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*Survivor 29: San Juan Del Sur - Episode 7 "Million Dollar Decision"
Dreamer1779 0   Sticky Post
*Survivor 29 ~ San Juan Del Sur ~ Blood vs Water Cast ~ Bios and Pics
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*Survivor Forum Discussion
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*I really love survivor, I have seen every season but I am kind of at a loss this time, its just meh. I dont get how..
jgaba87109 3   10/30/14 04:00 PM
x*Why? This is a great season! NT
PhotonicTsunami10/30/14 07:16 PM
x*Did they change the casting director for both BB this summer and Survivor? BB was boring and so far so is this season of Survivor. NT
CougarSpy10/30/14 05:23 PM
x*Seems so. I agree with you and OP, it's been "okay" so far, but kind of boring, and nobody has pulled me in yet. NT
skitzngiggles10/30/14 06:17 PM
*these people make no sense at all. I feel I'm really missing something. why would they trust missy/Baylor? Baylor was all over the place on her
Belle76 0   10/30/14 02:52 PM
*Jeff Probst on EW: "One move will really annoy most of our audience and most of the players." That was in response to this question....
agent99312 0   10/30/14 01:48 PM
*I wonder if remaining survivors will ration the rice so it lasts until the end? Or will they eat it all knowing Jeff will replace it if they run out?
CougarSpy90 2   10/30/14 11:14 AM
x*it would liven things up if someone got mad and dumped all of the that has never happened before. NT
georgia938210/30/14 03:13 PM
x*ITA! I want to see Missy run out and wipe that smug little smirk off her face. NT
FrouFrou10/30/14 12:58 PM
*Stephen Fishbach's Survivor Blog: Did Jon and Jaclyn Get Dale's Idol?
CougarSpy184 1   10/30/14 10:56 AM
x*Yeah, I say, "BFD" on that penalty. And with full bellies the next day, do you think they even bothered to try to construct a better roof? NT
Buzz10/30/14 03:28 PM
*Survivor in 2 Minutes #6: Magic Gum Wrapper
RonnieK84 1   10/30/14 10:02 AM
x*Well done! NT
PhotonicTsunami10/30/14 01:07 PM
*So the merge shapes up like this..
jgaba87472 3   10/30/14 05:54 AM
x*that's what I'm hoping for and with Jon going with his old tribe since Jaclyn had no ties with hers NT
Bellamom10/30/14 08:22 PM
x*Those were my thoughts too. Then I got thinking about Baylor and Josh. Would she rather side with him, or are she and her Mom not firmly planted with
CougarSpy10/30/14 11:01 AM
x*Josh voted for her that one time and she lost trust in him, so I think Missy/Baylor will side with Jeremy/Natalie NT
FurnitureAlliance10/30/14 12:35 PM
*Survivor recap: The price of rice - Dalton Ross
Dreamer247 0   10/30/14 01:52 AM
*Jeremy is an idiot because:
STOPtheMADNESS763 11   10/29/14 09:09 PM
x*I disagree he had valid points they should have found another way. even jeff couldn't help but comment on how often this group has needed help NT
Belle10/30/14 02:49 PM
x*IMO he came off as someone who knows how the game works. NT
Herbsmum10/30/14 10:14 AM
x*Have to disagree with you on this. They all knew the merge was upcoming, they won the food reward (I know they couldn't count on that)
agent9910/30/14 07:30 AM
x*lol for real NT
FurnitureAlliance10/30/14 12:40 PM
x*I'm no fan of Jeremy but he had a valid point here. NT
Hidef108010/30/14 06:43 AM
x*Jeremy annoys me in some other ways, but on this one I thought he was right. The merge at 12 was predictable, so they were likely to have only
JAF10/30/14 06:29 AM
x*Matter of opinion. I thought he was right about the rice. Big deal, they'll find a way to eat. It's better than no shelter from the rain. NT
FurnitureAlliance10/30/14 03:37 AM
x*They need Richard Hatch !!! NT
waypast4010/30/14 04:24 AM
x*Can't survive without food, but you can without a tarp and blankets. NT
STOPtheMADNESS10/30/14 04:06 AM
x*You can survive without food for 24 hours, which is how long it was until the next challenge. There are things out there they could hunt for. NT
FurnitureAlliance10/30/14 12:43 PM
x*So did Jon and Jaclyn AGAIN NT
BBFanJ10/30/14 03:30 AM
*Survivor Week Six Winners, Losers
WillRulz231 0   10/29/14 08:25 PM
*The reshuffling of the tribes for two tribals was a stupid production move. Did it make the show any better? What did it really accomplish?
