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* Next time on Survivor 'Millennials vs Gen X' ~ December 14th ~ episode 14 ~ "I'm Going For a Million Bucks "
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*Survivor 33 'Millennials vs Gen X' Bios and pics
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*Survivor Forum Discussion
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*Rant post. Gotta say i really disliked that last episode. There was much agenda being pushed especially in that first tribal.
SpaceEVA19 1   12/09/16 06:31 PM
x*Hannah doesn't deserve to win. There will be outrage if she wins because she's sad NT
SailingTeam12/09/16 06:58 PM
*Jay and David will both be in the final 4. Whoever doesn't get put out at final 4 between these 2 will win the game. NT
SailingTeam139 9   12/09/16 07:19 AM
x*nobody thinks Adam could win? I do. Especially if Jay is gone NT
PVRlover12/09/16 09:22 AM
x*Adam wins if and only if Jay and David are taken out. He can easily beast any combo of Bret, Hannah, and Ken. NT
J4RCW12/09/16 11:39 AM
x*And David gone. I'd guess Adam is 3rd in "most likely to get votes" behind those 2. NT
JAF12/09/16 09:50 AM
x*Some of the guys were getting tired of the David story & if Adam gets Jay out, I think Jay makes a case for Adam with the jury. NT
PVRlover12/09/16 09:53 AM
x*I agree. I think Adam has really made a case for himself the past few weeks. NT
AZ_Cards_1112/09/16 12:37 PM
x*Adam is the next one out. NT
SailingTeam12/09/16 03:53 PM
x*I hope this isn't a spoiler NT
FurnitureAlliance12/09/16 04:51 PM
x*No. Just a gut feeling NT
SailingTeam12/09/16 06:56 PM
x*I like Adam and I hope he makes it to the end. NT
presleys_child12/09/16 09:25 AM
*6 to 3 to winner in one night is ridiculous.
Fig490 9   12/09/16 12:55 AM
x*I think it's because nowadays they have a huge cast in case of a medivac, which happens all the time. No medivac this time. NT
FurnitureAlliance12/09/16 04:53 PM
x*I did a little digging & its still possible that Adam leaves. Filming ends May 12 & his mom passes May 16. Very sad. NT
PVRlover12/09/16 06:51 AM
x*How Sad! NT
Matzak12/09/16 06:56 AM
x*Hmm, I hadn't thought of that. In fact, with as much as they've highlighted that storyline this season, I could see that happening. NT
JAF12/09/16 06:54 AM
x*And if Adam evac's before the F6 vote, then it probably becomes a cakewalk for David to win. :-(
JAF12/09/16 07:02 AM
x*I prefer 5 to 3 as well, but it could be that there just wasn't much back and forth strategy that took place to show us this time. NT
JAF12/09/16 05:49 AM
x*We'll see but I would find that unlikely in a season like this that has been strategy overload. NT
heyimstoked12/09/16 08:02 AM
x*Strategy often winds down when there's fewer people left though. There's just fewer combinations, fewer variables, fewer chances of finding
JAF12/09/16 08:56 AM
x*Not this season. Hannah got rid of Sunday to prevent Adam drifting off to B/S/J with David gone. These are mostly superfans. Already rehearsing their
Adamlovechild112/09/16 10:47 AM
*'Life in Pieces' is a Survivor theme tonight NT
Cindy45 0   12/08/16 06:17 PM
*Will got cocky. Will got got. Happens to the best of them. NT
theotherguy33 1   12/08/16 03:32 PM
x*and the worst of them NT
krh503812/08/16 07:02 PM
*I think Hannah is playing a very good subtle game. But I doubt she will be rewarded for it. Her shifts/flips have turned the game. She hasn't been
Adamlovechild1582 15   12/08/16 02:36 PM
x*Agree. She was able to influence what she wanted. People might scoff at a move on Sunday but everyone's a threat out there. I like the move.
SpaceEVA12/09/16 06:40 PM
x*Hannah makes me laugh though. She's kind of a misfit. Her facial expressions crack me up NT
dillybean12/09/16 05:10 AM
x*Hannah is pathetic. Her strategy was clear, get Sunday out so that she is the only goat left in the game. NT
SailingTeam12/09/16 01:09 AM
x*Her strategy was to make sure Adam doesn't have any options. He will not take Brett because he's well liked by the juror as opposed to Adam.
