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News:BB Canada returns for Season 6 in 2018!
Winner: Kevin (9-0)
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Updates: With a unanimous jury vote of 9:0, the winner of Big Brother Canada 5 is Kevin! NT (131955 min. ago)
Kevin voted to evict Demetres. It is now Kevin and Karen for the final two! NT (132016 min. ago)
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*Did Kevin and Pili break up? I used to watch his poker stream and she moved in with him a few months ago but they're not living together? NT
rando1111061 1   09/04/16 03:54 PM
x*Re: Did Kevin and Pili break up? I used to watch his poker stream and she moved in with him a few months ago but they're not living together?
ChrisCBOTW03/23/17 12:13 PM
*Hoping BBCan5 has a great cast and a non ***** winner. Paquette Brothers ***** sucked. NT
BBFanJ3172 18   12/10/16 02:09 PM
x*Who? Oh ya worst f2 ever. I still blame Tim for giving up final hoh. Cass saved that season, and barely at that. Completely forgettable. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/25/17 04:24 AM
x*Better than the useless Sarah one of the worst winners of one of the worst seasons of BB Canada, which has surpassed USA in so many regards. NT
WillRulz01/03/17 05:34 PM
x*worst winner of bbcan by far and one of the worst winners of bb in any country. NT
sliver01301/08/17 03:43 PM
x*The worst. The others I can find at least some credibility in their wins. NT
RatFloater01/06/17 04:07 AM
x*It was so great to have an intelligent feminist with an awesome social game win S3! NT
kmjm01/08/17 03:11 PM
x*Being out of the loop 3/4 of the game then letting production play for you isn't what I'd consider a great social player. NT
RatFloater01/09/17 06:56 AM
x*The only credibility her win has is that nobody else that season was any better. She was a terrible winner, but they all would have been. NT
krh503801/06/17 07:33 PM
x*Godfrey, Ashleigh, Zach, Bruno would've been better winners. All of them at some point were running the house or at least knew what was happening. NT
RatFloater01/07/17 02:02 AM
x*Ashleigh never ran anything she was proud to be Zachs puppet. Until he was booted finally NT
BBFanJ02/16/17 02:37 PM
x*Ash was not as strategic as Zach or Kevin but for most of the game she had 2 ppl willing to take her to finale and one of them was a meat shield...
RatFloater02/18/17 07:03 AM
x*Bruno was terrible, Zach was good til he got cocky putting Jordan up, ash was never a leader and only won comps at the end. God&sarah were good NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan01/25/17 04:21 AM
x*Bruno teamed with bigger targets, Z had the house play for him, A won 3 POV's in a row after getting her HOH hijacked. Prod. played for Sarah NT
RatFloater01/26/17 11:29 PM
x*Sarah is one of my favourite winners ever. Loved that season. NT
kmjm01/04/17 06:31 PM
x*ive yet to be disappointed by a BBCAN cast so hoping that continues with BBCAN5 NT
bigtimebbfan12/20/16 07:13 AM
x*My only disappointment from BBCAN casting was AJ from S1. I didn't understand the point of him being there. Casting has otherwise been spot on NT
shadow12312/27/16 12:40 PM
x*overall the cast have been good but i thought season 2 was really the only good season. 3 had my all-time fav BBCA HG in Godfrey but crap season. NT
KlausHeissler12/21/16 03:32 PM
x*Season 3, one of the worst BB seasons ever but the rest have been good to great. Far better than USA, especially S2, just amazing. USA has sunk.
