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*BB Alumni...what is it for? - Updated May 20/09
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*BB9 Chelsia lastest Myspace Blog with updates on James bb6 and bb9
RedBB440193 369   08/15/08 08:48 PM
x*So...all this is because Boogie said he had to let James go?? So what..Jen included in her wrap up cause probably she knows we
_paradise_08/17/08 11:10 PM
x*geez if I know it would cause this much of a problem I wouldn't have post Chel's blog to begin with
RedBB08/17/08 04:39 PM
x*ITA. When I read Jen's blog I assumed he was fired. Now I know! :) NT
beachykeen08/21/08 07:06 AM
x*Chels could have explained it without being nasty, and also being accurate
cimcoe08/17/08 05:41 PM
x*Chel has always been a nasty mean person, it's her MO NT
Im_so_tara08/18/08 10:43 PM
x*Well, it's Chels. She likes to stir up stuff. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 05:42 PM
x*I've always liked Chelsia but she does seem to fly off the handle with her anger. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 06:30 PM
x*She cerainly isnt alone. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 06:40 PM
x*Come on now.. so does Jen. No matter the situation on how Jen says she got the information
Gamecock08/17/08 05:50 PM
x*Dani didn't participate in the comp...why put it out there that she went shopping??
Tarfan08/17/08 07:10 PM
x*Again, shopping & losing a job are different. Everyone knows that. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 08:11 PM
x*Jen was talking about Boogie. If it was a lie, that would be different. Did Boogie fire James or not?
Gingerbread08/17/08 06:34 PM
x*Are you telling me... LOL... that is all Boogie could say about himself? I think not.
Gamecock08/17/08 06:40 PM
x*call up Les Deux and ask for james...see if he works there anymore NT
Tarfan08/17/08 07:07 PM
x*Go ahead, call them. I think it has been pretty well established James is not working there. Personally, I do dont give a **** where he works.
Gamecock08/17/08 08:13 PM
x*Yes, he is a responsible man. No one has stated otherwise. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 08:37 PM
x*The other things were probably unprintable. NT
cimcoe08/17/08 06:45 PM
x*We don't know what was said between any of them. What we do know is
Gingerbread08/17/08 06:43 PM
x*whopper... pahleeeze... I have heard worse from other HGs. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 06:53 PM
x*She sure did! NT
cimcoe08/17/08 06:45 PM
x*Troublemaker. :-P NT
Steveman6808/17/08 04:50 PM
x*Yes. Saying something against Jen is definitely a crime against humanity.
MardiRob08/17/08 04:42 PM
x*I think she "panicked" about defending her buddy James, and just made it worse by drawing more attention to it. NT
MyBestBud08/16/08 06:19 PM
x*I don't think the blog is that bad and I'm glad she corrected herself.. It often sounds like Jen is not a fav of past HGs. <3 Jen though! NT
beachykeen08/16/08 04:36 PM
x*I agree. I guess we will see the truth eventually. NT
Gamecock08/16/08 11:40 PM
x*Chelsia needs to mind her own business and take her own advice. NT
gabbfan08/16/08 03:16 PM
x*chelsia is sad and pathetic, sorry to see nothing has changed NT
madmax13108/16/08 02:10 PM
x*her blog was great!!! Thanks Chelsia! NT
Gamecock08/16/08 08:50 AM
x*Not really, considering a big chunk of it was a lie. NT
Gingerbread08/16/08 04:16 PM
x*None of it was "lie". she corrected it later. Thank God for freedom. NT
Gamecock08/16/08 11:39 PM
x*Let freedom ring! NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 08:05 PM
x*Absolutely. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 08:13 PM
x*Some of it was most certainly a lie. Jen never said in her blog that James was fired because of his work ethic.
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:24 PM
x*My only point is Chelsia came back & corrected her error.. Many in the past wont or dont do that., they just let it continue to run. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 04:31 PM
x*Let it run? All anyone had to do was read Jen's blog to know that Chelsia's wasn't true NT
cimcoe08/17/08 07:02 PM
x*Well, that of course depends on who anyone choses to believe. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 08:15 PM
x*LOL Is anyone choosing to believe Chelsia's retracted blog? NT
cimcoe08/18/08 08:03 PM
x*I guess even Chelsia didn't believe her own words. She was forced to retract them! NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 08:42 PM
x*"forced" we dont know that. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 08:46 PM
x*She knew she was wrong. She pulled up her big girl pants and admitted it. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 09:53 PM
x*agree yet again. NT
Gamecock08/18/08 08:08 AM
x*Who cares? Once a SCUM always a SCUM NT
envision08/18/08 11:43 AM
x*Perhaps it's too little too late. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:36 PM
x*Well then burn her at the stake. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 05:16 PM
x*That won't be necessary. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 06:32 PM
x*Good NT
Gamecock08/17/08 06:41 PM
x*so if it wasn't a "lie" then why was it corrected?? NT
Tarfan08/16/08 11:48 PM
x*a misquote isnt a lie. At least Chelsia corrects her misquotes where as Jen continues to fan the flames for her own self aggrandizement.
Gamecock08/17/08 10:57 AM
x*"misquote"? more like: "made up out of thin air quote" NT
cimcoe08/17/08 05:01 PM
x*misquote. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 05:16 PM
x*She didn't quote Jen directly. She implied things that weren't true; hence the lie. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 06:36 PM
x*not true. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 06:42 PM
x*Please read Chelsia's first blog. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 06:45 PM
x*nah, I have already it. To me it wasnt bad. I thought... ha... she really does stick up for her friends. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 06:55 PM
x*There wasn't even anything defend James against. Chelsia made it up!
Gingerbread08/17/08 07:12 PM
x*there was more to it than "work ethic" NT
Gamecock08/17/08 08:16 PM
x*What? NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 08:30 PM
x*I'll directly quote Chelsia's blog. "I believe that
Gingerbread08/17/08 07:07 PM
x*hahahaha. burn her at the stake. She sinned. For shame Chelsia for shame. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 08:17 PM
x*I just don't get that. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 08:40 PM
x*Because ppl are acting like Chelsia commited the worst sin in the world. She wrote a blog.
Gamecock08/17/08 08:46 PM
x*Sticking up for friends doesn't mean she has to make the blog nasty or inaccurate
cimcoe08/17/08 07:01 PM
x*OMG. It wasnt that bad. Poor Jen, she never says or does anything out of line, yet always gets the blame. Burn Chelsia Burn. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 08:18 PM
x*.....couldn't stand either jen or chelsia......but chelsia stuck her foot in her mouth like she always does, she's got a lot of growin up to do NT
angelatmytable08/18/08 07:05 AM
x*Dont they all. For Gods sake... They are only in their 20s... live & learn. NT
Gamecock08/18/08 08:09 AM
x*How is it a misquote if she never first read the original quote? NT
cimcoe08/17/08 05:42 PM
x*still doesnt mean her intent was to "lie" NT
Gamecock08/17/08 05:51 PM
x*If her intent was to be nasty towards Jen, she succeeded. NT
cimcoe08/17/08 06:46 PM
x*It's called a JOB......
envision08/17/08 12:32 PM
x*hahahaha... most of what Jen says isnt even in the MSN blog. she has had many chats. And we have seen posts.
Gamecock08/17/08 02:10 PM
x*Re: hahahaha... most of what Jen says isnt even in the MSN blog. she has had many chats. And we have seen posts.
envision08/17/08 02:54 PM
x*it's really mind boggling NT
Tarfan08/17/08 03:59 PM
x*oh it is... it is. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 04:32 PM
x*I dont read her blogs. I dont go to her chats nor do I visit her forum... I have been shown many things.
Gamecock08/17/08 03:42 PM
x*You have to understand Envision...
MardiRob08/17/08 12:43 PM
x*So true Rob, so true! NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:13 PM
x*Wrong...it's only when Jen throws random crap out there that is none of her business that she is selfish...
bblover6808/17/08 03:14 PM
x*Jen's blog only stated that Boogie fired James. She said nothing about work ethics. That random crap came from Chelsia. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:15 PM
x*What goes on with James is still not Jen's business to put out there.... NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:18 PM
x*James has put Jen's business out there plenty of times NT
cimcoe08/17/08 04:43 PM
x*Again, SHOW me these "plenty of times" NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:58 PM
x*try this...
cimcoe08/17/08 05:54 PM
x*He really was the one to start posting it on his website FIRST!!
JenBB808/18/08 02:54 PM
x*Yeah, go to the "Nick and Jen" dating one again and back up in that forum...
bblover6808/17/08 07:00 PM
x*yes he was!! he posted it on his site since the end of last year....2007
Tarfan08/17/08 09:22 PM
x*Yes he was the first, this was not the first time he'd said it!
cimcoe08/17/08 07:08 PM
x*yes, I remember reading it on his forum....was he friends with J&N, since he took it upon himself to post it on the net?? NT
Tarfan08/17/08 06:14 PM
x*a copy of his post is here:
rapidrewind08/17/08 06:13 PM
x*How does this make him a "huge" gossip...he said it was a "rumor" he didn't state it as fact, did he? He did AFTER everyone already knew....
bblover6808/17/08 07:06 PM
x*OMG! Too funny! NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 07:46 PM
x*it's hilarious ginger! NT
Tarfan08/17/08 09:23 PM
x*cracked me up.....does brickwall come into your mind right now...rofl NT
kat00408/17/08 07:47 PM
x*Yes, brickwall comes to mind often when Jen BB8 is involed. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 08:21 PM
x*Yep, I think she's hit her head against a few too many....:) NT
bblover6808/17/08 09:01 PM
Gingerbread08/17/08 07:50 PM
x*It was NOT after everyone already knew
cimcoe08/17/08 07:18 PM
x*Everyone did know. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 08:21 PM
x*When did you first know about it?
cimcoe08/18/08 08:18 PM
x*Nope they sure didn't!! NT
QVictoria08/17/08 09:04 PM
x*Ok some didnt. Some turned a blind eye. And some didnt care enough to pay attention. oh well. NT
Gamecock08/18/08 08:12 AM
x*OK. the point that was *trying* to be made....
QVictoria08/18/08 10:47 AM
x*Why was it being hidden to begin with? I dont expect an answer... it is just a thought.
Gamecock08/18/08 11:58 AM
x*lmao, what does that have to do with James being a gossip?
QVictoria08/18/08 01:45 PM
x*privacy.. hmmmm... interesting. Anyway, like I said... they belong together. Perfect match. NT
Gamecock08/18/08 02:09 PM
x*Nope, he said this last year BEFORE anyone knew!
Tarfan08/17/08 07:17 PM
x*nice try?
rapidrewind08/17/08 07:11 PM
x*Thanks, Emilia NT
Tarfan08/17/08 06:34 PM
x*You first! SHOW me plenty of times that Jen talks about people in chats and stuff. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 05:02 PM
x*I've never claimed she has NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:20 PM
x*So she's only done it once? If she's only done it once, then she can't stop. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 05:21 PM
x*Once is enough NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:22 PM
x*So then she can't stop. Chelsea did it once, so should she stop? NT
MardiRob08/17/08 05:23 PM
x*Exactly. He had no problems gossiping about Jen's personal life, which is definitely not his business. NT
QVictoria08/17/08 04:49 PM
x*was it chelsia's business to put james' family affair out there? NT
Tarfan08/17/08 04:21 PM
x*James and Chelsia are friends so she had permission from him to discuss it, obviously NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:23 PM
x*It's not obvious that she had James' permission nor is it any of her business to blog about him. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:28 PM
x*It appears that it is obvious.. he thanked Chelsia. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 04:33 PM
x*That's still an assumption. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:38 PM
x*It's not an assumption that he thanked Chelsia...he would have called her on it had she NOT had permission to discuss it.... NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:00 PM
x*It is still an assumption. It is inferred that permission was granted.
Gingerbread08/17/08 06:41 PM
x*Did James thank her for the retracted, untrue blog, or the second blog? NT
cimcoe08/17/08 06:02 PM
x*it doesnt really matter... he thanked her. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 06:07 PM
x*It does matter. Did he give her permission to post a blog that was not true? NT
cimcoe08/17/08 06:12 PM
x*He could have. If he didnt want it out there he could have not left a message at all.
Gamecock08/17/08 06:21 PM
x*Do you think he wanted a blog that had to be retracted out there?
cimcoe08/17/08 06:31 PM
x*I dont think James gave 2 hoots as to what Chelsia said . They appear to be close & if so he knew her intent was good.
Gamecock08/17/08 06:52 PM
x*Yeah, I'm sure he didn't care...
cimcoe08/17/08 07:24 PM
x*I dont see how it makes anything worse for him. He could careless what we are debating. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 08:24 PM
x*If he couldn't care less what we debate, why did Chels need to "defend" him? NT
cimcoe08/18/08 09:25 PM
x*Who knows, maybe she just woke up on the wrong side of the bed that day. NT
Gamecock08/19/08 07:00 AM
x*Then every Big Brother site should be shut down because none of it is anyone's business. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:21 PM
x*hmmm... I have heard that before. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 05:22 PM
x*I know Ginger. Isn't ironic that...
MardiRob08/17/08 04:23 PM
x*Jen didn't even say anything wrong. It was Chelsia that botched it up by not quoting Jen properly. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:29 PM
x*Game is game...personal is personal.... NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:24 PM
x*Hm... So if Jen talks about herself, she's selfish. If she talks about others, she's selfish.
MardiRob08/17/08 03:58 PM
x*LOL... I cant believe that was even suggested. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 04:35 PM
x*I don't care if she talks about herself....she just needs to keep other people's personal business out of her mouth...and fingers NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:02 PM
x*then the same should apply to every other houseguest. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:17 PM
x*she writes a blog for msn, I'm sure she could put more out there than she does...It was a fact, so she stated it...
kat00408/17/08 04:07 PM
x*Yeah, with friends like Jen, who needs enemies...
bblover6808/17/08 04:10 PM
x*So she can only have opinions on just what is told to her directly?
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:19 PM
x*Chelsia corrected her feaux pas...
bblover6808/17/08 04:23 PM
x*your right..there is more! :-) and I was directly in the conversation! :-) NT
JenBB808/18/08 03:11 PM
x*When her blog was so obviously a lie, of course she had to correct it NT
cimcoe08/17/08 04:52 PM
x*I know that chelsia corrected her error. I posted it here yesterday.
