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Winner: Kevin (9-0)
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Updates: With a unanimous jury vote of 9:0, the winner of Big Brother Canada 5 is Kevin! NT (185101 min. ago)
Kevin voted to evict Demetres. It is now Kevin and Karen for the final two! NT (185163 min. ago)
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*Watching Dem's exit ET interview, I knew it all along he deliberately tried to keep his voice low that it sounded croaky.Now it's his normal high voic
LillyBell166 0   05/18/17 08:30 PM
*Do you think Karen justifying her moves by saying she was with Demika since the beginning was nullified by them nominating her instead of Jackie? NT
PVRlover425 21   05/18/17 08:13 PM
x*It was revisionist history, like what happens on any finale. Karen, the mom of the house? The Newbies were amazing players? Blah. Blah. Blah. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 08:21 PM
x*don't forget the women ruled the house even though the last one to win a comp was Jackie in week 5 NT
krh503805/18/17 08:24 PM
x*Ruling the house is more than just winning competitions, just like the game is but the women were the stars of the series for sure. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 08:34 PM
x*But Karen was with them.. She always talked game with them.. at the end of each day she was loyal to them NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:24 PM
x*Karen was with Gary until he left. She was going to self evict because she said she did not talk to anyone else but Gary and had 0 friends! NT
ScienceGirl05/18/17 09:45 PM
x*Karen talked a lot of game with a lot of people through the season. One of her problems, she never found any true, loyal allies the entire time. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 08:33 PM
x*It was nullified by the fact that it wasn't true :) NT
krh503805/18/17 08:18 PM
x*Karen was always with them NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:23 PM
x*did they know that? NT
krh503805/18/17 08:26 PM
x*She thought they knew that NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:40 PM
x*but she's delusional. If they say she's right I'll believe them, but I haven't heard them agree. NT
krh503805/18/17 08:48 PM
x*She has said it to Ika and Ika says I know I know.. lets see what they say outside of the house lol NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:51 PM
x*Ika was just appeasing her so she would vote to keep Demetres. Karen was never with Demika! NT
ScienceGirl05/18/17 09:46 PM
x*well of course Ika wasn't going to disagree with her to her face :) I know Ika had that fake "bragade" with Karen and two others, I can't even
krh503805/18/17 08:55 PM
x*yep they talked about that recently.. I guess Karen thought it.. maybe Ika didnt lmao NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:58 PM
x*Well they knew she wasnt going to go home and they wanted to prove that they were keeping their word. I would think the jurors would see that also? NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:16 PM
x*Or the jury saw it as Demika didn't know they were an alliance NT
PVRlover05/18/17 08:18 PM
x*lol!! what is your opinion? I have no idea how they are reacting... i'm not going to listen to the interviews this yr NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:21 PM
x*If I was jury, I would think it was fishy & even if it was somewhat true, why would she go to the end with both of them NT
PVRlover05/18/17 08:27 PM
x*I also think it was obvious to everyone that Demetre was Ikas #1 & Dre was #2 for most of the season. NT
PVRlover05/18/17 08:30 PM
x*true NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:40 PM
*Is that right, now kevin holds the title for the most comps won? NT
LillyBell77 4   05/18/17 08:10 PM
x*My count is Kev & Dem each got 8 NT
PVRlover05/18/17 08:37 PM
x*I thought the final 2 comp put Kevin ahead by one. NT
LillyBell05/18/17 08:39 PM
x*Doesn't final 3 HOH just count as 1 comp win even though it is in 3 parts? I still think they are either tied or Kevin 1 behind Dem. NT
ScienceGirl05/18/17 09:49 PM
x*maybe NT
PVRlover05/18/17 09:27 PM
*Congrats to Kevin. I'm surprised a returning player actually pulled out the win considering their position before the TE. As for Ika being evicted...
