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Updates: With a unanimous jury vote of 9:0, the winner of Big Brother Canada 5 is Kevin! NT (7845 min. ago)
Kevin voted to evict Demetres. It is now Kevin and Karen for the final two! NT (7906 min. ago)
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Subject Poster V R Posted on
*Aww look at Dem sob because he couldn't pull a Jon/make his game winning move NT
Bessie5 2   05/17/17 06:58 PM
x*I wonder, could Dem have thrown that last comp? I find it hard to believe Karen beat him..mmmm NT
Bigsister505/17/17 07:02 PM
x*Karen didn't beat him. She didn't finish it either. BB lied. NT
ntua05/17/17 07:07 PM
*Ika came out to all her fans. NT
Blockhead18 8   05/17/17 06:58 PM
x*Lol NT
godfreyfan05/17/17 07:08 PM
x*Ika: "Bye guys. Oh, there's nobody here." You can't make this stuff up. NT
Blockhead05/17/17 07:00 PM
x*Yep she's funny NT
PinkAuraGirl05/17/17 07:03 PM
x*Funny, but not like a clown. NT
Blockhead05/17/17 07:04 PM
x*Does she amuse you? NT
PinkAuraGirl05/17/17 08:08 PM
x*:-O NT
ntua05/17/17 06:59 PM
x*this is not about who hurt you!!! NT
petite605/17/17 06:58 PM
x*Go post some stories that you didn't read. NT
Blockhead05/17/17 07:01 PM
*They don't usually exit from that door, right? NT
nammer0 0   05/17/17 06:57 PM
*Ika should be proud of the game she played. So close to the end :( NT
shadow1237 6   05/17/17 06:55 PM
x*ITA, she made this season for me NT
Cindy05/17/17 06:56 PM
x*Same here.. she was great NT
PinkAuraGirl05/17/17 07:04 PM
x*Same here. I rank it as one of my favs mostly because of her. NT
CassieS05/17/17 06:59 PM
x*me too! S2 and then S5 NT
Cindy05/17/17 06:59 PM
x*She put on a good show, that's for sure. NT
nammer05/17/17 06:57 PM
x*Same. Literally just watched her on feeds all season NT
shadow12305/17/17 06:57 PM
*LOL...Ika basically calling Karen a weak player right beside her. NT
MOP7 4   05/17/17 06:54 PM
x*Do you think Karen picked up on that? prob not. NT
RealityCK05/17/17 06:56 PM
x*Nope. Lol. NT
MOP05/17/17 07:05 PM
x*Karen only hears what Karen wants to hear. NT
ntua05/17/17 06:58 PM
x*Nah NT
krh503805/17/17 06:57 PM
*Rooting for Kevin Martin but I do like Demetres. NT
canadaluvsjoker0 3   05/17/17 06:54 PM
x*That KevinMartin is going to do it! But Dem possibly winning is a lot better than the Dillon/Karen F2 we were threatened with... Ugh. NT
ntua05/17/17 07:01 PM
x*I don't. Too cocky for my tastes. NT
Debbi195605/17/17 06:57 PM
x*I'm okay with both. They both have earned it this season. NT
WillettDrizzle05/17/17 06:55 PM
*Ika & Dem would have both evicted Kevin if they won POV but they think he should want to go to the end w/ the best. NT
ringo92 3   05/17/17 06:54 PM
x*Obviously lol it's Big brother. You say what you have to right until the end. LOL this show isn't new NT
MGS05/17/17 06:54 PM
x*I know I just wish I got to see him point that out to them(if he did). NT
ringo905/17/17 06:56 PM
x*Didn't you just watch? Karen is the best ! Hehe NT
krh503805/17/17 06:54 PM
*Lol. Ika really quoted Ric Flair for her final BBCan speech? So funny. NT
WillettDrizzle4 7   05/17/17 06:53 PM
x*$500 alligator shoes? NT
Poz05/17/17 06:54 PM
x*Gotta keep these gators down!!! NT
WillettDrizzle05/17/17 06:55 PM
x*what are you people saying?!?!?! NT
krh503805/17/17 06:56 PM
x*Honestly I am just speaking nonsense. NT
WillettDrizzle05/17/17 06:57 PM
x*same. i'm not even watching the show NT
Poz05/17/17 06:57 PM
x*She said, "to be the best you have to beat the best." Ric Flairs quote. Replace best with man. NT
WillettDrizzle05/17/17 07:00 PM
x*but, does she have a Cadillac a mile long with 15 women in it waiting for her go "Woooo"? NT
Poz05/17/17 07:02 PM
*Sob :* NT
Cindy0 0   05/17/17 06:53 PM
*Ika, don't let the door hit you in the ass. NT
Blockhead0 0   05/17/17 06:53 PM
*boo hoo NT
Bigsister50 0   05/17/17 06:53 PM
*Ha ha, Ika. He already beat you. You're going to jury. NT
ntua0 0   05/17/17 06:51 PM
*The edit honestly made it look like Karen could win. Why do they edit the show as fake as possible? What actually happens is a great story and...
