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*NSFW: Someone is leaking nude pics of BB male alumni
offsunset14789 11   10/06/14 01:09 PM
x*So according to what I've read/seen, top 4 are: Crazy James, Brendon, Willie & Russell NT
debbiedu2210/09/14 09:40 AM
x*How do you "leak" photos of people being filmed 24/7...LOL NT
NovemberRain10/07/14 10:32 PM
x*I have seen a lot of these pics before. Nothing new or exclusive to me (heheh) NT
LilKsweezy10/07/14 06:51 AM
x*lane, brendan, david g, nick s and james r have previously been leaked, i bet those are the ones they have NT
rapidrewind10/07/14 04:07 AM
x*Looks like there are also some from bbuk, bbau and poss bbcan NT
tiggles10/06/14 03:19 PM
x*There was a website the posted all the nude pics ever captured and vids too. I think it was callex oddandstupid . Com NT
tiggles10/06/14 03:06 PM
x*i thought it was called Men of Big Brother. my point is IF you dont want it online DONT fricken take naked pics of you holding your willy. Kenny
AceRimmer10/08/14 11:55 AM
x*Bingo! And these Hollywood babes all whine when their pics get leaked! Don't take them in the first place, dummies! NT
debbiedu2210/08/14 12:11 PM
x*No, this one is leaked cell phone pics and videos. Not anything captured from the feeds or after dark, etc. NT
offsunset10/06/14 03:12 PM
x*Ohh ok. NT
tiggles10/06/14 03:17 PM
x*Willie Hantz was the one they were teasing all day today. Just posted a bunch of pics of him. I wonder if its the same "girl" who got Brendans pics NT
offsunset10/06/14 04:48 PM
*No Hoff-O-Ween this year, but Matt Hoffman has a cool Halloween-related work gig.
gluedtothetv3183 0   10/04/14 11:14 PM
*Hot pic of Kaitlin and Dani M. Nice dress Kaitlin!
Corndogger7726 2   10/03/14 07:08 PM
x*dani's head looks huge next to kaitlin's lol...must be the angle NT
Bb1110/07/14 04:46 PM
x*:) dani is a pretty girl but that outfit didn't do her any favors. and wow Kaitlin does look great NT
Belle10/06/14 12:20 PM
*CBS: “Dick was not forced to leave” Big Brother after HIV diagnosis
Cindy7977 3   10/02/14 06:32 PM
AceRimmer10/08/14 12:01 PM
x*they will not let you read the article unless you click on "marketing" ads. NT
AceRimmer10/08/14 11:58 AM
x*Yeah that is crap....to continue please complete a short survey. Um No! Don't need to read it that bad. Sure I'll find it elsewhere in full. NT
bubblez10/09/14 07:13 AM
*DIck Finally Reveals the Shocking Truth - Couples Therapy
Cindy5055 3   10/01/14 09:51 PM
x*I saw the show. He was very courageous to tell his secret and appeared to be relieved to get it off his chest. Thoughts & prayers for Dick. NT
debbiedu2210/02/14 09:44 AM
x*Sending prayers his way. Took a lot of courage to come out with it. NT
RockChalkJhawk10/02/14 04:27 AM
x*WOW, feel so bad for him...stay strong champ NT
makaveli10/01/14 11:18 PM
*Real reason why Evil Dick left BB13...