WillRulz01/03/17 05:36 PM
x*I couldn't agree more! NT
decafjnr12/16/16 12:22 AM
*listening to the latest RHAPpy Hour podcast on "if" BBCAN5 is all-stars..makes me really hope it indeed is! NT
HES2835 28   02/10/17 09:34 AM
x*Way way way too soon for that!! All newbies and all Canadians please!! NT
Dimples02/13/17 07:54 PM
x*Sorry but I gotta pull a Helen here...ya'll know what I mean. NT
krh503802/13/17 02:31 PM
x*yeah, yeah -i'm seeing your point. i'm fine w either and prefer NOT to have a mix of newbies & returnees NT
HES02/15/17 11:09 AM
x*Watching the podcast has made me think an All Stars Duo season would be very interesting. There are more than enough duos across the 4 seasons NT
shadow12302/13/17 02:26 PM
x*The men they cast would be pretty dull. The only one with potential for drama is Gary? NT
nicholaspuppy02/12/17 11:49 AM
x*Jon, Adel, and Godfrey all amused me? Not all great players but entertaining at least. NT
02/15/17 12:01 PM
x*Godfrey was entertaining? I don't remember him staying awake for more than an hour. NT
RatFloater02/15/17 02:44 PM
x*It was more the Peter, Emmett (can one person be more boring! I don't want to find out!), Kevin, Mitch - may be good players but dull. I don't
nicholaspuppy02/15/17 02:02 PM
x*yeah agree -it's the women that would have potential NT
HES02/15/17 03:16 AM
x*Poppin' Paul would be a must. NT
WillettDrizzle02/12/17 01:24 PM
x*Absolutely! and you need one of those alpha bros like Andrew Gordon or Tom from S1 to get really cocky and go out in a satisfying way NT
nicholaspuppy02/12/17 01:34 PM
x*Just listened to it. Makes me hope it isn't. If production picked the right people I would be all for it. But I am sure they would.....
WillettDrizzle02/12/17 08:18 AM
x*So true lol NT
PinkAuraGirl02/12/17 11:58 AM
x*Any All Star cast without Sabrina is already losing. NT
nicholaspuppy02/12/17 11:48 AM
x*The amount of sleepless nights I had because I was glued to watching Sab's craziness! She has got to return. NT
shadow12302/13/17 02:31 PM
x*Yes! Sabrina and Maddy for all stars! NT
FurlessBat02/12/17 01:49 PM
x*Maddy is a game changer! She knows numbers don't matter in BB! NT
nicholaspuppy02/12/17 02:15 PM
Blockhead02/12/17 01:45 PM
nicholaspuppy02/12/17 02:14 PM
x*There are so many rumours floating around this season that it's all-stars, Can vs US, internationals, newbies with pre-existing relationships etc. NT
RatFloater02/10/17 10:30 PM
x*right. & all we know for sure is it's "something that's never been done before" NT
HES02/11/17 06:46 PM
x*That would be amazing lol NT
PinkAuraGirl02/10/17 11:47 AM
x*yeah -that N&R interview w a producer makes it sound like it's not Allstars, though.. NT
HES02/10/17 11:56 AM
x*Robyn Kass said she didn't work on the cast for BBOTT because she was busy working on the cast for BBCan. That would seem to indicate it won't be
Blockhead02/10/17 12:44 PM
x*I have so many favorites on BBCAN already... all stars could be great as long as jillian and her other half dont show up NT
PinkAuraGirl02/10/17 02:31 PM
x*Aside from Peter, Emmett's appeared every season. They'll be the first two they ask back. NT
RatFloater02/10/17 10:41 PM
x*no thanks lol NT
PinkAuraGirl02/12/17 04:53 PM
x*and link
HES02/10/17 09:35 AM
*Don't like rumours of Sindy and Danielle R playing in BBCAN5. Would rather have all newbies NT
shadow123362 3   02/13/17 02:23 PM
x*Me too! I especially don't want to see past BBUS. BBCA is my favorite and I am sick of seeing BBUS HG's play over and over again. They will ruin it NT
TrueNes02/14/17 05:19 AM
x*Exactly. BBCAN are nowhere near the stage where they need to start bringing in BBUS HGs. Will only be happy with this if it is a US Vs CAN season NT
shadow12302/14/17 03:48 PM
x*Me too. Especially want all Canadians. I'm not a fan of having any of the US hgs in. Its not that I don't like them (many I do) but that game is
Dimples02/13/17 07:53 PM
*bigbrotherca@arisaroo is up to something. We can't say what just yet, but stay tuned! #BBCAN5
Cindy168 0   02/13/17 08:04 PM
*March 15th premiere!
nicholaspuppy2399 22   02/15/17 08:35 AM
x*New Promo about Showmances.....
