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*Survivor 34: Game Changers ~ Cast bios and pics
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*Survivor 34: Game Changers Finale Preview, May 24th @ 8:00pm "No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”
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*Survivor Forum Discussion
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*Survivor: Game Changers Awards: Part Two
WillRulz0 0   05/24/17 08:33 AM
*Prediction on who wins tomorrow? I think it'll be Sarah... NT
274 10   05/23/17 10:34 PM
x*Sarah...without any doubt whatsoever. NT
WillRulz05/24/17 08:32 AM
x*I hope its Sarah. NT
PVRlover05/24/17 07:19 AM
x*just realized tonight is finale! If Sarah wins it will be another police officer who takes the grand prize (Tony, Cagayan). And then there is
colleenag05/24/17 05:37 AM
x*You forgot Kathy BB12 lol NT
Bessie05/24/17 06:46 AM
x*Kathy had the best bus...hahaha. NT
kymama05/24/17 07:23 AM
SailingTeam05/24/17 07:07 AM
x*If I were setting odds, Sarah would be my top bet. Sarah 3:1, Brad 4:1, Tai 6:1, Aubry 6:1, Cirie, 8:1, Troy 12:1. NT
JAF05/24/17 05:15 AM
x*It's a tough call to make. I'm feeling like Brad might sneak up and take this season and that a lot of the Sarah narrative is a ploy to misdirect
SpaceEVA05/23/17 10:47 PM
x*Very interesting post...I would not mind if he won as I fear Cirie and Aubry have no chance and I am no Sarah fan. NT
Mazita05/24/17 07:30 AM
x*You make some good points. I remember Malcolm's first season. It seemed he was the narrator and that may be Sarah's role. I hope not. NT
kymama05/24/17 07:26 AM
*Survivor: Game Changers Awards: Part One
WillRulz365 2   05/23/17 12:39 PM
x*good list. although, I never want to see Sierra again! NT
05/23/17 10:36 PM
x*Most of them i'd agree with.
SpaceEVA05/23/17 05:41 PM
*I think CBS might have screwed up and accidently let us know who's leaving at F6. Look at the first photo thumbnail on this page (CBS photos). Tie
Corndogger594 2   05/22/17 10:29 PM
x*Don't see anything at all here. Just headshots. NT
WillRulz05/23/17 12:40 PM
x*??? I don't know what I'm looking at here. Maybe CBS changed it...??? NT
Hidef108005/23/17 05:03 AM
*Extended preview of the F6 IC which also has a reward attached to it. It's a HUGE maze! When they're walking in Aubz says "Oh, my God." Link inside.
Corndogger200 0   05/22/17 10:15 PM
*so many advantages at f6...
429 1   05/22/17 10:02 PM
x*F6 is when Sarah has to play her LA but the HIIs can be played still at F5. After watching the preview again and reading the press release closer,
Corndogger05/22/17 10:36 PM
*The title & theme for S35 will be Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers. Seriously! It was shot in Fiji and will feature 18 new players. More inside.
Corndogger1458 21   05/21/17 12:47 PM
x*We kinda knew something was up when the casting centred on particular occupations. NT
WillRulz05/23/17 12:42 PM
x*How bout Bros vs Hos NT
FurnitureAlliance05/22/17 09:30 PM
x*LOL. Now THAT title I'd like. NT
JAF05/23/17 05:04 AM
x*It would be cool as hell! lol NT
FurnitureAlliance05/23/17 01:23 PM
x*LOL! I don't think CBS would approve that for Survivor but they might for BB. NT
Corndogger05/22/17 09:41 PM
x*Instead of doing a newbie loved ones season, they should do a newbie enemies season. call it bad blood. NT
krh503805/22/17 02:23 PM
x*That would be a great season as long as they found better enemies than Carol and Jess from BB8. But ED and Dani would be great casting if they
Corndogger05/22/17 09:46 PM
x*I'd love this NT
05/22/17 07:01 PM
x*Thanks :) My only concern would be if we'd be able to get invested in their feuds when we don't know all the background. Would be interesting. NT
krh503805/22/17 09:31 PM
x*So, teachers and non medical emergency services vs. Doctors/Nurses vs. Mactors/Waiters/Media Personalities. NT
J4RCW05/22/17 01:32 PM
x*Bet they have at least one pokah playah NT
krh503805/22/17 01:37 PM
x*Cops vs Docs/Nurse/Vets vs Pawns/Goats. I want a season of eye candy called: Survivor, The Season of Eye Candy. NT
Hidef108005/22/17 12:57 PM
x*OK, that title just sounds stupid to me. The good news (regardless of the silly title) is all new contestants. Yay! NT
JAF05/21/17 08:25 PM
x*I wish they'd stop with the stupid themes. NT
robin005/22/17 12:08 AM
x*Me too, although I think the reason they do it is because they're going back to the same locations they've already named a season after, so they
JAF05/22/17 02:14 PM
x*Some people are drawn in by the themes as well. Maybe not the die-hard fans, but new, curious ones. NT
FurnitureAlliance05/22/17 03:26 PM
x*Yep. This 'Game Changers' theme didn't pan out... NT
Hidef108005/22/17 12:52 PM
x*LOL if you cut out the "healers" tribe, it basically sounds like the grownup version of "cops and robbers" :) NT
krh503805/21/17 07:41 PM
x*Cops and robbers and the healers when they shoot each other? NT
robin005/22/17 08:56 AM
x*Cops vs robbers vs healers if medically necessary. (When they're not, they're just called production). NT
krh503805/22/17 01:36 PM
x*I love Michele's idea for a season based on a 3-tribe season and so do others including Fishbach (follow thread). See inside.