Pecker6941 6   10/01/14 02:53 PM
x*Dick should look at the bright side... at least he doesn't have ebola. NT
JerseyJames10/01/14 10:08 PM
x*Before all this he has cracked jokes about Ragan having AIDs and being dirty... Guess karma really is a bitch. NT
GirlYouRatchet10/01/14 05:58 PM
x*Yes karma is a bitch You should remember that. NT
LadybugLisa10/01/14 11:41 PM
x*That is a horrible thing to say. NT
KataGarbo10/01/14 10:22 PM
x*What Dick said was a horrible thing to say!! On twitter someone told him that his wife had terminal cancer or she had already passed from it,
KristinAshley10/13/14 06:09 AM
x*Lovely NT
MeAgain10/01/14 08:00 PM
*Evel Dick is HIV positive
JennH32146 45   10/01/14 07:38 AM
x*No sympathy. He is a misogynist and he probably got it from a hooker. NT
Underdog10/01/14 09:36 PM
x*Regardless of how he contracted HIV, he's worthy of sympathy in what he's having to fight. Hope good comes from this in his life someway, somehow. NT
MovingOn10/01/14 06:48 PM
x*He advised he's never stuck a need in his arm yet his arms are covered in tattoos created with needles. It's a possible route of transmission. NT
paradiddles10/01/14 05:43 PM
x*When people of EDs generation say stick a needle in their arm they mean shooting up drugs. NT
Dulcie10/01/14 05:47 PM
x*Yes, fully understood, but dirty tattoo needles can also vector disease. NT
paradiddles10/01/14 05:51 PM
x*I was just trying to help clarify what he meant NT
Dulcie10/01/14 06:05 PM
x*We were just discussing his health earlier today. I posted that i asked Evel a question after his winning season: where do u see yourself in 10 yrs He
LillyBell10/01/14 03:15 PM
x*Dick tells TMZ that it has financially wiped him out:
Lake10/01/14 02:13 PM
x*Damnit! :( NT
MeAgain10/01/14 07:59 PM
x*He was already financially wiped out as he blew all his winnings from BB before he even started dating Amy his REAL relationship of 4 yrs.
KristinAshley10/01/14 07:56 PM
x*probably why he lives in Ireland a few months a year..free meds..but he has bragged about buying a house in Orlando and has CUSTOM motorcycle made for
Roxy195710/04/14 09:29 AM
x*A friend of his is building that motorcycle so he is probably getting a good deal. He is suppose to be buying a house with a friend.
KristinAshley10/04/14 09:30 PM
x*still even going in on half a house and buying m/c..flying back and forth to Ireland (NOT having a job) he has $$ from somewhere. NT
Roxy195710/05/14 04:48 AM
x*He has to live somewhere & Florida isn't that expensive. I'm sure he isn't paying cash, just a down payment.
KristinAshley10/09/14 05:31 AM
x*didn't he also say that you have to be totally broke before you get the meds paid for? NT
LillyBell10/01/14 04:23 PM
x*Medicaid (not Medicare - age related) will not pay unless assets/income are quite low. NT
MovingOn10/01/14 06:44 PM
x*Really hate to hear this. Level Dick was one of my favorite BB winners. Was sad when he left season 13 so unexpectedly. Good luck ED NT
kalojado110/01/14 01:43 PM
x*PSH... I changed the auto corrected Level to Evel but it didn't take and won't let me edit now. Sorry ED! NT
kalojado110/03/14 06:38 PM
x*I hate to hear this so much! :( Thoughts and prayers to ED and anyone touched by this horrible disease. NT
bbwarrior10/01/14 12:18 PM
x*Well this explains why he got dual citizenship in Ireland. ..subsidized health care. NT
LillyBell10/01/14 04:12 PM
x*I just read this on MSN. So sad. I'm glad he's being treated. With modern medicine, he can still lead a full and happy life. NT
sar563610/01/14 12:13 PM
x*My heart goes out to Dick and his family. Stay strong Dick! NT
CougarSpy10/01/14 11:47 AM
x*I wonder if his daughter will still shun him. NT
LillyBell10/01/14 03:17 PM
x*His son doesn't speak to him either. Let's not forget that. Has Dick changed? Has he grown up yet? The answer is no to both so why would
KristinAshley10/01/14 08:02 PM
x*Well said...too bad he never heard the old saying..Play with Fire and you are going to get Burned.I don't wish him ill will but no sympathy here. NT
Mazita10/04/14 11:25 AM
x*Having a chronic illness won't cure him from being a major ahole. We have no idea what that girl went through with this guy. 3 sides to stories.. NT
MissJamesWhine10/01/14 04:23 PM
x*This explains it, I'm not surprised though I have to say, I'm impressed with how he handled it after leaving. I don't like Evel Dick but I wouldn't
LuckyLizzie7410/01/14 11:27 AM
x*only wish the best for him season 8 will always be my fave NT
splashet200010/01/14 11:11 AM
x*I hope his good friend jeanie buss(LA Lakers owner who comes on his show Dick@Nite) hooks him with with the same medical staff as magic johnson! NT
SirBB10/01/14 11:02 AM
x*This is really sad to hear. I wish him the best and am thankful for the advances in medicine that make this disease much more treatable now.