SolitaryDParty148 3   10/29/14 07:50 PM
x*I wonder if decision was made b4 game started to reshuffle for only 2 tribals or when one tribe kept losing NT
Bellamom10/30/14 08:24 PM
x*Got out my favorite and that was about it. NT
FrouFrou10/30/14 01:03 PM
x*I agree. Pissed me off that Kelly and Dale ended up being the sacrificial lambs. NT
CougarSpy10/29/14 07:54 PM
*I know a lot of us faulted Baylor in the early weeks for siding with the men, but she has been playing a good game NT
DrunkenStorm164 13   10/29/14 06:49 PM
x*I agree. She's been calculating the entire time. I still don't really like her, though. Something about her is a little off-putting. NT
BigGirlPanties10/30/14 06:54 AM
x*I don't dislike her nearly as much as I dislike her mother. NT
JAF10/30/14 07:13 AM
x*ita. missy's smug smile has come to piss me off. NT
FrouFrou10/30/14 01:03 PM
x*I haven't liked her mom since get-go, either. Seems irresponsible and reckless. NT
BigGirlPanties10/30/14 09:35 AM
x*4 divorces. What would make you say that? Baylor does have daddy issues. NT
FrouFrou10/30/14 01:04 PM
x*Ding Ding Ding Ding Ding !!!! LOl! NT
BigGirlPanties10/30/14 01:20 PM
x*^^This.^^ Mother seems to be a nasty piece of work. NT
agent9910/30/14 07:19 AM
x*I don't know if I'd call it a good game. A good short term game at best but time will tell. NT
Hidef108010/30/14 06:45 AM
x*Or she's around idiots who won't get a known Backstabber out NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 07:16 PM
x*This. John and Jaclyn are dumb for siding with Missy/Bayler. Missy has Keith, and obviously Natalie. They shouldve gone with Dale/Kelly. NT
STOPtheMADNESS10/29/14 09:54 PM
x*This week, they should have gone with Dale and removed Missy/Baylor. The merge would then have made them stronger. NT
TrinaE10/30/14 08:51 AM
x*Dale would have gone back to his old tribe and turned on Jon for getting Kelly out and since he knew Jon would find out about idol being fake NT
Bellamom10/30/14 08:25 PM
x*Keeping as many pairs intact is a good idea so voting out Dale is a good choice. At the merge they will have singles and pairs, the singles will see
tas10/30/14 01:51 PM
*I hope Jon and Jaclyn get screwed over Dale had NO ONE and yet they still keep Baylor and Missy together NT
BBFanJ65 4   10/29/14 06:12 PM
x*Yeah, and look how smart Jon would have looked when he used Dale's fake idol. Glad he got voted off. NT
eckomachine10/29/14 06:23 PM
x*So he looks smart and should be arrogant for keeping a known backstabber around who could and likely will do it again? NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 07:15 PM
x*I sooo hope that's who Baylor is talking about screwing over in the preview for next week. That's what they deserve for being DOPES NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/29/14 06:14 PM
x*And they looked like they thought they were so smart after voting that big threat Dale out NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 06:17 PM
*POLL! Would you trade comfort for rice?