Adamlovechild112/09/16 05:18 AM
x*her game is not good because she is giving the impression she is passive NT
zagger12/08/16 08:05 PM
x*Her problem is that it's not good. Her talks with Adam are killing her. The fact that she said to him that she owes David means she will
J4RCW12/08/16 06:26 PM
x*Didn't Adam play his idol for Hannah? Am I misremembering that? NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 07:00 PM
x*Yes, last week on the Zeke vote-out where Will ended up voting out Zeke anyway. 4 for 4 on idol plays that ended up being wasted this season. NT
JAF12/08/16 07:43 PM
x*Now I know he did play an idol for her. She's more likely to be loyal to Adam than to David. She said she owes both of them, right? NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 07:05 PM
x*Adam can flip Hannah to get out David NT
Matzak12/08/16 07:06 PM
x*Hannah just voted out Sunday because she didn't want to be without David for the last 3 days of the game. NT
nicholaspuppy12/08/16 09:22 PM
x*No way. I feel like she is going to tank her game to get David that win. Of course, in her mind, she thinks she is going against the male version
J4RCW12/08/16 08:35 PM
x*I hope it goes that way. I'd love an Adam/Hannah/Jay F3. NT
JAF12/08/16 07:45 PM
x*Yeah and I think that could easily happen. She just didn't want to see an ally go which is smart AND she talked Adam into it which was brilliant. NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 07:13 PM
x*I don't think Adam can sway Hannah. It's been the opposite. According to exit interviews Adam plays like Spencer. No emotion. I think not telling the
Adamlovechild112/08/16 08:36 PM
*Will: My faith was my security
WillRulz256 1   12/08/16 01:58 PM
x*Good interview. He got a bad rap for how he had to explain his move and it sounded like he was whining. But just as I thought, it was never supposed
JAF12/08/16 02:15 PM
*Survivor's Youngest Contestant Ever, Will Wahl, Reveals His Master Plan By Patrick Gomez
CougarSpy86 0   12/08/16 01:32 PM
*Survivor's Sunday Burquest on Competing After Breast Cancer: 'I'd Already Been Through the Fight of My Life' By Patrick Gomez
CougarSpy197 6   12/08/16 12:32 PM
x*The strong players target each other and drag the weak ones to the end. They haven't pissed anyone off so they can win a bitter jury NT
bb_tracy12/09/16 06:03 AM
x*"“Why me?” David and Jay — all these threats — were sitting there. I don’t understand why they felt it was my time to go." Me neither. NT
JAF12/08/16 12:53 PM
x*This is coming from Sunday who wanted Jessica out before bigger threats David Adam Jay. NT
BBFanJ12/08/16 03:31 PM
x*True. Although it is a little different game at F10 than it is F7. With 10 you're still more concerned about allies and enemies for getting deeper
JAF12/08/16 04:13 PM
x*She would have jury votes NT
bb_tracy12/09/16 06:04 AM
x*Agree, and Adam will blame that move if he isn't in the final. NT
Matzak12/08/16 04:20 PM
*Stephen Fishbach's Survivor Blog: The Head of the Snake
CougarSpy255 3   12/08/16 12:27 PM
x*Nailed it. They're just HANDING David the $million. Adam even knows it but for some reason he did it anyway. NT
JAF12/08/16 12:50 PM
x*Adam thinks David and Jay will be his cover to get to the final 3 NT
Matzak12/08/16 01:14 PM
x*There's some logic in that (keeping big targets around as a shield). Problem is he has almost no leeway left by waiting until the last second
JAF12/08/16 01:47 PM
*Survivor Scoop Week 12: Winners, Losers, Top Moments
WillRulz529 0   12/08/16 08:11 AM
*i hate how rushed the end of this season feels NT
Belle527 21   12/08/16 08:03 AM
x*If the finale goes as badly as last night did, I'll be happy it was rushed. Loved this season up through last week but not last night. NT
JAF12/08/16 08:12 AM
x*Too Rushed. NT
Matzak12/08/16 08:37 AM
x*I agree it's being rushed. I just hope it ends way better than it went last night. But I fear that may be part of why they're rushing it -
JAF12/08/16 09:00 AM
x*I must be alone in this,,.I like the fast paced show, they scramble and I had no idea who was going! NT
wyndycty12/08/16 09:13 AM
x*I think with 6 left there should be another show before the finale. David should of been voted out, but with Ken's Immunity, it wasn't happening NT
Matzak12/08/16 09:14 AM
x*Ken's immunity didn't really affect it. Adam simply needed to vote for David instead. That would have made it 3-3-1 (D-S-J), and David leaves on
JAF12/08/16 09:44 AM
x*Looks to me like Hannah has more influence than we know NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 11:01 AM
x*If that's what it is, then I'd give her credit for influence but a big F for endgame. Trying to keep David and Adam around (likely at least one
JAF12/08/16 11:47 AM
x*I think she thinks David would take her so that's why she wanted to get rid of the bigger goat. I'm pretty impressed with her game considering
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 11:49 AM
x*I could've worded the above better but you know what I mean! NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 11:52 AM
x*Maybe she's just playing for 3rd place then, because I think just being taken to the end by David probably means 3rd place for her.