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:31 PM
x*You don't know that it wasn't told her directly. You weren't there. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 04:23 PM
x*Exactly Rob! NT
QVictoria08/17/08 04:30 PM
x*You don't know that she WAS told that directly, you're just going by what Jen says
bblover6808/17/08 04:27 PM
x*Boogie told a group of us that were at the Food/luxury comp...why is it such a big deal?
JenBB808/18/08 03:04 PM
x*I'm glad you believe yourself, Jen...unfortunately,
bblover6808/20/08 05:59 AM
x*Good grief..you aren't deepthroat..if you are accusing Jen of lying tell her who told you she was. NT
_paradise_08/20/08 07:13 AM
x*Unlike Jen, I'm not throwing anyone under the bus....:) I don't have to tell anyone here anything or give any names... NT
bblover6808/20/08 07:50 AM
x*Just what I thought. You've got nothing. NT
MardiRob08/20/08 07:51 AM
x*mardi don't waste your time. anybody who attack jen hate jen. You can't reason with people who are hateful NT
envision08/20/08 11:28 AM
x*You're entitled to your opinion... NT
bblover6808/20/08 07:56 AM
x*It's not an opinion. It's a fact. If you had something, you'd give it to us. NT
MardiRob08/20/08 07:59 AM
x*Nope...just because you WANT information that I'm not giving doesn't mean what Jen says is FACT....but, everyone is free to believe who they want NT
bblover6808/20/08 08:02 AM
x*And believing what you want to believe doesn't make it a fact either.
MardiRob08/20/08 08:04 AM
x*She was at the show...but not in the conversation. 2 different things....haha NT
bblover6808/20/08 08:06 AM
x*She was at both. Ha ha. NT
MardiRob08/20/08 08:06 AM
x*And furthermore. I don't want this information, because I know it doesn't exist. NT
MardiRob08/20/08 08:05 AM
x*Whatever you say...haha NT
bblover6808/20/08 08:06 AM
x*Well then I wouldn't expect anyone to believe you :) NT
_paradise_08/20/08 07:51 AM
x*It doesn't make any difference to me if anyone believes me or not...doesn't make the truth any less true. :) NT
bblover6808/20/08 07:57 AM
x*Nope. It sure doesn't. NT
MardiRob08/20/08 07:58 AM
x*Anybody with a brain at least. :-) NT
MardiRob08/20/08 07:56 AM
x*Personal insults don't work, but nice try....the truth is the truth. You believe Jen, I believe other people who are more reliable....:) NT
bblover6808/20/08 07:59 AM
x*Yup. Personal insults don't work. Your calling Jen a liar doesn't make her one. NT
MardiRob08/20/08 08:00 AM
x*I didn't say she was a "liar"...but about this she's not telling the truth....:) haha It's been fun, though...Ta Ta NT
bblover6808/20/08 08:11 AM
x*So you're saying she lied but you're not calling her a liar? LOL NT
cimcoe08/23/08 01:23 PM
x*Thanks for playing! NT
Gingerbread08/20/08 02:52 PM
x*Who says differently? NT
MardiRob08/20/08 07:12 AM
x*I'm sure you'd like to know, but....too bad. NT
bblover6808/20/08 07:51 AM
x*Jen told us what happened and since she was there, I believe her. The end! NT
Gingerbread08/20/08 02:54 PM
x*Yeah. I'm going to lose sleep over not knowing who nobody is. NT
MardiRob08/20/08 07:55 AM
x*Are your sources the same ones as Chelsia's? (you know, the girl that retracted her blog?) NT
cimcoe08/17/08 04:46 PM
x*I choose to beleive Jen..:) NT
kat00408/17/08 04:31 PM
x*Do you have Jen's permission to say that? I mean it's her business what she and Boogie talked about. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 04:28 PM
x*...in this case "not" talked about....
bblover6808/17/08 05:03 PM
x*Call him. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 07:44 PM
x*Jen is friends with Boogie AND Lonnie Moore. She's got good sources. NT
honestabe08/17/08 05:11 PM
x*Boogie has HG friends OTHER than Jen and just because he and Jen are friends doesn't mean she can't lie about stuff NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:21 PM
x*Jen didn't lie, Chelsia (James' BFF) did. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 07:42 PM
x*Technically it wasnt a lie. A lie you deny & deny. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 08:26 PM
x*What did Jen lie about? Boogie didn't say in a room full of people
honestabe08/17/08 05:25 PM
x*Boogie did not tell Jen directly anything about James like Jen said NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:41 PM
x*Jen didn't claim that in her blog.
Gingerbread08/17/08 08:04 PM
x*Jen is a part of the "us", correct? Semantics...point is, SHE (whether by herself or among the "us") wasn't told anything...she OVERHEARD it NT
bblover6808/17/08 09:00 PM
x*So Boogie was talking in the room to the others and excluding Jen from the conversation? NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 09:51 PM
x*You're getting warmer.....:) NT
bblover6808/18/08 08:25 AM
x*LOL...so are you trying to imply this conversation took place, but I was not a part of it? NT
JenBB808/18/08 03:20 PM
x*Yes, Jen. And he's got unnamed sources to prove it! NT
MardiRob08/18/08 03:23 PM
x*I just discvered this whole thread and it is funny....
JenBB808/18/08 03:32 PM
x*Hi Jen! So glad you posted!
cimcoe08/18/08 09:28 PM
x*I just don't understand why words came out of your mouth
Whirley08/18/08 06:46 PM
x*Hi Jen, thanks for stopping by! I'm glad that you clarified what took place. NT
Gingerbread08/18/08 05:11 PM
x*LOL, nice to see you here! NT
Tarfan08/18/08 04:30 PM
x*Welcome to Jokers :P NT
_Brandon_08/18/08 04:12 PM
x**giggles* NT
IggysPINKTights08/18/08 03:33 PM
x*Once again, I need a source. Sorry. :( NT
Gingerbread08/18/08 02:17 PM
x*Jen said he told "us" not he told "me" NT
cimcoe08/17/08 06:05 PM
x*Exactly. I don't know where this "she said he told me personally"
honestabe08/17/08 06:38 PM
x*& who blasted it to the net? "Me" as in Jen, not "us" as in the rest of them. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 06:09 PM
x*She wrote one sentence and didn't lie in it.
cimcoe08/17/08 06:21 PM
x*Jen DID lie...she said that information was told "us" when it was something she OVERHEARD....that is called a LIE NT
bblover6808/17/08 06:39 PM
x*Oh my goodness! NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 08:13 PM
x*I know...shocking that Jen would lie, huh? haha NT
bblover6808/17/08 09:06 PM
x*Show me where Jen lied. She didn't. She told the truth, Boogie fired James. End of story. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 09:47 PM
x*Of course Jen lied...she was never told anything...she overheard something...end of story NT
bblover6808/18/08 08:30 AM
x*I didn't expect to be shown so I'm not disappointed. If you would supply your source, I might be inclined to believe some of
Gingerbread08/18/08 02:15 PM
x*fired or let go? NT
Gamecock08/18/08 08:14 AM
x*Were you actually there to know that to be true? NT
cimcoe08/17/08 07:03 PM
x*Were YOU? Exactly my point...You believe something JUST because Jen said it...
bblover6808/17/08 07:08 PM
x*I didn't have to be there, Jen was there.
cimcoe08/18/08 10:38 PM
x*I don't understand what point u are trying to make...u beleive Jen lied, some of us don't, everyone has the "right"..
kat00408/17/08 07:11 PM
x*And the OTHER fact is that Jen is big mouth who wanted to make it sound she was GIVEN information, which she wasn't....:) NT
bblover6808/17/08 09:05 PM
Gamecock08/17/08 08:29 PM
x*Lie or didnt lie it doesn't even matter at this point. Point is blasting the loss of a job is more hurtful to the one who lost the job
Gamecock08/17/08 06:24 PM
x*I doubt Chelsia is that close to Boogie (and Lonnie Moore). NT
honestabe08/17/08 05:24 PM
x*I bet she's not friends with you. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 04:30 PM
x*Like I said, with friends like Jen, who needs enemies...wouldn't WANT to be her friend, but she wasn't the only one there.... NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:04 PM
x*I am friends with her and it's probably one of the best things to ever happen to me. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 05:08 PM
Gamecock08/17/08 05:20 PM
x*<3 Jen..~~~~~~~~~ NT
kat00408/17/08 05:05 PM
x*I beleive Jen!!!!!!!! NT
kat00408/17/08 04:27 PM
x*So do I!!!! NT
QVictoria08/17/08 04:32 PM
x*I Believe Jen too!!!! NT
Tarfan08/17/08 04:28 PM
x*So do I!! NT
MardiRob08/17/08 04:27 PM
x*No need for you to get personal. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 04:12 PM
x*I didn't get personal with YOU, I was talking about JEN.... NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:13 PM
x*So it's all right to get personal about Jen? Why? Is she less human than I am? NT
MardiRob08/17/08 04:14 PM
x*Jen is fair game because she's a houseguest....and she is the one who started this is the first place NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:16 PM
x*Technically no, since Jen is a poster at Jokers as well. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:23 PM
x*So, just because she's a poster at Jokers doesn't mean anything...she's still a houseguest and fair game to talk about NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:29 PM
x*Well, when James outed Nick and Jen, didn't he start it? NT
MardiRob08/17/08 04:17 PM
x*Yes he did
cimcoe08/17/08 04:48 PM
x*Hoo rah Kat!!!! NT
MardiRob08/17/08 04:08 PM
x*maybe your favs should take that advice too NT
Tarfan08/17/08 04:04 PM
x*If you can point me to where my "faves" have done the same thing I'd love to see it and respond.... NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:06 PM
x*Thank you TF. :-) NT
MardiRob08/17/08 04:05 PM
x*so only when Jen does it....it's wrong?? NT
Tarfan08/17/08 03:57 PM
x*What business is it of yours to decide what her business is? NT
MardiRob08/17/08 03:17 PM
x*The Jen Fandom is, & always will be, more entertaining than Jen. And that is a compliment. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 04:40 PM
x*All the crap she took in her season, she gets big big kudo's from me...Jen is a very classy person...its not fandom
kat00408/17/08 04:43 PM
x*I totally agree with you! NT
cimcoe08/17/08 07:05 PM
x*hahaha NT
Gamecock08/17/08 05:38 PM
x*She asked for and got everything she deserved her season.... NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:05 PM
x*Jen didn't deserve the treatment that she got. No one does. Well, maybe Dick. NT
honestabe08/17/08 05:13 PM
x*She egged it on, so she got what she deserved.... NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:15 PM
x*Yes. What she deserved. Fans who love her and a job at MSN. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 05:16 PM
x*the whole "job" thing just makes me laugh. hahahhahaha NT
Gamecock08/17/08 05:39 PM
x*She gets a check. She doesn't have to beg for money through her myspace and PayPal account. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 07:49 PM
x*by the way......do people really give that douche $$$? NT
angelatmytable08/18/08 07:17 AM
x*hahahaaha NT
Gamecock08/17/08 08:30 PM
x*Thats your opinion and welcome to it....:) NT
kat00408/17/08 05:06 PM
QVictoria08/17/08 05:04 PM
x*what Kat said! NT
Tarfan08/17/08 04:53 PM
x*Exactly. She's funny, she smart and she's a nice person. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:51 PM
x*hahaha NT
Gamecock08/17/08 05:41 PM
x*No need to get personal about it...it's an OPINION....you don't think people should stay out of other people's business?
bblover6808/17/08 03:49 PM
x*She's not in anyone's personal business. She stated a fact, Boogie fired James. Big deal! NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:35 PM
x*And she lied as well, saying that she was DIRECTLY TOLD this information......
bblover6808/17/08 05:13 PM
x*Where did she say she was DIRECTLY TOLD? (As if that makes a difference!?) NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 08:34 PM
x*Didn't she say Boogie told "us"? That would mean she was told "directly" as opposed to OVERHEARING....and, it does make it difference NT
bblover6808/17/08 09:10 PM
x*According to your moronic "sources." NT
MardiRob08/17/08 05:13 PM
x*There's nothing "moronic" about my sources....they are way more trustworthy than anything that comes out of Jen's mouth NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:25 PM
x*I can't respect your sources if I don;t know who they are. Until I know that,
Gingerbread08/17/08 08:00 PM
x*Someone should post on Will's website about this.
honestabe08/17/08 11:04 PM
x*The issue is not whether James was let go or not...it's what business is it of Jen's to even be discussing something she OVERHEARD that wasn't
bblover6808/18/08 08:22 AM
x*It's a free country and we have a free press. Jen said nothing that wasn't true and in no way hurt James or Boogie. NT
Gingerbread08/18/08 02:24 PM
x*I doubt that. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 05:26 PM
x*Well, IMO James & Chelsia are the ones creating drama and making it a much bigger deal.
QVictoria08/17/08 04:24 PM
x*Not only didn't she go into detail She didn't even say which James it was. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 04:25 PM
x*Even if she goes out and sees and talks to people who are of interest to the audience she's addressing?
MardiRob08/17/08 03:51 PM
x*That doesn't make it right for someone to GIVE out gossip... NT
bblover6808/17/08 03:53 PM
x*Did Boogie fire James or not? NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:41 PM
x*but others do it too! but heck since it's Jen, it's all wrong, GMAB NT
Tarfan08/17/08 04:00 PM
x*I've never said it's right for ANYONE to give out anyone's personal business...
bblover6808/17/08 04:08 PM
x*He gave out her personal business in chats and on his forum
cimcoe08/17/08 05:15 PM
x*omgosh, James is the one that put it out there about Dani BB7 and Boogie...James has spread a lot of gossip about past hg's...lol NT
kat00408/17/08 04:12 PM
x*TY Kat!! NT
Tarfan08/17/08 04:18 PM
x*YW..:) NT
kat00408/17/08 04:21 PM
x*Where did James say that? NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:17 PM
x*He said it on his message board...it was talked about at length...also it was repeated by other more than one
kat00408/17/08 04:18 PM
x*Well, IF he said it, Dani and Boogie are his friends and maybe he had permission to discuss it.....James and Jen are not friends NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:20 PM
x*LOL, Danielle was most certainly NOT happy about it. NT
honestabe08/17/08 06:54 PM
x*Danielle made mention of this???? when???
