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*The Bachelorette 11 ~ Britt and Kaitlyn's Bachelors ~ Photos & Bios
Dreamer1360 0   Sticky Post
*The Bachelorette's Kaitlyn Bristowe ~ episode descriptions ~ updated 5/27
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*The Bachelorette Returns 5/18 & 5/19 with TWO Bachelorettes ~ Britt and Kaitlyn
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*Bachelorette Forum Rules/Guidelines
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*The Bachelorette Contestant Draws Criticism for Joking on Twitter About Being Gay
AprilSky101 1   05/30/15 11:55 AM
x*Looks like I'm not alone in my sentiments. Some sense of humanity in process of being restored. NT
ne14cookies05/30/15 12:00 PM
*Are we done yet?
duckley84 1   05/30/15 08:01 AM
x*If you see my post below, you may guess I am about there. ITA with your additional reasons why. NT
ne14cookies05/30/15 08:03 AM
*Watch the Most Awkward Sex Talk Ever on The Bachelorette
Dreamer314 11   05/30/15 01:29 AM
x*Proof Show should of been canceled years ago they are all out of ideas. NT
Camlawnman05/30/15 01:05 PM
x*But as long as we keep watching.... NT
BigGirlPanties05/30/15 03:24 PM
x*I am not taking her seriously at this point. Dates are absurd designed to embarrass and humiliate this week, instigated aggression last, losing my
ne14cookies05/30/15 05:18 AM
x*Yes this season is awful. Don't care for Kaitlyn much, the dates are awful, sick of the usual douche bags (JJ)I'm still watching because Sean B is
corgi705/30/15 11:18 AM
x*..oh, I agree, cookies, I'm just amazed this is shown at 8:00 p.m., prime time on a major network. To me it's a joke, but what do teenagers think? NT
janie805/30/15 08:57 AM
x*the piece won't play for me, but who would agree to have Bach contestants do a sex ed talk??THis was at a school wasn't it? NT
corgi705/30/15 11:20 AM
x*Took me a while to see it too... if want to know...
ne14cookies05/30/15 11:41 AM
x*Oh, got it. Lots of humiliation for the guys it seems NT
corgi705/30/15 12:13 PM
x*If there is any demographic that finds all this amusing, socially acceptable behavior, well let's just say it leaves me sitting here scratching my
ne14cookies05/30/15 10:35 AM
x*After I read they were child actors, I felt a LITTLE better. It IS a very good test to see how they guys respond in such a situation. But --
susie84105/30/15 12:23 PM
x*This is not a real life situation anyone would be put into & on television and then learn it is a joke. See no redeeming value in this one at all.
ne14cookies05/30/15 12:28 PM
*Britt Nilsson's Bachelorette Suitor Brady Toops Cannot Stop Posting Kissing Photos
AprilSky568 8   05/29/15 08:48 AM
x*The more I looked into their twitter and instagram and saw a little more
ne14cookies05/30/15 05:22 AM
x*It's so weird, I like them separately but not together lol NT
petite605/29/15 12:51 PM
x*I guess he feels he's died and gone to Heaven. NT
susie84105/29/15 10:46 AM
x*I think they are cute together. He seems truly smitten. NT
BigGirlPanties05/29/15 09:24 AM
x*They look happy. Wouldn't it be a hoot if these two work out and Kaitlyn and her final don't. LMAO NT
Brn2Wander05/29/15 10:36 AM
x*That would be a hoot. I like Britt and truly hope it works out for her. NT
BigGirlPanties05/29/15 10:41 AM
x*Eagerly awaits the sex tape.gotta do it before your 15 minutes of fame fade away. NT
Camlawnman05/29/15 09:00 AM
x*I doubt they'll be one from her, maybe Kaitlyn. NT
Brn2Wander05/29/15 10:35 AM
*Mike Fleiss: I will not confirm or deny that I am meeting with @amyschumer today at an undisclosed location in Beverly Hills...
Dreamer362 4   05/28/15 08:02 PM
x*Amy would be the worst yet, even worse than Kaitlyn and Emily. NT
whimzeegal05/29/15 06:10 PM
x*Thanks Dreamer, I got curious....More ....
