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News: HOH: Demetres NOMS: Karen & Bruno POV: William (Will used secret POV to take Kevin off the block, he was replaced with Karen)
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Updates: Kevin jokes to others that Karen is her secret ride and die alliance NT (2618 min. ago)
Kevin is thanking William and tells him he will make everyone think he had secret veto (sounds like Keven knows will had it) NT (2619 min. ago)
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*Karen CANNOT leave! I love her so! NT
jammin_jen1 3   04/24/17 03:31 PM
x*She ***** sucks a horrid unpleasant woman NT
BBFanJ04/24/17 04:00 PM
x*She is certifiable. I can't understand how anyone can stand her. NT
ntua04/24/17 03:33 PM
x*She is a nasty, vile person and a useless player but she is a character. NT
WillRulz04/24/17 03:32 PM
*Bruno's facial expressions during this convo are priceless. It's like talking to an insane lady at the bus-stop telling you here story NT
3 1   04/24/17 03:31 PM
x*Karen loves that she has a captive audience. In real life, people probably just pull out their phones and walk away. NT
WillRulz04/24/17 03:34 PM
*The nappers need to go because they're to comfortable' NT
Cindy2 0   04/24/17 03:31 PM
*BB - why do I only get a choice between the Krazy Karen Kam or watching Dem watch Ika take a bath? NT
ntua6 4   04/24/17 03:30 PM
x*Yeah, I'd rather hear about people sh*tting themselves NT
nammer04/24/17 03:32 PM
x*Honestly, yes. At least they were funny. She's just a mean, nasty b*tch who thinks that humor can make up for her vileness. NT
ntua04/24/17 03:36 PM
x*Why do you need any option other than Karen? NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 03:31 PM
x*We get what we pay for. :) NT
WillRulz04/24/17 03:31 PM
*Karen = I am going to go to my happy place where non of you live LMAO NT
Emma10 2   04/24/17 03:30 PM
x* haha NT
no1home04/24/17 03:51 PM
x*lol NT
Velvetwind04/24/17 03:30 PM
*LOL what is Bruno's long eyelash spell? NT
krh50381 2   04/24/17 03:30 PM
x*I am rolling laughing at her right now NT
Emma104/24/17 03:30 PM
x*She's not falling for it ! NT
krh503804/24/17 03:32 PM
*If Karen is still in the house at the next veto ceremony, Kevin should pretend to pull out a secret veto. She'd beat him senseless. NT
Blockhead0 2   04/24/17 03:29 PM
x*I want him to win HOH and veto and make her the replacement nom. Just as a pawn. But she won't realize that. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 03:31 PM
x*Maybe he brought Bobby's clothes hanger veto. NT
ringo904/24/17 03:30 PM
*Karen: I cannot stand KevinMartin! NT
WillRulz4 3   04/24/17 03:29 PM
x*She reminds me of Renee from Season 10. NT
Herbsmum04/24/17 03:34 PM
x*Hahahaha maybe that's why I love her so much. NT
04/24/17 03:58 PM
x*so its the whole Mrs Robinson vibe? NT
Cindy04/24/17 03:35 PM
*Kevin & Bruno must have gotten a task to get themselves evicted. As whenever something falls into their laps they don't take advantage of it. NT
ringo91 0   04/24/17 03:28 PM
*On Thursday, when Arissa says "Bruno, by a vote of 5 to 1, you've been evicted" Karen will jump up and say "I told you" and run out the door still
Blackheart36 1   04/24/17 03:27 PM
x*Haha! NT
decafjnr04/24/17 03:33 PM
*Karen has it figured out, guys. NT
khabeysi4 2   04/24/17 03:25 PM
x*Watch the tapes! Watch the tapes! Watch the tapes! NT
WillRulz04/24/17 03:27 PM
x*Yup. Thursday is when the next one will be used. And she will not react at all to it happening. Just like she hasn't reacted today. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 03:27 PM
*If Karen really thought about it, she knows she saw William. Who would save Kevin? William. Who can't be replacement as veto holder? William. lol NT
MirageUK1 1   04/24/17 03:25 PM
x*She told a couple of them about catching Will, and they don't believe her NT
decafjnr04/24/17 03:34 PM
*Come on Bruno, wind her up andagree with her paranoia and conspiracy theories. NT
LillyBell3 7   04/24/17 03:23 PM
x*Make her snap and attack everyone. They will get her gone. NT
WillRulz04/24/17 03:26 PM
x*Bruno should walk around like he doesn't have a care in the world to freak her out. NT
ringo904/24/17 03:26 PM
x*It would be smarter for him to tell Kevin to do it. If he says anything at all to her it will be retold a million times. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 03:24 PM
x*lol Bruno NT
bbtisrigged04/24/17 03:24 PM