Corndogger05/21/17 12:54 PM
*When was the last time a finale started at F6? I'm trying to recall how they got rid of 3 people in 2 hours to get down to F3. NT
Corndogger684 18   05/20/17 10:46 PM
x*Cambodia also had 6: Jeremy, Tasha, Spencer, Kelley, Keith, Kimmy NT
nicholaspuppy05/21/17 09:14 AM
x*Who won that season? I can't recall. NT
Blockhead05/21/17 09:20 AM
x*Val's husband Jeremy NT
nicholaspuppy05/21/17 09:40 AM
x*It's not ringing a bell. NT
Blockhead05/21/17 10:34 AM
x*Second Chance NT
FurnitureAlliance05/21/17 12:56 PM
x*The firefighter from the Boston area. In the season he won his wife was pregnant at the time. He also used an idol to save Fishbach. NT
Corndogger05/21/17 12:21 PM
x*Wasn't that Jeremy's second time on survivor? NT
Matzak05/21/17 12:40 PM
x*It sure was. He and Val played on Blood vs. Water 2 which is officially known as Survivor: San Juan del Sur. NT
Corndogger05/21/17 12:55 PM
x*He was in an alliance with Natalie that season, wasn't he? NT
krh503805/21/17 07:36 PM
x*Yep, Jeremy was Nat's replacement twinnie. Nat started her game of revenge once they blindsided her with the Jeremy vote.
nicholaspuppy05/22/17 04:03 AM
x*Yes cause of one point she played for Vengance of him being booted NT
BBFanJ05/21/17 07:56 PM
x*Oh Yes, Thank You CD NT
Matzak05/21/17 01:00 PM
x*Jeremy NT
JAF05/21/17 09:22 AM
x*It happened last season too NT
FurlessBat05/20/17 10:52 PM
x*How did they edit the finale 2 get down to 3 after 2 hours? I don't want to see a rushed edit that leaves out a ton of details like this past week. NT
Corndogger05/20/17 10:57 PM
x*Jay and Bret left on the first hour, then David NT
FurlessBat05/20/17 11:04 PM
x*Thanks. I can see it being reversed this season. With all of the HIIs and Sarah's LA in play I can see them devoting a fair amount of time to that. NT
Corndogger05/20/17 11:19 PM
x*They don't really have a lot of choice. The Reunion show is always an hour, and FTC takes a good 30 mins or so. Gotta get 3 immunity challenges in,
JAF05/21/17 05:50 AM
*Am I remembering who has immunity correctly?...
JAF484 1   05/20/17 03:30 PM
x*That's correct. NT
Corndogger05/20/17 03:40 PM
*Best exit interview I have found by Josh Wigler with Michaela>>>she explains things for us!
Mazita2481 52   05/20/17 09:28 AM
x*After hearing her answers to what went's making me like Michaela a lot more then I did before :) NT
SkyBluePink05/20/17 08:42 PM
x*To me after reading it, she seems like the same old Michaela. After seeing her tell Brad to go fish, I think I know why people did not talk to her. NT
Hidef108005/20/17 11:07 PM
x*I was reading through the interview thinking this person sounded so likable compared to the show Michaela, but that was when she was talking
krh503805/20/17 08:48 PM
x*As Long As She Stays True To Her Word And Doesn't Come Back Until She Is 35 I Can Live With That. NT
Matzak05/20/17 08:59 PM
x*She's OK until she turns into the OTHER Michaela. :-) NT
JAF05/20/17 08:44 PM
x*I didn't see last season, but that would probably really hurt to punch a tree. NT
krh503805/20/17 06:52 PM
x*Good interview and breakdown. US Survivor's editing is on the decline, can Michaela edit these episodes because she makes more sense than the edit.