SpaceEVA260 18   05/18/17 07:59 PM
x*Sorry Dani, but the better man won. I am so delighted Kevin won if Ika couldn't. NT
LillyBell05/18/17 08:32 PM
x*I approve this message ;) <3 NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan05/18/17 08:24 PM
x*Love! <3<3<3 NT
ntua05/18/17 08:02 PM
x*Neda sure wasn't laughing tonight.. Ika was as happy as could be NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:01 PM
x*Neda looked much happier than Ika. Ika was pissed that Demetres was evicted and Neda was happy about everything! NT
ScienceGirl05/18/17 09:51 PM
x*No way lol NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 09:52 PM
x*She seemed fine to me. Oh well. NT
undermybreath05/18/17 08:46 PM
x*Not really. Ika's choice to win lost and Nedas won so.... NT
bigbrotherfan705/18/17 08:39 PM
x*We must have watched different shows. I saw her smile and laugh a bunch, especially when Ika and Dem joined the jury. NT
ScottySayz05/18/17 08:04 PM
x*Ika and Demetres got a hearty chuckle out of Neda going to the jury as well, 5 wks ago NT
Poz05/18/17 08:12 PM
x*Neda got to relax and have fun in jury...and earned the same amount of $$$ as Ika & Demetres! NT
ScienceGirl05/18/17 09:52 PM
x*must be :) NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:05 PM
x*Ika wasn't happy when Dem got evicted. But I was. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 08:03 PM
x*I was thrilled. Ika tried to smile through her bitterness and disappointment. NT
ScienceGirl05/18/17 09:53 PM
x*I'm sure you were buddy NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:06 PM
x*lol. NT
CassieS05/18/17 08:03 PM
x*I believe in truth serums NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:04 PM
x*best gif ever NT
FurlessBat05/18/17 07:59 PM
*Dem told Sarah in ET Canada exit interview that he came in wanting to play the exact game Kevin played ie: laying low at the beginning. Hmmm... NT
ntua225 44   05/18/17 07:51 PM
x*Yeah, all the bs whining about having to start playing day 2 vs 40 is nonsense. If you have to start playing "hard" from day2, you've made mistakes NT
ScottySayz05/18/17 07:55 PM
x*You first have to get the lay of that land but after the first couple weeks, if you are just sitting back, that is weak and that is *****. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 08:13 PM
x*Sitting back is exactly what you should do until after jury starts. That is the best strategy. Dem was nominated week 1, so he had to fight. NT
ScienceGirl05/18/17 09:56 PM
x*Dan G and even Dr. Will Kirby said pretty much the same thing. If you have to fight for your BB life by winning comps, you aren't a good player. NT
LillyBell05/18/17 08:09 PM
x*they played their social games from the beginning.. who are they to say who are good players? Will thinks Boogie is a great player and won comps NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:47 PM
x*Dan who? NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:17 PM
x*Dan Gheesling a good player who made the game fun without being a bitter *****. Opposite of Ika. NT
undermybreath05/18/17 08:45 PM
x*Gheesling - winner of BB10 and runner up in BB14. NT
LillyBell05/18/17 08:42 PM
x*Ohhh that Dan.. that's the one that everyone is comparing Kevin to? NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:44 PM
x*ika ruined his game and he knew it. he should have stuck with neda. NT
sliver01305/18/17 07:54 PM
x*then he would have been Neda's lapdog. His original plan was to bro up and we all know how that works out. NT
LillyBell05/18/17 08:43 PM
x*yes, i'm saying he should have picked a smarter master...but big fake boobs. NT
sliver01305/18/17 10:07 PM
x* Hayden with the Brigade...and Derrick with the Bomb Squad/Detonators. NT
ScienceGirl05/18/17 09:58 PM
x*lol no. He was one comp away from winning and he didn't. I'm sure he doesn't have any regrets. NT
nammer05/18/17 07:55 PM
x*not to mention Neda wanted to vote him out in favor of getting in a showmance with Mark week 1 NT
nicholaspuppy05/18/17 08:07 PM
x*lol NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:09 PM
x*I'm not gonna sit here and say it could have been less strenuous but he was targeted day 1 just based on his physical appearance. NT
nammer05/18/17 08:08 PM
x*yep, he was always going to be a huge target. Ika wanted to work with him. Had he gone with Neda he'd be likely be gone even earlier than she was NT
nicholaspuppy05/18/17 08:10 PM
x*neda really trusted him after keeping...she said so repeatedly. i think neda would have cut ika and used dem. NT