JAF12/08/16 12:10 PM
x*ITA! When she started talking about needing to influence people I thought to myself 'who you kidding Hannah' only to be surprised by the outcome. NT
MegsMom31612/08/16 11:05 AM
x*I like her game. Nobody's coming after her and she's good with everyone NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 11:19 AM
x*And she's influencing votes to go her way, not theirs NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 11:19 AM
x*but if Adam had got David out & Jay wins the next immunity, he would be next gone. NT
PVRlover12/08/16 09:57 AM
x*Not so sure about that. Anything could happen, of course, but at that point you'd have had 2 pairs (K/H, B/S) and 2 solos (A and J).
JAF12/08/16 10:09 AM
x*The way its going Adam is going to make sure Jay is gone next. I think he thinks he has a better chance in the final against David NT
Matzak12/08/16 10:46 AM
x*He likely doesn't even MAKE the F3 if he worries more about solo Jay than the threesome of David/Ken/Hannah. Much easier to take out a solo
JAF12/08/16 10:56 AM
x*Good Point NT
Matzak12/08/16 10:59 AM
x*I agree, Why Sunday? NT
Matzak12/08/16 09:52 AM
x*Sunday went to appease Hannah so that Hannah can take her spot in being the decimated finalist who will cry because she isn't loved. 0 vote getter. NT
J4RCW12/08/16 09:55 AM
*LIVE after episode 13 of Survivor 33: Millennials vs Gen X , Rob Cesternino and Stephen Fishbach recap the episode and answer your Survivor CBS questi
Dreamer72 0   12/08/16 03:13 AM
*Jeff Probst explains what makes this season of Survivor so different by Dalton Ross
Dreamer312 0   12/08/16 03:12 AM
*Survivor: Millennials vs. Gen X recap: 'Slayed the Survivor Dragon' Hannah sees strength in taking out weakness by Dalton Ross
Dreamer140 0   12/08/16 03:10 AM
*Hopefully Brett, Jay, and Adam finally realized what's happening and team up against David/Hannah/Ken, but Adam hates Jay so who knows NT
SailingTeam412 22   12/07/16 10:09 PM
x*Adam would be dumb to have Jay in F3!! He needs Jay and David out NT
BBFanJ12/08/16 08:13 AM
x*Jay is flying solo. David is in a threesome with Ken/Hannah. It's dumb to target Jay ahead of David. Now it's probably too late to get him out. NT
JAF12/08/16 08:21 AM
x*And Jay needs to go ASAP as he's a big immunity threat it's DUMB to not get him out when he doesn't have IC Win. Jay or Dave should've been the
BBFanJ12/08/16 03:34 PM
x*For Adam's Game David should of gone out last night but he can still get to the end by flipping Ken/Hannah NT
Matzak12/08/16 04:09 PM
x*Except he probably needs Jay to get David out. He doesn't need David to get Jay out. It may be too late to get David out now.
JAF12/08/16 03:56 PM
x*Yep. It may already be too late, since they need H or K to flip now. It's sad the fate of this game may rest on Hannah making a decision. NT
JAF12/08/16 06:19 AM
x*Who do you want to win, JAF? I'd be okay with David winning, don't care much for Bret's ego like that Jay is a winner in comps. I like Adam too. I
LibraLady12/08/16 09:07 AM
x*Jay and Adam top my "want to win" list at this point. David is at the bottom. The others just "eh".