Dani02/17/17 06:42 AM
x*That is some next level trolling. So they know we hate showmances. Sooo..... IDK. Troll on BBCan. NT
WillettDrizzle02/18/17 08:21 PM
x*Wish they'd realise manufactured showmances don't work! They've failed the last 2 seasons NT
shadow12302/18/17 12:05 PM
x*Aneal on the promo is an odd choice but it seems like every new season has a showmance promo NT
nicholaspuppy02/17/17 08:15 AM
x*What does this have to do with Tom Brady? NT
Blockhead02/15/17 05:03 PM
x*IDK, maybe Putin knows NT
nicholaspuppy02/15/17 06:13 PM
x*I SO wish that we could watch it in the US! :( NT
BAYCITY9902/15/17 02:23 PM
x*bbviewer, silly! i've watched every season from the US and many of us here are in the US NT
HES02/17/17 08:35 AM
x*Ok and how do I go about getting that? lol. not real technological here sorry :( NT
BAYCITY9902/22/17 08:41 AM
x*here ya go.. Liquid8d rocks
PinkAuraGirl02/23/17 11:42 AM
x*get bbviewer! that's how I watch NT
nicholaspuppy02/15/17 04:58 PM
x*Glad to be getting extended interviews with evicted HGs. Please keep Peter away! NT
shadow12302/15/17 02:08 PM
x*can't wait NT
bigtimebbfan02/15/17 10:11 AM
x*So the rumors about the side show being cancelled was right....YAY!!! I know the same guy who broke that news is claiming Dani R & Sindy will be on
Dani02/15/17 10:00 AM
x*I think every Thursday they will be having a live Q and A on BBCan Facebook. NT
LillyBell02/16/17 08:45 PM
x*Unfortunately, with rumours both have dropped out of Reality Rally after raising thousands, I think they're going in the house NT
shadow12302/15/17 02:07 PM
x*Sindy is such a confusing choice to me but Dani would be phenomenal to watch play against newbies. NT
RatFloater02/15/17 02:56 PM
x*Dan R is brilliant but I'd like to see her play BBUS again, not on BBCAN. Howover, think she'll be fascinating to watch NT
shadow12302/15/17 03:03 PM
x*Agreed - love Danielle but would prefer to see her back on BBUS. But I'll take her wherever we can get her. NT
nicholaspuppy02/17/17 08:16 AM
x*Exactly, I don't see Danielle getting invited back a third time for BBUS. Might as well enjoy watching her play on BBCan. NT
RatFloater02/18/17 07:07 AM
x*I'm worried that means Peter will be on NT
nicholaspuppy02/15/17 01:29 PM
x*One month away?? I want it now! NT
FurlessBat02/15/17 08:48 AM
*I have a question: I live in the USA and I would love to be able to watch BBCA.............
BAYCITY99553 3   02/22/17 08:40 AM
x*If I sign up for CanadaTV via Netflix can I watch it on my schedule? NT
huecares03/06/17 03:03 PM
x*I responded to a post below about the viewer NT
PinkAuraGirl02/23/17 11:43 AM
x*Re: I have a question: I live in the USA and I would love to be able to watch BBCA.............
mcgrawnut02/22/17 11:03 AM
*New Rumor. Zach Rance is suppodely will be apart of this season
Dani761 5   02/22/17 05:47 PM
x*not convinced this one is legit NT
HES02/26/17 12:54 PM
x*the wording of that 2nd tweet is strange - he was removed from the job because he was going to be on BBCAN? NT
nicholaspuppy02/24/17 08:26 PM
x*ughhhhhhh I CANNOT stand him. NT
BBFan199502/24/17 05:33 PM
x*Every HG from S1-4 will be playing. One entire season will be evicted day 1. The rest compete with a double or triple evictions each week. NT
ringo902/23/17 06:06 PM
x*It all better be rigged for season 2 ! NT
krh503802/23/17 08:53 PM
*This is all the confirmation I need. Tweet inside.