sliver01305/18/17 08:15 PM
x*Neda had a pregame alliance with Kevin, Dillon and Bruno. She didn't need another person too. She played a bad game but somehow by working with her
nicholaspuppy05/18/17 08:25 PM
x*i don't think there's any way she goes to the end with bruno and kevin. i think ika also played a bad game. neda had her pieces set up better but
sliver01305/18/17 09:58 PM
x*Neda *might've* trusted him but over Kevin, Bruno, Sindy, and even Ika? No way. She might've used Dem but she probably wouldn't let him
nammer05/18/17 08:17 PM
x*i don't think sindy, bruno, or kev were in her longterm plans. i think she would gone against bruno using dillon, jackie, and maybe dem to do it. NT
sliver01305/18/17 08:22 PM
x*Dem wasn't in her long term plan either! lol. Neda might not have taken Dem out but she sure as hell would've let someone else do it. NT
nammer05/18/17 08:25 PM
x*i don't think he was either but because of his comp wins she would have been forced to use him. NT
sliver01305/18/17 08:59 PM
x*And forced to get rid of him! lol. You agreed he was not in her long term plans so keeping her was the wrong move. NT
nammer05/18/17 09:13 PM
x*i don't think he was in her longterm plan originally but because of his comp wins it would have turned out that way. i don't think she would have been
sliver01305/18/17 09:48 PM
x*I agree she would want to get rid of them NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:23 PM
x*Don't forget Dillon NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:22 PM
x*which made no sense because that nose... NT
FurlessBat05/18/17 08:09 PM
x*it was a struggle and it didn't have to be. NT
sliver01305/18/17 07:57 PM
x*of course they had to fight.. Neda was trying to build her army lol.. that's why she wanted to keep Dillon and Emily.. they did have to fight NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:11 PM
x*Exactly. Ika's tantrums and flip-flopping were unnecessary and futile. They had to "fight" because she kept making them targets. NT
ntua05/18/17 08:00 PM
x*yep, i think he could have been a better player overall without ika. NT
sliver01305/18/17 08:17 PM
x*afraid not.. Neda choosing Dillon over Ika made Ika and Dem needing to fight NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:12 PM
x*OMG. Just....OMG. NT
ScienceGirl05/18/17 10:00 PM
x*Lmao NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 10:03 PM
x*Thank you for reminding me how Ika did no wrong. NT
undermybreath05/18/17 08:49 PM
x*not a problem lol NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:50 PM
x*Ika flipping out over trying to save Dallas, then Cass, then Gary and finally Emily might have had a little to do with Ika's "alliance" saying enough
ntua05/18/17 08:35 PM
x*Who says he would've gotten to the end with Neda? He did what he did and got to Part 2 of the Final HOH. Eliminating the "smart" players and..
nammer05/18/17 07:59 PM
x*i am? i think once it got down to it it would have been neda vs. bruno and neda would have used him in a smarter way and even though he would be
sliver01305/18/17 08:04 PM
x*You're presenting a hypothetical. Anyways, I appreciate your opinion. NT
nammer05/18/17 08:07 PM
x*of course i am...i thought that was assumed when i said "he should have". thanks. NT
sliver01305/18/17 08:13 PM
*Where do you rank this BBCAN season? I say overall it is number 1. BBCan2 will always be the best feeds, but that season is weak on a...
WillettDrizzle147 15   05/18/17 07:50 PM
x*2,1,5,4,3 NT
colleenag05/19/17 02:52 AM
x*Pretty boring season in my view because of Sindy the ruiner of seasons. When it was at the stages of Ika vs Neda forming that was brilliant but
SpaceEVA05/18/17 08:16 PM
x*No way. I hardly watched this season NT
nicholaspuppy05/18/17 08:08 PM
x*BBCAN 3 is superior, 2 is close behind, and then 1, 4, 5 tied for third NT
FurlessBat05/18/17 07:57 PM
x*Furless is stealing my answer again. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 07:59 PM
x*BBCan5, BBCan2, BBCan1, BBCan3 and BBCan 4. NT
CassieS05/18/17 07:57 PM
x*BBCan3 was the best, 2 next best, 1, 4, 5 are tied for the bottom. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 07:56 PM
x*Overall, BB Canada 2 was one of the best seasons of BB ever. So... 1. BBCAN2. 2. BBCAN5. 3. BBCAN 4. 4. BBCAN 1. 5. BBCAN3. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 07:54 PM
x*BBCAn2 is by FAR my fav if you watched the feeds. But if you rewatch the product they put on the TV Show without feeds it is not good. They...