SpaceEVA05/20/17 02:37 PM
x*I don't think sensical is exactly what they're going for on the edit. NT
krh503805/20/17 06:50 PM
x*I don't think Sarah had the elaborate plan to test Cerie... I think she was shocked when Cerie tried to use... and never expected Cerie to do that NT
RealityCK05/20/17 03:46 PM
x*I don't think so either. Michaela was guessing on that front too. Basically saying that it's a smart way to play it, but she's not really stating
krh503805/20/17 07:11 PM
x*That may be true, but Sarah knew to let her hold the non-transferable advantage, and not her legacy advantage. NT
robin005/20/17 05:52 PM
x*No one knows about the legacy advantage i believe...I'm sure Sarah does not want to show all her cards...Sarah can give the legacy after vote off. NT
RealityCK05/20/17 06:10 PM
x*That's my point. Sarah knew to give Cirie the non-transferable advantage to hold, not the legacy advantage that could be stolen. NT
robin005/21/17 04:42 PM
x*To what end though? Cirie would be sure to read it after TC and see she was being set up. NT
JAF05/20/17 03:54 PM
x*It was not a setup as Cerie was never told to use it...Sarah never expected her to use it. NT
RealityCK05/20/17 04:06 PM
x*Cerie was just supposed to hold on to it and keep it if Sarah got voted out...Sarah wanted it back if she did not get voted out NT
RealityCK05/20/17 03:57 PM
x*Why? I don't see what sense that makes. Just holding it means nothing without the presumed ability to play it, which Cirie obviously thought
JAF05/20/17 08:25 PM
x*Cirie even told Sarah that she would give the advantage back to her after Tribal. Sarah was trying to pull Cirie away from Aubry so she gave Cirie
Hidef108005/20/17 11:03 PM
x*It's what happened on the show...Sarah never told Cerie she could use it... She told her to hold it for this one vote incase she was voted out. NT
RealityCK05/20/17 09:43 PM
x*No, what I'm asking is what would be the point? I know that's what Sarah TOLD Cirie in the clip we saw, but it doesn't make sense unless she was
JAF05/21/17 05:57 AM
x*I wouldn't totally blame the editing. Due to CBS's schedule they had to cram two boots into one and this boot was the wrong one to do that. The more
Corndogger05/20/17 02:50 PM
x*I'm also not happy that Andrea's elimination was treated so flippantly. That seemed like a big deal in the overall narrative as she was a big presence
SpaceEVA05/20/17 03:01 PM
x*But then you have to assume Sarah had forgotten the rules to the advantage which I find very hard to believe. Sarah was testing Cirie and when Cirie
Corndogger05/20/17 03:08 PM
x*Sarah could also be giving the advantage to Cerie last minute for other reason other then she did not want Cerie to read it...
RealityCK05/20/17 03:31 PM
x*Yeah, exactly my point. It's difficult to just assume one thing there's a number of possibilities. NT
SpaceEVA05/20/17 03:34 PM
x*Not necessarily. If Sarah didn't expect anything to happen with the advantage there wouldn't have been a great need to explain every detail about it.
SpaceEVA05/20/17 03:16 PM
x*But how "good faith" is it if Cirie doesn't try to play it, then reads it as soon as she's in private after TC and sees it's non-transferable?
JAF05/20/17 03:48 PM
x*The good faith aspect of it is that Sarah wasn't going to use it. In line with this way of seeing it the idea is...
SpaceEVA05/20/17 03:58 PM
x*In other words your theory is that Sarah made a promise to Cirie not to use the advantage at all, and backed it up by giving the paper to her?
JAF05/20/17 08:35 PM
x*It's not my theory exactly, i'm still trying to figure out what happened... it's just one possible theory. It's not a promise it's in good faith.
SpaceEVA05/20/17 09:58 PM
x*Understood. I know we're all just speculating and trying to figure out what's a very confusing and seemingly illogical move that took place.