WillettDrizzle1008 7   02/24/17 07:39 PM
x*Love Sabrina, hope she gets a 2nd chance NT
VIII03/01/17 08:43 PM
x*No! I want Sabs saved for BBCAN All Stars. NT
shadow12302/25/17 03:32 PM
x*Then just pretend this is confirmation of BBCAN All Stars. NT
WillettDrizzle02/25/17 07:13 PM
x*That's what I'm hoping for! Either way, Sabs will be feeds gold if she's in the house again. NT
shadow12302/27/17 03:44 PM
x*Absolutely! However I really don't think it will ever happen. NT
WillettDrizzle02/27/17 08:27 PM
x*What more confirmation could you need? I mean, that couldn't possibly mean anything else in the world :p NT
krh503802/24/17 08:48 PM
nicholaspuppy02/24/17 08:11 PM
*When are HGs likely to go into sequester? NT
shadow123144 2   02/25/17 03:32 PM
x*Its most likely friday March 3 because they're moving in on March 8th NT
Dani02/26/17 10:08 AM
x*Great. Hopefully we get some more news end of this week then. NT
shadow12302/27/17 03:44 PM
*Jake from BBAU 2014 hinted to being on this season
Dani351 6   03/03/17 06:35 AM
x*False alarm, This guy will not be on this season. He's a travel vlogger so he's in Canada for 9 days. NT
Dani03/04/17 06:45 AM
x*He just tweeted again using a Canadian Flag emoji NT
marybeth03/03/17 03:03 PM
x*BBAU fans, is this good or bad? NT
nicholaspuppy03/03/17 06:49 AM
x*Meh. Nothing special. He was Tim's roommate and was on the season directly following him. The show got cancelled after that season. Sooo... yeah. NT
WillettDrizzle03/03/17 11:52 AM
x*Smart, nerdy guy who surprisinly got evicted because he flirted with 2 different women, if I remember correctly. Nothing else memorable. NT
03/03/17 08:52 AM
x*from what was shown he was a bore & likely most memorable thing like mentioned above he was Tim's roommate lol NT
KlausHeissler03/03/17 07:35 PM
*Let me see if I understand all the rumors correctly. First the producers come out and say that this season's....
WillettDrizzle718 11   03/03/17 11:55 AM
x*we've never had battle of the countries though! NT
nicholaspuppy03/04/17 12:01 PM
x*UK vs USA, done before. NT
M3gabyt303/04/17 05:26 PM
x*fair, but I don't really consider BBUK the same show as BBUS/BBCAN NT
nicholaspuppy03/04/17 07:09 PM
x*could be an international allstars America vs Canada NT
Toasterbox03/04/17 09:12 AM
x*Maybe international players isn't considered a twist since they've done it before. Just a side event in addition to the major twist. NT
krh503803/03/17 07:56 PM
x*Personally I just think it is a lack of creativity from the people making up the rumors. NT
WillettDrizzle03/04/17 09:43 AM
x*EVERY time they say that the twist really had been used somewhere. I honestly don't think production even do research and just says it. NT
NFLFan03/03/17 07:24 PM
x*if they really mean not used in their BB history they dont make it seem like that lol NT
KlausHeissler03/03/17 07:36 PM
x*To be fair BBCAN does try to do new things. Whether I always agree with them is another matter but I applaud the attempt to mix things up NT
shadow12303/04/17 06:17 AM
x*Not international but intergalactic. NT
ringo903/03/17 03:44 PM
x*Maybe the whole cast is international players? I hope no, I'm holding out hope it'll be a completely newbie cast with the exes theme NT