PointBeing549 17   10/29/14 05:21 PM
x*Jon & Jaq are really stupid for trusting Bay and keeping Missy. No common sense or game. Bay can be trusted more then Dale? Dumb@sses! NT
Emijo10/29/14 06:08 PM
x*Thats what I'm baffled about Dale had no one! Baylor has backstabbed before and will do it again NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 06:10 PM
x*maybe they were scared Missy or Baylor would come after them hard for voting one of them out NT
PointBeing10/29/14 06:12 PM
x*Jon should know at merge, Missy is going back to Jeremy and Natalie. NT
CougarSpy10/29/14 06:14 PM
x*He's hoping Missy and Baylor will bring him and Jaclyn in with them or that they will side with them over Jeremy and Natalie NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 06:16 PM
x*Ooh one against the rest of the tribe SCARY NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 06:13 PM
x*I'd keep comfort. Weave some baskets/traps to catch fish, and in the mean time, grab another survivor and drag a towel of something in the ocean to
CougarSpy10/29/14 05:34 PM
x*Crazy to give up comfort I think. I'd rather starve for a night than spend a night out in the rain,I'll tell ya that!Plus they can catch crabs too NT
FurnitureAlliance10/29/14 10:46 PM
x*i think part of the problem is no one typically wants to separate themselves from the rest of the group NT
PointBeing10/29/14 05:55 PM
x*I have never starved, LOL. I do know that food and water are the most important basic needs within a matter of days. NT
lianna10/29/14 05:50 PM
x*I think in the hierarchy of needs that food trumps comfort, so yes. NT
lianna10/29/14 05:22 PM
x*why don't they build a tidal fish trap?!
PointBeing10/29/14 05:32 PM
x*I like that trap PointBeing. NT
CougarSpy10/29/14 05:36 PM
x*One season, the reward challenge was locals coming to camp and showing them how to survive and one of them built a trap like that. NT
PointBeing10/29/14 06:11 PM
x*I enjoy those type of reward challenges. NT
CougarSpy10/29/14 06:51 PM
x*me too, but they don't seem to be thinking through the situation like we think they should. I keep thinking, "What's wrong with them??" NT
seahorse10/29/14 06:07 PM
x*It drives me nuts. Why aren't they looking for clams, snails or whatever Survivor schooled them on about what is available in this location? Catch
CougarSpy10/29/14 06:12 PM
*Survivor Discussion Thread.......... NT
wyndycty2061 232   10/29/14 04:59 PM
x*Did anyone catch the penis slip from Wes right after the reward challenge?? I have a clear pic of it NT
cowchpotaytoe10/29/14 06:18 PM
x*Josh FTW! Hope he's not in real danger next week NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/29/14 06:15 PM
x*I really like his partner Reed. Reed and Keith for the win! Was sad to see Dale go this week. NT
CougarSpy10/29/14 06:44 PM
x*Usually the Promos are misleading but who knows? NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 06:19 PM
x*Possible split after merge -
CougarSpy10/29/14 06:03 PM
x*Jon and Jaclyn will side with Backstabbing Baylor again they again proved how dumb they are NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 06:11 PM
x*It's bccause Jon loves Missy. NT
FurnitureAlliance10/29/14 10:36 PM
x*Ugh he and Jaclyn looked so stupid smiling after Booting Dale after he pointed out how he's more loyal than Baylor. Can't believe Baylor said that and
BBFanJ10/30/14 03:29 AM
x*Seems like Missy is running the show. Kelly said in exit interviews that Jon calls Missy "Mama" :P NT
FurnitureAlliance10/30/14 03:40 AM
x*Baylor sounds like she is already back stabbing. If it is John I wouldn't mind it. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:58 PM
x*Thanks everyone for playing...see ya next week for the Merge! NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:58 PM
x*Thanks for the single thread idea. I really enjoyed it! See you all next week. NT
Blockhead10/29/14 06:01 PM
x*This was super fun, thank you so much for the suggestion of a single thread! LOVE IT! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:59 PM
x*Yes, I will actually watch and follow here! NT
lianna10/29/14 06:04 PM
x*Jesus Jaclyn and Jon are dumb Baylor is not more loyal than Dale NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:55 PM
x*IKR? Maybe they view her as the perfect idiot to take along? NT
lianna10/29/14 05:57 PM
x*They are really stupid. My guess is John does all the thinking for them. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:56 PM
x*I hate seeing Missy smiling and John being so smug. UGH! NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:55 PM
x*Ugh him and Jaclyn are dumb NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:56 PM
x*I wanted to wipe that smile right off her face! Gah! Jon is kind of a tool, but I like Jacqueline NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:56 PM
x*I hated their gloating how the Hell do they think Baylor is more loyal when she stabbed Jaclyn before NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:58 PM