JAF05/21/17 06:16 AM
x*Sarah's true intention and thought process in all of this remains to be what's unclear, at least from how i'm interpreting things.
SpaceEVA05/21/17 12:47 PM
x*I just can't imagine Cirie not actually looking at it as soon as she gets a chance. NT
JAF05/21/17 08:31 PM
x*The thing is Sarah never gave it to Cerie to use or trick her.. it was just to hold incase she got voted out. Sarah read and knew what it said...
RealityCK05/20/17 03:55 PM
x*The rules didn't slip Sarah's mind. If she wasn't testing Cirie then why didn't she just tell her upfront that it was nonredeemable? NT
Corndogger05/20/17 04:18 PM
x*Why would she need to tell her anything?... Cerie was not supposed to use it, she was just going to hold it for this one vote....
RealityCK05/20/17 04:44 PM
x*To me that is a huge stretch. They've been making it a point to show us how perceptive Sarah is so for Sarah to forget the rules to something as
Corndogger05/20/17 05:13 PM
x*I'm not saying Sarah forgot the rules...She just in the moment ((Maybe)) did not realize that Cerie would not be able to use it after Sarah left.
RealityCK05/20/17 05:23 PM
x*I just can't imagine that anyone wouldn't think about it much and actually forget that it's non-transferable when she talked to Cirie about it.
JAF05/20/17 08:43 PM
x*I'm thinking Sarah was aware of the rules to the advantage but it just wasn't that big of a consideration to explain everything to Cirie.
SpaceEVA05/20/17 05:40 PM
x*If we're lucky the start of the next episode will show Cirie asking Sarah what happened and them providing us with some missing info. NT
Corndogger05/20/17 03:26 PM
x*I don't think it will be Cerie asking Sarah what happened... It will be Sarah asking Cerie to explain herself...not sure Sarah will believe her. NT
RealityCK05/20/17 03:33 PM
x*You don't think Cirie will ask Sarah why she voted for Michaela? Michaela was never mentioned by Sarah so Cirie will want to know why she switched
Corndogger05/20/17 03:55 PM
x*Sarah lost trust in Cerie because it appeared as if Cerie was betraying Sarah... So Sarah voted out Cerie's closest person in Micheala NT
RealityCK05/20/17 04:00 PM
x*Yes! Hopefully to start out the next episode they clearly show what happened in a flashback or convo between Sarah/Cirie or something. NT
SpaceEVA05/20/17 03:33 PM
x*The reason it was Michaela and not Cerie is as simple as Michaela can win immunity and Cerie can't... so you can vote out Cerie next week. NT
RealityCK05/20/17 03:11 PM
x*i know a lot are saying they didnt get why she went instead of Cirie but my first thought when her name was showing up in votes was exactly that. i
KlausHeissler05/20/17 10:36 PM
x*This is exactly why Michaela went...and not Cerie NT
SkyBluePink05/20/17 08:44 PM
x*Yep! NT
Matzak05/20/17 08:53 PM
x*Yes, it repeats some of the stuff she said in the other interview but it's more definitive and further explained here. It confirms that Sarah knew
JAF05/20/17 02:07 PM
x*Thanks for the link. That makes more sense of the situation than we saw on the episode. I'm relieved it wasn't Aubry voted out. I'll always like
Blockhead05/20/17 09:48 AM
x*You are very welcome!Her explanation of how the vote went was great! NT
Mazita05/20/17 09:51 AM
*Erin Cebula and Parvati Shallow break down this week's episode With Andrea Boehlke And Michaela Bradshaw
Dreamer99 0   05/20/17 01:28 AM
*Looks like Aubz is having issues with Twitter today as well. See inside.
Corndogger487 2   05/19/17 09:50 PM
x*I like Aubry. I thought they use to tell them to stay away from social media until the season was over. I'm sure BB told people not to read SM. NT
Hidef108005/19/17 10:25 PM
x*BB definitely tells people that but until rather recently Survivor "fans" were good at being civil to cast members. Not sure what's changed but I find
Corndogger05/19/17 10:36 PM
*Me every week: "Tai why don't you use your HII? You're the worst player ever. You're gonna go home!" Every week: Tai doesn't go home. What the??? NT
krh50381607 34   05/19/17 07:34 PM
x*The editing this season leaves me scratching my head alot and other posters have
colleenag05/19/17 07:42 PM
x*I would agree with that. I also wondered why Tai hasn't been using his idols. He has a spare. NT
robin005/20/17 09:28 AM
x*It's really only a spare if he still has 2 going into the F5 (the last time they can be used). Until the F6, I'd hang onto both as well unless
JAF05/20/17 01:40 PM
x*I love Tai. I never thought he had a chance of winning, but I did want him to get as far as he could. But it seems more and more that he is turning
robin005/20/17 05:56 PM
x*Agree, it's been a very poorly put together season. A couple of examples.