ne14cookies05/28/15 08:14 PM
x*Did you actually tweet that? LOL love it. NT
Brn2Wander05/29/15 03:42 AM
x*Yup. Just had one of the moments and was, what the heck ... really think he'd read it or care? Not. But oh well. NT
ne14cookies05/29/15 11:54 AM
*'The Bachelorette’ Amy Schumer Season Hopes Are Dashed By Comedian As Fans Buzz
AprilSky255 0   05/28/15 03:00 PM
*Rumor Kaitlyn Bristowe Got Pregnant During ‘The Bachelorette’
Camlawnman715 22   05/28/15 12:26 PM
x*Don't they do a variation of that every season? NT
bean9905/28/15 08:05 PM
x*Of course they do, but not usually after week 2 is my kick out of it. NT
ne14cookies05/28/15 08:16 PM
x*Well if it was Nick...he will spill it on After The Finale NT
SkyBluePink05/28/15 07:00 PM
x*No doubt about that. :D Can you imagine tho' it was him and he got her pregnant? My evil twin just giggles at the thought. NT
ne14cookies05/28/15 07:27 PM
x*Same old gets recylced every season whether bachette or gets really old NT
aqua2girl05/28/15 02:39 PM
x*Nobody but NOBODY gets preggers while on the Bach'ette or Bach. They think we have an I.Q. of 80. NT
susie84105/29/15 10:47 AM
x*It couldn't happen. She has Canadian health care. NT
DaveG05/28/15 04:16 PM
x*True but isn't it a little early? and not to mention all these other headlines... OMG, it is just hysterical:
ne14cookies05/28/15 03:38 PM
x*I was thinking that Fleiss maybe owns part of the Maury Povich show and will be the new alternative to DWTS. NT
petite605/29/15 11:13 AM
x*Dang you petite, I choked on that one ROFL. NT
ne14cookies05/29/15 11:57 AM
x*Bwahaha! I'd tune in for an episode or 2. NT
BigGirlPanties05/29/15 11:21 AM
x*You forgot Brokeback Mountain. NT
BigGirlPanties05/28/15 04:11 PM
x*Oh Lordy me.... NT
ne14cookies05/28/15 05:02 PM
x*3....2....1 Let the public flogging begin. NT
BigGirlPanties05/28/15 12:50 PM
x*My evil twin is quietly hoping it is true this time.... For shame! NT
ne14cookies05/28/15 03:03 PM
x*How about pregnant with twins from two different baby daddies? NT
cantgetenough05/28/15 04:11 PM
x*Are you suggesting that Fleiss is holding back video of a threesome? Damn! NT
DaveG05/28/15 04:21 PM
BigGirlPanties05/28/15 04:13 PM
x*Lol, I cannot believe you just said that!
BigGirlPanties05/28/15 04:10 PM
x*Evil Twin here says hell-o to Evil Twin there. NT
ne14cookies05/28/15 05:01 PM
x*You're on a roll! Hell-o to you, too, teehee. NT
BigGirlPanties05/28/15 05:04 PM
x*I bet she wil be Maury Povich with him yelling Who is the Father?lol NT
Camlawnman05/28/15 12:28 PM
*Sneak Peek: Sumo Wrestling on The Bachelorette
Dreamer62 0   05/28/15 10:31 AM
*'THE BACHELORETTE' Brokeback Bachelors' are not gay
AwfuLeeHandsome203 1   05/28/15 09:47 AM
x*Gotta say that I love Clint's sense of humor. NT
BigGirlPanties05/28/15 10:12 AM
*'The Bachelorette' Promo Teases Gay Relationship Between Two Male Contestants (Video)
Camlawnman158 4   05/28/15 09:16 AM
x*LOL He wanted a rose to bromance wonder they had to fly some other guy in. NT
petite605/28/15 07:10 PM
x*Yeah, they can make a drama out of anything. NT
susie84105/28/15 09:28 AM
x*Maybe they started this rumor because so far this season is a snooze...zzzzzzzzzzzzz NT
SkyBluePink05/28/15 07:04 PM
x*LOL, was thinking just the opposite..more action and crazy rumors and only week 2. NT
ne14cookies05/28/15 07:25 PM
*On the next episode of The Bachelorette ~ June 1st ~
Dreamer233 1   05/27/15 08:50 PM
x*Boxing? Sumo Wrestling? Snakes? Crappy dates! Yuck! NT
corgi705/28/15 05:40 AM
*ABC completely misses the point, invites Amy Schumer to be The Bachelorette She shouldn't take the gig. No woman should.
Camlawnman269 3   05/27/15 11:40 AM
x*Well this certainly would mark the end for me if Amy Schumer were the next Bach'ette. NT
ne14cookies05/27/15 01:23 PM
x*I'll say.!!! the show is going down the tubes. NT
Brn2Wander05/27/15 01:54 PM
x*Going? Only recently???? Bwahaha NT
susie84105/29/15 05:56 AM
*Doesn't Kaitlyn deserve her picture at the top of this page? NT
susie841201 5   05/27/15 10:26 AM
x*Yes, indeed. NT
DaveG05/27/15 05:04 PM
x*LOL Poor Katilyn! I just noticed NT
petite605/27/15 04:23 PM
x*Isn't this a first...guess it proves Kaitlyn just isn't worth the NT
SkyBluePink05/28/15 07:44 AM
x*I think so. NT
BigGirlPanties05/27/15 11:53 AM
x*I guess it's because when they did the page, they didn't know who would be chosen. But I KNOW they can CHANGE the page. BTW, on the spoiler page,
susie84105/28/15 11:15 AM
*Trista and Ryan Sutter Co-Hosting New HGTV Show Rocky Mountain Reno: Watch a Preview!
