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*Happy Birthday Jordan Lloyd from Big Brother US (29) NT
Camlawnman1480 0   11/21/15 05:45 AM
*Check out which BB Houseguest has a giant picture on the home page of POP TV!!
Flapjack1806 0   11/19/15 09:54 AM
*Big Brother’s Most Hated Houseguest Per Season- Seasons 1 to 8
Dreamer6329 9   11/17/15 09:16 PM
x*I like him. He's always smiling (at least to us). I know he's fought hard to get what he's gotten NT
seahorse12/16/15 04:36 PM
x*Hated Chicken George - Both times. NT
MeAgain11/24/15 08:05 PM
x*Well now, let's see. Out of all BB Alums, who did the following?
Ette12/10/15 09:29 PM
x*Wow, I didn't know all that! Great story, thanks for sharing! NT
colleenag12/11/15 03:20 AM
x*What a load of crap. That is 1 person's opinion if you ask me. NT
NSGirl11/18/15 06:56 AM
x*I don't think it's really the writers opinion on how they feel about HG, just their perception of the majority's opinion. I thought it was accurate NT
krh503811/19/15 10:32 PM
x*Hmmmmm am I crazy or does this confuse Mega and Chicken George? NT
Ette11/17/15 09:37 PM
x*It sure does, Ette! NT
Midi11/18/15 12:11 AM
x*Interesting article. Thanks for posting this Dreamer. Would be interesting when they complete the series, to do one on most loved inside and outside
CougarSpy11/17/15 09:33 PM
*Big Brother HG needs our help!!
Flapjack3569 0   11/10/15 06:01 PM
*Nicole and Hayden ~
Dreamer4710 1   11/10/15 01:57 AM
x*They are adorable together. NT
GazingEyes11/12/15 09:24 AM
*Another BIG BROTHER baby on the way!!
Cindy6284 4   11/07/15 03:04 PM
x*"Damien...It's all for you!" NT
UltimateWarrior11/08/15 09:09 PM
x*Poopy looks great in that pic! NT
Corndogger11/07/15 07:58 PM
x*Wasn't a fan but congrats to her although technically I think it's only a BB baby if both parents were on the show lol tv logic NT
Evelrocker11/07/15 06:06 PM
x*you are Right...this is NOT a BB Baby... her Husband was NOT on the show... NT
HoH811/08/15 01:04 AM
*Britney Haynes: This is what we do after our kids are in bed. #coolparents
Dreamer3911 1   11/06/15 11:42 PM
x*So, not sex? NT
Veruta11/07/15 08:43 AM
*Big Brother star opens up a store!!
Flapjack2145 0   11/06/15 04:55 PM
*Andy Herren: Happy to say that my OPERATION was a success!
Dreamer4972 4   11/01/15 10:30 AM
x*Put your clothes on Andy. You have a weird body NT
grandjete11/03/15 12:00 AM
x*No peen ``` just like the dude on the right!! He should have parted his hair in the middle and used a can of the black hair spray ``` NT
Oceanbeech11/02/15 07:15 PM
x*he should be embarrassed NT
Cindy11/01/15 10:53 AM
x*LOL, those undies are horrible. NT
Gamecock11/01/15 04:20 PM
*BB 14 winner Ian Terry, now teaching physics in high school.
knickstorm2246 0   11/01/15 08:40 AM
*Britney Haynes: Happy Halloween from Abby Cadabby and Elmo!!
Dreamer2770 2   10/31/15 06:02 PM
x*They have Brittany's smile for sure. Happy kids. NT
JeniusLove11/05/15 10:07 AM
x*nice pictures NT
Hawkman10/31/15 07:34 PM
*Nicole Franzel: Happy Halloween from us zebras & lobsters #TheyHateCostumes
Dreamer2041 1   10/31/15 04:56 PM
x*Adorable pic! She'd look good in anything though. :) NT
debbiedu2210/31/15 05:43 PM
*Adam Poch: Can you tell how excited Natalie is to go Trick or Treating tomorrow?