JAF12/08/16 09:35 AM
x*I'm rooting for Jay and I like Hannah better than Adam NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 11:07 AM
x*I kinda like Hannah for her comic value, but I'd have a hard time rewarding her for her gameplay. However, if she finally wakes up
JAF12/08/16 11:37 AM
x*Yeah that would be very good NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 04:39 PM
x*Jay and Adam are my top 2 as well. Ken would be my third but not for game play, just because he is so darn good-looking. Brett is at bottom for me. NT
AlleyCat112/08/16 10:01 AM
x*I don't get all that Ken love. To me he's not all that good looking. He probably cleans up nice, though. NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 11:09 AM
x*ITA. He's just not my type, I guess. I find Taylor better looking (especially the blue eyes). NT
JAF12/08/16 11:39 AM
x*I'm more attracted to Jay then Taylor. More my type NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 04:41 PM
x*Jay's a close 2nd for me. Maybe even #1 if Taylor didn't shave the facial hair off. The eyes are his best feature.
JAF12/08/16 04:58 PM
x*Michelle cleans up very nice too NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 05:54 PM
x*I really want to like Adam, but then he goes and does something that pisses me off, like helping Ken win the immunity comp. When Jay confronted him
JAF12/08/16 10:14 AM
x*I'm tired of David AND Adam NT
FurnitureAlliance12/08/16 11:10 AM
x*If Jay keeps winning comps, then he deserves the win. David & Adam keep getting people to vote out others. Bret, meh, Hannah is
wyndycty12/08/16 09:17 AM
x*Only if Jay hadn't played his idol. but as far a gameplay. as of today I would vote for JAY NT
Matzak12/08/16 09:21 AM
x*Me too. He's been pretty good at strategy, very good at comps, and has had a pretty good social game since his allies got voted out.
JAF12/08/16 10:19 AM
*Do not want Jay in F3. Hoping Dave Adam or Ken takes it. I'm thinking Brett and Hannah have tickets to F3 already NT
BBFanJ231 11   12/07/16 07:25 PM
x*Jay has played the entire game by himself. If he gets to final 3, you have to give it to him. GO JAY!!!!! WIN THIS *****!!! NT
SailingTeam12/07/16 08:48 PM
x*No the ***** he hasn't! He had an alliance and he started its destruction booting Michelea . makes me laugh he has not been by himself all game JAY FTL
BBFanJ12/08/16 08:10 AM
x*JAY FTW!!!!! Was Michaela your favorite player or something? He SLAYED her! SLAAAAYED!!! JAY FTW!!!!!!!!! NT
SailingTeam12/08/16 09:35 AM
x*No but I liked her more than him. My faves are mainly still in the game NT
BBFanJ12/08/16 03:28 PM
x*Rooting for Jay! NT
realityrocks12/08/16 07:49 AM
x*^^YEP^^ NT
Matzak12/07/16 08:57 PM
x*No matter how hard I try, I cannot dislike Jay. I kind of hope he wins at this point. He is pretty awesome. NT
AlleyCat112/08/16 09:59 AM
x*That's not completely true. Micaela and Hannah were on his side but he turned on them. Then he had Michelle and Taylor. Other than his comp wins, he's
FurlessBat12/07/16 08:54 PM
x*If he managed to get himself to the end through all of this, he deserves it. If he survived being by himself for that long, it's his game NT
SailingTeam12/07/16 09:03 PM
x*Do not want David in the F3. Almost anyone but. NT
JAF12/07/16 08:28 PM
x*I would not count Jay out...he's going to have to be the one to beat in the Immunity challenges...which won't be easy NT
SkyBluePink12/07/16 08:04 PM
*Such idiots. Two shots at taking David out and instead they take out two that were never going to win anyway. Stupid stupid stupid. NT
JAF212 8   12/07/16 06:55 PM
x*i think Hannah was obsessed with getting sunday out and couldn't think about anyone else NT
Belle12/08/16 12:01 PM
x*Could be. And David was just thrilled to be let off the hook again no matter who went home. And Ken is now just a pawn after his screw-up last week.