Dani03/03/17 12:03 PM
*There's a special set to air on March 13th
Dani241 1   03/04/17 11:31 AM
x*It's getting close! NT
PinkAuraGirl03/04/17 05:41 PM
*the return of COWBOY
nicholaspuppy1253 23   03/04/17 12:00 PM
x*That same Twitter accounts says the feeds might not be free. If that was true wouldn't they be selling them by now? NT
Corndogger03/06/17 11:58 AM
x*Phil wins easy. They really shouldn't bother bringing him back until a worthy competitor is genetically engineered. NT
WillettDrizzle03/05/17 12:01 PM
x*But then you won't get to see your fave :( NT
nicholaspuppy03/05/17 12:38 PM
x*That is a sacrifice I am willing to make. It's going to be difficult. But I do think I will be okay. NT
WillettDrizzle03/05/17 01:08 PM
x*Yeah I like Tahan NT
Dancingclowns03/04/17 07:31 PM
x*michelle, natalie, and jessie would make me consider not watching at all NT
HES03/04/17 06:27 PM
x*Canada, USA, Australia but no UK? :( NT
ChiliBean03/04/17 06:17 PM
x*Could you imagine Natalie and her wooden spoon microphone every night, "Hey Canadaaaa!!" *shudders* NT
RatFloater03/04/17 05:00 PM
x*But she's so ***** hot!! LOL. NT
BBFanJ03/06/17 08:02 PM
x*What a chitty cast this would be. The BBUS group alone is pure vomit. Also Natalie doesn't even know what Canada is NT
utty1403/04/17 04:47 PM
x*lol, I have been begging for more S10 people but this is not what I had in mind NT
nicholaspuppy03/05/17 12:39 PM
x*i would be disappointed if they have former players, especially from US after last year's season NT
bigtimebbfan03/04/17 02:55 PM
x*Don't believe it. Those BBCAN HGs names must be saved for an All Stars BBCAN cast. Rumours of Sindy going in were more believable NT
shadow12303/04/17 01:11 PM
x*No more Jessie. Ever. NT
Blockhead03/04/17 12:48 PM
x*Stop that! NT
PinkAuraGirl03/04/17 05:40 PM
x*Howdy! NT
Blockhead03/04/17 05:50 PM
x*Hi there :) did you see my message? NT
PinkAuraGirl03/04/17 06:12 PM
x*Yes, I did. :) NT
Blockhead03/04/17 06:19 PM
x*lol.. I thought so NT
PinkAuraGirl03/04/17 06:22 PM
x*Looking forward to the new BBCan season? NT
Blockhead03/04/17 06:26 PM
x*or Natalie....Enough! NT
Matzak03/04/17 01:09 PM
x*Sorry, it's happening. Twitter says so! NT
nicholaspuppy03/04/17 01:08 PM
x*an inside look at Furless first seeing Cowboy back on Big Brother
nicholaspuppy03/04/17 12:17 PM
*Should we not have had a cast reveal by now? I'm assuming the HGs are moving in this coming Wednesday? NT
shadow123255 7   03/05/17 12:45 PM
x*Cast reveal is tomorrow! NT
gaged03/07/17 07:03 PM
x*That does not work for me ! lol NT
krh503803/07/17 07:23 PM
x*same here! lol NT
PinkAuraGirl03/07/17 07:40 PM
x*BBCan4,BB18,BBOTT all so close together. This break feels too long for me. Counting down the days till BBCan5! NT
lluvmycats03/05/17 06:43 PM
x*Last season they revealed the cast one week before the premiere. So I would assume it will be midweek. NT
WillettDrizzle03/05/17 01:10 PM
x*Ohh great, everything just feels like it's taking ages this year for some reason! NT
shadow12303/05/17 01:55 PM
x*One reason might be because last season started around March 2nd or 3rd or something. So the cast was revealed in February. Also I think they...