x*Keith you are an idiot. Guess who is next! NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:54 PM
x*He has a HII and he will be playing it next TC. NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:55 PM
x*That will be fun, I love a good blindside! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:57 PM
x*With the Merge coming next week I think Keith will be safe NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 06:00 PM
x*yeah, you are right, I didn't realize we were at Merge already! NT
Karina8610/29/14 06:01 PM
lianna10/29/14 05:54 PM
x*Keith!!!!! Whew....NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:53 PM
x*votes all over the place again? NT
seahorse10/29/14 05:53 PM
x*Baylor that was stupid of you to say. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:52 PM
x*Yet they still keep the Bitch who's a known backstabber NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 06:08 PM
x*Ooh Dale just busted Baylor NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:52 PM
x*LOVED it! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:52 PM
x*Yes, Baylor, you are VERY loyal. NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:52 PM
x*Loved Dales Expression and Jaclyn she betrayed you not kinda she did NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:53 PM
x*Dale STFU! I meant by him talking too much.NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:51 PM
x*I'm way behind but Josh and Reed are excellent at challenges, specifically puzzles. NT
HumblePie10/29/14 05:51 PM
x*Be prepared for Obvious Boring Boot tonight getting out that power player Dale NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:51 PM
x*John you idiot, power couple?! Really?? A couple at merge is a target. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:49 PM
x*Im not sure who is going! Tricky NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:49 PM
x*Vote Missy out Jon and Jaclyn! Baylor is not to be trusted NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:49 PM
x*Ugh still angry at Jon and Jaclyn NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:48 PM
x*Keith you better pull it out then. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:45 PM
x*Keith is a dumbass you and Dale need each other NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:45 PM
x*Keith is not good at this. He proved that when he threw Jeremy under the bus for no real reason. NT
HumblePie10/29/14 05:46 PM
x*yup NT
lianna10/29/14 05:51 PM
x*Dale is overplaying his bluff. NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:46 PM
x*No Dale someone's loved one isn't leaving its you or Keith NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:41 PM
x*I guess he is still playing like he has an Idol and they want to keep Keith. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:43 PM
x*Hope Keith plays his idol if it looks like he's out NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:42 PM
x*I hope so too! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:43 PM
x*They are flying thru this puzzle NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:40 PM
x*Wow thy sure did! NT
seahorse10/29/14 05:40 PM
x*I guess "Big John" spoke too soon. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:39 PM
x*He should be voted out for that arrogance then losing NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:40 PM
x*Yea but he's in with 3 other people NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:42 PM
x*Why didn't he and Missy switch off putting pieces up like Josh/Reed? Oh, Missy couldn't even sort them in the right order. NT
CougarSpy10/29/14 05:44 PM
x*Like I said his arrogance NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:44 PM
x*Idiot Jon just had to brag NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:39 PM
x*Can't stand a braggart NT
bbdove10/29/14 05:49 PM
x*Will yellow team lose as badly as they did last week? NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:36 PM
x*LOL, I guess so. NT
lianna10/29/14 05:40 PM
x*"Survivor" loves them some puzzles. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:35 PM
x*I really Hope the boot tonight isn't obvious but I fear it will be NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:33 PM
x*Me too. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:35 PM
x*Oh yeah Dale is such a bigger threat than Baylor Missy Jaclyn or Jon don't you know NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:37 PM
x*Did Jon say Dale showed him an idol earlier? NT
CougarSpy10/29/14 05:42 PM
x*I want Jeremy to go. He is annoying me. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:29 PM
x*I've been in that camp since Val got voted out, probably earlier than that. Unfortunately, he's one of the 2 narrators for this season. NT
CubbyPuppy10/29/14 10:12 PM
