I would think SHE wouldn't want to NT
NSGirl06/01/17 09:39 AM
x*Good sized city. Around 8500. NT
Bobbo205/29/17 08:37 PM
x*Poor Ika cant find any makeup for her skin tone...LOL! NT
Dani05/29/17 07:52 PM
x*My guess before opening was a cow NT
krh503805/29/17 07:06 PM
x*:) NT
VelvetWind05/29/17 07:04 PM
*Demetres heads home to Edson and he's bringing Ika with him...I hope we get pics soon of her golfing
Dani2146 20   05/29/17 03:05 PM
x*They're currently watching Episode 10 = The Slop Vote = their 1st fight...yikes! I bet Demetres is dreading seeing this episode, lol
Dani05/30/17 11:58 AM
x*The Bacon Dates continue
Dani05/30/17 09:59 AM
x*Someone better introduce him to turkey bacon before he has a heart attack. NT
krh503805/30/17 10:56 AM
x*For real.. it's so bad for you NT
VelvetWind05/30/17 11:14 AM
x*Demetres showing Ika his old high school and she's scared because its in a forest, LOL!
Dani05/29/17 09:04 PM
x*Few pics of Ika & Dem..His Town Welcome sign, When they first arrive (She is tiny) & He takes her to dinner
Dani05/29/17 08:05 PM
x*Ika seeing Demetres trailer for the first time..LOL! I remember when she thought his trailer was a camper
Dani05/29/17 04:34 PM
x*dang he really needed to win that $$ NT
mebe05/29/17 07:22 PM
x*He does pretty well for himself, he just recently turned 25 & he owes a 3Bed/2Bath house on 40 acres. He also plans to retire in 5 years NT
Dani05/29/17 07:49 PM
x*Instrumentation tech and is planning on retiring by 30? Good job but c'mon. If he has something else going on more power to him. NT
Bobbo205/29/17 09:31 PM
x*I remember Ika talked with Dre about it once, he supposedly owns a few real estate property. He makes good money, during pre-season his ex said
Dani05/29/17 09:42 PM
x*What??? 5 yrs? NT
VelvetWind05/29/17 09:21 PM
x*What a dream right? suppodely he's makes good money so who knows, he probably wont retire to avoid boredom, especially if he stays in Edson NT
Dani05/29/17 09:43 PM
x*omg! she didn't know he actually lived in a trailer before this? NT
colleenag05/29/17 05:36 PM
x*she knew, she thought he meant an RV at fist. He said he knew she liked him because she thought he lived in a bus and still hung out with him lol NT
Poz05/29/17 05:49 PM
x*ahh, ok, good. From what I've read he's a smart, hardworking young man who has great promise. many like that start from humble beginnings. wish
colleenag05/29/17 05:53 PM
x*Here's a quick video of them talking about it..She thought he lived in a camper for
Dani05/29/17 06:17 PM
x*lol she thought it had windshield wipers NT
Poz05/29/17 04:58 PM
x*Demetres sister showing Ika old pics of Demetres when he was a bunny for Halloween, LOL!
Dani05/29/17 03:07 PM
x*We know how Ika loves the bunnies NT
VelvetWind05/29/17 07:03 PM
*Remember Dillon saying he he would have no problems surviving in the woods with just a fire starter and knife? Thought that was pretty funny. Popped
Bobbo2375 4   05/29/17 01:50 PM
x*Are you suggesting Dillon go on Naked and Afraid?
nammer05/29/17 02:22 PM
x*lol NT
VelvetWind05/29/17 02:44 PM
x*Not only no, but hell no! But then again if he has skills why not? NT
Bobbo205/29/17 02:27 PM
x*Would love to see Bear Grylls or Les Stroud on. They would kill it. NT
Bobbo205/29/17 03:20 PM
*omg!! This is Hilarious Demetres sisters are exposing Demika Fans tweets to them
Dani539 2   05/28/17 08:57 PM
x*LOL those are great. NT
05/29/17 02:15 PM
x*They're so funny.. love looking at all the tweets of Ika and Dem since they've been out of the house NT
VelvetWind05/29/17 01:33 PM
*Ika meeting Demetres’ sisters
Dani874 6   05/28/17 06:37 PM
x*The girl on the very left looks like if Pili and Sarah had a child. NT
ringo905/28/17 07:16 PM
x*Does he have 3 sisters? Is the girl sitting next to Demetres his younger sister? NT
rando11105/28/17 06:55 PM
x*He has 2 sisters and they're both older than him. The one sitting next to Ika and the one at the head of the table are his sisters. NT
Dani05/28/17 07:00 PM
x*Why do I hate every showmance ever except this one? What is happening to me NT
Poz05/28/17 06:39 PM
x*it's the same w most of us! it's because it's genuine and they're real. they're not "showmance types" -they played the game and were a true team NT
HES05/28/17 07:00 PM
x*this NT
VelvetWind05/29/17 01:26 PM
*Demetres thought he was getting pulled over for a ticket but he actually has a cop as a Fan, lol
Dani513 2   05/28/17 12:10 PM
x*This happened to GM and Amanda after their season in NY. They have it on video. It was on YouTube. NT
ringo905/28/17 01:59 PM
x*Demetres is in great company there lol NT
krh503805/28/17 02:03 PM
*fyi your reality recaps youtube channel has bunch of vids up -a live stream from finale night party. interviews w will and dill so far. bruno today NT
HES1299 16   05/28/17 05:30 AM
x*I didnt watch but I read the twitter tags and the fans was not a fan of Bruno's interview. I guess he still trying to downplay Ika & Dem's game NT
Dani05/28/17 10:03 AM
x*Twitter is filled with compulsive liars and attention seeking trolls that preys on naive idiots...
BB93105/28/17 02:36 PM
x*I just finished listening. He definitely did NOT downplay Demika's game. Only thing he gave Ika more credit for social game than Dem. Which
ringo905/28/17 10:47 AM
x*So as usual Twitter had a meltdown over nothing? LOL. Typical. NT
krh503805/28/17 01:47 PM
x*I read when told Kevin was planning to use the veto and he wouldve gotten BD until Ika stop it he said "it could be true" Could be? If you dont know
Dani05/28/17 12:43 PM
x*Well if you read it on Twitter, it must be true. NT
krh503805/28/17 01:17 PM
x*Also he was most critical of Sindy(including week 1 stuff we never saw or heard about) followed by Cass(we heard about that stuff on the feeds) NT
ringo905/28/17 11:22 AM
x*Lmao, saying that he would never align with her if she hadn't been on season 3 NT
nammer05/28/17 12:11 PM
x*Bruno did more damage to Sindy's game tho, he threw the HOH to Dillon and gave her terrible advice on trashing talking Ika instead of campaigning NT
Dani05/28/17 12:45 PM
x*Yea AFTER she f'ed him so hopefully it was intentional. NT
ringo905/28/17 01:08 PM
x*She did nothing to him, he could've won HOH and stayed loyal to the new 5 but he had a hard on for Demika back then and he still does now. NT
Dani05/28/17 01:16 PM
x*the new 5 is fanfiction...there was never such thing. NT
sliver01305/28/17 01:28 PM
x*I highly doubt he sits around and thinks about Ika. She is not that important I promise you. NT
krh503805/28/17 01:26 PM
x*Yeah, not everyone has a weird infatuation with that steamy pile of crap...
BB93105/28/17 02:45 PM
x*yep -listening to it now NT
HES05/28/17 11:12 AM
x*Thank you for using facts. NT
FurlessBat05/28/17 11:02 AM
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