Blockhead05/20/17 06:23 AM
x*Great analysis and suggestions for improvement. NT
colleenag05/20/17 10:19 AM
x*I was really confused about Micheala and that whole advantage stuff. Andrea was very clear, but not Micheala. We never even saw her name mentioned as
robin005/20/17 09:33 AM
x*I think winner's edit makes editing episodes tricky but this season seems more confusing than usual. That last episode had to be the worst episode
nicholaspuppy05/20/17 08:42 AM
x*None worse than this last double-TC episode though. They really did us an injustice by only giving a half hour to each of these 2 eliminations,
JAF05/20/17 05:30 AM
x*I would really like more info on why Micheala left. Why did Sarah target her? How did Brad and Troy know to vote for her? Why was Cirie a lone vote
robin005/20/17 09:39 AM
x*Micheala was voted out because she was Cerie's friend and can win immunity and Cerie can't. Brad Troy and Sarah whispered to each other and....
RealityCK05/20/17 02:21 PM
x*I wouldn't blame Sarah for getting rid of her now NT
FurnitureAlliance05/20/17 07:01 PM
x*That makes total sense. NT
robin005/20/17 05:59 PM
x*Editing has been really off this season. The way they are focusing on Sarah means if she wins we all saw it coming & if she does not win it's a let
Hidef108005/19/17 10:28 PM
x*If Sarah doesn't win this will be the best blindside edit ever. I feel like they're screaming at us every episode that she's the winner. NT
Corndogger05/19/17 10:37 PM
x*Yep. And that's not good. They had all these good players but they did not show them much. I think this season comes down to too much editing. NT
Hidef108005/20/17 04:32 AM
x*And what you said there... they had all these good players, but they got taken out early in the game. I think that more than anything is what's turned
JAF05/20/17 05:23 AM
x*I think it's inevitable whenever you play an all-star season. Everyone knows who the threats are, and they get targeted.
robin005/20/17 09:53 AM
x*Exactly. I think The Weakest Link would have lasted longer had players not turned the show title on it's head and started eliminating the Strongest
JAF05/20/17 01:36 PM
x*Idk, who do you think was eliminated too early? Most early evictees played poorly and thats why they got voted off. The only who sort of didnt was
FurlessBat05/20/17 06:13 PM
x*Malcolm was screwed in this game. NT
robin005/21/17 04:43 PM
x*That's a really great idea. They should merge later. NT
robin005/20/17 06:02 PM
x*I completely disagree with this. A merge of 8-6 people seems very boring. NT
FurlessBat05/20/17 06:10 PM
x*I disagree that the strongest were targeted right away. If you go back and watch the early episodes Tony is the major reason why they got knocked off.
Corndogger05/20/17 02:05 PM
x*Hard to say if it was a concerted effort to eliminate the biggest threats early, but that's pretty much what ended up happening. Other than Ciera
JAF05/20/17 02:12 PM
x*The Edit leaves a lot to be desired IMO. Why they brought Tai,Zeke and Aubry back is beyond me. NT
Matzak05/19/17 07:44 PM
x*I love Tai, but he was no game changer. Zeke played hard, but was no game changer. Aubry was no game changer, but I think she deserves a second chance
robin005/20/17 09:56 AM
x*I disagree. Aubrey played a good game and helped to make game changing moves on her season. She got robbed bad to the most boring winner ever NT
FurlessBat05/20/17 09:58 AM
x*She made a ton of critical errors. Michele's game was far superior, especially her social game so I doubt she was boring. Not going to TC until
Corndogger05/20/17 02:56 PM
x*I just don't see how she used a novel approach or move to change the game. She was good, and should have won, though. NT
robin005/20/17 10:16 AM
x*The original theme for this season wasn't "game changers" it was "winners vs jury vs pre-jury" but they couldn't get enough winners to fill out the
Blockhead05/20/17 11:37 AM
x*Well, now that makes total sense. I wondered how some of them got on this season. Really, I wish they would quit with the themes. NT
robin005/20/17 01:15 PM
x*What Robin0 Said! NT
Matzak05/20/17 01:22 PM
x*You're a brave soul openly doubting Aubry's awesomeness on this forum. NT
Corndogger05/19/17 08:00 PM
*Looking at the preview for the next episode what do y'all think will happen? I think tai gives his idols to Troyzan and brad but they'll vote him NT
Tinobow46 0   05/19/17 04:48 PM
*With all of these Tweets from Sarah she should just come out and say she won [if she did]. I've never seen this before. I know people tweeted in the
Hidef1080583 5   05/19/17 01:04 PM
x*She would get sued for $5 million if she did that. NT
Corndogger05/19/17 08:18 PM
x*And, Technically, she still doesn't know. She's have to ask the jury
frustratedposter05/20/17 01:19 PM
x*where are they? NT
krh503805/19/17 07:21 PM
x*I vow not to follow people until after the finale from now on. Not interested in their "clarifications" NT
FurnitureAlliance05/19/17 06:04 PM
x*I remember feeling this way after Caleb's first season iirc. The tweeting stuck me as spoiling the next episode but my memory is foggy. NT
colleenag05/19/17 01:40 PM
*Sarah apologizes to the fans who think she's boring. Tweet inside.