x*I'm annoyed by almost all Yellow tribe I'm liking Jeremy NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:37 PM
x*I appreciate that he wants to play though. NT
lianna10/29/14 05:33 PM
x*me too...he's thinking ahead, food, shelter, numbers NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:35 PM
x*Exactly. NT
lianna10/29/14 05:37 PM
x*Not food. He thinks one meal will last. When you are hungry that only last that day. They are better off with the rice he was so mad about getting. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:36 PM
x*Yep! I am still #TeamJeremy and will remain so no matter how annoying he may be NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:36 PM
x*Me too. He wants this so bad. NT
HumblePie10/29/14 05:44 PM
x*Hey there sweetie! Good to see you! :) NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:45 PM
x*It's great to see you too! NT
HumblePie10/29/14 05:52 PM
x*I just can't with him. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:34 PM
x*I just asked Mr. Jteaz if he has a side job at CBS that I didn't know about, and why haven't I got spoilers yet. NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:29 PM
x*Lol he had to have just bust out laughing NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:30 PM
x*Here it comes...the Monsoon! NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:28 PM
x*It looked cold and wet. NT
zebe8310/29/14 05:31 PM
x*I don't know what it is about rain but being in it makes me miserable. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:32 PM
x*I'm singing in the rain.....
Blockhead10/29/14 05:30 PM
x*Oh I love that dance sequence so much! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:32 PM
x*Here's a better version of it
Blockhead10/29/14 05:33 PM
x*MY EYES!! Blockhead you are Evil!! LOL NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:39 PM
x**Ack* NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:36 PM
x*You are the worst person I've ever met. Ever. NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:35 PM
x*true NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:40 PM
x*I thought for sure it was going to be Frankie in his shorts, ha NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:32 PM
x*lol! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:32 PM
x*Heee! Mr. Jteaz was right on the money! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:29 PM
x*Bwa ha ha NT
lianna10/29/14 05:29 PM
x*Jeremy you would have had ONE meal. Also even if you were not hanging on each other everyone would know you would still be with them. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:28 PM
x*Lets see they are married but they aren't talking much so are they really a pair???? NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:32 PM
x*His point was Josh and Reed shouldn't be constantly showing affection it just reminds people they need to be broken up NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:31 PM
x*lol, I thought the same thing when he was talking about how he and Val wouldn't hang out together! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:30 PM
x*Jeremy just pointed out why Jaclyn and Jon shouldn't feel safe NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:28 PM
x*Other chick with Baylor at exile. She sounds like a 3 year old when she talks. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:27 PM
x*Ugh I'm so sick of people protecting that Witch! NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:26 PM
x*Please let them vote Keith out and him use his idol if they go to tribal. And Missy or Baylor go home! NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:26 PM
x*Keith will probably vote out Dale like a dumdum NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:29 PM
x*I would be cool with that! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:28 PM
x*Dale and Keith need to try something I'm already sick of this four person alliance NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:25 PM
x*I see that there aren't Baylor fans. NT
zebe8310/29/14 05:24 PM
x*She's friends with one of the Twinies which something. NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:27 PM
x*heh..I think she's a snotty brat! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:26 PM
x*If they are they are very quiet. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:25 PM
x*I see a meeting got skipped. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:23 PM
x*Not liking Natalie going with Baylor since it sounded like Missy was aligned with Jeremy and Natalie. Glad no idols to be found. NT
CougarSpy10/29/14 05:22 PM
x*Oh God Missy "Has" Natalie NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:20 PM
x*So annoying. Why couldn't she or Baylor have gone last week? ugh! NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:22 PM
x*Blame Jon and Jaclyn NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:27 PM
