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*Clay Honeycutt on Big Brother Season 17 Episode 30-32 After Show~ Ashley Iocco (BB Season 14), Jen Johnson (BB Season 8), Ryan Hooks, and Kevin Zelman
Dreamer3130 0   08/28/15 01:45 PM
*Will Kirby:Tag the top five @CBSBigBrother players ever, in order, with their handles & #BestBBPlayers. When 1000 people do this I'll post my picks!
Dreamer9277 7   08/23/15 02:50 PM
x*He IS the greatest player of all time! NT
producerswife08/31/15 12:54 AM
x*He thinks everyone would put him, he needs his ego stroked! NT
Derby08/27/15 09:31 PM
x*Will who? NT
lmbrccmom08/25/15 02:50 PM
x*Could give a *****. The guy is a pompous ass. NT
mlm200508/24/15 05:43 PM
x*LOL, does he think we care?
Cal08/24/15 03:50 PM
x*Well I do. I love hearing his view! NT
bbbrat08/24/15 05:38 PM
x*I used to live looking at him, no viewpoints necessary. NT
Caramel08/24/15 06:12 PM
*Dr. WILL KIRBY: Before and after photos of a patient I treated last week. The results of her chemical peel were…
Dreamer7242 2   08/23/15 02:45 PM
x*you cant tell anything photos are so over lit. diff angles NT
johnnycat08/23/15 05:22 PM
x*Robyn Kass: Yep, that's me! I needed help bad! Thx @DrWillKirby - promise 2 take care of it! #sunblock #hat #glass
Dreamer08/23/15 02:46 PM
*Awwwwwww looks like Ali BB4/BB7AS had a baby boy .... sooooooooo cute ... she makes beautiful babies NT
mebe2187 0   08/23/15 11:38 AM
*Derrick Levasseur on Big Brother Season 17 After Show
JeniusLove3784 0   08/21/15 12:32 PM
*Did Zach Rance come out of the closet on his livestream?
MoopieMush14813 12   08/20/15 10:43 PM
x*He's not gay...he's just an attention whore. FYI Zach has been playing up the "am I gay? or..." B.S. Since he left the house cause it gets him+++
ShortJackie08/22/15 11:55 AM
x*Actually, having checked on him & his broadcasts he hasn't been playing the "am I gay" card. Not sure why you would think that? There are >
Voldemort08/22/15 02:38 PM
x*Zach HAS played into the whole Zankie thing....he toys with his 'stans' cause he knows they're mostly a bunch of idiots that for some reason+++
ShortJackie08/22/15 08:06 PM
x*Having personally watched his broadcasts I can say he hasn't. He mentions Frankie in maybe 10% of his broadcasts. 40% of the ppl in the chat ask
Voldemort08/23/15 04:43 AM
x*He wants attention NT
tv_savage08/21/15 09:33 AM
x*hes not gay
catguy2508/21/15 09:02 AM
x*It's really none of our business. NT
mlm200508/21/15 03:48 AM
x*He makes it everyone's business by using it to get attention and money...HE keeps it a thing. He's not actually gay NT
ShortJackie08/22/15 11:59 AM
x*I agree with mlm ... it's not our place/business to say what he is/isn't. He's not using it to get more attention/money. That's a dig at the LGBT
Voldemort08/22/15 02:42 PM
x*I didn't make a dig at the lgbt community in any way, shape or form NT
ShortJackie08/22/15 08:11 PM
x*lol I guess he's really pissed about people asking him if he's gay. It's a valid question. I get asked that sometimes, depending on context...
Rosiet08/21/15 01:44 AM
x*Omg. He was totally being sarcastic cuz people kept asking. Why didn't you report the part where he said not to take him seriously?
BernieByrne08/21/15 12:40 AM
*"Frankie Grande's Worst Post Ever has the worst ratings ever" (IT BOMBED)
tv_savage6155 3   08/20/15 10:03 AM
x*An overwhelming NO...lol no apple pie for him...#stillpluto NT
ShortJackie08/22/15 12:02 PM
x*It was a rip off of tosh, but not funny at all and an annoying laugh track instead of a live audience. I didn't really get the point NT
rapidrewind08/20/15 08:30 PM
x*Ha Ha Ha Ha! Best news ever! NT
Blkjax08/20/15 12:46 PM
*Did you watch Frankie Grande's WORST.POST.EVER? If you missed it you can watch now! Bonus vids too!