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 07:57 PM
x*I liked both the feeds and the show. :) Some of the best moments ever. It was when Canada surpassed USA in certain ways. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 07:58 PM
x*Your obsession with wanting BBCan to be better than BBUS is very off putting. Just don't compare them. NT
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 08:11 PM
x*If people can compare when criticizing then it is fair to compare when praising. Cannot have it one way and not another. Just like anyone's...
WillRulz05/18/17 08:17 PM
x*feeds only...tied with 3 for worst. they're both so bad. gameplay was just atrocious after neda left. most nonsensical moves week after week. NT
sliver01305/18/17 07:53 PM
x*I thought it was fantastic. NT
Poz05/18/17 07:52 PM
x*it's not quite as bad as season 3 but worse than seasons 1, 2, and 4. NT
krh503805/18/17 07:51 PM
*Sarah Hanlon interviews the Final 3 houseguests:
nammer113 3   05/18/17 07:49 PM
x*what happened to Godfrey? NT
krh503805/18/17 07:52 PM
x*off chasing raccoons or something. NT
LillyBell05/18/17 08:46 PM
x*I'm actually gonna pass.. this has never happened since bb1 NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 07:52 PM
*Wanna watch LFC later tonight but while I do enjoy his rants I fear it's just Brent talking about how awful of a winner Kevin is xD NT
5 0   05/18/17 07:49 PM
*Dre completely f*cked up her game. She freaked out over nothing. NT
nammer9 2   05/18/17 07:48 PM
x*I didn't like her personality. It came off as abrasive with a chip on her shoulder. NT
LillyBell05/18/17 08:12 PM
x*Totally.. I didn't like her at all.. same for Jackie. Other than them the hgs were all ok.. well Dillon was creepy NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:49 PM
*LFC cracking me up talking about these F3 comps versus S18's final comp with them dressed as cats running around yard NT
HES3 0   05/18/17 07:47 PM
*I hope this tweet isn't true:
krh5038686 38   05/18/17 07:36 PM
x*The bullying bred so much hate & it continued at finale so I'm not surprised. They think it's an acceptable, popular, funny reaction that would make
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan05/18/17 07:44 PM
x*oh geeez... I'll bet money Ika has gotten booed from Neda fans... just saying NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 07:47 PM
x*Not bullying at all. It is the same as sports fans booing or cheering teams. If you don't want to be judged publicly, don't play BB, Survivor or... NT
WillRulz05/18/17 07:47 PM
x*It is to us super fans of the game but some of these fans make it extremely personal. Those Neda attacks are personal which is why I'm protective NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan05/18/17 07:54 PM
x*The thing is Neda is not a saint.. she's been miserable, said nasty things, lied and said she didnt say things about Sindy, lied about how Ika
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:00 PM
x*I could say the exact same thing about that case I certainly hope she got booed. NT
undermybreath05/18/17 08:40 PM
x*great I don't think anybody should be booed and did you eve nread my whole post? NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:42 PM
x*Ika is a saint, Neda is an evil incarnate. Neda always does wrong. Ika never does. Read it a million times already. NT
undermybreath05/18/17 08:52 PM
x*If you say so lmao NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:53 PM
x*It is all subjective. If it was another HG who was jeered in public, there wouldn't be complaints but cheers, they deserve it, etc, etc. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 08:12 PM
x*No this isn't just about Neda. It's about Jackie too. And anyone else who felt bullied, when things went too far. There's a line. It's been crossed
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan05/18/17 08:27 PM
x*Jackie is a faker.. she fake cried too many times.. for someone that is bullied she sure knows how to flip people off and run her mouth behind
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 09:13 PM
x*nope NT
Blockhead05/18/17 08:01 PM
x*Both Ika and Neda have acted like snots in all manner of ways. They deserve the criticism they brought on themselves by being villains. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 08:04 PM
x*yes NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:01 PM
x*Super fans or not, it isn't bullying. If it were another HG, I bet some couldn't care less about it. All HGs are attacked in a personal...
