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Updates: Derrick: Zach ate cookies every night. That's why he's fat as f*ck now. NT (5 min. ago)
1:57 am. Cam 3 Cody goes into the bathroom "...gotta go" (not sure if he said it or he??) NT (5 min. ago)
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*Hot Tips for Live Feeders, Guidelines, and Update Archives
Jokerette21526 0   Sticky Post
*HGs in LR talking about former HGs. NT
Scott33250 0   09/20/14 04:56 AM
*Derrick: Zach ate cookies every night. That's why he's fat as f*ck now. NT
PowerofVito7 0   09/20/14 04:49 AM
*1:57 am. Cam 3 Cody goes into the bathroom "...gotta go" (not sure if he said it or he??) NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan7 0   09/20/14 04:49 AM
*Vic heads thru LR and back to bed in FR. NT
Scott332513 0   09/20/14 04:34 AM
*Derr talking to Cody in LR again. Cody wants to scratch "Hitmen" on the bathroom door. Derr "let's do it" They talk about hoping
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan155 0   09/20/14 04:30 AM
*Vic up and to WC. NT
Scott332511 0   09/20/14 04:30 AM
*Der gets up. Vic calls him over for a hug. Der to LR. NT
Scott332519 0   09/20/14 04:26 AM
*Cod in LR playing cards. NT
Scott332524 0   09/20/14 04:25 AM
*Cod shaving. Der & Vic both in bed in FR. Earlier, both complained about being sore from the harness they wore in the comp. NT
Scott332526 0   09/20/14 04:23 AM
*4:12 am Cody by himself in living room "I can't believe it... gotta go!" Not sure who his is talking about. NT
BB_Fan_JJ_Dan37 0   09/20/14 04:21 AM
*Vic: Why does he (Cod) want to know everything we talked about? That's weird! NT
Scott332536 0   09/20/14 04:15 AM
*Der to FR. Turns off lights. Lights on, then off. NT
Scott332514 0   09/20/14 04:14 AM
*Der telling Cod that he had an advantage in the comp because of his size. NT
Scott332526 0   09/20/14 04:12 AM
*Vic wants to know where Der is going. Der says he is putting his t-shirt in the bag and going to sleep.
Scott3325112 0   09/20/14 04:10 AM
*Der to FR. Vic up. NT
Scott332517 0   09/20/14 04:09 AM
*Der: I don't understand why she thinks I would take her. NT
Scott332530 0   09/20/14 04:09 AM
*Cod: She is looking so naive. NT
Scott332520 0   09/20/14 04:06 AM
*Cod: The false hope for her is going to make it worse for you. NT
Scott332523 0   09/20/14 04:06 AM
*Der: If she would have finished in 16 minutes, it wouldn't have made any difference to me. NT
Scott332524 0   09/20/14 04:04 AM
*Der says he will have to tell Vic he will not take her to final 2. Der can't go thru this with Vic for four more days. NT
Scott332535 0   09/20/14 04:03 AM
*Talk breaks up. Vic heads to bed in FR. Der to LR and starts chat with Cod. NT
Scott332520 0   09/20/14 04:02 AM
*Der tells Vic to relax. They have four days to talk. NT
Scott332523 0   09/20/14 04:00 AM
*Vic: I feel defeated. That's why she is crying. NT
Scott332550 0   09/20/14 03:54 AM
*Der says he enjoys talking with Vic about their lives outside of BB. NT
Scott332548 0   09/20/14 03:54 AM
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