Dreamer4238 3   08/19/15 03:46 AM
x*Ughh!! What will it take to make FrankieG just go away Forever?! This is a waste of time and space! NT
BigBroBearBug08/19/15 03:44 PM
x*I'm not a Frankie either but its a choice we have to watch him or not, so I most likely won't but there are those that will. Not sure why anyone
kat00408/19/15 03:48 PM
x*Should be called Worst P.O.S. Ever. Rip Taylor's Estate should sue him. NT
PapaWoody08/19/15 07:22 AM
*Find out what America's Favorite Houseguest - Donny Thompson has been up to since moving out of the BB16 house.
Dreamer5083 0   08/18/15 05:50 PM
*Audrey Middleton on Ashley Iocco & Jen Johnson's Big Brother After Show
JeniusLove1647 0   08/17/15 11:18 PM
*Frankie Grande Talks 'Worst. Post. Ever'
Dreamer7438 6   08/17/15 12:40 PM
x*Frankie Grande IS the "Worst Post Ever" NT
BigBroBearBug08/18/15 08:06 AM
x*OMG! FrankieG is worse than the hemorrhoid that even Preperation H can't make go away! Call a surgeon! Get rid of suedo-Richard Simmons! NT
BigBroBearBug08/18/15 08:02 AM
x*Jessie the wrestler used to have the top spot in my personal "Please go away!" list but Frankie has taken over. NT
all8up08/17/15 07:03 PM
x*ITA! The show concept sounds cool but there not worth having to suffer through FG s 'sparkles and talents' (according to him).
bunnielebowski08/18/15 03:52 AM
x*Agree...he looks like crap. Is he sick? He is turning into a bad Richard Simmons joke. see pic
spikewells08/17/15 06:16 PM
x*wth..... he looks horrid. and whats on his arms.... belongs on his own show hope it fails fast. NT
johnnycat08/17/15 03:09 PM
*frankiejgrande: GOOD MORNING AMERICA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Again)
Dreamer3573 4   08/17/15 05:09 AM
x*Ugh, please just go away. NT
amber42808/17/15 12:04 PM
x*ugh.. just ugh! NT
RobinPickles08/17/15 11:44 AM
x*I've said it before... He's the modern day Richard Simmons... Ugh... I hated Richard Simmons! NT
all8up08/17/15 10:54 AM
x*except Richard Simmons was original....Frankie is just recycled glitter, LOL. NT
spikewells08/17/15 07:42 PM
*Wil Heuser: I'm Julie chen'd out. That's a wrap on ep.8 #sweatbaby #BB17Saga #BB17
Dreamer1540 0   08/17/15 05:08 AM
*Ragan Fox: On Being Blah(ked) and Unfollowable: Or These Seven People who Hate Me Prove Why I’m So Likable
Dreamer4566 6   08/16/15 05:23 PM
x*He used to have some wit. He just sounds bitter now. NT
AnnieO08/17/15 08:09 PM
x*Yawnnnnnnnn NT
LiZinTeXaS08/17/15 04:30 AM
x*wait i thought him and matt were still good friends? NT
sparkyspark2008/16/15 11:25 PM
x*Yeah, I thought they were. Wonder when their bromance ended? NT
Dreamer08/17/15 03:16 AM
x*Was Ragan serious? I think he was being sarcastic? Because Andy posted similar to this first, and Ragan responded similar to that rat NT
Kay1908/17/15 09:23 AM
x*Pretty tragic. If you live in West Hollywood and are at all aware of Ragan...
JonD08/16/15 07:51 PM
*Andy Herren: In Response to Ragan Fox (Again)
Dreamer2950 0   08/16/15 05:20 PM
*Andy Herren: On Being Blocked/Unfollowed
Dreamer1311 0   08/16/15 05:18 PM
*Frankie posts its one of the greatest things to happen to HIS life...his sister doing a Disney song...mmmmk. #coattails NT
MoulinRouge3820 3   08/15/15 10:54 AM
x*Frankie's social media is Not a Real job, he Needs to get one,and stop riding his sister's coattails! NT
BigBroBearBug08/15/15 10:04 PM
x*i agree. I don't care if the weird rumours about their family is true, what is real is FG appears very self absorbed and I can't stand it lol NT
Rosiet08/16/15 01:35 PM
x*Ariane Grande's ratings have dropped..she's number 2, right behind Bill Cosby. NT
deVinePoet08/15/15 10:24 PM
*Big Brother Star to make Guest Appearance...in the BAHAMAS!
Flapjack5507 0   08/14/15 04:29 PM
*Memphis Garrett: Role Call: Meet Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktail’s New Director of Operations
Dreamer1625 0   08/14/15 03:09 PM
*An oral history of Big Brother by Alumni.
laurilei4602 1   08/13/15 08:46 AM
x*Great read! Love hearing from these former HG's.
