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*On the next episode of Survivor Cambodia ~ episode 12 ~ "My Wheels Are Spinning" Dec. 2nd
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*Cast Of Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance Pics ~
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*Survivor Forum Discussion
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*A fan asked Shane Powers on Twitter if he thought Ciera could've won the game, he said "zero chance" and this is what she tweeted him back:
krh50381125 23   11/29/15 05:37 PM
x*Stephen came to Ciera's defense. People who say she had no chance of winning should read what he has to say. Fishbach's tweet inside.
Corndogger11/29/15 11:29 PM
x*From one 2 time loser to another. NT
Adamlovechild111/30/15 12:48 AM
x*I think we don't see everything. I think Stephen likes people who make moves and fight hard, so I can see him voting for her. NT
FrouFrou11/30/15 07:40 AM
x*Tyson's "loser" wife Rachel also said Ciera played a good game. Tweet inside.
Corndogger11/30/15 01:43 AM
x*Tyson, himself, on Rob's podcast said she couldn't win the way she played. He called her gameplay desperate NT
Adamlovechild111/30/15 07:44 AM
x*Does that make People and Rob Cesternino losers as well for paying him to write/talk about the show thinking that he's an expert on the game? NT
Corndogger11/30/15 01:38 AM
x*He didn't get any votes, did win the money but got a job. Cochran did both and was was writing for a tv show. Tyson said the exact opposite on
Adamlovechild111/30/15 04:21 AM
x*The follow-up tweets though indicate they're cool with each other. See inside.
Corndogger11/29/15 11:25 PM
x*They're probably both right. NT
JAF11/29/15 06:27 PM
x*If Ciera had managed to get to the end I think she had a great shot at winning. She had a very good social game and her strategic game was a lot
Corndogger11/29/15 06:46 PM
x*Ciera has no social game or grace. Very insulting & abrasive. NT
Adamlovechild111/29/15 08:34 PM
x*No social game? Go back and watch the episodes and you'll hear a lot of the other players say how dangerous she was because of her social game. NT
Corndogger11/29/15 10:08 PM
x*They said she was dangerous because her ability to make up lies easily. But that one as a group fell flat. NT
Adamlovechild111/29/15 11:41 PM
x*^^^ This !!! NT
Hidef108011/29/15 08:39 PM
x*IA she was a decent player, she had a good shot at winning NT
FurlessBat11/29/15 07:02 PM
x*Against Abi maybe, but I'm dubious she's have beaten anyone else. Fun to speculate though. :-) NT
JAF11/29/15 06:53 PM
x*Ciera's a good speaker so she would have been able to present her case well. I wouldn't underestimate her or Abi for that matter. Kass probably
Corndogger11/29/15 10:21 PM
x*Kass can't help her and being a Chatty Cathy doesn't make one a winner. She rubs people the wrong way. This is her 2nd time and still don't know how
Adamlovechild111/29/15 11:43 PM
x*Then why did Stephen say she played a great game and he would have voted for her? NT
Corndogger11/30/15 12:02 AM
x*I'm surprised Stephen realized anyone else was out there besides Joe. Anyway, I'd need more than one person saying they'd vote for her in a
krh503811/30/15 05:56 AM
x*Another loser who did even get any votes his 1st season but happen upon a career? That Stephen?? NT
Adamlovechild111/30/15 12:50 AM
x*Actually, I shouldn't say "what she tweeted him BACK" because she was never tagged in the tweets, she just jumped in. NT
krh503811/29/15 05:40 PM
x*More than likely one of her fans let her know what was being said about her. NT
Corndogger11/29/15 06:43 PM
*knowing that Stephen was going to use his advantage, why didn't they take the opportunity to blindside Jeremy? Don't get my wrong, I like Jeremy but
PVRlover1192 31   11/29/15 09:35 AM
x*Jeremy is rocking this imo. No immunity wins, few rewards, always downplaying himself. Smart and social. Spencer wanted Fish out to play w/ Jeremy. NT
FrouFrou11/30/15 07:43 AM
x*Idk, this has happened in other seasons too where there's one player that should obviously be voted out, but yet their name never comes up. NT
BBO11/29/15 03:27 PM
x*But Joe's name was always on their lips, every week "if he doesn't win immunity he's gone" was the mantra by all. But then when they actually have
colleenag11/29/15 03:37 PM
x*that's the way it is when we don't have feeds, there is a lot we don't know NT
zagger11/29/15 03:28 PM
x*They didn't really know it until he announced it right before the vote. And by then the strategy and votes have already been planned.
JAF11/29/15 10:01 AM
x*Stephen told Jeremy, Spencer and Tasha that he was going to use it. There was no surprise at all on their part he was going to use it. NT
Corndogger11/29/15 01:24 PM
x*Not a surprise, but not a sure thing either. Even if Spencer was pretty sure he'd use it, there's always some doubt and the
JAF11/29/15 01:53 PM
x*But only Spencer flipped on them which made a backup plan rather useless unless they gambled that Joe or Abi didn't have a HII. I think Spencer knew
Corndogger11/29/15 04:58 PM
x*It's such a fluid season, with such loose alliances that we never really know how things will line up from week to week.