WillettDrizzle46 2   05/17/17 06:49 PM
x*I wonder if Karen picked up on the fact Ika said that one of Karen/Ika was a weak player in her speech to Kevin. NT
RealityCK05/17/17 06:53 PM
x*This was just after Karen said in her speech that she thought all 4 were great players NT
RealityCK05/17/17 06:55 PM
*Even Kev admits Ika is the best player this season and deserves to be in the finals NT
Cindy26 11   05/17/17 06:48 PM
x*lmao now kevin knows what he's talking about. she sucked at strategy, social, and jury management. NT
sliver01305/17/17 06:59 PM
x*I've been saying for years the best player doesn't always win. NT
MOP05/17/17 06:55 PM
x*It's been what, over 15 years now since someone has won BB without winning a single comp? It's probably never going to happen again. NT
no1home05/17/17 06:55 PM
x*YEp!!!! NT
HES05/17/17 06:54 PM
x*Everyone knows it's true. (this is not up for debate, don't @ me) NT
Poz05/17/17 06:52 PM
x*she had decent awareness and okay influence...that's about it. NT
sliver01305/17/17 07:02 PM
x*He said it in the DR which is where he looks like a mastermind. We know that isn't the case so we also know Ika isn't the best player. :) NT
Blockhead05/17/17 06:51 PM
x*he's said it alone to himself as well, but we all know his camera ramblings are just him being fake to make him look a certain way
Poz05/17/17 06:53 PM
x*Even Kevin fans can admit that he's sometimes gullible in this game. NT
ntua05/17/17 06:50 PM
x*Plum stupid sometimes, but at least he didn't screw this one up lol. NT
Debbi195605/17/17 06:56 PM
x*TeamKevinMartin meeting! Waves hi! NT
ntua05/17/17 07:03 PM
*If Karen wins they should cancel BBCA. NT
MOP42 14   05/17/17 06:43 PM
x*There is no way. They know she's guaranteed F2 and they're trying to not make it boring and predicable for casuals. NT
krh503805/17/17 06:45 PM
x*Agreed. A disgrace. NT
utty1405/17/17 06:45 PM
x*Please. There's been plenty of bad winners. Maggie, Adam, etc. Just because you don't like her means they should cancel lol NT
MGS05/17/17 06:44 PM
x*I like her just fine. You see people can actually take emotion out of it and see a terrible player for just that. NT
MOP05/17/17 06:46 PM
x*Again. Terrible players have won before. No reason to cancel. NT
MGS05/17/17 06:47 PM
x*None imo....would be more undeserving in BB History. Again, imo. NT
MOP05/17/17 06:48 PM
x*Maggie was a terrible person but not a bad winner. NT
05/17/17 06:44 PM
x*Nicole! NT
Cindy05/17/17 06:44 PM
utty1405/17/17 06:46 PM
x*Horrible winner. NT
05/17/17 06:45 PM
utty1405/17/17 06:50 PM
x*Maggie? She's like top 5 ! NT
krh503805/17/17 06:44 PM
x*Oh, you fell for it. NT
nammer05/17/17 06:44 PM
x*Not really. Just saying...that would be something. NT
MOP05/17/17 06:50 PM
*OMG, Karen is winning the game! LMAO. NT
vortexfugue19 4   05/17/17 06:43 PM
x*The edit is a known liar. Lol NT
WillettDrizzle05/17/17 06:45 PM
x*as she should
Cindy05/17/17 06:43 PM
x*It's all a ruse. NT
05/17/17 06:43 PM
x*Of course.. lol. NT
vortexfugue05/17/17 06:44 PM
*Jackie is right. I expected more from Kevin too. He doesn't really have to worry though. He's friends with most of them since he only
MGS59 5   05/17/17 06:42 PM
x*Jackie can take her vote and shove it. Hopefully tomorrow is the last time we see her. NT
MOP05/17/17 06:45 PM
x*I really hope so! The worst player in any season of BBCan NT
Cindy05/17/17 07:02 PM
x*Kevin still likely has her vote anyway NT
BBFanJ05/17/17 07:01 PM
x*Oh, the "I'm alone" speech didn't win you over? NT
nammer05/17/17 06:44 PM
x*So annoying. None of his friends were any help anyway besides will with the SPOV NT
MGS05/17/17 06:45 PM
*LOL if Karen ends up winning this season NT
shadow1230 0   05/17/17 06:42 PM
*LOL -please! trying ot make it look like Karen had a good case NT
HES15 2   05/17/17 06:41 PM
x*if they give it to Karen, they will be the laughing stock of the BB fandom...and I will NEVER watch BBCAN again lol NT
Bigsister505/17/17 06:42 PM
x*No one's giving it to Karen, lol. They all wanted to drag her to F2. I guess that they're interested in the idea that she was more than that
ntua05/17/17 06:46 PM
*I love that they get to talk to the jury. Even if it is only for a minute. Well done BBCan. NT
WillettDrizzle3 2   05/17/17 06:40 PM
x*Good. The speeches on finale night barely have any impact (if any) these days. NT
nammer05/17/17 06:41 PM
x*And honestly those didn't seem to either. But it is a baby step in the right direction. NT
WillettDrizzle05/17/17 06:44 PM
*Ika: "Everything I did was logical and strategic. I took the emotions out of it." That's the dumbest thing I ever heard. NT
Blockhead3 1   05/17/17 06:40 PM
x*They must've brought back the wrong Ika from the parallel universe comp NT
Bessie05/17/17 06:44 PM
*LOL Karen!! Here's the "Karen has a chance" edit!!! NT
nammer1 0   05/17/17 06:39 PM
*How many times do we have to hear Kevin say he has no friends in the house? please NT
PinkAuraGirl0 0   05/17/17 06:34 PM
*Note to BBCAN production for next year: stop making your comps so predictable. So bored watching this NT
shadow1230 0   05/17/17 06:32 PM
*I hate having to rely on a stream to see these shows, ugh! NT
Cindy6 5   05/17/17 06:30 PM
x*and the commercials play just fine, gah NT
Cindy05/17/17 06:42 PM
x*I know....reloading, refreshing. NT
dillybean05/17/17 06:32 PM
x*yup, I've missed so much AGAIN. Happens every show, its so frustrating NT
Cindy05/17/17 06:33 PM
x*same here NT
PinkAuraGirl05/17/17 06:34 PM
x*yep NT
bbsittingducks05/17/17 06:32 PM
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