Gamecock08/17/08 06:57 PM
x*She was pissed and denied it. She posts on Survivor Sucks. NT
honestabe08/17/08 10:59 PM
x*I guess I would be pissed too... she has daughters who probably roam the
Gamecock08/18/08 08:17 AM
x*come on now...you don't like gossip about the HGs, right?? ;) NT
Tarfan08/17/08 07:04 PM
x*I assumed you are speaking of Danielle BB3, I just havent seen or heard Danielle
Gamecock08/17/08 08:34 PM
x*and that didn't stop James from gossiping about Jen's personal life. NT
QVictoria08/17/08 04:47 PM
x*Lol! I don't think Dani wanted that tidbit out there. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:45 PM
x*he was also the first person to mention J&N dating...I don't know, is he friends with them?? NT
Tarfan08/17/08 04:31 PM
x*yeah I'm sure they enjoyed it being told...LOL NT
kat00408/17/08 04:28 PM
x*Maybe, maybe not. But he did talk about Jen and Nick and he didn't have their permission. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 04:27 PM
x*He was the first one to say that Jen and Nick were actually dating.
MardiRob08/17/08 04:09 PM
x*Maybe it should all go back to Boogie then, he started it by telling Jen...oh wait, what Boogie said wasn't gossip
kat00408/17/08 04:00 PM
x*You don't know that Boogie told Jen...that's what Jen is SAID, not necessarily the truth NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:05 PM
x*does chelsia know? NT
Tarfan08/17/08 04:08 PM
x*This has nothing to do with Chelsia... NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:14 PM
x*Would we all be talking about this right now if it weren't for Chelsia? NT
cimcoe08/17/08 05:16 PM
x*She was the one that misquoted Jen that started this hot mess.
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:49 PM
x*Sure there would....Jen put it out there and knew she'd get a reaction out it so that's what we're giving her...:) NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:10 PM
x*Did you first react to it after Jen wrote it, or after Chelsia's blog? NT
cimcoe08/17/08 05:19 PM
x*After Jen's blog was posted here.... NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:26 PM
x*Maybe u should read what Chelsia had to say, u would have a lot more to be upset about, she told a lot of stuff..lol NT
kat00408/17/08 04:17 PM
x*Nope, not upset with Chelsia about anything she wrote...she corrected the one mistake she made and James didn't have a problem with what she wrote NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:09 PM
x*Why not? People want to hear what's up with BB house guests? BB is all about gossip. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 03:55 PM
x*Like I said, just because people want to hear something doesn't mean it's right for stuff to be put out there NT
bblover6808/17/08 04:12 PM
x*Then James should have never gossiped about Jen and Nick, over and over NT
cimcoe08/17/08 04:55 PM
x*I'm still waiting for someone to show me where James talked about Jen and Nick "over and over" NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:14 PM
x*He said it in his chatroom. His words were posted here as evidence
honestabe08/17/08 05:18 PM
x*As soon as you show me where Jen talked about others in chats, I might start to care whether anybody SHOWS you this. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 05:15 PM
x*I don't go to her chats so I don't know what she says or doesn't say in them about other people....
bblover6808/17/08 05:19 PM
x*Moral compass? Love it when it is ok for Jen to blab... but bad when bad or unflattering things are said about her. Love it. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 03:43 PM
x*She never mentioned Sheila. Aren't they really good friends now? NT
xrayradtec08/16/08 08:37 AM
x*I hope Chelsia gets her head on straight and doesn't go the way of her pink-haired friend. NT
Gingerbread08/16/08 07:40 AM
x*Chelsia, i'm just glad you're not around that POS James, you know you're much better than that! NT
TabulaRasa08/17/08 03:17 PM
x*She dodged a big bullet with that guy. Best thing to happen to happen to her.
Gingerbread08/17/08 08:12 PM
x*Chelsia clarifies the error in her blog.
Gingerbread08/16/08 07:34 AM
x*She's not trying to get into the middle of this, she just writes a blog about it.
MardiRob08/16/08 07:42 AM
x*What an idiot she is ...
chigirlie08/16/08 09:13 AM
x*blech! chelsia is a walking contradiction!! NT
angelatmytable08/16/08 09:52 AM
x*Chelsea needs to grow the f up and and worry about the log in her own eye. NT
MardiRob08/16/08 04:04 AM
x*Who's Faith? NT
BB8Watcher08/16/08 01:28 AM
x*If you click on the link at James blog to donate money, Faith is the name on the account
Cindy08/16/08 01:32 AM
x*lol, I thought maybe it was a cousin to Hope and Charity NT
kat00408/16/08 01:33 AM
Tarfan08/16/08 01:43 AM
x*that too LOL NT
Cindy08/16/08 01:34 AM
x*WTF is Chelsia talking about? all Jen said was that Boogie told her that he had to let James go.
Pothead08/16/08 01:17 AM
x*Haha...That's "all"? I think that's more than enough out of Jen....
bblover6808/16/08 11:02 PM
x*lmao so basically it's ' Jen needs to mind her own business but i can get all the dirt on Chelsia's blog?' NT
Pothead08/18/08 02:30 PM
x*Was it a lie though? Did Boogie fire James or not? NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:56 PM
x*Read Chelsia's blog...the answer is there...Jen did lie about Boogie directly telling "them" NT
bblover6808/17/08 05:16 PM
x*We provided you the proof that James gossiped about Jen
cimcoe08/19/08 11:24 AM
x*And Chelsia wasn't there, was she? NT
honestabe08/17/08 05:20 PM
x*I read Chelsea's blog. She has no proof that Boogie didn't say it directly to her. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 05:17 PM
x*I didn't say that Chelsia said that, did I? Nope...didn't....
bblover6808/17/08 05:39 PM
x*You're funny...
envision08/17/08 02:01 AM
x*I'm not quoting Chelsia....
bblover6808/17/08 08:28 AM
x*Then who? It's chelseas blog NT
envision08/17/08 12:20 PM
x*I believe it was a response to Jen's blog about James being fired. I think the point the poster was trying to make is that JEN needs to stop posting
10bdavis08/17/08 03:25 PM
x*A response by Chelsea in which Chelsea spills a lot more beans than Jen did.
MardiRob08/17/08 03:30 PM
x*Wrong! Just because somebody "hears" something doesn't mean it becomes THEIR business NT
bblover6808/17/08 03:51 PM
x*Yes it does. NT
MardiRob08/17/08 03:52 PM
x*Nope, it doesn't....Someone's personal business is THEIR personal business....not someone else's whether they "hear" something or not NT
bblover6808/17/08 03:55 PM
x*So are you going to criticize her for saying that Amy and Dani went shopping? NT
MardiRob08/17/08 03:56 PM
x*shopping & losing job does not equate. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 06:11 PM
x*saying 2 ppl went shopping vs someone was fired... are completely different. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 03:46 PM
x*and you know Jen wasn't told this because?? Anyways, james LOVES to gossip about other people, so turn around is fair play!
Tarfan08/16/08 11:55 PM
x*And most know that isnt a true statement. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 10:51 AM
x*James Rhine does gossip about other houseguests. NT
Gingerbread08/17/08 04:58 PM
x*That wasnt the part of the statement I was referring too. NT
Gamecock08/17/08 06:07 PM
x*And just who are these "other people" James has gossiped about?
bblover6808/17/08 12:35 AM
x*These "other people" that James has gossiped about, include Jen and Nick.
cimcoe08/17/08 07:41 AM
x*Links please...where has James talked about Jen and Nick? .I'd love to see it NT
bblover6808/17/08 08:24 AM
x*nail on the head. NT
Gamecock08/16/08 11:41 PM
x*Yet you still go and read her blog...AMAZING!! NT
envision08/16/08 11:37 PM
x*EXACTLY!!!! Perhaps it's Chelsia who is trying to extend her 15mins! haha they've been up honey! NT
chigirlie08/16/08 09:15 AM
x*Exactly PH!! and how is Jen extending her 15 mins?? she was hired by MSN! what is chelsia's excuse for moving out to LA?? NT
Tarfan08/16/08 01:42 AM
x*Exactly! Chelsia is the one twisting the story!
cimcoe08/16/08 01:36 AM
x*lol..I <3 Jen NT
kat00408/16/08 01:18 AM
x*she was a great HG. Chelsia just wanted to be another Dick. NT
Pothead08/16/08 01:19 AM
x*she can be very good at it too.. NT
kat00408/16/08 01:21 AM
x*lol yeah. she seemed more like his daughter than Dani did. NT
Pothead08/16/08 01:22 AM
x*Chelsia was in BB9!! NT
hello0juju08/16/08 12:56 AM
x*oops I may typo, I'll fix it NT
RedBB08/16/08 05:31 AM
*A Special Invitation from James Rhine and Kail Harbick - 2nd Annual Reality Event
Moosie215593 206   03/30/09 03:09 AM
x****From Moosie***FYI: Brenda Anderson of Holiday Farm Resort E-Mail Spam Alert***
BBInsider105/18/09 09:31 PM
x*Check out the Real Player Plus Pass Interviews with the House Guests!! :)
Moosie05/14/09 05:26 PM
x*Giving a HOLLLLA and Shout - Out to Kail and her Staff Brenda and Melissa for a GREAT Event :) !!
Moosie05/12/09 01:12 AM
x*Pics in BB Media :) NT
Starr05/04/09 07:34 AM
x*A few FYI's about those traveling to Oregon re: rules and tips.. along with a suggestion too :)
Moosie04/29/09 09:37 PM
x*you can't pump your own gas? how odd NT
Belle04/30/09 11:16 AM
x*I have never heard of such a thing. Illegal to pump your own gas. Hm. NT
Shae04/30/09 11:19 AM
x*Found out the number one answer on that "Job Creation".. however got delayed having to wait for attendant.. 3 times :( NT
Moosie05/09/09 03:28 PM
x*Welcome back, Moosie! Did you have fun? NT
GazingEyes05/09/09 03:30 PM
x*Both Oregon and New Jersey are the only 2 States to have such a law.
Moosie05/01/09 02:59 AM
x*How interesting. I had no idea that this law existed anywhere. Good thing the gas isn't any higher! :) NT
Shae05/01/09 07:35 AM
x*would they come out and arrest you if you stepped out of you car at the gas station LOL NT
Belle05/01/09 07:37 AM
x*lol! No. Cuz you have to get out to go inside and pay. NT
Jadey05/01/09 03:26 PM
x*LOL Belle, good question! NT
Shae05/01/09 07:38 AM
x*why don't you go try shae and let us know how it works out **giggles** NT
Belle05/01/09 07:39 AM
x*LOL! I don't know if that's such a good idea. Who would come to Oregon to bail me out?? :) NT
Shae05/01/09 08:19 AM
x*Am sure we'll have another event next year.. Hang tough and we'll get you out ;) NT
Moosie05/01/09 11:42 PM
x*Register-Guard article on the event
bblover6804/26/09 11:08 AM
x*OOPS.. no mention of Chelsea.. Am thinking this interview was done prior to 2 weeks ago.. Will have to make that up to her :) NT
Moosie04/27/09 01:36 AM
x*doing the math on the available seats, doesn't look like this year will have as many fans attending
punkie04/26/09 11:39 AM
x*Probably the "biggest" event, where the most fans will show up will be the Meet and Greet
bblover6804/26/09 12:13 PM
x*I bet with or without the fans these peeps are going to have a blast together! And as long as the do the video chats I'll be there with them. : ) NT
zzziiinnnggg04/26/09 11:42 AM
x*It's set for Karaoke night on Monday.. and Real Player as far as Kail said will be doing interviews throughout the whole event..
Moosie04/27/09 01:17 AM
x*do you know when real will be airing the interviews? i let my subscription go, and i'm trying to decide when i want to get it back. NT
icant04/27/09 01:19 AM
x*The way she made it sound and what she thought was that they were taping segments.. so when there on Saturday/Sunday I have it to..
Moosie04/27/09 01:23 AM
x*ok, ty, moosie - as long as i know ahead of time. have fun! :) NT
icant04/27/09 01:25 AM
x*Luckily Joker's is a site I can access via Blackberry even so will put it up if anything comes out 'early'. :) NT
Moosie04/27/09 01:28 AM
x*Any Questions you would ask any of these 16 if you were there? Fun ones for them and also for you to hear the answers?
Moosie04/25/09 03:41 PM
x*I would like to know if any of the HG post at Jokers under anonymous names. NT
Vixter05/02/09 08:21 PM
x*Knowing James.. the answer would be "Yes. Next Question... " lol... :) NT
Moosie05/09/09 03:29 PM
x*James definitely does NOT post here under an anonymous name... NT
bblover6805/11/09 01:08 PM
x*I didn't say he did.. I was making a Joke as to him M.C'ing and answering that question.. in the funny way that he would :) NT
Moosie05/12/09 01:07 AM
x*Didn't say you did...I was just making a statement in answer to the original question about if HG post here under anonymous names
bblover6805/12/09 05:14 AM
x*Sorry and Okee doke.. thot my obscure humor was a bit looped late at night.. sorry :) NT
Moosie05/12/09 10:24 AM
x*I understood what you meant Moosie. Thanks so much for all the trouble you went through so we could watch the HG karaoke. NT
Vixter05/12/09 01:11 AM
x*and thanks to icant for teaching me how to spell "karaoke". ; ) NT
Vixter05/12/09 01:13 AM
x*LOL.. last year I didn't know how to spell it but thanks to Darin Harbick (Kail's husband) he made me write it out 100 times..lol.
Moosie05/12/09 01:25 AM
x*i googled and still came up with kareoke. : / i knew it didnt seem right though. NT
Vixter05/12/09 01:28 AM
x*I tried to associate it....
Moosie05/12/09 01:46 AM
x*LOL, that's so complicated...i just hear the japanese pronunciation (car-ah-oh-kay) in my head to spell it, though i say carry-okie in speaking. NT
icant05/12/09 01:52 AM
x*lol thats a good one, btw i have always heard talk of howie but didnt "get to know him" till the reunion. now i want to party with him.