WillettDrizzle03/05/17 02:17 PM
*How do you get Global TV for upcoming season if in USA? NT
BigBrotherGuy279 11   03/06/17 07:41 AM
x*Dump that Cable/Dish TV and get IPTV! It's the thing now. PM sent. ;) NT
ChiliBean03/06/17 12:20 PM
x*IPTV will be dead soon thanks to Ciscos new content filter that your IP provider will soon install. The guy behind Exodus gave it up in January. The
IceColdBeer03/07/17 08:23 AM
x*I guess it's best to pay monthly instead of yearly then c: NT
ChiliBean03/07/17 10:33 AM
x*Me as well, ChilliBean. I have got to figure out a way to get rid of cable TV. The cost is killing me. I'm very interested. NT
LibraLady03/06/17 09:49 PM
x*PM sent NT
ChiliBean03/07/17 10:38 AM
x*Would you PM me also about IPTV. Thanks! NT
Lisanne03/06/17 03:58 PM
x*PM sent ;) NT
ChiliBean03/06/17 07:40 PM
x*Me Too :) NT
steve201303/07/17 09:28 PM
x*PM sent NT
ChiliBean03/08/17 07:25 AM
x*Me too ChiliBean! NT
TrueNes03/07/17 05:58 PM
x*PM sent NT
ChiliBean03/08/17 07:25 AM
*Quick clip from Canada ET. "All will be revealed next week"
Dani257 1   03/06/17 08:25 AM
x*I see stars. Sabrina is back!!!! NT
WillettDrizzle03/06/17 10:00 AM
*What is one of your favorite things about BBCan that you really hope they do again this season? For me it would have to be....
WillettDrizzle332 10   03/06/17 09:57 AM
x*Do a big twist(like Kelsey coming back) and keep the feeds down for days. NT
ringo903/06/17 05:12 PM
x*Get ready for a peanut butter and Baywatch themed comp this season. NT
RatFloater03/06/17 03:27 PM
x*We got trolled hard. Everyone expected feeds to be off during Easter weekend but they did it a week later instead! NT
shadow12303/07/17 03:02 PM
x*Are you including SHOWMI in that? Because if not, add that in. NT
nicholaspuppy03/06/17 10:53 AM
x*SHOMI shut down. NT
M3gabyt303/06/17 10:57 AM
x*Ouch. Who were their competitors? Was it like Netflix or Hulu or what? I never fully understood what they were. NT
WillettDrizzle03/06/17 08:35 PM
x*nooooooo, well then shut down BBCAN! NT
nicholaspuppy03/06/17 11:15 AM
x*...because (DR people) production told them to mention it in their DR session, they probably don't really care. NT
caressastar03/06/17 10:16 AM
x*He was kidding NT
bigbrotherfan703/06/17 03:12 PM
x*Dang NT
WillettDrizzle03/06/17 10:45 AM
*New Rumor: Neda's sister is possibly running her account got fans thinking Neda might be a hgs on this season
Dani454 5   03/06/17 07:53 PM
x*More "evidence"
Dani03/07/17 06:32 AM
x*Wow! I'm surprised that's not on CNN Breaking News! c: NT
ChiliBean03/07/17 11:17 AM
x*I didn't read the evidence. But until further notice I will take it as fact. I want to believe. The return of NedBalls is happening!!!! NT
WillettDrizzle03/06/17 08:33 PM
x*Oh my gosh I would love to see Neda again.. Just wish it were an all star season ... oh well NT
PinkAuraGirl03/07/17 05:14 PM
x*now that is some detective work NT
nicholaspuppy03/06/17 08:18 PM
*The first comp of BB18 was people sitting on rockets. Who wants to bet the first HOH of BBCan5 is also rocket themed? NT
WillettDrizzle64 2   03/07/17 01:44 AM
x*A UFO of some sort! NT
Ette03/07/17 05:17 PM
x*Probably a certainly at this point especially as the theme seems to be 'space' this year NT
shadow12303/07/17 03:00 PM
*Cast will be reveal tomorrow 9 AM EST
Dani128 1   03/07/17 01:48 PM
x*Finally!!! NT
shadow12303/07/17 02:55 PM
*The Spoiler account is now saying 8 Canadians will be apart of the season (List Inside)
Dani392 1   03/07/17 01:56 PM
x*That list would piss me off. I think they have a lot of great picks there that would make it must see, but I can't deal with Cass. Hate her. NT
krh503803/07/17 07:28 PM
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