x*That was all so odd to me NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:22 PM
x*Why do I want to slap Missy? NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:20 PM
x*Is Missy the MOM? NT
lianna10/29/14 05:25 PM
x*yep NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:25 PM
x*K thanks. Slap slap for me too. NT
lianna10/29/14 05:27 PM
x*No banner to keep them straight! NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:32 PM
x*hee hee! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:30 PM
x*I'll loan you my hand to slap her with in case you were brought up not to hit a woman. LOL! NT
CougarSpy10/29/14 05:24 PM
x*because she's icky? NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:22 PM
x*It's an inborn trait. It's like the natural urge to kill a spider when you see it. NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:21 PM
x*OK at least you didn't say INBRED. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:24 PM
x*and this is why I like JTeaz. NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:23 PM
x*Awww... that was sweet to lie to me. I know I'm annoying. But not as annoying as the Twinnie... WTH? NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:28 PM
Karina8610/29/14 05:22 PM
x*Because she's annoying as heck? NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:21 PM
x*OK the crying is annoying. Great job on keeping the comp beast Baylor. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:18 PM
x*WhooHoo! NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:18 PM
x*yayyy REED!! NT
seahorse10/29/14 05:18 PM
x*She kepted hitting her head. It is not like they kept moving the obstacle. NT
zebe8310/29/14 05:17 PM
Karina8610/29/14 05:18 PM
x*Ha!! Oh... I've missed you... NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:18 PM
x*I missed you guys too NT
zebe8310/29/14 05:21 PM
x*Please beat her Reed!!!! NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:17 PM
x*I hope Baylor loses this badly. NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:14 PM
x*Nom nom.... the taste of victory NT
lianna10/29/14 05:18 PM
x*lol NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:20 PM
x*The Bitch lost Woohoo!!! NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:18 PM
x*Me too! NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:16 PM
x*Me too. NT
lianna10/29/14 05:15 PM
x*Cmon Reed! NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:14 PM
x*WHOOOT! He won! Great job, that was a tough one! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:18 PM
x*Go Reed! He's very agile. NT
CougarSpy10/29/14 05:17 PM
x*Yes C'mon Reed! NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:15 PM
x*I approve of this cheer, and will join you! GO REED (it is Reed, right? Without pictures....) NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:15 PM
x*Why are we not getting the pictures? Grrr!!!!!! I won't be able to know every name til it is the F4. :/ NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:22 PM
x*Um, it's YOUR fault for being so dang picky! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:24 PM
x*I think so... let me pan to CBS and check ; ) NT
lianna10/29/14 05:16 PM
x***high fives lianna** NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:18 PM
x*Yes Natalie and Julie Jaclyn is a Moron NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:13 PM
x*No explanation tonight for Jon and Jaclyn's Idiocy? Wonder why? NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:11 PM
x*I'm not entirely convinced it's stupid NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:14 PM
x*I am since she seems to keep mentioning how she can't trust Baylor. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:15 PM
x*No one likes Baylor except for Missy...Jac is the strongest female, keeping Baylor around keeps a target in front of her imo NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:17 PM
x*When Baylor screws her over again I'll laugh and Laugh!! NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:18 PM
x*it could happen, no doubt. But Kelley was the smartest on that whole tribe & she would've flipped whenever it was advantageous for her too NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:21 PM
x*This sucks I liked Kelly and can't stand Baylor and her arrogant little smirks. Plus how does it look when you keep someone who screwed someone who
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:23 PM
x*Oh I was mad too...I MUCH prefer Kelley over Baylor, but I'm thinking Jac may not be wrong on this. We'll see. NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:25 PM
x*Considering Jaclyn was screwed over by Baylor before I think it is NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:15 PM
x*You can't explain stupid I suppose. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:13 PM
x*I'm gonna laugh and Laugh if Jaclyn is screwed over by Baylor again NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:14 PM