Vixter05/12/09 01:50 AM
x*Never thot of that... gonna try that next time. Just would hate for him to improvise though :) ha ha NT
Moosie05/12/09 02:37 AM
x*lol who knows what he would come up with!! lol gn moosie. NT
Vixter05/12/09 02:40 AM
x*lol, you must be exhausted. NT
icant05/12/09 01:26 AM
x*3 days from now I will be exhausted.. right now am still zoned. Finally got pics done but more to finish up :( NT
Moosie05/12/09 01:47 AM
x*sheesh, you are going to need a sabbatical from bb...and 11 is just around the corner! NT
icant05/12/09 01:54 AM
x*Red Bull R Us :) NT
Moosie05/12/09 02:37 AM
x*LOL, anytime. ;) NT
icant05/12/09 01:20 AM
x*im just curious. how old is james? : ) NT
Vixter05/11/09 01:13 PM
x*Pretty sure he was 29 in BB6 which played in 2005, so he must be 33 now. NT
MyBestBud05/11/09 01:41 PM
x*He turned 33 in December 2008.. :) Great Birthday party.. all 3 or 4 of them :) NT
Moosie05/12/09 01:09 AM
x*oh okay thanks. NT
Vixter05/11/09 02:54 PM
x*I'll try....warning...not the most original questions ever, lol...
jedidriller04/26/09 10:38 AM
x*WOW.. gotta say that first one is always a hit.. and love a lot of those.. Will use them if that's okay and will reply to your answers here..
Moosie04/27/09 01:19 AM
x*Awesome!! Looking forward to reading their answer! Thanks!!! :) NT
jedidriller04/27/09 04:12 PM
x*I have a few:)
GazingEyes04/26/09 07:06 AM
x*Good questions too.. will add them to the list. Funny but last year some were intimidated and couldn't find questions to ask
Moosie04/27/09 01:27 AM
x*Thanks, Moosie:) I like them all so geared them to all as to not leave anyone out. Looking forward to the answers to all ?'s selected. NT
GazingEyes04/29/09 07:17 PM
x*"other than Brian, Alex and Kaysar, which one of you sucked the most at BB?" NT
Pothead04/25/09 03:43 PM
x*lol! NT
crateriko04/25/09 09:02 PM
x*Okay.. Yeah I can see asking that in front of all 16 while being respectful of them being there to have fun with fans and friends.. ;) NT
Moosie04/25/09 04:58 PM
x*I thought Natalie "sucked" the most on the show... NT
twodog04/25/09 03:51 PM
x*If ya get where I am coming from... NT
twodog04/25/09 03:54 PM
x*lol NT
Pothead04/25/09 04:06 PM
x*im going to guess Ashlea NT
Dexter04/25/09 03:50 PM
x*it's a really tough call between the others. but Alex, Brian, and Kaysar are definitely top 3....or bottom....however someone wants to look at it. NT
Pothead04/25/09 03:53 PM
x*bwahaha...great question NT
BBlatin04/25/09 03:48 PM
x*Think I could write of the expense of the trip on next years taxes...if I write about & post vids of it on my site? NT
Quirkydude04/15/09 10:30 AM
x*Man if only i wasnt so busy and didnt have the money. My brother lives in Portland so i could of visited him.
805bbfan1804/22/09 03:18 PM
x*That will be great.. these are fun events and a great place to be as well. Next time you're in Oregon you should drive down.. give Kail a Holllla! NT
Moosie04/22/09 09:13 PM
x*Well if you go with Howie on his Big Foot expedition you could file it under an Ecological Preservation Donation?.. :) NT
Moosie04/15/09 12:12 PM
x*ATTENTION - Please Call Brenda so to save your spot for the Formal Evening Dinner...
Moosie04/14/09 12:41 PM
x*FYI ~~~~ Less than 50 Seats left for the Evening Banquet and Golf/River Rafting needs to be reserved ASAP too! :) NT
Moosie04/16/09 07:50 PM
x*Less than 40 seats or so for the Formal Banquet.. Also a basic Schedule of Events .. here..
Moosie04/23/09 06:58 PM
x*FYI ~~~~ Talking to Kail about also viewing the Biggest Loser Finale' via the Lounge on Tuesday night..
Moosie04/21/09 11:01 PM
x*Called to talk with Brenda on updates today and could barely get through.. Still room left if you want to make your
Moosie04/20/09 02:56 PM
x*Surreal WOW! Got perspective? NT
Liann05/01/09 11:40 PM
x*that is soooo cool moosie it sounds like such fun :) NT
Belle04/14/09 01:40 PM
x*FYI for those driving in from where-ever as to Miles etc.. (Screen caps of what to look for)
Moosie04/11/09 10:57 PM
x*Brian must be SO excited that April and Michelle are going!
Violet04/10/09 10:33 AM
x*That was one thing that surprised a lot of guests last year was how well everyone got along in 'real' life etc. Also..
Moosie04/10/09 11:49 AM
x*Sounds like an awesome time Moosie, hope u fill us in on EVERY DETAIL when u get back... have fun! NT
Alexis0804/10/09 12:12 PM
x*Will be doing it from there.. some .. maybe as they're going on. Will see how the crowd is. Photos too :) NT
Moosie04/20/09 05:05 PM
x*Hey you can be a part of it too.. I know Real Player is there for Interviews and am going to also try to do a webcam on Karaoke night too.
Moosie04/10/09 02:50 PM
x*Thanks Moosie, I wont be signed up for Real Players yet. But will be here looking for any 411 on the event. If there is
Alexis0804/27/09 11:37 AM
x*Article from TV Grapevine about Event... (thanks) :)
Moosie04/09/09 08:32 PM
x*~~Price List for EVENTS ~~
Moosie04/09/09 08:39 AM
x*Information on Belknap Hot Springs mentioned for Tuesday's event..
Moosie04/09/09 01:35 PM
x*~~~Have news from the Resort re: booking rooms.. here is a bit of news....
Moosie04/08/09 12:29 PM
x*ALL the inforrmation needed is at the site LOOK HERE :) re JANIE and rest going..
Moosie04/08/09 12:00 PM
x*Chelsia Hart just confirmed. she will be attending the event. Yay! Oh, and I will be attending as well. NT
Philster04/13/09 11:01 PM
x*Oh now wait a sec! YOU'RE going? Hmmm..... maybe I should reconsider. NT
Liann04/27/09 01:45 PM
x*You *should* go! We'd have a blast! NT
Philster04/27/09 02:52 PM
x*crap, Now I wonder who else is going.....
Liann04/27/09 09:42 PM
x*Well, you have 5 days to decide! haha. NT
Philster04/28/09 02:21 PM
x*And Moosie is going too! Where the hell have I been?? NT
Liann04/28/09 02:51 PM
x*Going? I've already been half-way there since January ha ha .. Kinda gotta go ..
Moosie04/29/09 12:22 AM
x*That's so nice of you to pitch in!
Liann04/29/09 03:19 PM
x*Love the prioritiues of family first.. maybe next time when they're settled you can do this :)
Moosie04/29/09 08:25 PM
x*Woot Love Chels <3 NT
BBfrog04/14/09 06:08 PM
x*Glad that you and Chelsia will be attending this Fan-Tastical party in Rainbow Oregon YaY !!
Moosie04/14/09 12:12 AM
x*Wow, amazing list!!!! Wtg!!! NT
WildStrawberry04/09/09 11:01 AM
x*From Earth Google and also personal photos taken Feb 09 and Feb 08 of the area..
Moosie04/09/09 12:33 AM
x*Okay now this is cool lol. I hope people who go take lots of pics! :) NT
beachykeen04/08/09 02:17 PM
x*OMG, this is turning out to be an awesome event. I want to go so bad!!!!! NT
zzziiinnnggg04/08/09 12:04 PM
x*I would consider it if you actually got to hang out with the houseguests..I can't pay money to just go look at someone. NT
Quirkydude04/08/09 12:06 PM
x*I was there last year and all the BB vets were very engaged with
DaveG04/20/09 04:14 PM
x*You're going too?? I am SO mad I didn't consider this earlier :( Ivan is gonna be there too. NT
Liann04/28/09 02:55 PM
x*I didn't know he was going. I'll miss you of course. ;) NT
DaveG05/02/09 04:42 PM
x*Still time.. still room.. Just DO it.. :) NT
Moosie04/29/09 12:23 AM
x*I considered it seriously but I think I'll wait for the next hoorah so I'm not throwing it together at the last minute.
Liann04/29/09 03:14 PM
x*Nicely written as to other events compared to this one. It feels like everyone has a chance to breathe.. relax and have fun :) NT
Moosie04/20/09 05:07 PM
x*I have no doubt I would have fun with these guys if I could go.. it's not convenient now, but maybe another time! Thanks for info :) NT
Disneyisme04/20/09 04:24 PM
x*Re: I would consider it if you actually got to hang out with the houseguests..I can't pay money to just go look at someone.
bb9_parker04/08/09 01:26 PM
x*dang it parker ..just got off the phone with Kail and they had all the glass cases lined up for all the HG guests..
Moosie04/08/09 05:22 PM
x*You're just like me? really? haha NT
Philster04/08/09 05:08 PM
x*Re: You're just like me? really? haha
bb9_parker04/14/09 06:04 PM
x*LOL.. hey Parker.. when did YOU get "people".. lol NT
Moosie04/15/09 01:35 AM
Philster04/14/09 09:47 PM
x*Someone needs to buy Paker a ring .. so that some of us can...
Moosie04/15/09 01:40 AM
x*are you going? Maybe a chance to finally get those Janie shots? :) NT
DontShopAdopt04/09/09 07:55 AM
x*not sure yet. NT
Philster04/09/09 10:59 AM
x*Hi Parker! So excited to hang out with you in Rainbow! :) NT
Janiebb604/08/09 04:20 PM
x*Re: Hi Parker! So excited to hang out with you in Rainbow! :)
bb9_parker04/14/09 06:05 PM
x*Let's put it this way, there is no way you won't be hanging out with HG...Kail's place is a very intimate setting...
bblover6804/08/09 01:48 PM
x*LOL... NT
Moosie04/09/09 12:34 AM
x*sounds wonderful :) NT
Belle04/08/09 01:57 PM
x*You will have about 6 + chances and long ones to chat with , photo with talk with dine with and have game play with the hgs.. :) no worries :) NT
Moosie04/08/09 01:43 PM
x*Okay I am working with Kail on this and I went last year too. You DO get to hang with the HG's
Moosie04/08/09 12:08 PM
x*There are not 2 Luncheons planned. I am personally attending
Janiebb604/08/09 12:33 PM
x*^^^ This alone is worth a flight from Montreal :) Woot! lol NT
JJMtl04/08/09 12:38 PM
x*I will personally be attending the luncheon, the formal dinner, Karokee night, and Q and A NT
Janiebb604/08/09 12:11 PM
x*Woohoo!!! The party just got FUN! NT
Pearlett04/08/09 12:32 PM
x*All the house guests will be there for all the events planned.. less maybe the river rafting but that will be arranged later.. :)
Moosie04/08/09 12:12 PM
x*Post some pricing on here..We have all information except that NT
Quirkydude04/08/09 10:59 AM
x*You will have to call to get that. There are too many Variables and it is Best per Kail to call :) NT
Moosie04/08/09 12:06 PM
x*I called a few hours ago (and emailed). Anxiously awaiting to find out pricing! :) NT
luvmykitties04/08/09 12:14 PM
x*Hey kitties.. Brenda will be back on Monday but Hillary and staff are instructed to take your info down for her.. but DO leave a message NT
Moosie04/08/09 12:23 PM
x*so I shouldn't expect to hear anything until monday when Brenda is back?
luvmykitties04/08/09 12:27 PM
x*try here quirky
Belle04/08/09 11:04 AM
x*Is there any acutal mingling with the former houseguests aside from Q&A sessions? NT
Quirkydude04/08/09 11:08 AM
x*yes NT
Moosie04/08/09 12:01 PM
x*yes there is a luncheon and formal dinner, as well as karokee night
Janiebb604/08/09 11:12 AM
x*What janie said but on a bit more of a timed schedule involving events around the Resort..
Moosie04/08/09 12:11 PM
x*Janie are you going?
zzziiinnnggg04/08/09 11:24 AM
x*HIIII! I miss the pond too!
Janiebb604/08/09 12:06 PM
x*I'm working on it. It would drive me nuts to miss it. NT
zzziiinnnggg04/08/09 12:09 PM
x*check a few posts below...she reveals all! LOL :D NT
BBInsider104/08/09 11:33 AM
x*I left a VM and waiting for a call back on pricing. I expect they may be getting a lot of calls ;) NT
luvmykitties04/08/09 11:02 AM
x*I think you have to call Kails lodge. The number should be somewhere on this forum..? NT
Janiebb604/08/09 11:01 AM
x*I am going to the Kails Reality reunion so is Beau, Ashlea, Alex bb9
Janiebb604/08/09 10:55 AM
x*Awesome Janie! i so wanna go! wah!! NT
WildStrawberry04/09/09 11:14 AM
x*Yayyyyy!!!! Hi Janie!!!! :) NT
jedidriller04/08/09 12:39 PM
x*Hi Janie! You all need to youtube this :) NT
JJMtl04/08/09 12:08 PM
x*Hi Janelle..This sounds like it will be alot of fun.. NT
Ringo04/08/09 11:20 AM
x*hi Janie! sounds fun! :) NT
BBlatin04/08/09 10:58 AM
x*Hi BBlatin!!!!! NT
Janiebb604/08/09 11:00 AM
x*Hi Janie! It's great that y'all are getting together. I hope that there will be a few chats
Gingerbread04/08/09 10:57 AM
x*I believe Moosie will be setting that up during the event. :D NT
BBInsider104/08/09 11:22 AM
x*Good! The chat from the other get-together was fun. NT
Gingerbread04/08/09 11:27 AM
x*There will be video camera's there to tape the event! Please come! NT
Janiebb604/08/09 10:58 AM
x*Sure will! I know that Moosie will keep us posted. Have fun! NT
Gingerbread04/08/09 10:59 AM
x*Hi Jani.. How are you?? wish I were coming ..I would love to meet to you.. can't wait for all the updates! NT
PinkVelvet04/08/09 10:57 AM
x*UPDATE - Janie and a few others are going!
luvmykitties04/08/09 10:50 AM
x*Janie, Ashlea, Beau, Kaysar and Alex BB9 are now going.. Please go to the EVENT werbsite for more information
Moosie04/08/09 12:04 PM
x*wow...more just keep jumping on the bandwagon! NT
dynomite04/08/09 04:58 PM
x*fyi - the website doesn't reflect Janie and the other new additions yet ;) NT
luvmykitties04/08/09 12:22 PM
x*The website does not reflec tthe changes as Kail did not let me know to update it as she was in a meeting today. it will be updated shortly NT
Moosie04/08/09 12:24 PM
x*So Ashley and Beau are attending...what about Joe, Jill and Hunter? NT
seamus04/08/09 12:11 PM
x*aww man.. I wish I could go.. sounds like Kail better make her place bigger or rent some RVs NT
PinkVelvet04/08/09 10:54 AM
x*UPDATE -. Adding in Parker from BB9.. HE IS ALSO Attending the Event!!