Dreamer234 2   05/26/15 09:55 PM
x*Thanks! I've got it set up to record. I just adore them ~ she's my favorite Bachelorette! :) NT
debbiedu2205/26/15 10:50 PM
x*Ryan just gets more handsome. Trista is a lucky girl! NT
corgi705/27/15 06:23 AM
*Watch Amy Schumer Own a Particularly Unfunny Bachelorette Contestant
Camlawnman253 3   05/26/15 08:39 AM
x*love her!!!! NT
ready2retire05/26/15 03:40 PM
x* She totally owned JJ; he just didn't know it. NT
BigGirlPanties05/26/15 10:07 AM
x*Agree, she was hilarious! NT
Karina8605/26/15 11:04 AM
*The Bachelorette's Chris Harrison: Kupah Took a Ginormous Dump on Kaitlyn's Night
Dreamer494 0   05/25/15 10:21 PM
*'The Bachelorette': Chris Harrison Blogs Week 2
Dreamer347 0   05/25/15 09:52 PM
*The Bachelorette Recap: Kupah Doesn't Understand Boundaries and Ben Z. Sends Jared to the Hospital
Dreamer187 0   05/25/15 09:50 PM
*Clint could be so handsome with a haircut. Guess he doesn't see it. NT
susie841442 11   05/25/15 09:12 PM
x*I think that is what turned me off with him when I first saw him but really liked him last night. NT
Guppy05/26/15 09:54 AM
x*Same here, Guppy. I wasn't impressed initially and also thought he was in dire need of a haircut. I ended up thinking he was adorable by the end
BigGirlPanties05/26/15 09:56 AM
x*There are 3 guys with very unflattering hair and gorgeous faces. I guess it's called -- to each his own. NT
susie84105/26/15 12:23 PM
x*Not sure I understand the "to each his own" in this context, but I think we're probably in agreement, lol. NT
BigGirlPanties05/26/15 12:32 PM
x*That means that people can wear their hair any way they want to. Others don't have to like it. NT
susie84105/26/15 02:28 PM
x*Ah, that makes sense. I'm a little slow today. I need cookies. NT
BigGirlPanties05/26/15 02:29 PM
x*So sorry, bunch of li'l cookie hounds last night....
ne14cookies05/26/15 02:57 PM
x*Waaaaaaaaaaaah. Magic oven can make some anytime, can't it?? NT
susie84105/26/15 05:49 PM
x*Was wondering if anyone would realize that...LOL I got a 2nd wind, here ya'll go...
ne14cookies05/26/15 06:33 PM
x*Oh boy! Chomp chomp chomp . . . NT
susie84105/27/15 10:25 AM
x*Lol! I guess we all had a huge appetite. NT
BigGirlPanties05/26/15 03:28 PM
*Kaitlyn is growing on me... her sense of humor ... she tweeted tonight,
ne14cookies710 10   05/25/15 08:43 PM
x*I'm just not feeling this season at all. Not crazy about Kaitlyn, same ole douche-y guys. I found myself waiting for the update on Britt and Brady NT
corgi705/26/15 07:41 AM
x*Kaitlyn's a bit wild but she does handle herself well in the pinch. NT
susie84105/26/15 10:19 AM
x*I love her free spirit and thought she handled herself well, also. NT
BigGirlPanties05/26/15 10:32 AM
x*I thought she handled the situation w/ Kupah quite well. He was practically calling her a racist & was disrespectful...she shut that down firmly. NT
Karina8605/26/15 10:25 AM
x*Yes, she did handle Kupah well. NT
corgi705/26/15 10:43 AM
x*Yeah, she did. "I was feeling you; now I'm not." "You gotta go." NT
BigGirlPanties05/26/15 10:33 AM
x*It was like he can in with an agenda. Another lawsuit? NT
Guppy05/26/15 10:30 AM
x*She sure did. NT
AprilSky05/26/15 10:29 AM
x*to me that was the only part I was interested in. NT
Brn2Wander05/26/15 09:41 AM
x*mmm amy schumer if she was the bachlorette id watch the show. NT
Camlawnman05/26/15 04:48 AM
*Could we please have pictures of the guys (like Big Brother) on top with the banner, then X them off as she evicts them. Thank you in advance! NT
Ivory_mist348 9   05/25/15 08:21 PM
x*I like it! :) NT
shesgg05/26/15 01:05 AM
x*Love that idea. NT
junkydiva05/25/15 08:34 PM
x*Great idea!! NT
petite605/25/15 08:21 PM
susie84105/26/15 09:06 AM
x*What was the other site that did the chart? Cougs? You helped maintain it a couple years...and they kept it going for a while. Anyone remember? NT
ne14cookies05/25/15 08:35 PM
x*Outside of jokers? I don't know! NT
petite605/25/15 08:39 PM
x*It was coastal, after the rose.... I'm on a quest now LOL
ne14cookies05/25/15 08:44 PM
x*Yep, coastal started doing a lovely blog when I retired. I'm not into the show like I was early seasons. I I haven't liked any Bachelorettes since
CougarSpy05/25/15 10:10 PM
x*Found it, even able to sign in after all these years...but no posting going on. Looks like it may be inactive. NT
ne14cookies05/25/15 08:59 PM
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