WillRulz05/18/17 07:57 PM
x*NOBODY was BULLIED this yr! NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 07:49 PM
x*BBCAN fans are embarrassing themselves. LOL. NT
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 07:44 PM
x*People who harass HGs are jerks and I would never advocate or excuse it. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 07:44 PM
x*Games over. Hope it's not true too. NT
canadaluvsjoker05/18/17 07:38 PM
x*If you want to play the villain, don't be surprised if some people don't like you. Embrace it like others have. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 07:37 PM
x*... NT
Freddy7905/18/17 07:41 PM
x*I'm sure Ika is getting booed too but its not right imo NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 07:40 PM
x*It happens on every reality show. People will praise or criticize. If you don't want the attention, don't volunteer for the show. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 07:43 PM
x*What happened to separating game from reality? NT
utty1405/18/17 07:40 PM
x*only applies to ika. NT
sliver01305/18/17 07:44 PM
x*I don't think any of them should be booed outside of the game NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 07:43 PM
x*They traded in their privacy for fame and money. Like fans who boo or cheer a football team or its players, that's a fact of life. Not...
WillRulz05/18/17 07:45 PM
x*So boo them when you're at their games. Don't run into them in public and treat them like subhuman. It's classless. NT
krh503805/18/17 07:47 PM
x*People also jeer outside of the stadium. It is no different. It is part of what they sign up for when they decided to become TV stars. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 07:48 PM
x*It's wrong and trashy either way and I'd never raise my children to behave that way just because other people do it. NT
krh503805/18/17 07:49 PM
x*I bet if it was Paulie Calafiore, nobody would give two ***** and that is what's so hypocritical. These are people who are publicity whores and...
WillRulz05/18/17 08:03 PM
x*and people who speak up against it should be applauded. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 07:53 PM
x*Thanks NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:07 PM
x*I applaud people who put snots in their place like Neda and Ika. They deserve a reality check, within reason. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 08:07 PM
x*my kids would never act like that NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 07:51 PM
x*Some do. Some don't. If you want to be a villain on the show, you accept the consequences of that decision and play it for all its worth. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 07:42 PM
x*Ridiculous!!! Fans suck NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 07:37 PM
*agree w LFC that the memorization of every happening in the house has become too predictable and boring. and that kevin "cracked it" but BB should
HES77 2   05/18/17 07:36 PM
x*maybe that's one reason BBUS FHOH is such a crapshoot. Like Steve knowing that JohnnyMac would likely answer A. He hates his patients rather than
colleenag05/19/17 03:08 AM
x*What they need are competitions that are a mix of athletics and puzzles...and a serious endurance for the finals. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 07:39 PM
*I'm happy. For kevin winning & being so nice to Karen, for Ika and Demetres losing &for Neda still having a better BBCan record then the bully Ika
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan78 6   05/18/17 07:33 PM
x*100%...the 1 thing i didn't want from this season was ika beating or tying neda's record. NT
sliver01305/18/17 07:41 PM
x*lol.. you got your wish I guess.. congrats NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:08 PM
x*agree. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 07:39 PM
x*That isn't being a bully and playing up to the producers, whether it is causing drama or just following their instructions is part of BB. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 07:36 PM
x*Kevin handled himself beautifully. Demetres a class act as well. NT
canadaluvsjoker05/18/17 07:35 PM
x*Good evening NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 07:34 PM
*I wonder why they don't have a prize for Canadian's favorite Juror. I'm sure they could find a sponsor to come up with 10K. Ika deserved it. NT
Powerman81818 5   05/18/17 07:31 PM
x*or Dre NT
bbkook05/18/17 08:02 PM