Moosie04/07/09 05:13 PM
x*There was a booking issue earlier.. so the event.. IS ** May 3rd - May 6th**
Moosie04/06/09 06:26 PM
x*I hear Alex BB9 is going & there is a "rumor" that a VERY popular former HG MAY go...:)
bblover6804/07/09 05:38 AM
x* Thanks :) and YES .. People need to call and book their rooms NOW as space is limited as said..
Moosie04/07/09 06:23 AM
x*UPDATE.. Zach had to cancel but Howie has confirmed along with April BB10...
Moosie04/04/09 11:27 AM
x*Howie would make it worth the trip! :) I hope they all have fun! NT
Drakes_Granny04/05/09 07:40 PM
x*Talked to him Friday night and he is really exited to be back for another rendition of the Monkee's Homecoming Queen.. and Archie's Sugar Sugar :) NT
Moosie04/05/09 07:42 PM
x*tell me which person doesnt belong here lol NT
uvp04/04/09 11:35 AM
x*I'll take a stab at it...Cowboy? ;) NT
Starr04/04/09 11:38 AM
uvp04/04/09 11:40 AM
x*Why? NT
MyBestBud04/04/09 11:44 AM
x*the rest just seem different from him . its hard to explain but when i first looked at the
uvp04/04/09 11:46 AM
x*Actually I think it is a very diverse group from across the Seasons and should make for some interesting fun times and photos :) NT
Moosie04/04/09 12:03 PM
x*Dani? NT
Starr04/04/09 11:44 AM
x*Thanks for all the updates Moosie! Could be the year that has the most hg's going. :-) NT
MyBestBud04/04/09 11:29 AM
x*.. and then some :) NT
Moosie04/04/09 11:33 AM
x**** UPDATE - add on Michelle Costa BB10 ... and others are about to confirm as well NT
Moosie03/30/09 11:45 AM
x*Michael "Cowboy" Ellis from Big Brother 5 has confirmed as well :) NT
Moosie03/31/09 02:12 PM
x*The current 8 scheduled to appear...
Moosie03/31/09 04:14 PM
x*Adding on.. The current 9 scheduled to appear...
Moosie04/01/09 09:03 PM
x*This is getting better and better!!!!! LOLOLOL NT
PinkVelvet04/02/09 06:03 AM
x*LOL now that Steven is out, James is the only one I'd actually care to meet =O NT
SpinelessSwine04/02/09 07:36 PM
x*I just want to know all the gossip! NT
PinkVelvet04/03/09 08:21 AM
x*More are pending .. waiting on schedules.. stay tuned :) NT
Moosie04/02/09 07:59 PM
x*Just got word from Steven Daigle BB10 this morning.. He's being called back to Iraq.. .:(
Moosie04/02/09 11:06 AM
x*Updated 8....
Moosie04/02/09 04:50 PM
x*cowboy...ha NT
dynomite04/06/09 08:33 AM
x*The whole bottom row is just... yikes lol. I wonder if Michelle and Brian will get along. NT
beachykeen04/05/09 12:37 PM
x*There were a lot of different personalities last year and they all got along quite well as what you see in the BB house isn't..
Moosie04/05/09 07:39 PM
x*next year they need to do this on the east coast! NT
dynomite04/06/09 12:02 PM
x*Good Idea :) Share the love.. bi-coastal :) NT
Moosie04/06/09 12:08 PM
x*definitely..then maybe we can let the 3rd coast(chicago) get some love too. NT
dynomite04/06/09 08:52 PM
x*LOL at 3rd Coast.. There are certainly a lot of fans from the area.. also Texas and Southeast.. and Holla to Hawaii too :) NT
Moosie04/07/09 02:38 AM
x*Aww...poor Steven NT
BBInsider104/02/09 06:59 PM
x*x :( NT
SpinelessSwine04/02/09 07:37 PM
x*Hopefully he'll be back soon and get some time to go up there anyway.. great place to decompress.. :( NT
Moosie04/02/09 07:10 PM
*Evel Dick latest blog post about Daniele (goes deep!)
tv_savage87113 141   06/18/13 02:08 PM
x*Evil Dick shows his true colors once again ranting about how awful his daughter is to the internet.The DAY after her wedding day?!
Pugsley07/23/13 10:03 AM
x*Dani is an ungrateful horror who is abusive and Dick's saying it like it is NT
chachazoom07/21/13 01:58 PM
x*Disgusting! No matter what a child does, you don't try to destroy them in public. What parent does that? He truly is Evil. NT
Mom24teens07/17/13 09:51 AM
x*Clearly your daughter is fed up with ALL your past BS. I can't imagine having to deal with you. Your attempts to bribe her and set up gigs without her
Pugsley07/14/13 11:02 AM
x*Your 15 minutes of fame is up OLD MAN! Your rantings of hate are tiring and old.
Pugsley07/14/13 10:49 AM
x*I believe every word. That is how she came across on tv- a spoiled rotten brat NT
renka1307/09/13 02:50 PM
x*True or not, what kinda parent airs this about their own child? As a parent, he should be ashamed of the job he did as a parent...even if you believe
jonjon8207/09/13 10:01 PM
x*how many times do you think she has died in his eyes before this last event?
IwantHOH07/05/13 04:50 AM
x*Dick , a true dick!
IwantHOH07/05/13 04:01 AM
x*Sad, lonely old man
scorchy07/04/13 07:09 PM
x*ED can do no wrong in his eyes. Seriously he's in need of some self-interrogation. NT
Toka07/02/13 02:53 PM
x*To be honest I believe every word of it. And I am not an ED fan. NT
Brn2Wander06/29/13 02:13 PM
x*I've known Dani for several years, having interacted with her at several charity events (where she definitely did not hide in the VIP area), and
DaveG07/04/13 01:44 AM
x*Wow! That was harsh, but I have no doubt she led him to that point. People try and try and when someone is awful to you, it just takes you to a
RealityAddictNC06/29/13 01:38 PM
x*Can't pick your relatives. NT
rodh06/29/13 07:53 AM
Cindy06/23/13 05:53 PM
x*That about says it all, Cindy! ;) NT
Theory06/24/13 08:58 PM
x*He is soooo repulsive and proves it yet again with this blog. Cannot blame Dani one bit for wanting nothing to do with this dbag. NT
cimcoe06/23/13 05:15 PM
x*I do defend him! Dani is a spoiled brat. All about herself. I think Dick is very hurt by her. NT
Panda406/23/13 12:51 PM
x*Dick's Dirty Laundry.....You say Daniele is "Dead to you"? Well, Dick, you're "dead" to many of us!...
BBenthusiast06/21/13 05:23 PM
x*Thanks for sharing. I agree with almost every word you wrote. NT
DaveG07/04/13 01:46 AM
x*This relationship has had failings from both sides of monumemtal proportions. Its best that they give each ot room. NT
rodh06/25/13 06:52 AM
x*This is a truly beautiful post. I am not even a fan of Danielle, but her father is a detestable excuse for a human. NT
LibraLady06/23/13 06:33 PM
x*Great post! NT
cimcoe06/23/13 06:04 PM
x*From the amount of people passionately commenting on him, I'd say he's alive and well NT
FurnitureAlliance06/22/13 04:56 PM
x*My comment was placed in the obituary comments. LOL! NT
CougarSpy06/22/13 05:09 PM
x*Very well said! NT
mokhashin06/22/13 02:56 AM
x*Well said! NT
dustysnemisis06/21/13 07:21 PM
x*So spot on and eloquent! NT
LilKsweezy06/21/13 07:17 PM
x*Well said! NT
Marley06/21/13 06:11 PM
x*They pretty much deserve each other NT
Greenway06/21/13 04:05 PM
x*Very sad NT
MsB06/21/13 01:39 PM
x*"To me, she is dead"...holy *****. NT
CJinIowa06/21/13 12:58 PM
x*I've always wondered at that phrase.... did you plan a funeral and a wake? Did everyone eat fried chicken?
jenniell06/21/13 01:17 PM
x*I have absolutely no doubt in my mind ED is telling it like it is. IMO, its so easy to see Daniele for the moody, whiny spoiled brat that she is... NT
eibeh00706/21/13 12:49 PM
x*agreed NT
txladybug06/21/13 09:26 PM
x*100% agree. NT
SeattleJen4206/21/13 05:02 PM
x*Not that I'm a fan of ED...but to me, easily the lesser of two evils NT
eibeh00706/21/13 12:53 PM
x*Richard parenting 101. 1. Throw out unconditional love. 2. Try to buy love 3. Treat your child like crap if you ever bother to see them.
CougarSpy06/21/13 04:02 AM
x*Dont forget
IwantHOH07/05/13 04:20 AM
x*WOW, That makes me So Sad.. I recall How hard ED tried on BB8, And I saw She was Young and well Dani..But never knew it was this bad. So Sad.. :-( NT
Taelyn06/20/13 11:34 PM
x*MAYBE, just maybe, she's giving back to him for the 10 years he really wasn't in her life? He's disgusting and she's a spoiled bi*#ch...
MissJamesWhine06/20/13 09:22 PM
x*read this whole mess yesterday... superfucked. NT
shortcake06/20/13 07:07 PM
x*Well From what I see, ED gets A LOT of ??'s about Dani, The wedding, Things like that.. He's actually stayed quiet a LONG time considering they got
Taelyn06/20/13 11:47 PM
x*He didn't HAVE to write it. He never should have written it. I don't care what pushed him over the proverbial edge, he's a father.
Marley06/21/13 01:12 PM
x*He is in no way a father
IwantHOH07/05/13 04:23 AM
x*i hear you... it's just sad is all. NT
shortcake06/21/13 03:54 AM
x*i believe what he says about daniele... just going by what i've seen of her. can't stand either one of them. NT
sliver01306/20/13 11:38 AM
x*I agree with you, my co worker is going thru the exact same thing with her step daughter. I am shocked at what her husband puts up with
fem29insd06/20/13 03:00 PM
x*i've seen enough of dani to believe ed also :) my only problem is airing his dirty laundry in public. as far as i can tell dani hasn't stooped this
Belle06/21/13 07:56 AM
x*well she did bad mouth him on tv. lol But i am one for keeping things in private also. NT
fem29insd06/21/13 08:21 AM
x*I can't believe anyone would think it's okay for a father to post him and his daughter's private life on blast like this. It's just horrible
LilKsweezy06/20/13 10:24 AM
x*ITA! He is gross for doing this. Most of what he described is petty BS. Parents are supposed to look past that stuff because they are the parents! NT
Lucy93106/20/13 01:12 PM
x*I agree with you. Not a fan of hers at all either but at least she doesn't stoop to this level. It's NOOB. NT
nodoubter106/20/13 11:19 AM
x*well it sounds like he TRIED for many yrs on diff occasions..its sad that she cant grow up, dont get me wrong i'm a Dani & ED fan..
stewart06/20/13 09:26 AM
x*what did he try and when ?
IwantHOH07/05/13 04:29 AM
x*No, Dickhead is a piece of sh*t. He treats his kids like ***** and never was there to raise them as partying in Europe was much more important!!!
KristinAshley06/20/13 10:37 AM
x*I don't know either personally or in RL and so I'm not going to say he's lying. As far as the registry, those things rarely work right! Which
Whirley06/20/13 02:30 PM
vmaw06/20/13 08:49 AM
x*Nobody on this forum has walked the walk he has
MadHatter06/20/13 09:39 AM
x*The majority of BB fans LOVE their favorite HGs blindly...
eibeh00706/21/13 01:30 PM
x*I absolutely DO know that I would NEVER say anything like what Dick has said about Danielle publicly....I would never walk one step in his shoes!
vmaw06/20/13 06:23 PM
x*A man blogs about his child being dead to him because she's a spoiled brat who doesn't appreciate him and those who criticize are on a high horse?
cantgetenough06/20/13 09:54 AM
x*See what I mean ?TY for proving the point
MadHatter06/20/13 11:21 AM
x*I'll stay put up on my high horse if it keeps me away from Dick Donato and anyone like him. I don't have to walk an inch in his shoes to know
vmaw06/20/13 06:25 PM
x*Just because she choses not to air her private life on social media sites says nothing about her not being able to dispute his claims NT
mokhashin06/20/13 09:45 AM
x*she sounds way too selfish to have kids IF what hes saying is true. NT
stewart06/20/13 09:27 AM
x*He cannot have clue about most of the things he wrote about, he actually cannot know who Dani is in contact with and who not. Also, he has no clue
mokhashin06/20/13 09:41 AM
x*Wonder what happened when Dani was 11 that she turned into such a horrible person according to ED? Probably explains a lot of what happened since. NT
Corndogger06/20/13 02:47 AM
x*ED & DANI are 2 sick people
leonhardt06/19/13 06:48 PM
x*To be fair, Dani sort of has disappeared, apart from few tweets here and there, she just lives her life., NT
mokhashin06/19/13 06:51 PM
x*I wish Dani would tweet more, but I understand why she doesn't!! NT
BBCru0906/19/13 08:42 PM
x*Reading that, And only knowining them (and I say that loosely) from BB I can honestly say that eveything he says here
Gorf06/19/13 04:27 PM
x*Reading that, I can honestly say that everything he says here
cimcoe06/23/13 06:22 PM
x*It doesn't matter...he is her father. Even if he does feel that way, he should keep it to himself. He is a sorry excuse for a father. NT
vmaw06/20/13 08:50 AM
x*thank you...and that IS the point!!! NT
jonjon8207/09/13 09:47 PM
x*Gorf...spot on! NT
MisterMac06/19/13 07:28 PM
x*It seems that this "truth" has aweird timing of coming out. It didn't happen after the univitation to the wedding. Dani has done nothing
mokhashin06/19/13 06:29 PM
x*Yup, it comes out right before BB season so he can sell subscriptions to his show. NT
allieFTW06/19/13 08:09 PM
x*That blog looks like it was written on geocities in 1998 NT
Gorf06/19/13 04:11 PM
x*He just retweeted the link an hour ago. It seems he's doing the blog to get people to sign up for his BB show. Yuck! NT
traveler06/19/13 04:02 PM
x*I get it now, why he wrote this now. Fathers Day came and went, and Ed realized, that his kids are actually completely done with him. He didn't
mokhashin06/19/13 01:23 PM
x*yep I think you nailed it. NT
cimcoe06/23/13 06:14 PM
x*I think he's anticipating grandchildren, and he doesn't want to know them because of how painful that would be due to his relationship with Dani NT
FurnitureAlliance06/21/13 02:51 AM
x*Amen!! And he is supposed to be the adult parent! He's so gross to me. NT
vmaw06/20/13 08:51 AM
x*I could never as a parent put this out there for the world to read .. I do actually thnk Dani and Ed are the same in many ways as they were raised by
CatsMommie06/19/13 01:03 PM
mokhashin06/19/13 01:30 PM
x*Sending the gifts back unopened says "Nobody home here." It cuts off communication. Accepting the gifts made him expect a thank you note NT
FurnitureAlliance06/21/13 02:55 AM
x*a thank you note for a gift from Your father?
