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*How long does Dem have to be in that bear costume? NT
JennDiaz5 0   04/24/17 06:28 PM
*Demetres has his own cave:
nammer74 9   04/24/17 06:24 PM
x*Now if they would only put Ika in an isolation booth the feeds would be sooooo much better. NT
Blockhead04/24/17 06:29 PM
x*there would be no bbcan5 without Ika lol NT
Velvetwind04/24/17 06:36 PM
Cindy04/24/17 06:37 PM
x*:) NT
Velvetwind04/24/17 06:48 PM
x*Booo!! Boooo!!!! NT
Blockhead04/24/17 06:38 PM
Velvetwind04/24/17 06:51 PM
x*:) NT
Blockhead04/24/17 06:53 PM
x*nope. She's awful. NT
Blockhead04/24/17 06:37 PM
x*he'll only have to do a couple nights I guess, given that they'll have to close the BY sometime Wednesday. NT
zolaesque04/24/17 06:25 PM
*Is there a bear sponsor? NT
nicholaspuppy32 24   04/24/17 06:22 PM
x*Kraft peanut butter NT
nammer04/24/17 06:23 PM
x*that must be a Canadian thing? NT
nicholaspuppy04/24/17 06:24 PM
x*It's as popular as Jif? Skippy ? What do you guys have there? NT
nammer04/24/17 06:25 PM
x*Those and Peter Pan. I don't recall ever seeing any others except private brands. NT
krh503804/24/17 06:28 PM
x*yeah we have Jif and Skippy but I don't know that Kraft sell PB here and don't recall seeing a bear on their other products NT
nicholaspuppy04/24/17 06:26 PM
x*Apparently Canada worships in the church of Kraft. They sell them everything. I guess they love the Patriots and Trump as well. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 06:31 PM
x*I think that is a different Kraft
Blockhead04/24/17 06:35 PM
x*Lol. I am almost positive you are correct. But that makes my joke useless. So I will ignore that. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 06:39 PM
x*I just wanted to post a pic of Tom Brady, the only QB to win 5 Super Bowls, the Dan Gheesling of the NFL. The Greatest Of All Time! NT
Blockhead04/24/17 06:41 PM
nicholaspuppy04/24/17 06:45 PM
x*Look, I am a Cowboys fan. I just lost Tony without him ever winning a Super Bowl. Go easy on me. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 06:44 PM
x*yep, evil has been summoned. NT
nicholaspuppy04/24/17 06:38 PM
x*I knew those bears looked evil. NT
nicholaspuppy04/24/17 06:32 PM
x*Don't push your problems onto us NT
nammer04/24/17 06:32 PM
x*give us Trudeau and we'll forget this all happened NT
nicholaspuppy04/24/17 06:35 PM
nammer04/24/17 06:37 PM
x*pffft! and I thought Canadians were supposed to be nice! NT
nicholaspuppy04/24/17 06:39 PM
x*You've been lied to for a long time. Canadians are evil. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 06:40 PM
x*Lol. Maybe you are the cause? I know I am not buying Kraft PB. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 06:34 PM
x*Cause of what?!?!? NT
nammer04/24/17 06:36 PM
x*Ummmmm... IDK. Everything bad. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 06:41 PM
x*On the global website, their logo shows:
nammer04/24/17 06:27 PM
x*oh they are sort of creepy! NT
nicholaspuppy04/24/17 06:28 PM
x*Maybe that's not the best LOL they're creepin NT
nammer04/24/17 06:29 PM
*Pic of Dem in his bear suit. Ika's worried now about how he's going to cook the bacon!
Corndogger96 0   04/24/17 06:22 PM
*King and queen lol NT
Velvetwind4 0   04/24/17 06:21 PM
*LOLOL @ Demetres NT
nammer83 4   04/24/17 06:19 PM
Blockhead04/24/17 06:22 PM
x*LMFAO Ika gonna avoid him all week !!!! Too peasant-ee for her brand .. NT
Boo6904/24/17 06:20 PM
x*Awww now they can be real life beauty and the beast NT
krh503804/24/17 06:24 PM
x*that suit actually looks miiiiiiserable. NT
zolaesque04/24/17 06:20 PM
*Dre wants to confront Ika about some sort of lie tonight so that they get into enough of a tiff that Dre can nominate her if she wins next week. NT
ntua0 1   04/24/17 06:18 PM
x*I feel like this is a daily occurrence..."Dre wants to"...Dre does nothing. NT
krh503804/24/17 06:19 PM
*The curse is real
Blockhead81 2   04/24/17 06:18 PM
x*Yay NT
bigbrotherfan704/24/17 06:28 PM
x*Make it so. NT
vortexfugue04/24/17 06:24 PM
*How long does Demetres have to wear the costume? Does he still reap any benefits of being in the HOH room? NT
Sharonm53220 2   04/24/17 06:15 PM
x*Until eviction night. NT
ntua04/24/17 06:15 PM
x*He sleeps outdoors and probably until Thursday NT
nammer04/24/17 06:15 PM
*Anyone else surprised to see Kevin crying in the episode? Ika really got to him. NT
Ivy23 6   04/24/17 06:14 PM
x*Wasn't it because he was sad about Sindy? NT
nammer04/24/17 06:15 PM
x*maybe that had something to do with it but he didn't get super upset until Ika yelled at him NT
Ivy04/24/17 06:16 PM
x*I'm always disappinted in Kevin. Couldn't he say something back to her instead of just sitting there. NT
Blockhead04/24/17 06:19 PM
x*Kevin's mistake was expecting Ika to behave like a civilized human being. NT
krh503804/24/17 06:21 PM
x*I mean I know you're not quite a fan of Ika but Kevin/Bruno/Sindy were plotting against her the whole week so how can you blame her? Also Sindy
nammer04/24/17 06:18 PM
x*I forgot the show was on lol NT
Velvetwind04/24/17 06:15 PM
*Is Ika bonding with Jackie to make sure she gets her and not Kevin/Bruno? Sure looks that way to me. NT
Corndogger0 0   04/24/17 06:14 PM
*Dre and William talking about trusting Kevin and his campaigning for Bruno. Will told her what Kevin said and they've decided that it's not really
ntua122 1   04/24/17 06:12 PM
x*Thank you!!! NT
Emma104/24/17 06:17 PM
*Ika is so crazy with power. Her eviction will be delicious. NT
Blockhead12 4   04/24/17 06:06 PM
x*oh hush NT
Velvetwind04/24/17 06:12 PM
x*Nope. She has to win HOH this week or she is gone! Then, I'll have a party. NT
Blockhead04/24/17 06:15 PM
x*It will be lit NT
bigbrotherfan704/24/17 06:28 PM
x*well you'll miss me at your party lol NT
Velvetwind04/24/17 06:18 PM
*So nobody is even entertaining sending Karen home? Has Bruno started campaigning yet? NT
ScottySayz2 1   04/24/17 06:05 PM
x*unless karen is removed for psychological reasons, bruno will probably still leave NT
zolaesque04/24/17 06:06 PM
*Dre spent the last 2 weeks plotting on Ika but now she's too scared to make that move, LOL!!