x*Against anything like that. It devalues the series, the competition and I hate popularity prizes which is what those turn into. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 07:41 PM
x*That's BB Canada's best quality. NT
krh503805/18/17 07:34 PM
x*Because people likes James show up and don't stop talking about it. NT
nammer05/18/17 07:31 PM
x*but he won wall comps and was a prankster NT
FurlessBat05/18/17 08:03 PM
*It's definitely pronounced JIF NOT GIF. NT
nammer44 11   05/18/17 07:28 PM
x*It is a hard G therefore it is GIF not JIF. The creator is wrong. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 07:52 PM
x*The G in GIF stands for GRAPHIC!!! A HARD G!!! It is GIF!! I hate that stupidity is winning this pronunciation battle. NT
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 07:34 PM
x*This! I will never say Jif! NT
robin8605/18/17 09:10 PM
x*Graphics Interchange Format. Thank you. NT
Bobbo205/18/17 07:44 PM
x*I don't care how you pronounce graphic!!!! NT
nammer05/18/17 07:38 PM
x*"Japphic" NT
krh503805/18/17 07:48 PM
x*GIF stands for Graphic Interchange Format. It is GIF!!! Like a GIFT! Saying Jif is just pure ignorance. But idiocracy is winning. So whatever. NT
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 07:39 PM
x*in that case, a hard yes to "gif" NT
HES05/18/17 07:37 PM
x*We have a reason for how we pronounce it. The other side just pronounces it wrong and they are the majority. LOL NT
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 07:41 PM
x*Yes!! NT
05/18/17 07:31 PM
x*lol -but i like Taran's refusal to pronounce it that way NT
HES05/18/17 07:29 PM
*Are there any pics on twitter this year? NT
PinkAuraGirl10 2   05/18/17 07:16 PM
x*I tried to do some recon work just for you, but yikes it's a cesspool there tonight. NT
krh503805/18/17 07:37 PM
x*twitter is awful.. I can't believe how bad it is NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 07:38 PM
*Thanks Tim for flying 20 hours to cower and cringe for 5 mins as the girls bickered. Also sux Dem got a couple stix of furniture,but Karen got 20K! NT
AaronVK7 0   05/18/17 07:02 PM
*Still patiently waiting for RickyRoma to post a video eating a shoe....
WillettDrizzle186 22   05/18/17 07:00 PM
x*Oh, hey. I think you missed this from earlier today.
nicholaspuppy05/18/17 07:11 PM
x*I clicked and watched less than 1 second. That is more than enough. I have no idea what it was other than Frankie something. NT
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 07:32 PM
x*I saw "Frankie" pop up in the tab and x'd out of that as fast as I could NT
krh503805/18/17 07:33 PM
x*Same LOL. NT
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 07:35 PM
x*you're missing out!!! some might say he's an ICON NT
nicholaspuppy05/18/17 07:34 PM
x*I will happily remain ignorant to his greatness. NT
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 07:35 PM
x*I watched it 2 times hahaha! and sent it out to my sisters NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 07:41 PM
x*lol as much as I dislike him, it's not that terrible NT
FurlessBat05/18/17 07:46 PM
x*I know lol.. oh well NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 07:49 PM
nicholaspuppy05/18/17 07:43 PM
nicholaspuppy05/18/17 07:33 PM
x*i thought it was gonna be someone eating a fake shoe or something...i f****n' hate you. NT
sliver01305/18/17 07:21 PM
x*this is amazing! Funniest thing I've ever seen NT
FurlessBat05/18/17 07:18 PM
x*funny in an 'OMG amazing' sorta way? NT
nicholaspuppy05/18/17 07:24 PM
x*In a icon, institution kind of way NT
FurlessBat05/18/17 07:27 PM
x*I'm already sick I can't even watch that. NT
krh503805/18/17 07:18 PM
x*You are pure evil. NT
05/18/17 07:16 PM
x*oh. my. god. NT
nammer05/18/17 07:15 PM
x*nice, huh? NT
nicholaspuppy05/18/17 07:15 PM
x*I knew he should've said hat instead of shoe. Probably a much easier feat. NT
krh503805/18/17 07:03 PM
x*Honestly I don't think they are the type of person that stands up and admits when they are wrong anyway. NT
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 07:04 PM
x*Maybe they meant the french pastry "choux"... I'm reaching. NT
nammer05/18/17 07:05 PM
*lol LFC making fun of the jury q's NT
HES42 8   05/18/17 06:44 PM
x*I thought Brent was bad LAST show.... NT
Freddy7905/18/17 07:26 PM
x*Brent has lost all touch with reality. He is grasping at straws to try and discredit Kevin. LOL NT
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 07:03 PM
x*melissa's making good points about neda's 'tude NT
HES05/18/17 07:13 PM