IwantHOH07/05/13 04:36 AM
x*For me, it doesn't matter what Dani SHOULD have done...had she had a decent dad who tried to be a role model, how would her life have been different
vmaw06/20/13 08:54 AM
x*You can return them without contacting him by returning them unopened to her grandmother or even refusing them when delivered .. I have done both
CatsMommie06/19/13 01:32 PM
x*I feel sorry for the family. No access to the higher road for Dick. Nothing about this blog was entertaining, it was one sided.. sad.
Disneyisme06/19/13 09:44 AM
x*ok i broke down and read it. lol immediately after "I truly do not care anymore" ED goes into a rant about his hurt feelings lol bet Dani just
AceRimmer06/19/13 09:36 AM
x*I have never liked ED or Daniele, but he usually tells it like it is.
sport206/19/13 04:21 AM
x*I can't help but feel sorry for Dominic. Poor guy marrying into the dysfunctional, fractured Donato family... NT
eibeh00706/21/13 09:12 PM
x*Telling it like it is? They always say there are two sides to every story and in between somewhere is the truth. NT
allieFTW06/19/13 03:40 PM
x*he tells it how 'he' sees it, not how it IS. and some fans of his see it the same way. NT
AceRimmer06/19/13 09:06 AM
x*He usually lies which there are a lot of in that blog. For instance he said she hasn't spoken to her brother in years. She has not only a good
KristinAshley06/19/13 05:05 AM
x*But, there is also a lot of truth in what he said, too. NT
bblover6806/20/13 05:41 AM
x*She was a bratty teen, it's no news to anyone is it? NT
mokhashin06/20/13 10:08 AM
x*I had a couple of my own (we'll call it the teen years) but you would NEVER had read about it ANYWHERE!! NT
jonjon8207/09/13 09:27 PM
x*Yeah, I don't get the fanbase he has. ED is a freak show. NT
mlm200506/19/13 10:44 AM
x*I so agree!! I would never watch another BB episode if he was on it. NT
vmaw06/20/13 08:55 AM
x*We saw it in BB8. She whined and bitched while he twisted himself into a pretzel trying to please her NT
FurnitureAlliance06/19/13 01:26 AM
x*i did live feed transcriptions for hours a day that season. i understand your perspective but that isnt what happened. ED loudly badmouthed and underm
AceRimmer06/19/13 09:10 AM
x*Different feeds ? The only thing I saw was her whining & throwing tantrums. She stayed in bed for 2 days after jury questions because...
starrynite07/22/13 03:15 PM
x*I totally understand Dick. I have a daughter and two grandkids who are selfish. It is just sad how disrespectful many kids are these days. NT
Panda406/18/13 07:49 PM
x*May you NEVER take the opportunity to air YOUR failures at proper parenting! NT
jonjon8207/09/13 09:18 PM
x*who raised the selfish child?
IwantHOH07/05/13 04:44 AM
x*Selfishness goes way up the family tree in the Donato family tree too.. Grandma is a piece of work also. Good luck to Danielle and her children. NT
IceColdBeer06/19/13 11:23 AM
x*^^ where did they learn how to be so selfish? bad parenting shows its ugly head in many ways NT
AceRimmer06/19/13 09:14 AM
x*Amen!! NT
vmaw06/20/13 08:56 AM
x*Dick is an a-hole. His behavior over the years speaks for itself. NT
KristinAshley06/19/13 05:09 AM
x*I wouldn't want a father like him NT
Optics06/18/13 06:20 PM
x*I wouldn't want a daughter like her either NT
xrayradtec06/19/13 01:41 PM
x*So sorry for you all. NT
Dawplgangr06/18/13 04:57 PM
x*Assuming what he wrote is true (stretch), I can conclude 3 things. Dick thinks years of being a crappy parent can be solved with monetary value,
ScottySayz06/18/13 04:31 PM
x*He's an incurable BB addict, rather than an attention whore, imo NT
FurnitureAlliance06/19/13 01:28 AM
x*No he is an attention whore. What Dick needs to do is get off of twitter and do something productive for once in his miserable life. NT
KristinAshley06/19/13 05:11 AM
x*But if he tries to get a show going, something he likes doing, he's called an attention whore. He can't win NT
FurnitureAlliance06/21/13 03:13 AM
x*NOT a fan of Dani's either. Hated her whinny voice on both BB's!! NT
Oceanbeech06/18/13 04:24 PM
x*She wasn't whiny in BB13. That would be Rachel who cried after every comp. she didn't win. NT
KristinAshley06/19/13 05:14 AM
x*Please...she was whiny BOTH seasons she was on, moreso in BB8, but still whiny on BB13 NT
bblover6806/20/13 05:39 AM
x*It doesn't matter how whiney she was or wasn't, he had no business writing this blog...he is supposed to be the parent. He is disgusting! NT
vmaw06/20/13 08:57 AM
x*I think Daniele is better off without him in her life. Notice how everything is about $ with him? I bet he would bring it up constantly. NT
stargazerlilly06/18/13 04:24 PM
x*I bet $ is what Daniele understands and of course feels entitled too. Prayers for her husband NT
chachazoom07/21/13 02:06 PM
x*Both Dick's children are better off without him. They both seem pretty happy with their lives now that he is no longer in it. NT
KristinAshley06/19/13 05:15 AM
x*Absolutely disgusting, no wonder that family dynamic is all screwed up NT
bbtisrigged06/18/13 04:17 PM
x*It definitely reflects poorly on ED. NT
dustysnemisis06/18/13 04:19 PM
x*Agreed!! NT
KristinAshley06/19/13 05:16 AM
x*Remember the old saying "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree"? Kids are only as good as the parents who (didn't) raise them. NT
letsgooo06/18/13 04:15 PM
x*What makes me amazed the most is how he has the time to write a blog between delivering pizzas and mowing lawns. NT
IceColdBeer06/18/13 03:55 PM
KristinAshley06/19/13 05:16 AM
x*What an A$$! NT
mokhashin06/18/13 03:26 PM
x*This is sad for both parties involved : ( NT
Willstheman06/18/13 03:21 PM
x*That's the most vile thing I've ever read a father say. I'm sure Daniele has a lot of culpability, but honestly, who talks about that about their
Marley06/18/13 03:14 PM
x*And this is why he was not invited to the wedding. He brings up stuff she supposedly did when she was 11. OMG! NT
mokhashin06/18/13 03:37 PM
x*I completely agree with you, Marley. Absolutely disgusting and vile for ANY
0BBrules12306/18/13 03:31 PM
Stew06/18/13 02:53 PM
x*It's funny how he doesn't see that most of her dysfunctional behavior is from him NT
misty8806/18/13 02:52 PM
x*Wow. NT
dustysnemisis06/18/13 02:30 PM
*Janelle tweet (inside):
third57374 111   09/01/15 05:04 PM
x*Janelle gave homeless people Monopoly money and laughed. NT
quint3809/18/15 05:10 AM
x*Go Jani! Love you Jani!
janiluv09/10/15 01:28 PM
x*Janie, I care what you said about BB9 Natalie on here. I loved you until you showed how low class you were spreading gossip about a fellow BB HG. NT
starrynite09/04/15 10:35 AM
x*See, this is out of context for me, becaue I don't follow either of them on Twitter. I think that such attacks or insults should be made in private...
Rosiet09/03/15 02:20 PM
x*awww now there is the jani I know NT
Belle09/02/15 01:35 PM
x*Is Janelle too dumb to realize that she has more followers than Jun because she's been on the show 3 times and there was no Twitter back in BB4? NT
Corndogger09/02/15 01:16 PM
x*Janelle has more followers because she has 3x more fans. Jun is so nasty and mean always has been. Hate is what Jun does the best. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:12 AM
x*Jun doesn't have more followers cus she's a bitch to everyone. NT
Rainedrop09/02/15 08:34 PM
x*Wow, maybe less followers now. That's mean. NT
klincos09/02/15 01:09 PM
x*Well there is something Jun is better at than Janelle. She is Queen Bitch of Big Brother and in real life. Jun is garbage at best. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:15 AM
x*janelle is gross NT
Hawkman09/01/15 10:36 PM
x*I'm team janelle on this one. Jun is an absolute horrible person who picks fights with everyone and always has something mean to say to someone.