JAF12/08/16 12:21 PM
x*So they should play for Jay? NT
BBFanJ12/08/16 08:14 AM
x*Of course not. They should play for themselves. And keeping a threesome intact (one of which <David> will surely win) over low-threat players like
JAF12/08/16 11:56 AM
x*It's ok. Hannah and Ken will be embarrassed when they get slaughtered by David in the finals. NT
SailingTeam12/07/16 07:05 PM
x*I agree if Hannah & Ken are sitting next to David...neither have a chance NT
SkyBluePink12/07/16 07:53 PM
x*WTF were they thinking taking Will out over David??? There's no way Will would beat Adam, or Jay, or David in the finals. Or hardly any
JAF12/07/16 08:40 PM
x*Not for me I like David Hannah Ken and Adam NT
BBFanJ12/08/16 08:15 AM
*Hannah just elimated her goat competition. Now she can be taken to the end and get slaughtered by David and Ken. Good job NT
SailingTeam40 1   12/07/16 06:41 PM
x*Hannah may get to F3...but will have ZERO chance of winning NT
SkyBluePink12/07/16 08:05 PM
*I think if Adam can get David and Jay out and get to F3 he has this game NT
BBFanJ475 18   12/07/16 06:06 PM
x*Adam was so stupid last night. He voted for Sunday!?! She's no threat. If he just votes for David it's 3-3-1 and David goes home on the revote. NT
JAF12/08/16 08:03 AM
x*Hopefully Jay goes on a immunity challenge tear!!! NT
SailingTeam12/07/16 06:42 PM
x*Not me. I want him gone NT
BBFanJ12/07/16 07:15 PM
x*I'm hoping so too. I'm afraid they just handing this win to David. NT
JAF12/07/16 06:57 PM
x*Adam does want David out he also wants Jay out which is smart on his part wanting both out NT
BBFanJ12/07/16 07:17 PM
x*Then why did he sent Sunday packing instead of David? So stupid. NT
JAF12/08/16 08:08 AM
x*Lol he still wants them out! I'm pretty sure Adam wants F3 of him Ken Hannah or Brett NT
BBFanJ12/08/16 03:30 PM
x*Only one little problem... the "Adam" part of that F3 just got a lot less likely by leaving David/Ken/Hannah intact with only 6 left. NT
JAF12/08/16 03:45 PM
x*Agree, I think it was a huge mistake to leave David in the game for another second. Just seems that Ken and Hannah were deadset against taking him
BigGirlPanties12/08/16 03:56 PM
x*He waited too long. Now David/Ken/Hannah are half of the votes. Adam F'd up by not getting David out with at least 7 people left. NT
JAF12/07/16 08:32 PM
x*Almost positive Jay wins the first immunity next week. Why would David make a fake idol? They didn't show Jay in the commercial. That's a good sign NT
SailingTeam12/07/16 07:04 PM
x*They showed everyone of them in the commercial. And David gets paranoid and he knows he's a threat. Jay could lose IC and David still feels threatened
BBFanJ12/07/16 07:19 PM
x*Jay has to win out or find another idol NT
SailingTeam12/07/16 09:04 PM
x*I am rooting against Brett at this point. He's the ultimate goat imo lol NT
FurlessBat12/07/16 06:09 PM
x*That is disrespectful to the actual goat, Hannah. NT
J4RCW12/07/16 06:55 PM
x*Eh, Brett sucks more, I feel like Hannah sort of knows what's happening around camp. Brett has been lost since Paul left NT
FurlessBat12/07/16 07:03 PM
x*Knowing what is happening is nothing if you are going to be perceived as a follower to your alliance. If Bret makes it to the end, he will
J4RCW12/08/16 06:32 AM
x*Adam is not getting David out. Hannah and Ken are clearly protecting David. They voted out SUNDAY to protect David. Sunday. Someone everyone could
nicholaspuppy12/07/16 06:09 PM
*What was wrong with Ken's first try? NT
ihime53 2   12/07/16 05:38 PM
x*He didn't say I love FurlessBat first and it was misspelled NT
FurlessBat12/07/16 05:39 PM
x*Lol NT
lianna12/07/16 05:55 PM
*Hannah is just to emotional. NT
fluffy10 0   12/07/16 05:20 PM
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