Starr08/14/15 02:26 PM
*Big Brother star battles former WWE Heavyweight Champ on TV Wednesday Night
Flapjack4020 0   08/11/15 08:39 PM
*Frankie Grande: Social Media Is 'An Extension Of Who I Am'
Dreamer3859 5   08/11/15 03:50 PM
x*such a mogul that he now pays someone else to tweet for him - professional tweeter, where can i apply for that job? NT
rapidrewind08/15/15 05:51 AM
x*I think he has finally stepped up as Richard Simmons' replacement in the universe. He is beyond gag worthy. NT
NovemberRain08/12/15 11:58 PM
x*He's so over the top. Most likely will be a has been quick. NT
mlm200508/12/15 09:25 PM
x*I'd rather die than watch him on ANYTHING! NT
RobinPickles08/12/15 09:44 AM
x*puke puke puke, vomit vomit vomit NT
Hawkman08/11/15 07:35 PM
*Why is Jun Song such a negative b? and why does she tweet 4464356345634 times a minute? She gives Evil Dick a run for his money.
ZacB6708 12   08/10/15 01:44 PM
x*actually she seems very happy...she has a beautiful son and hubby, a successful restaurant & I enjoy her snarky BB commentary :) NT
Karina8608/15/15 06:11 AM
x*lol "snarky" is one word for it but i think "mean spirited" would be more accurate. cant stand people like her but to each their own. doubt she cares
ZacB08/15/15 01:38 PM
x*Jun is vile. NT
CrazyGirl08/14/15 04:39 PM
x*She's honestly my fav ex-HG on Twitter NT
tv_savage08/11/15 07:54 PM
x*same NT
Karina8608/15/15 06:11 AM
x*I like her too I think she is funny and while I did root for ali to win her season I've come to appreciate how she played the game NT
Belle08/13/15 08:47 AM
x*I find her too mean-spirited for my tastes. Too many unnecessary personal comments. NT
Blockhead08/13/15 08:50 AM
x*I seem to like the "Mean Girls" lol NT
Belle08/13/15 08:50 AM
x*Yet, you don't like Dan. LOL. Sometimes jokes like that are funny but too often they cross lines for my taste. NT
Blockhead08/13/15 08:52 AM
x*he voted my love out I can never forgive him for that...oh and the swearing on the bible...that crossed a line to me. but its all mixed up for me
Belle08/13/15 08:54 AM
x*I love that he got Britney. :) The Bible stuff doesn't bother me but I can understand your feelings on it. Take care. NT
Blockhead08/13/15 08:56 AM
x*Some people need attention NT
sommie78908/11/15 05:32 AM
*LMAO @ Dick tweeting production tried to help Jeff win , that may be true but does this loser realize he only won because of AP , he woulda been
pinklily11381 11   08/08/15 07:23 AM
x*if not for AP, ED would've been gone instead of Dustin. ED has NO game NT
Roxie4710/01/15 01:22 PM
x*I loved his game. And nobody has ever emulated it -- yet. He would let someone think they were going home 100% and then make a last minute deal
FurnitureAlliance10/01/15 01:37 PM
x*ED game was winning comps, bullying everyone in the house and getting his daughter to help him out. NT
Belle10/01/15 01:39 PM
x*wish eric would come back and play for himself awesome player NT
Belle08/11/15 09:20 AM
x*He did such a fantastic job as AP. The mimic task and the cereal, o my goodness. ED may have played it off, but that had to be getting under
alleycat116508/11/15 09:47 AM
x*Truth is, we don't have any idea how far either man would have gone without the viewers help in both directing AP actions and awarding Jeff special
alleycat116508/11/15 09:18 AM
x*Been saying that for years that but for AP, Dick wouldn't have won. He acts like he is such a great player when in fact he's a lucky S.O.B. NT
Blkjax08/10/15 12:49 PM
x*His ego has no limits. NT
bb4peeker08/14/15 06:06 AM
x*Jeff freely admits he would of been gone early if not for the Athlete clique and coup d'é·tat. This isn't breaking news Evel Dick lol NT
Apple08/10/15 08:44 AM
x*Ed is lost in his own little world. He's such a douche, NT
Hawkman08/08/15 09:21 PM
x*ED is such a joke
BB_Texan08/08/15 05:04 PM
*A pic of Nic and Ian. Nice legs Nic!
Corndogger9179 1   08/07/15 08:27 PM
x*Ian spending time with his Cutie3.14 NT
JSpears508/07/15 09:18 PM
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