x*That should have been the focus of the first part of the show. NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:12 PM
x*Loving this one thread thing! NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:11 PM
x*we did it in the PX during BB, so much easier :-) NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:12 PM
x*me too! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:11 PM
x*I love the price for rice! NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:08 PM
x*they better start building a shelter asap! NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:10 PM
x*I'm hoping for a torrential downpour and them being foolish not to protect the new rice so it gets all wet too. I hope Missy's new tribe runs out of
CougarSpy10/29/14 05:13 PM
x*Wish granted! NT
lianna10/29/14 05:28 PM
x*Hiya & Jteaz hubby on the same page :-) NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:15 PM
x*And our wish was granted. Now I hope the rain got the rice at both camps. hehehehe! NT
CougarSpy10/29/14 05:31 PM
x*heee! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:33 PM
x*Damn Jeff ain't playing took everything they won in reward NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:08 PM
x*Deservedly so. Love it. NT
lianna10/29/14 05:09 PM
x* Comfort & starting over! NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:08 PM
x*Mr. Jteaz just muttered under his breath, "C'mon monsoon." HA! NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:10 PM
x*LOL @ the wickedness. ITA. NT
lianna10/29/14 05:12 PM
x*LOL! I like how he thinks! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:11 PM
x*Only 14 days and they used the whole bag of rice? How stupid can they be? NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:07 PM
x*And missy was part of that tribe and she was kept last week? NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:12 PM
x*My favorite word for people like that. IDIOTS! They should have made the kick how ever many people needed to make the tribes even too. Just because
ELPhill10/29/14 05:10 PM
x*Ooh Dale is such a bigger threat than Missy or Baylor "Sacrasm" NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:06 PM
x*I love Jeff shaming them! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:06 PM
x*Spank them, Jeff- Spank them! Ha! Although I thought he was going to tell them it was automatic tribal council. NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:08 PM
x*And he even dragged all there stuff away all by himself. NT
zebe8310/29/14 05:10 PM
x*That's our Jiffy Probe! He's soooo dreamy! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:12 PM
x*I thought so too! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:10 PM
x*me too! NT
lianna10/29/14 05:10 PM
x*sounds kinky :-) NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:10 PM
x*I had to get the image of you and him out of my head somehow. Didn't we settle this last season about my ownership of Jeff? NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:11 PM
x*lol....Never! NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:16 PM
x*Me too. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:07 PM
x*This is the first episode I watched after boycotting the show because of the casting of John Rocker. So I'm behind. NT
zebe8310/29/14 05:05 PM
x*Feast will last one day and that is only if there is a feast and IF you win it. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:05 PM
x*Yep^^ NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:06 PM
x*Here comes my BF NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:05 PM
x*Um.... excuse you? NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:05 PM
x**pfft* NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:06 PM
x*so wait...I thought Dale had a real one? NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:04 PM
x*It was just something attached to the waterin' hole as decoration. Keith's got the only idol. OOH WAIT- my boyfriend's on now... :) NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:05 PM
x*No, Keith the other old guy has one. It would be easier to remember if there were a banner up top. NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:04 PM
x*This is why I love you Blockhead. Ten points for the first 'no pics' reference of the night. NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:06 PM
x*I blame ElPhill for our bannerless existance NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:09 PM
x*Still not willing to take one for the team, I see. :) NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:12 PM
x*He's just selfish! Hmph! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:13 PM
x*Yes, I cant the names straight yet. NT
lianna10/29/14 05:05 PM
x*lol....make one for us! NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:05 PM