spinsister10/01/14 10:43 AM
x*With the medications nowadays, he can live a full life. It took guts to admit this. I wish him all the best. Stay strong. NT
MyBestBud10/01/14 10:10 AM
x*at $108 pill daily, good thing he has healthcare and free meds in ireland. NT
LillyBell10/01/14 04:21 PM
x*This is heartbreaking to hear. Not a real fan of his but this is so sad. I wish him the best and hopefully he can fight this. NT
GazingEyes10/01/14 09:56 AM
x*I'm torn, "glad" he did ruin BB season? But wish he came out sooner (finale)This new Gen of Str8&Gay donot appresh the Danger we lived in 80s&90s NT
imBatman10/01/14 09:54 AM
x*Along with that, Dicks generation stigmatized AIDS/HIV as the 'gay' disease because of media misinformation. Maybe one of the reasons he hid it. NT
phobos10/01/14 08:19 PM
x*Just the fact that Cody says he never uses condoms shows that. NT
frustratedposter10/01/14 10:01 AM
x*that is just an amazingly stupid statement in this day in age I'm shocked any time I hear that NT
Belle10/01/14 10:02 AM
x*Three things about Youth: It's always beautiful, it's always wasted on them and it's always the most stupid time in life. NT
LuckyLizzie7410/01/14 11:33 AM
x*:) no truer words have ever been spoken :) NT
Belle10/01/14 11:48 AM
x*heartbreaking--one of my favorites forever--sending healing and love...<3 NT
LilyOberon10/01/14 08:27 AM
x*Best wishes to ED, he is one of my favorite BB villians! Lots of love and light to ED from this BB fan! NT
Iris10/01/14 08:22 AM
x*I always thought they caught him sneaking in drugs, guess i couldn't have been more wrong. NT
M0shPit10/01/14 12:42 PM
x*I thought he was detoxing. He looked like crap. NT
jdjdmama10/01/14 05:21 PM
x*I was so sure that is what had happened. now I wish that had been the case :( NT
Belle10/01/14 02:17 PM
x*Wow, the stupid comments on TMZ. NT
frustratedposter10/01/14 03:41 PM
*Just read on people.com that Dick Donato is HIV positive - that's why he left the show so abruptly. He says he's doing okay health wise. NT
MrsSmith6346 9   10/01/14 07:01 AM
x*Love him or hate him, I don't wish this on anyone, very sad news and hope the best for him. NT
mmd10/07/14 11:15 AM
x*was the gallbladder surgery and the car accident lies? NT
CaboWabo10/01/14 06:56 PM
x*He was never hit by a car. Dick is full of crap. He would have had more injury to himself and the bike. The bike only had a little damage to one
KristinAshley10/04/14 09:50 PM
x*he was definitely hit by something in Ireland riding his motorized bicycle. NT
Roxy195710/04/14 09:31 AM
x*More likely someone. NT
KristinAshley10/04/14 09:55 PM
x*He was on TMZ live today and was pissed off that Rachel Riley and others said he should have stayed and not left the house...
BigHampDTX10/01/14 02:39 PM
x*im glad hes friends with jeanie buss(owner of LA Lakers), she was on dick@nite. magic johnson got HIV 20+ years ago and looks to this day NT
SirBB10/01/14 11:00 AM
x*Now that, I didn't see coming :/ NT
krh503810/01/14 07:34 AM
x*I just saw this too. I speculated about a lot of reasons why he left BB and this was never one of them. I never thought I'd say this about ED, but
cantgetenough10/01/14 07:09 AM
* Nathan Marlow Married Jalin Wood Marlow September 21st
Dreamer7624 4   10/01/14 01:34 AM
x*Congrats to Nathan and Jalin!!!
Angela200210/08/14 09:57 AM
x*Congrats to Nathan NT
LilKsweezy10/04/14 09:01 AM
x*Nathan, BB4, who saved Allison against the wishes of the other hgs. NT
MyBestBud10/01/14 10:20 AM
lvrofjetsnkirby10/01/14 07:15 AM
*Janelle had her baby, link to her Instagram announcement inside.