Corndogger745 10   05/19/17 11:51 AM
x*Every episode "As a cop I have honed, refined skills in the art of......" she's conceited NT
AaronVK05/19/17 09:13 PM
x*If people are tagging her saying she's boring they're idiots NT
FurnitureAlliance05/19/17 05:58 PM
x*Are we getting the same apology from Michelle? NT
FurlessBat05/19/17 01:24 PM
x*Michele's the one who deserves apologies. NT
Corndogger05/19/17 04:12 PM
x*That's absurd. There's nothing to apologize for. NT
SpaceEVA05/19/17 01:23 PM
x*Some people have been mean to Sarah the entire season. Like she said, we see what they decide to show. She went streaking with Aubz on that Reward
Corndogger05/19/17 04:15 PM
x*I bet there are a lot of former reality stars that wish the worst thing anybody said to them was that they're boring NT
krh503805/19/17 07:23 PM
x*They have? Geez. I swear the fans get worse and worse. Still no one should be apologizing to these people for their ridiculous views.
SpaceEVA05/19/17 05:24 PM
x*They have. She should just block them because you can't be rational with such people. Survivor fans are starting to act like BB fans which is sad. NT
Corndogger05/19/17 05:36 PM
x*She's got nothing to apologize to me for. Her game changing play has made the 2nd half of this season enjoyable to me. Yes, she's got a no-nonsense
trifecta05/19/17 12:49 PM
*Sarah answers a fan's question on why Michaela and not Cirie. Tweets inside.
Corndogger597 3   05/19/17 11:45 AM
x*Sarah needs to shut her dam mouth until she gets voted out on the show!! CBS stop this madness!! NT
FurnitureAlliance05/20/17 02:33 PM
x*If that's the reason, I wish we would have seen that. Even a statement like that as she's writing the name and casting her vote. It would have gone a
robin005/20/17 10:21 AM
x*was that directed at BBCan Karen? NT
PVRlover05/19/17 12:26 PM
*Quote from Michaela(she says Sarah did say that it was non-transferable and that Jeff for some reason ignored it, then Troyzan spoke up: here's the
trifecta1394 12   05/19/17 09:24 AM
x*I do believe someone in production would have called Jeff over and told him the rules before letting him make a mistake like that NT
FurnitureAlliance05/19/17 05:59 PM
x*I'm not sure what happened as they are not giving us all info but... the Quote from Michaela is "think that Sarah said it first," she is unsure NT
RealityCK05/19/17 03:48 PM
x*Interesting. So Sarah did in fact give Cirie the advantage moments before tribal.