x*Hi good evening all. I just watched last week's show this morning and am sad that Kelly went. wish it was Baylor or Missy, darn it. Maybe tonight NT
seahorse10/29/14 05:03 PM
x*Ah yeah! Fake idol in da house! Calling Keith.... NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:03 PM
x*Please let Baylor or Missy go home tonight!! NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:02 PM
x*I 2nd that! NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:02 PM
x*I 3rd it! NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:04 PM
x*Jaclyn just said again why she shouldn't side with Baylor NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:02 PM
x* maddening NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:03 PM
x*She is an idiot. NT
ELPhill10/29/14 05:02 PM
x*Here. I so wanted to top post that. NT
zebe8310/29/14 05:01 PM
Karina8610/29/14 05:03 PM
x*Smooch! :) NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:07 PM
x*smooch right back atcha, babycakes! :) NT
Karina8610/29/14 05:10 PM
x*Ha....yay zebe's in the house NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:02 PM
x*ZEBE!!! *tackle hug* NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:01 PM
x*Howdy all NT
zebe8310/29/14 05:09 PM
x*Hi guys...wanna try one thread tonight? just hit reply under the top thread & say whatever you want NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:00 PM
x*Here. Lets keep the discussion in ONE thread for the night. :) NT
Blockhead10/29/14 05:00 PM
x*Yay! NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:01 PM
x*As one of the BB Natalies said, "D-U-N". :) NT
jteaz10/29/14 05:01 PM
x*Whoot! Hey, baby! NT
jteaz10/29/14 04:59 PM
x*Hey hotstuff NT
wyndycty10/29/14 05:01 PM
*I'd love to see Baylor or Missy Booted tonight. But I rarely get what I want :( NT
BBFanJ27 2   10/29/14 04:48 PM
x*Those two have tap danced on my final nerve to the point that I no longer even want to watch their ugly smug mugs. NT
procheervet10/30/14 09:16 AM
x*I would LOVE to see Baylor booted. NT
lianna10/29/14 04:55 PM
*I thought Missy & Baylor were good-looking until the season progressed. Now their ugly character overshadows anything nice about them. NT
robin0172 8   10/27/14 10:15 AM
x*It's normal... Although used as punchline by many - Personality - has much to do with attractiveness. NT
Hidef108010/29/14 04:31 PM
x*I will do the happy dance when they get the boot, that's for sure. NT
procheervet10/28/14 09:05 AM
x*I bet $10 bucks that their tribe loses tonight. Sadly, they'll probably vote out Dale, and not Missy or Baylor. NT
CougarSpy10/29/14 12:29 PM
x*Oh no doubt and we will have to see that arrogant little smirk from Baylor cause Jon and Jaclyn are idiots keeping threats around instead of Dale
BBFanJ10/29/14 02:19 PM
x*Baylor is working on my last nerve...would love to see her torch snuffed tonight...but unfortunately it probably won't happen for awhile :( NT
SkyBluePink10/29/14 03:32 PM
x*Sadly you're probably right NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 04:47 PM
x*I don't find either particularly attractive even before they showed their personalities. NT
Buzz10/27/14 02:32 PM
x*I'd still bang Baylor. NT
BBO10/27/14 12:43 PM
*'Survivor' host Jeff Probst explains how Keith got his immunity idol back
Dreamer1166 2   10/25/14 01:05 AM
x*So Keith's idol was in his bag? NT
CougarSpy10/25/14 07:35 AM
x*Presumably. And people have been known to go thru tribemates' stuff. Maybe he just always kept it in his boot? NT
Buzz10/25/14 09:09 AM
*Survivor's Kelley: "This Damn Coyopa Tribe Is Cursed"
Dreamer562 2   10/25/14 01:00 AM
x*Sad that Missy cooked more rice than they could eat. Did that rice then get thrown out? Or Baylor licking the rice off the community spoon. I guess
CougarSpy10/25/14 07:52 AM
x*My sentiments exactly! NT
robin010/27/14 10:10 AM
*Survivor Live - Kelley
Dreamer134 1   10/25/14 12:48 AM
x*Kelly is so dang cute! NT
BBFanJ10/29/14 05:07 PM
*Just watched the show from wed and I do NOT understand why they would side with Baylor and Missy. Hiw stupid and idol in my boot did not even talk to
CatsMommie373 6   10/24/14 02:58 PM
x*well i kelly's interview with rhap she said she wanted jon gone over drew and missy told that to jon so prob with the swap jon remembered that NT
Mishanb10/24/14 09:02 PM
x*The best I can figure is Jon likes eating rice & Missy's dishing it out by the boatload. Plus, they thought the one they booted was too smart. NT
CubbyPuppy10/24/14 07:58 PM
x*Unlike them who sided with a previous backstabber NT
BBFanJ10/25/14 09:43 PM
x*Especially when Baylor Betrayed her Before I don't get it NT
BBFanJ10/24/14 05:12 PM
x*I wonder if they will flip back and forth? NT
TrinaE10/24/14 04:50 PM
x*There's a lot we don't see. In order to keep up the suspense, we don't see the defining conversations that take place. NT
cantgetenough10/24/14 03:45 PM
*Kelly praises her dad, fires back at Drew
WillRulz296 0   10/24/14 01:21 PM
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