Marceline09/01/15 06:58 PM
x*Janelle made racist comments about Hispanics and Asians in her season. NT
quint3809/18/15 05:11 AM
x*Did you need to post the same comment four times? NT
BBO09/18/15 11:15 AM
x*You're no Margaret Cho, Jun. NT
amber42809/03/15 10:51 AM
x*BINGO! Jun can be funny SOMETIMES but she is a very hateful person... as I've always said.. she does anything to try and stay relevant. NT
mmd09/02/15 01:12 PM
x*Janelle going after Jun's weight in real life is something almost no one else would get away with without being vilified. NT
Brian36209/01/15 05:27 PM
x*Jun rips everyone apart, her family, her in laws and even strangers, you name it Jun is a pro at trash talking. Ask her brother or father in law. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:19 AM
x*She's a crybaby when she's on the receiving end of the trash talking. NT
Blockhead09/06/15 10:22 AM
x*No worse than Jun attacking Janie as a parent. BTW there is a lot worse said here and on twitter about hg's. NT
kat00409/01/15 05:28 PM
x*Janelle made racist comments about Hispanics and Asians on her season. NT
quint3809/18/15 05:11 AM
x*It is worse since that was discussing a HG in the game. But that is besides the point unless you consider Janie/Jun equally horrible. NT
Brian36209/01/15 05:44 PM
x*Jun went after Janelle for no good reason and Janelle wasn't having it. I don't think the nasty reply looks good on her, though. NT
kmjm09/01/15 05:23 PM
x*Jun is famous for hitting below the belt. That's her only claim to fame. She'll say anything for attention. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:58 AM
x*Jun was responding to Janelle's previous tweet. NT
Brian36209/01/15 05:28 PM
x*Go Janie!!! NT
todo09/01/15 05:22 PM
x*A lot of HG's that don't usually tweet to each other have started lately ... rumors about a Legends season must be heating up in certain circles NT
mebe09/01/15 05:21 PM
x*Oh dear these things never end well NT
Dulcie09/01/15 05:20 PM
x*Classy NT
Sunflower_Girl09/01/15 05:19 PM
x*Janelle is a turd, Insulting someone on their weight, amount of followers, using the jealousy card. Sign of someone that has nothing else but looks NT
Euphz09/01/15 05:18 PM
x*Janelle also made racist comments about Hispanics and Asians in her season. NT
quint3809/18/15 05:12 AM
x*read juns timeline NT
naomii09/01/15 05:20 PM
x*don't have to, nothing justifies the low class comments janelle did NT
Euphz09/01/15 05:40 PM
x*so you haven't read Jun's tweets NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:23 AM
x*Janie s got a gun NT
321509/01/15 05:17 PM
x*LOL I just love Janelle!! NT
Brn2Wander09/01/15 05:17 PM
x*I can't stand Jun!! Good job, Janie!! NT
Kapri09/01/15 05:16 PM
x*I personally can't take too much of Jun on twitter. I just don't buy her act. NT
eureca09/01/15 05:16 PM
x*Right? NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:55 AM
x*Love u Janie you tell that cow! NT
Rainedrop09/01/15 05:14 PM
x*Oh Boy! NT
koala09/01/15 05:14 PM
x*Janie sounds like a three year old...resorting to calling someone "fat" sounds unintelligent. Find your life, Janie! NT
RavenMurphree09/01/15 05:12 PM
x*Janie has a great life, its Jun who needs to get a life outside of twitter. Janie knows that's the only way 2 get Jun to understand is answer
kat00409/01/15 05:21 PM
x*I'm friends with both of these women and they BOTH have great lives outside of Twitter and they are BOTH good mothers...they are just different. NT
bblover6809/02/15 04:59 AM
x*So you believe every thing Jun says? She is on twitter 1,000 times a day trying to validate her greatness. I guess she can sell her BS. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:27 AM
x*Janelle has beef with Jun, because Jun criticized Janie big time for leaving her baby to play bb14 NT
Usernamejax09/01/15 05:11 PM
x*Which is funny, cuz Janelle's baby was with her nanny and I had heard that she visited with Violet in the DR NT
Kapri09/01/15 05:14 PM
x*For now that is myth not truth, the only concession I heard from Janie's mouth that had she go to jury, they would let her have Violet NT
Usernamejax09/01/15 05:17 PM
x*oh ok... still, it's not like she abandoned her baby. Her baby was well taken care of NT
Kapri09/01/15 05:20 PM
x*regardless, nobody should insult her choices as a mother. Jun should have learned from her own season where she insulted a child & parent NT
nicholaspuppy09/01/15 05:16 PM
x*Janelle also made racist comments about Hispanics and Asians in her season. Nobody should make racist comments. NT
quint3809/18/15 05:13 AM
x*I agree totally. I hate when people bring up the "Mother card" NT
Kapri09/01/15 05:18 PM
x*it was horrible when people did it to Libra too. NT
nicholaspuppy09/01/15 05:18 PM
x*Yes, it was!! James has a small child and no one brings that up. So did Derrick- hate double standards! NT
Kapri09/01/15 05:21 PM
x*And Devin had a daughter I think. NT
kmjm09/01/15 05:25 PM
x*exactly! NT
nicholaspuppy09/01/15 05:24 PM
x*yeah and they both fight similarly, although Janelle doesn't do it constantly, the way Jun does. NT
nicholaspuppy09/01/15 05:12 PM
x*Exactly, Jani is pretty positive till you f with her. NT
BayouMudbug09/01/15 05:16 PM
x*absolutely NT
Usernamejax09/01/15 05:18 PM
x*I just love that Janie slammed Jun that fast and so hard NT
Usernamejax09/01/15 05:15 PM
x*Me too!! :-) NT
Kapri09/01/15 05:23 PM
x*It doesn't count when you've bought 2/3rds of those Twitter followers. NT
WendyDarling09/01/15 05:11 PM
x*Janie doesn't tweet a million times a day professing her greatness. Jun spends her life trying to convince people she's above everyone. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:33 AM
x*Ha VERY true NT
Sunflower_Girl09/01/15 05:18 PM
x*LMAO. True. Bye bye bitches. They both kinda suck as people, but at least Jun didn't suck at Big Brother. NT
krh503809/01/15 05:12 PM
x*She sucks at life. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:34 AM
x*Jun is a nasty bitter piece of trash talking nobody. NT
lianna09/01/15 05:10 PM
x*^ this NT
Rainedrop09/01/15 05:16 PM
x*I just have to say, I think your profile pic is absolutely hilarious NT
Kramerk909/01/15 05:10 PM
x*Jun trashes everyone on Twitter. NT
ILuvMySteelers09/01/15 05:09 PM
x*Constantly tweeting random, boring s**t - She needs to get a life. NT
bb4peeker09/01/15 05:14 PM
x*Jun has a great life, just like Janie does. She owns a business and takes good care of her kid and husband. Doesn't mean she can't tweet... NT
bblover6809/02/15 05:02 AM
x*She's desperate for attention. If her life was so great she wouldn't be on twitter trying to convince everyone how great it is. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:36 AM
x*Exactly this! I've seen so many post on here about her tweets! Like, doesn't she have a family & a life? bc all she does is trash BB, HG, fans NT
ILuvMySteelers09/01/15 05:18 PM
x*This^^^^^ she seems like the most miserable person. NT
Marceline09/01/15 07:00 PM
x*OMG you are so right. Jun is a miserable person. That says it all. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:39 AM
x*people really take BB too seriously, everybody needs to relax NT
Poz09/01/15 05:08 PM
x*wow!! she sounds like a high schooler. i bet she would fit perfectly in with the twins. NT
Dani09/01/15 05:08 PM
x*Well, Jun sits on twitter all day talking trash. NT
RikaJ09/01/15 05:08 PM
x*I don't think you will find anyone that lives on twitter like Jun. It's impossible. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:41 AM
x*So do a lot of people... NT
bblover6809/02/15 05:03 AM
x*Thats all she does, same way she played BB NT
BayouMudbug09/01/15 05:10 PM
x*At least she knows how to play Big Brother. Janelle is a three time loser. NT
krh503809/01/15 05:11 PM
x*Janelle is far from a loser. No way would Jun EVER win America's Favorite Player. That's called a WINNER. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:44 AM
x*Jun won BB because her and Alison were both hated but Alison made all the moves. Jun didn't do anything but trash talk. Like she continues to
BayouMudbug09/01/15 05:14 PM
x*I disagree with that 100%, but at least she wasn't convinced to evict her best friend. Janelle has no strategy but winning comps and flirting. NT
krh503809/01/15 05:25 PM
x*She got F3 twice, that's not a loser NT
Usernamejax09/01/15 05:13 PM
x*She didn't win 3 times. That means she lost 3 times. NT
krh503809/01/15 05:14 PM
x*What?? Geez. That escalated quickly. LOL NT
DiamondK09/01/15 05:07 PM
x*Heh. Vanessa's game play sure does inspire some passionate takes! NT
AdamAndEvel09/01/15 05:09 PM
x*& causes lots of drama, even outside the house! Haha love it NT
ILuvMySteelers09/01/15 05:13 PM
x*Yep. The fuel that drives the season is definitely in this Van. NT
AdamAndEvel09/01/15 05:18 PM
x*Truthbomb 2.0 gotta luv Janie lol NT
deeplakes09/01/15 05:06 PM
x*both don't give a dang what they say.....lol NT
dillybean09/01/15 05:06 PM
x*Is she in a twitter war with Jun or what is going on ? As that is so harsh, do they have a history or has Jun trashed and bashed Janelle ? NT
May09/01/15 05:05 PM
x*Jun is ugly to the bone and mean as hell. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:47 AM
x*Jun is an idiot. Got into it with Mel saying Vanessa is a drughead NT
BayouMudbug09/01/15 05:08 PM
x*She is NT
bblover6809/01/15 07:23 PM
x*Because she takes prescribed meds, she's a "drug head"? Jun calls her a crackhead and other stuff. I like Jun, but they're low, immature blows.
Starr09/03/15 05:36 AM
x*They're fighting over Vanessa. NT
krh503809/01/15 05:06 PM
x*Geaux Jani!! NT
BayouMudbug09/01/15 05:05 PM
x*ouch NT
jube09/01/15 05:05 PM
x*wtf. NT
banner_boy09/01/15 05:05 PM
x*Going right to attacking somebody on their looks, sign of a small mind. NT
krh503809/01/15 05:05 PM
x*OMG Janelle doesn't trash peoples looks. That would be Jun. Janelle is just calling a spade a spade. NT
madjellybean09/06/15 10:49 AM
x*Jun asks for it. NT
lianna09/01/15 05:09 PM
x*well Jun can definitely dish it out so...get it...'dish'...that's actually funny NT
naomii09/01/15 05:06 PM
x*Have you read Juns tweats she attacks looks and calls van a drug addict NT
Evelrocker09/01/15 05:06 PM
x*yeah, Jun and Janelle are basically taking similar tweeting tactics. NT
nicholaspuppy09/01/15 05:11 PM
x*are we sure she isn't named Janelle Nolen? NT
banner_boy09/01/15 05:05 PM
x*Haha NT
krh503809/01/15 05:06 PM
*Get TICKETS to see Dr. Will Kirby on The Doctors!
pudding64477 94   11/03/08 10:23 AM
x*Thanks for passing the news along, pudding. Also, another reminder for his 2nd appearance on QVC on 11/9
BBInsider111/03/08 04:40 PM
x*Thanks Insider! NT
Tarfan11/03/08 08:25 PM
x*LOL! I promise I didn't drink the kool-aid :-)
BBInsider111/03/08 08:59 PM
x*You're coming around...yay! NT
Tarfan11/03/08 09:04 PM
x*:::sigh::: you wish lol NT
BBInsider111/03/08 10:10 PM
x*I'm working on it...
Tarfan11/03/08 10:20 PM
x*so u admit u have an addiction problem lol! NT
BBInsider111/03/08 10:45 PM
x*lol, no NT
Tarfan11/03/08 11:49 PM
x*;-P NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:53 PM
x*Suurrre you didn't.....
MyBestBud11/03/08 09:02 PM
x*never touched it :) NT
BBInsider111/03/08 10:12 PM
x*mmhmm :) NT
BBlatin11/03/08 10:13 PM
x*Smells and sounds fishy huh Latin! lol. NT
MyBestBud11/03/08 10:55 PM
x*heck no. u just didn't shower yet ;-P NT
BBInsider111/03/08 10:58 PM
x*LMAO, I knew I was setting myself up for a smart remark. Hee Hee. NT
MyBestBud11/03/08 10:59 PM
x*LOL!! :-D NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:08 PM
MyBestBud11/03/08 11:09 PM
BBInsider111/03/08 11:17 PM
x*new avi? NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:17 PM
x*suppose so :) NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:26 PM
x*I'm bored :/ NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:18 PM
x*:/....Insider, r u still here? NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:21 PM
x*miss me, BBL?! :) NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:25 PM
x*meh :p NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:26 PM
x*is that supposed to be English? :-P NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:29 PM
x*oui :p NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:31 PM
x*::waves hello to BBFrench::: NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:31 PM
x*she's out trying to get the latest Will news for us :) NT
Tarfan11/03/08 11:22 PM
x*u know me ohhh so well! :D NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:31 PM
x*getting there NT
Tarfan11/03/08 11:46 PM
x*however, ur in cold territory :-P NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:52 PM
x*she's too busy watching my myspace making sure I don't bump her out by mistake again :p NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:22 PM
x*LOL! "big brother" is watching u NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:25 PM
x*"mistake"...but i understand >:) NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:23 PM
x*LOL..it totally was..the new myspace profiles are screwy. :/ NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:23 PM
x*sure NT
Dexter11/03/08 11:24 PM
x*I am many things..but I am not a liar :) NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:25 PM
x*your myspace profile suggests otherwise, hmmmmm NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:35 PM
x*how so?? NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:36 PM
x*check your "about me" section LOL!
BBInsider111/03/08 11:38 PM
x*Oh..lol..I thought it was the 101 yr old thing :/ NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:38 PM
x*well yeah, but i'm 99 (so uhh that one doesn't count) NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:40 PM
x*you whipper snapper :) NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:42 PM
x*i'm thinking of going on BB to beat Jerry's record! jk NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:43 PM
x*uh oh busted! NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:38 PM
x*LMAO..at least I was honest about it :) NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:39 PM
x*honest about lying? NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:41 PM
x*of course :) NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:41 PM
x*don't act like you don't know NT
Dexter11/03/08 11:37 PM
x**chews gum loudly* what?? NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:37 PM
x*Is it wrong I rarely look at anyone's page?? I never do :/ NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:40 PM
x*how can you not look at my page...it's awesome, go listen to Lady Gaga.....NOW ! NT
Dexter11/03/08 11:41 PM
x*btw, i wanna see MORE of your page mr. change those limits!! :D NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:42 PM
x*I am going on Dance Your Ass Off..and well Dance my Ass off..it's a 10 year long series :p NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:44 PM
x*im a minimalist =/ NT
Dexter11/03/08 11:44 PM
x*give it up, Gary! NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:46 PM
Dexter11/03/08 11:47 PM
x*I told you Gary..people wanna see comments..what exactly are you hiding? NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:43 PM
x*he's definitely hiding something. NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:44 PM
x*your correct :(
Dexter11/03/08 11:46 PM
BBlatin11/03/08 11:49 PM
x**winks* loves it NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:50 PM
x*well, now that we know..u can just reveal it all! no need to hide it. Lusty Latin FTW NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:48 PM
x*woot!! NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:49 PM
x*he is probably a hob knobber and doesn't want us to know it!..Dammit Gary you have Shatner don't you? NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:45 PM
x*I don't even have the thingy about what changes people make open on my page...LOL
_paradise_11/03/08 11:42 PM
x*I believe u :) lol NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:27 PM
x*They are..they tell you you have a top thirty and only show 28..stupid profile. NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:25 PM
x*well the gang's all here i see! NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:24 PM
x*whats the name of the gang? NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:25 PM
x*"sexy and the beast(s)* me being the sexy of course ;) NT
Dexter11/03/08 11:27 PM
x*yeah, i could be a beast ;) NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:38 PM
x*i bet you can ;) NT
Dexter11/03/08 11:40 PM
x*;) NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:42 PM
x*is LatinFTW back on?! hahaha NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:42 PM
x*he wishes NT
Dexter11/03/08 11:43 PM
x*whatever! NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:44 PM
x*prude =/ NT
Dexter11/03/08 11:46 PM
x*im not! >:/ NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:51 PM
x*i made a new avi in honor of you
Dexter11/04/08 12:05 AM
x*OMG!!! u stalker! NT
BBlatin11/04/08 08:37 AM
x*"Big Brother" is watching you 8-D NT
BBInsider111/04/08 09:51 AM
x*o.m.g.!! lolol awesome NT
BBInsider111/04/08 12:35 AM
x*I <3 prudes NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:49 PM
x*Prunes are good for you. :) NT
TonyClaus11/03/08 11:51 PM
x*lol NT
Tarfan11/03/08 11:52 PM
x*aww..thanks :) NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:49 PM
x*yw, Prudise NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:51 PM
x*LC! NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:47 PM
x*yes, she is a prude, good example :) NT
Dexter11/03/08 11:47 PM
x*U 2 crack me up NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:45 PM
x*lol wtf? NT
BBlatin11/03/08 11:43 PM
x**covers ears* NT
_paradise_11/03/08 11:26 PM
x*i won't go there! ha! NT
BBInsider111/03/08 11:28 PM
*Letter from Marcellas
Jokerette81207 89   09/22/08 06:57 PM
x*Marcellas confuses the hell out of me. He knows the game well. Why would he give the money to someone who did not deserve it
zzziiinnnggg10/11/08 10:04 PM
x*Thats right zzziiinnnggg! Janelle did deserve it for her game play in all stars, she even beat out the "idolized" Dr. Will for AC, that says alot! Is
hooked_on_reality10/12/08 07:30 AM
x*Okay, firstly, I don't think Janelle's "game play" was what earned her AC.
10bdavis10/13/08 02:44 PM
x*Fan favorite is correct. Apparently more people like her than disliked her.