x*I can't stand Brent. He brushes aside anything negative Ika did because it was Ika but then harps on stuff Neda did and calls her a bitch for it. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 07:21 PM
x*The questions were pointless so the jury just had fun with it. There was no point. NT
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 07:01 PM
x*Once it was Karen and anyone, the drama and conflict went...POOF! NT
WillRulz05/18/17 06:51 PM
x*Yeah they were horrible, but probably because there was really no debate. NT
nammer05/18/17 06:47 PM
x*I don't think they took it very seriously b/c they knew it was gonna be Karen vs someone and Karen had no shot at winning either way. NT
krh503805/18/17 06:45 PM
*Can anyone pm me a link to watch the finale, pretty please. I hope its up already? NT
Cindy6 0   05/18/17 06:39 PM
*link for interviewsplease? NT
12 1   05/18/17 06:31 PM
x*there aren't any live streamed interviews that I know of. NT
krh503805/18/17 06:36 PM
*I wonder if Neda's yellow dress is the infamous one from the side show? I wouldn't be surprised! NT
MoonDesire25 7   05/18/17 06:30 PM
x*lol NT
HES05/18/17 06:36 PM
x*lol the one her and Gary fought over? NT
Poz05/18/17 06:31 PM
x*She seems to have a lot of yellow dresses. NT
nammer05/18/17 06:31 PM
x*I love it....yellow is my favorite color! NT
05/18/17 06:42 PM
x*i don't think I own one yellow thing lol NT
krh503805/18/17 06:44 PM
x*I think I have 1 yellow shirt lol and have worn it once NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 08:19 PM
x*Grump! :P NT
05/18/17 07:15 PM
*a twitter person said one of the workers said the jury would have voted for the other person if demika didn't take each other NT
Mishanb41 6   05/18/17 06:24 PM
x*This looks like it may be legit this person has photos from the finale. NT
jg005k05/18/17 07:17 PM
x*Oh and Twitter is so accurate NT
Usernamejax05/18/17 06:46 PM
x*not even close to being true NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 06:27 PM
x*Jury will say a bunch of sh*t after the game. Even if they were, they're gonna say something different on the talk shows. NT
nammer05/18/17 06:27 PM
x*That jury is so pathetic! I believe it too because Sindy comment to Ika during the roundtable was weird. What does Ika have anything to do with Dem NT
Dani05/18/17 06:26 PM
x*Not true. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 06:26 PM
*AHHHH I love them!!!!!!!!!!!!!
nammer526 33   05/18/17 06:17 PM
x*Damn you Bitter Bruno for ruining this, look how he lights up when she's around him :( NT
Dani05/18/17 06:24 PM
x*it's not Bruno's fault. Ika never trusted Kevin. The only reason she worked w/ him is because Neda and Sindy convinced her to . NT
krh503805/18/17 06:29 PM
x*Ika told him she wanted to pull him into an alliance with herself, TFC & Demetres but he told her he was too far up Bruno & Neda's ass at the time NT
Dani05/18/17 06:32 PM
x*who told her that? NT
krh503805/18/17 06:35 PM
x*Kevin told Ika that NT
Dani05/18/17 06:44 PM
x*that doesn't make sense. NT
krh503805/18/17 06:47 PM
x*Demetres? NT
nammer05/18/17 06:36 PM
x*Why would he want to be a 5th wheel without a #1 in the alliance? NT
Blockhead05/18/17 06:33 PM
x*William wouldve been his number 1 NT
Dani05/18/17 06:36 PM
x*William's #1 was always going to be Dre. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 06:37 PM
x*No alliance make the end game together if Dre goes then William number 1 would be Kevin. Neda was in the 6 without a number 1 NT
Dani05/18/17 06:45 PM
x*I wished that you could erase people's memories of previous BB gameplay so we can actually put vets togethers with newbies, and vets...
nammer05/18/17 06:30 PM
x*Maybe go to all recruits and don't tell them a thing about the game. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 06:31 PM
x*Recruits are not a bad idea if they're actually there to play. NT
nammer05/18/17 06:33 PM
x*agreed. the ones whose priority is becoming famous are the issue, not recruits in general. NT
utty1405/18/17 06:37 PM
x*so basically find a bunch of people who are in it for the money lol NT
krh503805/18/17 06:38 PM
x*Yes lol. There were famewhores back in the early seasons too but most of them also wanted to win. NT
utty1405/18/17 06:52 PM
x*Increase the prize from $500k to $2m and you'd have a lot more people fighting hard to win instead of trying to get noticed. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 06:39 PM
x*Increasing the money will help improve gameplay a bit but ultimately there will always be stupid people, and people who lose faith in...