Iris14221 9   09/26/14 12:39 PM
x*Beautiful name
Angela200210/08/14 09:58 AM
x*Of course Janelle had her baby on BB finale. NT
jjade09/29/14 06:21 PM
x*Congrats Janie! Boy, is she an expert in picking out awesome baby names or what!? Take note, Hollyweird... NT
eibeh00709/28/14 04:39 PM
x*Congrats, Janelle! NT
GazingEyes09/28/14 11:39 AM
x*All the best Janellle! Congratulations! NT
actionplz09/27/14 05:57 PM
x*so, so happy for janelle!!!! what a wonderful family! NT
dollady09/27/14 07:41 AM
x*Love Janie ```ALL the best to her and I'm glad all of her dreams are coming true!! :) NT
Oceanbeech09/26/14 08:34 PM
x*Wow...3 babies under 3(well, the oldest will be 3 in December). She's still superwoman...in or out of the BB house!
Kobuster09/26/14 07:30 PM
x*Awww so precious. Stella, another beauty just like her Mother and big sister, Violet. <3 <3 <3 NT
kat00409/26/14 12:46 PM
*Janelle in labor as of a couple of hours ago. NT
cbssucks6866 9   09/26/14 01:12 AM
x*Janelle tweeted a pic of her baby
Blockhead09/26/14 11:54 AM
x*awwwww thanks :) wow 5 pounds is tiny NT
Belle09/26/14 11:55 AM
x*She's tiny and as beautiful as her mom. :) NT
Blockhead09/26/14 11:58 AM
x*I forgot to say congrats to mom and baby :) NT
Belle09/26/14 11:58 AM
x*Yes, congrats to them both :) NT
Blockhead09/26/14 11:59 AM
x*Janelle delivered early this morning. The baby came a few weeks early but she and her baby girl are healthy and doing well. NT
bblover6809/26/14 07:52 AM
x*What a good baby ... waiting till after BB Finale to be born NT
mebe09/26/14 04:49 AM
x*Was she having a boy or girl??? Congrats to Janie! NT
goldee253209/26/14 01:35 AM
x*girl NT
mebe09/26/14 04:52 AM
*VIDEO of Jessie plugging Big Brother during SPIKE TV's IMPACT WRESTLING! Also, Jessie's Tag Team partner in the BroMans will be on The Amazing Race!
Flapjack2614 0   09/24/14 11:21 PM
*Jeff will be hosting Survivor live and another show with amazing race!! Go Jeff! NT
Roxy19579143 14   09/24/14 01:30 PM
x*when does it start, Love Jeff!! he did such great interviews this year. NT
dollady09/25/14 09:56 PM
x*It started today. His first interview may be posted by now on CBS Survivor site. NT
GazingEyes09/25/14 10:08 PM
x*Love love me some Jeff! Wish him the BEST!
gin2u09/25/14 08:07 PM
x*Derrick said on The Talk he would be interested in work in BB. NT
bb4peeker09/25/14 03:56 PM
x*Wow, good for him. NT
jjjg09/25/14 09:51 AM
x*Good for Jeff. I love my Chicago bro NT
MissJamesWhine09/24/14 08:40 PM
x*where? they shut down the feeds NT
dollady09/24/14 04:11 PM
x*I don't understand why he's doing this. Does he even watch Survivor? What happened to Parvati? NT
Katriona09/24/14 02:19 PM
x*Parvat's got it goin' on! I though I saw her in a catheter commercial, but the person didn't look exactly like her, just similar. NT
ShrewLou09/28/14 03:56 PM
x*Maybe Parvati is away filming Survivor 30??
realityrehash09/25/14 07:44 AM
x*Who cares what happened to her...not me! NT
Mazita09/25/14 09:25 AM
x*That girl cracked me up! Talk about sneaky, but adorable. lol NT
ShrewLou09/28/14 03:57 PM
x*He's doing it because hosting is a dream he's had for many years and CBS is paying him to do it. Is there something wrong with that? NT
cantgetenough09/24/14 02:51 PM
x*Right on can'tgetenough!I am still giggling over his gifts to the HG's and all his great convos last night!So looking forward to his new shows !! NT
Mazita09/25/14 09:25 AM
*Evel Dick said that he was going to announce on Couple's Therapy why he left BB. Has anyone heard if he gave his "version" of what happened? NT
mmd14693 16   09/23/14 01:14 PM
x*I think I heard him admit quite some time ago it was due to drug abuse. He thought he could quit cold turkey in BB house, but had to leave. NT
bb4peeker09/25/14 03:59 PM
x*not falling for this ratings ploy. i'll find out after that show's aired without having to waste time watching. NT
wooooozee09/24/14 05:09 AM
x*ED has NEVER said someone died...
playtone2209/23/14 08:23 PM
x*Yes he did give a reason why he left.