Dani21 3   04/24/17 06:05 PM
x*She's always been scared to make the move. That's why she's been plotting via Dillon and Jackie. NT
nammer04/24/17 06:05 PM
x*i don't think dillon would do it, he wants to stay true to the f6 deal, i think jackie would try a BD NT
Dani04/24/17 06:08 PM
x*Yeah I don't know, we'll see. I think I/D are screwed every week so I'm not gonna be surprised when it happens. NT
nammer04/24/17 06:11 PM
*Anyone got a show link they can PM, please? NT
Cindy2 1   04/24/17 06:02 PM
x*got one, thanks NT
Cindy04/24/17 06:03 PM
*Who the heck controls these feeds? They switched a game convo to a game convo and left a feed on eating in the kitchen (@Drizzle) NT
nammer2 2   04/24/17 05:59 PM
x*Lol. I'm watching the show. I'm innocent. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 06:20 PM
x*Now French again!!! NT
Emma104/24/17 06:00 PM
*So William didn't lose his power because BB TOLD him to exit the black hole when Karen saw him. It wasn't his fault, it was their mistake. NT
ntua4 4   04/24/17 05:56 PM
x*there's no way they would have gone through all the trouble to build that thing and then take it away from him. No way. NT
nicholaspuppy04/24/17 05:59 PM
x*And look at the result. Exactly what they wanted. NT
nammer04/24/17 06:01 PM
x*can you pls translate what they're talking about? Dre knows he had the veto? NT
Ivy04/24/17 05:57 PM
x*Apparently Will told Dre, but I didn't see it. NT
ntua04/24/17 06:03 PM
*Not only is Dillon unattractive but he has the most unattractive personality. He fakes being a good decent guy a lot. Shining thru when stressed. NT
clea770 2   04/24/17 05:54 PM
x*Absolutely. NT
JennDiaz04/24/17 05:56 PM
x*But I feel everyone has a breaking point and can get really angry and throw a tantrum. It's VERY VERY stressful in there. NT
MissJamesWhine04/24/17 05:55 PM
*LOL Ika: "Jackie, I'm starting to admire you. I respect you a lot." *EYEROLL* NT
zolaesque1 7   04/24/17 05:51 PM
x*Ika eviction coming soon NT
nicholaspuppy04/24/17 05:52 PM
x*I really hope this plague is being documented properly. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 05:55 PM
x*If we're talking about who Jackie's actually been getting close to this week it's been Dre, Will, Dillon NT
nammer04/24/17 05:56 PM
x*Well Dre got her vaccinations. Because she is going to win. :) NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 06:04 PM
x*Can you vaccinate against the plague? NT
nammer04/24/17 06:06 PM
x*It depends on who you are. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 06:20 PM
x*stop that NT
Velvetwind04/24/17 05:55 PM
*How truthful is Ika being right now? NT
Corndogger9 6   04/24/17 05:51 PM
x*look at Jackie's eyes.. she doesn't like her at all. so won't believe it. NT
Ziroc04/24/17 06:11 PM
x*She's actually told some of this to Dem as far as her being a fighter and liking her more now. But some other parts is her laying it on thick lol. NT
CassieS04/24/17 05:56 PM
x*Definitely not 100%. NT
krh503804/24/17 05:53 PM
x*Well she's told this to Jackie before NT
nammer04/24/17 05:52 PM
x*Truthful enough to hope Jackie won't put her up if she wins HoH. NT
vortexfugue04/24/17 05:52 PM
x*-100 NT
04/24/17 05:52 PM
*Ika has quite the side boob going. NT
vortexfugue1 3   04/24/17 05:45 PM
x*It's sort of her thing. NT
WillettDrizzle04/24/17 05:51 PM
x*all season. her white one is practically see through. NT
LillyBell04/24/17 05:47 PM
x*i do NOT care for bolt ons in general but hers...the worst NT
04/24/17 05:48 PM
*I love listening to them speak French, but I really wish there were subtitles. LOL NT
MissJamesWhine1 0   04/24/17 05:43 PM
*Who else just saw karen scratching her balls.. NT
bbfannnj3 1   04/24/17 05:41 PM
x*lol NT
LillyBell04/24/17 05:44 PM
*LOL @ Dillon catching Dem's hickey NT
nammer0 0   04/24/17 05:39 PM
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