Pearlett10/13/08 04:34 PM
x*umm...the "idolized" Janelle beat out the "idolized" Dr. Will NT
BBlatin10/12/08 11:07 AM
x*He's a bit delusional when it comes to Big Brother & that's weird coming from him. NT
zzziiinnnggg10/12/08 09:43 AM
x*I guess I shouldn't have read what he wrote. What an ass NT
MsB10/11/08 07:42 PM
x*Love Marcellas' Writtings About BB
SpinelessSwine10/11/08 07:09 PM
x*Thanks for posting this......
dzzyedge09/24/08 07:08 PM
x*So do I. I love him. NT
MardiRob10/11/08 07:51 PM
x*If you would have heard what he said to Janelle in those text messages, you probly wouldn't feel the same. Ask Janelle what he really said
EvelDickBB810/11/08 11:48 AM
x*GO DICK! Yeah! NT
MoodyBBfan10/12/08 03:20 AM
x*I believe you ED NT
MsB10/11/08 07:44 PM
x*me too NT
honeyb10/11/08 07:55 PM
x*Haha...That's rich. ED is defending against something he's done himself...too funny
bblover6810/11/08 07:43 PM
x*What's the big deal, anyway? He's simply defending a friend..and if he wanted to do it on an open board in response to something he read, so what? NT
Starr10/12/08 08:32 AM
x*Point is .. that Marcellas is saying one thing here while messaging the opposite elsewhere .. so ED is calling it hypocritical? sure why not ? :)
Moosie10/11/08 08:06 PM
x*Thanks for making my point....
bblover6810/11/08 10:38 PM
x*I am just going to say that I think it was cool of Dick to step up and speak up for his friend.. as that's what you do :) NT
Moosie10/12/08 12:05 AM
x*And I'M just going to say that he is still the last one to be bringing up crap that has nothing to do with the article & things
bblover6810/12/08 10:53 AM
x*All in all I think it was a fine thing Dick did in stepping up for a friend or for whatever reason.. and calling it out as it was. NT
Moosie10/12/08 11:28 AM
x*Calling it out as it was? Huh? All he did was put something ELSE out there to stir crap up...some "friend" NT
bblover6810/12/08 04:31 PM
x*He didn't really step up for a friend...he just threw something out there to cause more speculation. NT
Whirley10/12/08 12:36 PM
x*Okay... so I won't speculate then.. :) well other than well saying he just also pointed out there are two sides to every 'story'.. :) NT
Moosie10/12/08 01:11 PM
x*Is that what he was doing? LOL I think he just wanted to start some crap :) NT
Whirley10/12/08 04:29 PM
x*Of course he did, because that's what he does....:) NT
bblover6810/12/08 04:33 PM
x*What "story"? Marcellas said he didn't think Janelle deserved the money...it's an OPINION....there is no "two sides" NT
bblover6810/12/08 04:29 PM
x*And you know that because you (a) saw the texts yourself or (b) believe ED? NT
Whirley10/11/08 08:32 PM
x*so why did ED bring it up then? NT
_paradise_10/11/08 08:09 PM
x*To keep the pot stirred, of course...his usual MO NT
bblover6810/11/08 10:40 PM
x*And how do we know that he knows the truth? did janelle forward the texts from Marci? NT
Whirley10/11/08 08:31 PM
x*:::stirring the pot, stirring the pot::: lol! NT
Brendabythebay10/11/08 08:18 PM
x*I hope Marci puts him on a fashion don't show! :p NT
_paradise_10/11/08 08:19 PM
x*It probably is NOTHING compared to the mean crap you've said about other HGs, and/or fans like me or my buddy Willy Will, remember him??? :D NT
SpinelessSwine10/11/08 06:58 PM
x*EAD .. lol ..I thought the new catch phrase was "Suck It. Did Marci miss a show? NT
babybee09/24/08 02:10 PM
x*I love Marcellas. I love watching his shows, I love reading his BB perspective. Nothing but love and best wishes to him. NT
Iris09/24/08 10:48 AM
x*He sure does have the right to his opinion. Just like fans have the right to theirs. It isnt Big brother charity.
kidfresh51209/23/08 07:14 PM
x*ITA. Big Brother is a game and not a charity. CG had no game & IMO Dani was as bad in AS (loved her in BB3 tho) NT
actionplz09/25/08 01:29 PM
x*Exactly. I wish he "got" that point. That's all anyone was saying....not hating, IMO. NT
jettheadpb09/25/08 01:08 PM
x*Exactly. Big Brother is NOT Queen for a Day! (If you're not my age or older, google before you think I'm saying something I'm not.) NT
STella66809/24/08 02:03 PM
x*Standing ovation!!! NT
Angelfire09/24/08 05:07 AM
x*Exactly NT
Mappy5209/24/08 04:37 AM
x*I like him on BB3 (watching it now for the 1st time), but did not like him on All-Stars. NT
LuvBB709/23/08 03:34 PM
x*I liked him at the START of BB3, but not toward the end, and didn't like him on BBAS! NT
Angelfire09/24/08 05:08 AM
x*same here, luvdrd NT
Tarfan09/23/08 07:06 PM
x*Big fan of Marcellas here. Marcellas rocks. People are entitled to opinions and he is entitled to his. NT
Melonie09/23/08 02:38 PM
x*I will immediately read any article I see that is written by Marcellas, and I loved him on HC! NT
pickandstrum09/23/08 07:49 PM
x*yes he is entitled to his opinion :) NT
Belle09/23/08 02:38 PM
x*maybe he should go on Paris Hiltons bff? NT
stewart09/23/08 12:17 PM
x*I love Marcellas, and this was well-written. However Janelle is STILL everyone's favorite All-Star! Chicken George? Danielle? Yeah right. NT
sarajeanqueen09/23/08 11:34 AM
x*Janelle was my favorite in BB6.... Not so much in AS NT
Kixx09/24/08 06:17 PM
x*uh who is everyone, cuz she is NOT my favorite! NT
Tarfan09/23/08 07:07 PM
x*Danielle is my favorite :) NT
BBlatin09/23/08 04:14 PM
x*Not mine, Will is my favorite! NT
LuvBB709/23/08 03:33 PM
x*Janelle was never my favorite anything. NT
MardiRob09/23/08 02:34 PM
x*she's not my favorite allstar NT
RedBB09/23/08 12:42 PM
x*For me, Dr. Will has that title. :-) NT
10bdavis09/23/08 02:28 PM
x*i love will, but i like janelle too..but you are correct, Janelle DID win the AC that year :) NT
stewart09/23/08 12:18 PM
x*i'm surprised he said anything nice about us NT
Belle09/23/08 11:17 AM
x*It seems to me that if a writer doesn't want negative comments, then they shouldn't make negative remarks. We all know
Angelfire09/23/08 10:45 AM
x*Thank you Angelfire! ITA. NT
Ingping09/23/08 06:17 PM
x*Good for you, Marcellas! NT
milajoy09/23/08 10:40 AM
x*Awww Marci..Remember one thing.. You Can Make some of the people happy some of the time, but YOU can't make all of the
iluvbb4ever09/23/08 08:41 AM
x*Seriously, why do people hate! Marcellas is one of a kind and I love him! Thank you Marcellas, I get you! NT
lovinthewill09/23/08 08:29 AM
x*ITA w/ Marci. And ITA with the "least deserving" comment. Am I going to get hate mail too? NT
SuzyHomemaker09/23/08 08:14 AM
x*Never was a fan of his but I understand his point. NT
TonyClaus09/23/08 06:06 AM
x*It amazes me how so many BB players really believe AC is based on some charity scale. It is who we like. Who entertained us most, period. My choice
BBVet09/22/08 10:32 PM
x*I wanted anyone but James or chelsea to win...but i AGREE w/the other two !! NT
stewart09/23/08 12:19 PM
x*Agreed ...
TwiginLA09/23/08 07:13 AM
x*I would bet dollars to doughnuts he would feel different had he won AC. NT
Gamecock09/23/08 10:33 AM
x*Exactly, the title isn't "America's Neediest Juror". NT
DontShopAdopt09/23/08 05:58 AM
x*You are so right. Thanks for posting that. NT
DiamondK09/23/08 05:48 AM
x*ita NT
honeyb09/23/08 05:09 AM
x*ITA. I would never vote for someone just because they were a parent. NT
Violet09/23/08 03:26 AM
x*whatever Marcellas, you were the one that was least deserving, not Janelle. at least she played the game. NT
sovereignfan709/22/08 09:01 PM
x*Absolutely.. she played it as did the one that 'won' it too. Mar-jealous needs to do as she has and 'let it go'.. jeez... :) NT
Moosie10/11/08 01:31 PM
x*Maybe it's the FANS who should "let it go" since they started it....
bblover6810/11/08 07:37 PM
x*A smart, articulate man doesn't get that saying someone is the "least deserving AC ever" is just a teensy bit offensive? Please! He loves the drama NT
WhirledPeas09/22/08 08:38 PM
x*After reading his letter, I honestly believe that in the moment he meant "deserving" in a different way.
Brendabythebay09/22/08 08:54 PM
x*Well, when I write something for publication, I generally take a bit of time to read it over and remove misunderstandables best I can.
STella66809/24/08 02:13 PM
_paradise_09/22/08 08:56 PM
x*he's right. NT
TwoMinutesHate09/22/08 08:13 PM
x*Thanks Ette, I heart Marcellas and always will, even though I don't always agree with some of the things he writes NT
RedBB09/22/08 08:11 PM
x*I don't consider myself a "hater" but I am a former fan.
honeyb09/22/08 07:18 PM
x*I don't think he hates BB he hates the negativity of the fans. NT
_paradise_09/22/08 07:20 PM
x*That's understandable, but he perpetuated the negativity himself.
CCee09/22/08 07:39 PM
x*Thats right Marcellas. No need to apologize for being you. You rock! NT
MyBestBud09/22/08 07:04 PM
x*Thanks, ette! Great letter Marcellas! NT
KWren1109/22/08 07:02 PM
x*Well said Marci <3 NT
_paradise_09/22/08 07:00 PM
*James' Blog about Paris- kinda interesting
FredMoney63556 72   09/30/08 01:43 AM
x*France..a perfect place for that waste of a cast slot to end up. Hope he stays there. NT
HamsterHead10/13/08 01:50 PM
x*Ill give it three weeks and hell be coming home, or break up with that chick and send her home, he really think he has everything all figured out when
alsx10/03/08 06:50 PM
x*Young, stupid and naive. I remember the days........then comes the real world. ;) NT
jettheadpb10/04/08 12:22 AM
x*haha dumbass... what he does not realize is he is probably the stereotypical american they look down upon. NT
ncassaro10/02/08 05:32 AM
x*Crazy James In Paris
Kaysars_wvfan10/02/08 02:36 AM
x*I'm happy for James. He is right. Most of the world hates Americans. NT
blacksmoothie10/01/08 04:00 PM
x*I disagree. Most people I know from other countries hate our government and policies, not the actual people that live here. NT
WhirledPeas10/06/08 09:39 AM
x*When I was physically in Korea, I was treated very badly. There is a difference between being there and knowing somebody there. NT
Iris10/07/08 10:55 AM
x*Yeah, because in any other country he could stay at home and have 12 year old girls pay his way online? I think not. He's in for a rude awakening
ncassaro10/02/08 05:38 AM
x*That's just too bad! NT
Gingerbread10/01/08 05:50 PM
x*Luckily they aren't speaking German. NT
TonyClaus10/01/08 04:04 PM
x*:) NT
helena10/01/08 04:07 PM
x*Just an old man's view of things :) NT
TonyClaus10/01/08 04:09 PM
x*He just may be my most disliked HG ever. NT
shawnp08910/01/08 11:07 AM
x*he and that horrible chelsia are #1 and #1a the worst hg's evah. Can't imagine any worse. NT
HamsterHead10/13/08 01:49 PM
x*I think your way off on this one. He has almost 10, 000 friends on myspace and he won fav. juror. NT
RockinThePink10/04/08 01:00 PM
x*Heh, note the "my". He may be MY least favorite too, the jury is still OUT on that one... NT
WhirledPeas10/06/08 09:40 AM
x*Please note that the poster you are replying to is only speaking for themselves :) NT
Disneyisme10/04/08 01:42 PM
x*I did like him, he fit my personality and intrests more than most house guests, but than once i saw what a clueless prick he was and noticed what an
alsx10/03/08 06:53 PM
x*Re: He just may be my most disliked HG ever.
bb9_parker10/01/08 04:21 PM
x*Don't get it twisted. James won AP because he tried to play the game of BB. Do not like the "outside" send me money, "arteest" attitude. NT
jettheadpb10/03/08 08:49 AM
x*I can look past porn and tattoos, not perpetual self-entitlement and victimization. NT
bside10/02/08 01:03 PM
x*I don't see where you get this at all. NT
RockinThePink10/04/08 01:02 PM
x*its not the porn or the tattoos its people who think we owe them or they are entitled
raindrop11047510/02/08 11:54 AM
x*Its just too bad inj his mind nobody is as good as he is, America just dosnt understand that his big heart is meant to benefit him only,
shawnp08910/02/08 07:31 AM
x*I was shocked when I would read things that people posted about him
Gingerbread10/02/08 07:40 AM
x*he's not saying america's least liked hg, but his own. and maybe mine. and it has zero to do with porn or tattoos NT
rapidrewind10/01/08 06:43 PM
x*ITA Parker well said! And CJ is my fav hg of all time! NT
kate8810/01/08 06:41 PM
x*same here!!!! NT
RockinThePink10/04/08 01:03 PM
x*Hi Parker! I think a lot of people are fed up with James and him begging his fans for money.
Gingerbread10/01/08 05:50 PM
x*I don't think its the tattoos or porn.
Pearlett10/01/08 04:57 PM
x*CJames has had many jobs and he was working before he moved to paris as well, if you read his blogs you would know this NT
kate8810/01/08 06:46 PM
x*I did read and viewed some of his blogs/vblogs.
Pearlett10/01/08 06:58 PM
x*Well said Pearlett. NT
Gingerbread10/02/08 07:25 AM
x*That's what I was trying to say!!! NT
Gingerbread10/01/08 05:52 PM
x*Agreed 100% NT
bside10/01/08 03:02 PM