KristinAshley09/24/14 03:41 AM
x*Whomever this girl is, she's gorgeous; hard to believe he snagged a girl like her. What does ED do for a living? He looks rough. NT
ShrewLou09/25/14 10:17 PM
x*I am interested in hearing, but I am surprised no one made a big deal about the girl on the show about how he lied about who this girl is on the show
Lex09/23/14 07:08 PM
x*The girl on the show was the one he was with for four years but they have been broken up for at least 10 months. Is this the same girl? NT
mmd09/25/14 05:50 AM
x*Not the same girl. The other girl Dick was just with and they just broke up looks totally different than the girl on the show. NT
Lex09/26/14 07:39 AM
x*I didn't care why he left, just happy that he did.
scorchy09/23/14 05:45 PM
x*Dick's skin is very bloctchy and has red patches. I would say he has something in his system, maybe it is to help him stay off alcohol or drugs. NT
CIAO09/23/14 05:35 PM
x*The show teased it as if he has a terminal illness. NT
Goldielox09/23/14 05:14 PM
x*It's a Ploy for Ratings, he wont say anything till late in the season to make us watch all the Episodes. NT
HoH809/23/14 05:14 PM
x*his 'version' was a close family friend had died....at that time. So now to keep relevent ED comes up with a new reason LOL I said he looked awful
AceRimmer09/23/14 02:42 PM
x*I've heard that it's because he had an addiction to painkillers. NT
BlondeLife09/23/14 02:08 PM
x*They've only aired 2 episodes thus far so not yet NT
hbkrvdbew09/23/14 01:25 PM
x*Thanks! I was on vacation and missed the episodes. :) NT
mmd09/23/14 01:26 PM
*Pic Porsche uploaded of herself to Instagram last week. She's still looking smokin' hot!
Corndogger27086 11   09/15/14 02:56 PM
x*ah still nothing more than a high priced seat cover NT
Roxie4709/20/14 09:57 AM
x*Yup. :)
Philster09/18/14 11:53 PM
x*Lovely, I like the second one :) NT
Dulcie09/22/14 01:36 PM
x*Great photos. I especially love the first one. Do you have a favorite of the ones you took of her? NT
Corndogger09/19/14 01:37 AM
x*That third B&W one is one of my favs. NT
Philster09/19/14 01:45 AM
x*That is a great photo of Porsche. NT
Corndogger09/19/14 01:30 PM
x*Porsche Who?
Jagexpress09/16/14 03:56 PM
x*She was the floater who did nothing but steal things from other HGs and eat all the time. By the last 2 weeks, she could only wear her pink sweats
Bb1109/21/14 03:45 PM
x*The absolute truth, THE worst ever NT
pdson09/23/14 06:35 AM
x*Don't insult Porsche with a bunch of lies. NT
Corndogger09/22/14 01:27 PM
x*Maybe you're not a diehard BB fan. NT
Corndogger09/17/14 01:51 AM
*Downloaded 'God's Pocket' and see Eddie McGee (winner BBUS1) is in it!! He is doing VERY well for himself. YAY! (IMDb link inside).
TOgal9818 2   09/13/14 09:23 AM
x*He's also in The Human Race. Which has mixed reviews, but looks interesting. NT
SouthernBelladonna09/16/14 02:06 PM
x*Here is a post I just read rom Natalie!!1 So very SAD! Sending PRAYERS <3
Kaysars_wvfan09/14/14 05:06 AM
*Janelle Pierzina: My little girl Violet's 1st day of preschool. She told me she's going 2 learn more than everyone else at school 2day!