SpaceEVA05/19/17 01:29 PM
x*Another key issue answered there: "Sarah was smart enough to give Cirie the advantage at the last minute so Cirie never actually had a chance to read
JAF05/19/17 09:46 AM
x*Which seems to suggest that Sarah really was testing Cirie. Based on Michaela's quotes here, we now know Sarah waited until
JAF05/19/17 10:10 AM
x*That's how I thought it all went down. but again, too rushed. IMO. Excellent move by Sarah... NT
Matzak05/19/17 10:13 AM
x*Okay, so what I take from this is that production wasn't building Sarah up as something she wasn't, they were protecting Jeff's image as always being
trifecta05/19/17 09:30 AM
x*That could also explain how Troyzan knew it was non-transferable -- simply from hearing Sarah say it first. That sounds more plausible than
JAF05/19/17 10:00 AM
x*If this is truly how it went down, it sure makes Troyzan look petty making a big deal on tweeting how he doesn't get credit for it. I mean seriously
trifecta05/19/17 10:16 AM
x*Is Troyzan trying to make himself relevant before the finale airs or is he trashing Jeff and Sarah? Does something not go his way at the end? NT
Corndogger05/19/17 11:17 AM
x*Sounds generally true, although I wouldn't say that's a bad thing at all. Of course the editing isn't going to undercut the host and make him
JAF05/19/17 09:52 AM
x*Yes, I wasn't ragging on Jeff, production has to clean things up as an error by Jeff that gets corrected with no effect on the game isn't needed, not
trifecta05/19/17 10:20 AM
*Tweet from Sarah addressing the comment she made about hating Andrea this past episode. See inside.
Corndogger484 0   05/19/17 01:07 AM
*I like Sarah but i think people are mistaken by thinking Sarah planned everything that eventually happened with the advantage and Cerie...
RealityCK945 11   05/18/17 11:14 PM
x*Sarah knew. She wanted to make Cirie more loyal, while also trusting her. Cirie failed the test. Sarah knew to give her the non-transferable
robin005/20/17 10:27 AM
x*The thing that makes me wonder about that though is that how loyal would Cirie be if she hadn't tried to play the advantage, then she
JAF05/20/17 01:51 PM
x*Good point. NT
robin005/20/17 06:06 PM
x*Something's wrong here. First of all, Troyzan putting it out publicly that it was he that figured out the non-transferable fine print, wanting the
trifecta05/19/17 08:54 AM
x*Sounds like Troyzan wants credit for something, he's done diddly squat this season, I forget he's there! NT
MegsMom31605/19/17 08:55 AM
x*Sarah said she wanted Cirie to "hold" the advantage as a way to show Cirie that she was loyal to her... She said that. "If" Sarah was voted out
Hidef108005/19/17 04:28 AM
x*That doesn't mean Sarah didn't have a plan. There's no way she could have been 100% positive that it would work so having a backup plan was smart. NT
Corndogger05/19/17 11:12 AM
x*And what if Cirie was the one voted out instead, with paper in hand? Would that have meant Sarah loses the advantage? That's another thing that
JAF05/19/17 05:59 AM
x*So according to Troyzan not only did Sarah forget the rules but Jeff didn't know them either. I'm not buying that for a second. Sarah set Cirie
Corndogger05/19/17 12:37 AM
x*Sarah got lucky. That's all. NT
Hidef108005/19/17 04:29 AM
x*I can believe that Sarah may have forgot, but not Jeff too.. That would have included everyone in production. NT
AZ_Cards_1105/19/17 02:55 AM
*OK I'm calling it now. Brad wins. Anyone care to make it interesting? NT
FurnitureAlliance780 19   05/18/17 03:38 PM
x*I don't like Brad but at this point I'd welcome his win. Tired of having Sarah Levasseur shoved down my throat every wk. We get it, guys. She's
utty1405/20/17 02:46 AM
x*What about Miss Perfect Cirie? She should go sit on a couch somewhere! NT
FurnitureAlliance05/20/17 02:34 PM
x*I would love that. If it is Cirie Brad and Sarah who win? NT
Herbsmum05/18/17 04:27 PM
x*Sarah, then Brad, then Cirie. NT
Hidef108005/19/17 04:30 AM
x*If Cirie makes it to the end I think she'll win because she's so respected. That's why the others won't let her get to F3. NT
Corndogger05/18/17 06:36 PM
x*NO WAY! That would be like Victoria winning over Derek BBUS!! :) NT
Matzak05/18/17 06:40 PM
x*Victoria deserved to win. She did the dirty work for Derrick that production wouldn't. NT
Corndogger05/18/17 06:53 PM
x*so Victoria should have one for being conned? Your views on things are something else :) NT
krh503805/19/17 07:25 PM
x*Who sat on the block damn near every week so Derrick wouldn't have to? Who set people up so Derrick could get info? Victoria is vastly underrated. NT