Dreamer1705 0   10/30/15 10:32 AM
*Jason Guy: My girls made the news! They were part of the Orlando My Way segment in a photo from Mickey's #NotSoScary Halloween Party
Dreamer1297 0   10/30/15 10:31 AM
*Nick Uhas on the Today Show: Mad science! Spook-tacular Halloween experiments overflow on the plaza
Dreamer629 0   10/29/15 10:54 PM
* "Big Brother" star Krista Stegall arrested for unauthorized entry of an inhabited dwelling
Dreamer4265 5   10/29/15 01:50 PM
x*How sad!! NT
Cindy10/29/15 04:28 PM
x*Looks like she hasnt bathed in quite a while. Wonder what exactly is an inhabited dwelling? abandoned building of some sort? NT
Gamecock10/29/15 02:28 PM
x*Sounded like she was going in her ex's house. NT
dillybean10/30/15 09:50 AM
x*A dwelling occupied by inhabitants. As opposed to a vacant building. NT
robin010/29/15 02:35 PM
x*She sure has changed. It's like this is your face on booze, tobacco, and/or drugs. NT
robin010/29/15 01:55 PM
*britney_haynes These little pumpkins......
Cindy2772 3   10/29/15 10:22 AM
x*They are adorable. Neither one looks at all like her though. NT
grandjete10/29/15 02:17 PM
x*Soo cute! Those brown eyes! NT
colleenag10/29/15 12:42 PM
x*Adorable NT
robin010/29/15 10:45 AM
*bmc_bb16 SHE SAID YES!!!!!!
Cindy8169 7   10/23/15 08:32 PM
x*Congrats to Caleb & Ash!! <3 NT
MykaDawn77710/27/15 01:36 PM
x*I'm indifferent on Caleb.. he was kind of creepy, but the house was encouraging him that Amber liked him.. He seems like a decent guy
AlphaDerp10/25/15 08:43 PM
x*CALEB REYNOLDS: So I ask Kylie if I could spend my life with her and mommy she said YES! And yes that's a ring pop!
Dreamer10/25/15 12:27 AM
x*He looked better when he was buffer NT
Kramerk910/24/15 11:55 AM
x*Happy for Caleb. He seems to have found exactly what he was looking for. NT
NSGirl10/24/15 05:38 AM
x*BMC looks so different now compared to how he did in BB16. Congrats to him though on his engagement. NT
Corndogger10/23/15 08:53 PM
x*he looks ill. NT
crazyq10/24/15 11:56 AM
*BB8 Jen gets the most amazing proposal I've ever seen <<<VIDEO>>>
JeniusLove9234 15   10/23/15 04:28 PM
x*good for her!
knickstorm10/27/15 03:38 PM
x*Ok, I admit that I was never a JenBB8 fan, but that was the sweetest video!! :D Congrats! NT
MykaDawn77710/27/15 01:37 PM
x*They should send that in to CBS as an audition tape for Amazing Race :) NT
caressastar10/26/15 12:18 PM
x*That made me tear up. He seems sweet, but she's still self-absorbed. She is pretty though. Remember when she was Vanna White's nanny and when she
grandjete10/25/15 09:18 PM
x*Yes, seems like a good match. I don't know that I would call it the 'most amazing proposal' I have seen, but it was ok. Not tear-worthy to me. NT
NSGirl10/26/15 06:09 AM
x*Loved your added hearts and kissies. Thanks for sharing. They both look so happy. Loved Jen in the beginning wearing her Jenius shirt. NT
CougarSpy10/24/15 05:22 PM
x*Your welcome, and of course I would post, I couldn't resist. <3
JeniusLove11/05/15 09:53 AM
x*Thanks for posting that was so sweet NT
Belle10/24/15 04:42 PM
x*So happy for Jen! She was my favorite on S8. NT
TrueNes10/24/15 04:33 PM
x*This was beautiful! He seems like such a nice guy! Good luck to them! Thanks for posting! NT
GazingEyes10/24/15 06:30 AM
x*Very cute idea :) happy for them! NT
colleenag10/24/15 06:15 AM