x*He isn't the brightest bulb. He keeps telling her to stop thinking like that. NT
LillyBell04/24/17 03:25 PM
x*He's married, he knows the effect of telling someone to calm down. NT
krh503804/24/17 03:30 PM
x*lol. NT
LillyBell04/24/17 04:13 PM
*This is exactly why Karen has lost credibility in this house, even though she's right about certain things (e.g. Don't trust Dre). NT
nammer9 8   04/24/17 03:19 PM
x*She has said "don't trust _____" about everyone in the house. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut. NT
LillyBell04/24/17 03:32 PM
x*Theories like Jackie won the secret veto and told Demetre so they plotted to get Karen backdoored? NT
Blackheart04/24/17 03:21 PM
x*LOL. It couldn't have been William b/c she saw him looking for it. Wut? NT
krh503804/24/17 03:24 PM
x*Her theory is a season 3 re-run of it had to be in the have not room last week. NT
Blackheart04/24/17 03:24 PM
x*Or I guess now Jackie has TWO vetos and will save Bruno on eviction night. NT
Blackheart04/24/17 03:23 PM
x*LOL when you spout off every possible scenario, it becomes a Karen Who Cried Wolf situation. NT
zolaesque04/24/17 03:21 PM
x*Yeah I wouldn't exactly consider her perceptive at all. She just gets lucky with her paranoia every now and then. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 03:23 PM
x*I know. It's nuts. NT
nammer04/24/17 03:21 PM
*Kevin shows how bad of a game player he is risking his game for Bruno when it is super unlikely that Bruno can stay. Whatever Kevin pitches will
JennDiaz48 3   04/24/17 03:19 PM
x*He's campaigning to the wrong people. He needs to get Jackie and Demika to want to keep Bruno. NT
krh503804/24/17 03:21 PM
x*He's a fool. NT
JennDiaz04/24/17 03:23 PM
x*I don't think he's an idiot for campaigning for Bruno though. His position in the house can't get any worse NT
krh503804/24/17 03:24 PM
*Did Emily remind anybody else of Big Meech? They have very similar personalities NT
SailingTeam3 1   04/24/17 03:16 PM
x*I don't think so, but I didn't get to see very much of Emily on the feeds. NT
Blackheart04/24/17 03:20 PM
*Everyone in the blue bedroom should relocate to the pink bedroom to keep Karen company NT
shadow1233 1   04/24/17 03:14 PM
x*I'm sure she will love it NT
nammer04/24/17 03:15 PM
*That bitch really thinks she is something special NT
PVRlover5 5   04/24/17 03:13 PM
x*She needs to get off her high horse and start campaigning NT
no1home04/24/17 03:14 PM
x*She told Dillon & Dre that there is no f*cking way that she's going to beg for votes from those people, so... NT
ntua04/24/17 03:18 PM
x*she needs to just sit there and do nothing and she's safe lol NT
krh503804/24/17 03:15 PM
x*but according to her, it's all a conspiracy and she's the target!! NT
no1home04/24/17 03:33 PM
x*"72 hours of these f*cking sh*thole people. F*cking nauseating." NT
zolaesque04/24/17 03:14 PM
*"Third bed revenge still needs to take out Jackie and Bruno, I think Kevin sat on that bed. Deme sat on it the other day" karen is crazy. NT
Blackheart2 0   04/24/17 03:13 PM
*Karen, muttering to herself: "Don't go in my bedroom. Stay out of my bedroom." NT
zolaesque1 1   04/24/17 03:13 PM
x*lol NT
Velvetwind04/24/17 03:13 PM
*I hope this makes Dillon happy :D
krh5038129 4   04/24/17 03:12 PM
x*He was trying to cuddle with Dre like a day after Em got evicted lol NT
Bessie04/24/17 03:31 PM
x*Dillon has long forgotten about Emily NT
nammer04/24/17 03:13 PM
x*and obviously so has she. NT
LillyBell04/24/17 03:15 PM
x*She probably saw Dillon following Dre around like a dog in heat last week. NT
Blackheart04/24/17 03:17 PM
*I love how Karen is such a fan that she tells us lots of things she is thinking. NT
MirageUK0 1   04/24/17 03:12 PM
x*And she thinks LOTS of things. NT
zolaesque04/24/17 03:13 PM
*Karen-Kam NT
0 0   04/24/17 03:12 PM
*Kevin should empty all the ice cube trays. Karen would burn the whole house down NT
Ivy2 2   04/24/17 03:11 PM
x*Do it ! Do it ! Do it ! NT
angel04/24/17 03:11 PM
x*lol NT
PVRlover04/24/17 03:11 PM
*72 hours is a loooooooooooooong time when you're going nuts.. this is going to be fun to watch unfold. NT
vortexfugue1 4   04/24/17 03:06 PM
x*It's always a long week when you are the A#1 prime target NT
UnderDawg04/24/17 03:14 PM
x*Karen just echoed what you said about 72 hrs. lol NT
LillyBell04/24/17 03:13 PM
x*There's no "going". I think she's been batsh*t crazy for years. NT
Blackheart04/24/17 03:09 PM
x*I hope Karen makes it to Thursday NT
04/24/17 03:06 PM
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