Corndogger05/19/17 07:59 PM
x*Oh my. okay whatever you say. NT
krh503805/19/17 08:04 PM
x*Brad...But w/Sarah it will be a close call. NT
Matzak05/18/17 05:28 PM
x*Yeah but I think Sarah burned too many bridges and Brad didn't, except for maybe with Michaela. NT
FurnitureAlliance05/18/17 05:36 PM
x*This is a returnee season and returnees vote personal. The cop with a kid is not losing to a former NFL player turned attorney. NT
J4RCW05/18/17 06:08 PM
x*Brad has a lot of friends in there NT
FurnitureAlliance05/18/17 06:30 PM
x*I'd say Brad or Sarah. Nobody seems to respect Cirie's game enough to even consider voting her out. NT
FurnitureAlliance05/18/17 05:25 PM
x*Cirie's a huge shield. That's why she isn't being voted out but I imagine she will be soon as she could easily win at the end. NT
Corndogger05/18/17 06:24 PM
x*I think Brad and Sarah are definitely in the finals. I don't know who the 3rd would be. Maybe Tai. As a goat. NT
robin005/18/17 04:06 PM
x*Troyzan is the goat. No one has even mentioned targeting him and he's done nothing. On Andrea's show last night Eliza said he's being dragged to F3
Corndogger05/18/17 06:34 PM
x*I think you may be right. NT
robin005/20/17 06:07 PM
*What would've happened last night if Sarah doesn't claim that Cirie can't use the advantage? How would Jeff had handled it? Would he say "read the
trifecta1390 25   05/18/17 01:37 PM
x*If nobody had spoken up, Jeff would've said it belongs to Sarah and she can't give it to you according to the "fine print."
FurnitureAlliance05/18/17 03:50 PM
x*I have a feeling that Sarah forgot that it was non transferable and when Cerie tried to use it to steal her vote she spoke up and then Troyzan...
RealityCK05/18/17 03:04 PM
x*From what i've read, Jeff didn't catch it. It was Troyzan that pushed the issue. I think it might have gotten used NT
PVRlover05/18/17 02:54 PM
x*i think he would have said read the find print just because there was more drama. jeff does NOTHING quietly :) NT
Belle05/18/17 01:39 PM
x*Yes, but would he have exposed that Sarah was true owner? NT
trifecta05/18/17 01:41 PM
x*No. All he had to say is something like "Cirie, you're not the owner and the advantage is nontransferable." At that point Cirie would have to
Corndogger05/18/17 02:11 PM
x*didn't cirie say she was protecting a rat? or something to that effect i was confused by that NT
Belle05/18/17 02:15 PM
x*She did mention the rat but I don't believe it was 'protecting' NT
MegsMom31605/18/17 02:27 PM
x*why would she call sarah a rat or was she not referring to sarah? i 'm so confused Cirie has some splaining to do NT
Belle05/18/17 02:28 PM
x*Cerie was taking to Sarah and Tai at the same time... trying to convince Tai that Sarah was the rat so he would not use his idol...
RealityCK05/18/17 03:24 PM
x*I think she was calling Tai the rat. She had been talking about how he got friendly with people...Aubry was his last one he got friendly with..
Mazita05/18/17 02:40 PM
x*I think she was referring to Tai as the rat. Cirie believed Aubry and Sarah believed Tai. NT
MegsMom31605/18/17 02:29 PM
x*and to add to that, Aubrey was telling the truth NT
krh503805/18/17 02:31 PM
x*True but I don't know why Aubrey turned against Tai ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance05/18/17 03:53 PM
x*yeah that was baffling. she was just left out of a major vote, someone tries to give her a hand, and she completely rejects it. Odd behavior. NT
krh503805/19/17 07:28 PM
x*Crazy NT
FurnitureAlliance05/20/17 02:38 PM
x*That makes sense. I was also confused by cirie's statement. NT
Matzak05/18/17 02:30 PM
x*lol now i need a flowchart :) NT
Belle05/18/17 02:30 PM
x*same here. I felt last nights show was rushed. NT
Matzak05/18/17 02:32 PM
x*It really was. Survivor wasted two good surprise-result TCs by only giving each one half an hour to built up and show the background for.
JAF05/18/17 03:23 PM
x*speaking of tai why doesn't he get scared that was such a crazy tribal i would have played my idol if i was him NT
Belle05/18/17 02:31 PM
x*He must have some crazy spidey senses ! NT
krh503805/18/17 02:34 PM
x*I really expected him to use one last night,there was too much left out it made tribal a big fuster cluck lol NT
MegsMom31605/18/17 02:32 PM
x*LOLOL a "fuster cluck " is right!! Thanks for the lol's !! NT
Mazita05/18/17 02:42 PM
x***giggles** i see what you did there NT
Belle05/18/17 02:33 PM
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