x*sweet NT
rockstars10/24/15 05:00 AM
x*Awww that is so great.. I love Jen NT
PinkAuraGirl10/23/15 05:10 PM
x*Thank you for posting that. I really loved Jen. Seems she got a good one. Congrats Jen!! NT
Brn2Wander10/24/15 06:47 AM
x*Awww - very happy for them NT
ccquilter10/23/15 04:52 PM
*TOP 5 Reasons why this BB star will succeed
Flapjack5027 8   10/21/15 08:45 PM
x*He has made a name for himself in his world of wrestling. Not my cup of tea, but good for him. NT
dillybean10/22/15 07:54 PM
x*He has found a way to profit on how annoying he is NT
bb_tracy10/22/15 07:59 AM
x*lol good one! NT
colleenag10/22/15 10:09 AM
x*LOL I totally agree bb_tracy!! NT
Mazita10/22/15 08:05 AM
x*who? NT
Belle10/22/15 08:05 AM
x*Jessie NT
bb_tracy10/22/15 08:59 AM
x*lol Im so fond of him. He makes me smile. NT
Vixter10/21/15 11:24 PM
x*Me too. Love him. NT
Semi10/22/15 08:58 AM
*HUGE NEWS for a Big Brother Fan Favorite
Flapjack6858 7   10/19/15 04:58 PM
x*I love him.. sorry hahaha! NT
PinkAuraGirl10/27/15 05:40 PM
x*Get rid of this guy already!
myth10/21/15 02:29 PM
x*Jessie always posts as "Flapjack" and says crap like this. It's so sad... He needs to get a job. NT
sarajeanqueen11/07/15 11:25 PM
x*LOL Jessie Godderz is far from a fan favorite. NT
whitecrocodile10/21/15 05:35 AM
x*Huh? When was he a fan favorite? NT
grandjete10/20/15 11:04 AM
x*IKR! I was expecting to see James Huling. LOL NT
JustNo10/21/15 04:12 AM
x*Me too, DiDi!! Jessie WHO??? Oh yes the annoying body builder/wrestler actor(cough cough)LOL! NT
Mazita10/22/15 08:07 AM
*Big Brother star in a new TV MOVIE Directed by the Legendary John Singleton of 2 Fast 2 Furious and Boyz n the Hood!!
Flapjack4406 3   10/17/15 07:28 PM
x*Congratulations, Jessie. That platnimum blonde hair though. . . NT
Caramel10/17/15 11:58 PM
x*Thats sPECtacular! NT
FurlessBat10/17/15 08:07 PM
x*Awesome!! NT
PinkAuraGirl10/17/15 07:44 PM
*Kaysar Ridha: Touring Facebook global security operations central command.
Dreamer1600 0   10/17/15 03:52 PM
*CALEB REYNOLDS: Here we go yall, yes I'm shredded and can't wait to eat my (pizza) tomorrow night! But for now! I have work to do!
Dreamer5542 11   10/17/15 01:15 AM
x*He looks a hot mess! NT
Caramel10/18/15 12:14 AM
myth10/17/15 03:56 PM
x*I actuallly think he looks great minus the excessive spray tan lol NT
FurlessBat10/17/15 02:53 PM
x*Yeah, the spray tan is excessive. I know they all do it to compete, but yikes, he has changed color. NT
NSGirl10/20/15 11:29 AM
x*Looks like he wore one of those waist trainers that the women wear to make their waists so small. The spray tan is a bit much.....lol NT
dillybean10/17/15 02:31 PM
x*And he has new teeth. NT
robin010/17/15 02:40 PM
x*LOL The whole pic looks fake. He painted abs on himself....lol NT
dillybean10/17/15 05:03 PM
x*He's gross in and out. NT
MyBestBud10/17/15 06:59 AM
x*Yuck NT
FurnitureAlliance10/17/15 04:01 AM
x*Ugh..not a good look at all..he's too thin! NT
deVinePoet10/17/15 03:25 AM
x*I am glad his pants didn't fall down! Yikes Skeletor for sure! NT
Mazita10/17/15 06:55 AM
*Will Kirby: Life is so fragile. Left the balcony doors open last night and found this little guy unconscious on the countertop this morning.
Dreamer4142 0   10/15/15 02:05 PM
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