nammer05/18/17 06:43 PM
x*they are like Tom and Jerry NT
Poz05/18/17 06:25 PM
x*for real lol NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 06:28 PM
x*they fight, but ultimately they like and respect each other. Can't be mad at that NT
Poz05/18/17 06:29 PM
x*that was cute NT
Mishanb05/18/17 06:23 PM
x*Kevin was being polite as attentionwhore Ika tried to grab the spotlight. She needs to go away for good. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 06:22 PM
x*Ika is queen! :D NT
JennDiaz05/18/17 06:42 PM
x*lol, it was a set-up clearly NT
HES05/18/17 06:26 PM
x*Chill out. It was clearly staged lol. NT
CassieS05/18/17 06:25 PM
x*Wow, you wld think she personally came for you! It's a game relax! NT
Jleehop05/18/17 06:23 PM
x*I'll post my views as I see fit, thank you very much. IF you don't like them, maybe you should relax. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 06:24 PM
x*Wooooooooooooooooo, Ha ha ha! NT
Jleehop05/18/17 06:27 PM
x*jeesh, i'm sure whoever filmed the video wanted it set up like that NT
Poz05/18/17 06:23 PM
x*pretty sure it was planned NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 06:22 PM
x*They really do like each other NT
PinkAuraGirl05/18/17 06:20 PM
*2 seasons in a row where after f5 studying won over strategy and social game. Do we want BB to be about strategy/social gm or studying?T NT
janiedan169 20   05/18/17 06:16 PM
x*is anyone starting to reconsider that hoh pt3 crapshoot yet? NT
sliver01305/18/17 07:06 PM
x*She should have had enough strategy to get Kevin out early. NT
olfactoryhues05/18/17 06:27 PM
x*She tried too but then the SPOV happened. NT
Dani05/18/17 06:46 PM
x*It's not about IKA/Kevin. It's just boring seeing people just studying for comp and not even trying to strategize or socialise. NT
janiedan105/18/17 06:30 PM
x*Some people excel at certain things. Others not so much. But being multifaceted is usually what wins it. NT
Debbi195605/18/17 06:42 PM
x*I'm ok with social/strategy to get to end then comping the rest of the way. NT
05/18/17 06:25 PM
x*I like a combo of all three. BBCan is too heavily mental at the end. NT
CassieS05/18/17 06:21 PM
x*whichever one my favorite is better at NT
krh503805/18/17 06:19 PM
x*^^^ NT
Poz05/18/17 06:26 PM
x*Haha ... totally agree! NT
northernviewer05/18/17 06:22 PM
x*BB in North America is not about gameplay any more really but well-rounded player is good in social, strategy and competitions. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 06:19 PM
x*Yeah, but kevin didn't even try the other aspects after like F6. All he did was studying. It was smart, but it's boring. Do we want that? NT
janiedan105/18/17 06:21 PM
x*I agree. I would rather have Survivor competitions which involve endurance and blend some athleticism with puzzles. NT
WillRulz05/18/17 06:25 PM
x*Exactly. There's no fun in watching them sit around and study events/days. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 06:23 PM
x*Social/strategy. I don't care about watching who can do the best in carnival games. NT
Blockhead05/18/17 06:19 PM
x*I would imagine that since Kevin made that preseason video calling his shot on how he would game this that it will now change. NT
WillettDrizzle05/18/17 06:18 PM
x*BBCAN needs to look at comps near the end. NT
shadow12305/18/17 06:18 PM
x*After F5 there isn't much strategy/social game left. NT
vortexfugue05/18/17 06:18 PM
x*there has been some great strategy moves after f5 (Will's eviction in all-star, Shane's eviction in BB14,etc.) NT
janiedan105/18/17 06:19 PM
x*none of those involved a bitter old crow who was intent on making sure one person lost rather than making sure she won NT
utty1405/18/17 06:29 PM
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