Dreamer13208 4   09/13/14 04:29 AM
x*So adorable NT
ccquilter09/13/14 06:02 PM
x*Hope she doesn't steal anyone's dolly ;-) NT
Majuro09/13/14 05:30 PM
eibeh00709/14/14 04:54 PM
x*She looks so adorable! Love the outfit her Mommy dressed her in. :) NT
debbiedu2209/13/14 10:28 AM
*Lightly Toasted by Critics, Big Brother Host Julie Chen May Prove a Survivor
Dreamer11006 4   09/11/14 02:52 AM
x*30 in 2000?!?! I thought she was older than that! NT
caramelappleq09/13/14 06:19 AM
x*Sounds like she was madly in love with Gary Donahue. He was her soul mate. Wonder why that ended? A bigger and richer fish came along? NT
CougarSpy09/12/14 10:40 AM
x*She has a thing for her bosses, older bosses and she hooked the top dog! NT
katharina446209/12/14 12:03 PM
x*Oh wow this is from 2000! At first I thought it was current but the husband was all wrong. You've come a long way Julie!! NT
deebee09/12/14 10:15 AM
*Jessie Tweeted that his big debut is on Wednesday at 9:00pm ET as part of Hollywood's Newest "POWER COUPLE"!!
Flapjack13502 10   09/08/14 08:04 PM
x*Am I the only one that does not care about Jessie's present job? NT
Giant1309/09/14 02:52 PM
x*Haha nope count me in on that too! NT
enter_a_name09/12/14 10:36 AM
x*It's appropriately posted in BB Alumni. I'm sure he still has fans who care about these things. NT
cantgetenough09/09/14 03:15 PM
x*Agreed, but raise of hands for Jessie fans? My hands down... NT
Jermbuf1409/09/14 04:00 PM
x*Hands up, he is very entertaining. NT
starrynite09/16/14 01:44 PM
x*love jessie and all the updates, so happy for his success! NT
rapidrewind09/10/14 03:47 PM
x*Jessie in the House not so much, Jessie in Pandora's Box cracks me up! NT
Dulcie09/10/14 03:43 PM
x*My hand is way up. I love that kid. NT
ProductionSucks09/10/14 03:28 PM
x*Jessie is a very good entertainer/professional wrestler. I didn't like him as a HG, I love when he comes back in Pandora's Box! My hand is up! NT
Iris09/10/14 10:29 AM
x*Hands up! #BroMans NT
ASQ09/10/14 01:46 AM
*preview of the actual proposal , awww Jordan thought she was there for a comp ...
pinklily9000 3   09/07/14 12:31 PM
x*Basically, she was in a game.
scorchy09/09/14 02:13 PM
x*It was real for them. There's no way he would fake propose to her. If he was going to do that he would have done it years ago. NT
cantgetenough09/09/14 02:19 PM
x*She really did,after the proposal she still thought they were going to host. NT
roxie109/09/14 09:10 AM
*Celebrating our engagement!
Dreamer13821 2   09/06/14 02:22 AM
x*So pretty. NT
katharina446209/06/14 02:25 PM
x*Wow, Jordan is so beautiful! Congrats to one of our favorite BB couples on a happy engagement and life long marriage. <3 NT
MykaDawn77709/06/14 05:32 AM
*Jeff proposes to Jordan
MaddyP10923 0   09/05/14 07:05 PM
*Matt Hoffman creates an Alice In Wonderland themed birthday party for his daughter
Blockhead11745 4   09/01/14 08:19 AM
x*aww is there any photo's of his daughter NT
nana11009/03/14 06:57 PM
x*I don't believe so. NT
Blockhead09/03/14 07:01 PM
x*awwwww thanks for posting :) NT
Belle09/03/14 11:03 AM
x*That is adorable! Good for Matt, what a dad! <3 NT
MykaDawn77709/01/14 12:26 PM
*Time Warner Cable Q&A w/ Jeff/Jordan, Brendon/Rachel @ the New York State Fair.
ScottySayz6814 0   09/01/14 07:02 AM
*I found this clip of past BB HG in Bold & Beautiful. It has Jeff Schroeder,
magnolia432509 1   09/01/14 02:51 AM
x*Only Brendan would want Rachel to do an encore.......... NT
Scott09/15/14 08:17 PM
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