JAF11/29/15 06:38 PM
x*"Voting blocs." But as Tasha said it might B time 2 go back 2 more solid alliances U can trust. But who does she have now other than Jeremy? Kimmi? NT
Corndogger11/29/15 06:50 PM
x*Spencer, Jeremy, Kimmi & Tasha. NT
Adamlovechild111/29/15 08:36 PM
x*You think Kimmi, Jeremy and Tasha are going to rely on Spencer after that last vote? Spencer needs to take out Jeremy if he wants to win not work
Corndogger11/29/15 10:24 PM
x*I totally do. Spencer wants to work with Tasha & Jeremy and knew he had to get rid of Stephen to make them loyal to him. NT
FrouFrou11/30/15 07:45 AM
x*He won't be able to win Jeremy's idol and Joe as an immunity threat. Spencer wants to be Jeremy's strategic partner. NT
Adamlovechild111/30/15 12:52 AM
x*Well that's just it... there are no solid (large) alliances to go back to. And no dependable large blocs of trust. Spencer doesn't have a
JAF11/29/15 07:05 PM
x*I don't know why they didn't take out Joe once he lost immunity. NT
robin011/29/15 09:47 AM
x*I think possibly Spencer sees Joe as a shield, just like Tony used him in Cagayan. NT
FurnitureAlliance11/29/15 02:13 PM
x*Spencer wants to replace Stephen as Jeremy 's no 2 and move up in the alliance. As He always said Survivor is like chess. NT
Adamlovechild111/29/15 06:36 PM
x*Most def! NT
FrouFrou11/30/15 07:45 AM
x*And even though Joe is great at comps, he can be trusted and isn't a schemer. Kinda the opposite of Stephen who was a far bigger
JAF11/29/15 03:21 PM
x*I'd say Joe is kind of a schemer, he clued in Ciera/Kelly about Kelly being the target which led to her doing that great idol play NT
zagger11/29/15 03:25 PM
x*I don't think he was scheming, so much as he trusted the girls and just wanted to give them a heads up. It's like the opposite of scheming NT
FurnitureAlliance11/29/15 04:20 PM
x*he was basically playing both sides, voting with one, giving a heads up to the other, dunno, I'd call that scheming NT
zagger11/29/15 04:45 PM
x*True, he's not a clueless Woo. He's not totally out of things, but he's rarely the instigator or the planner of such moves. NT
JAF11/29/15 03:36 PM
x*yeah he's no mastermind but that action tells me there is more going on than we are seeing (as always) NT
zagger11/29/15 03:38 PM
x*He really wanted to work with Wentworth, and to me he was dumb to tell them that NT
FurnitureAlliance11/29/15 04:21 PM
x*Joe was their target but they were concerned he might have a HII. When Spencer flipped on them the plan fell apart and Stephen was phucked. NT
Corndogger11/29/15 01:26 PM
x*Agreed 10000%. I think both they and us have fallen in love with the blindside but it's going to bite someone in the butt. NT
Hidef108011/29/15 12:34 PM
x*Joe is my #2 fav next to Spencer. I want to see him go far and I hope he is not injured, though it looks likely. But from the others' perspective,
robin011/29/15 12:55 PM
x*It already did.... Stephen. ;-) NT
JAF11/29/15 12:40 PM
x*Lol NT
robin011/29/15 12:56 PM
*Survivor Cambodia Wentworth Idol Play-- Live Party with Kelley Wentworth!
Dreamer170 0   11/29/15 01:47 AM
*Tiny Little Shanks To The Heart (Preview) A surprise visit brings everyone's spirits up until it all comes crashing down
Dreamer1179 4   11/29/15 01:33 AM
x*After carefully looking at this video, I'm pretty convinced now that I know who gets hurt (don't open if you don't want to see).
JAF11/29/15 10:40 AM
x*I did the same thing. I must have watched the 20 second preview for next week about 30 times.
Emma_Peel11/29/15 07:56 PM
x*Great detective work.
BigGirlPanties11/29/15 12:32 PM
x*I find it funny
tguiser11/29/15 08:50 AM
*Not sure if this already discussed but did anyone else find it coincidental that the last 2 immunity challenges involved feet...either balancing on
colleenag914 8   11/27/15 06:36 AM
x*If they didn't have that challenge, we probably wouldn't even have heard much about Stephen's feet. It's all about the editing. NT
Evo111411/27/15 02:11 PM
x*I think we would have heard about his feet even without the challenge 2 show us just how much they were suffering in the rain and cold--good visual NT
Corndogger11/28/15 12:18 PM
x*Plus the fact he was leaving soon. NT
JAF11/28/15 12:50 PM
x*No. I don't see anything fishy there. There isn't much he's good at anyway unless they made every comp mental which they do maybe once. NT
krh503811/27/15 01:17 PM
x*this was the first time in the past 5 immunity challenges that wasn't endurance, all joe won. stacked against and for people imo. NT
beanman11/27/15 12:20 PM
x*Everything I've read says they're decided way ahead of time too. Plus, individual immunity comps commonly involve standing
JAF11/27/15 06:48 AM
x*Yes, IA. And challenges have to be made for a certain amount of players. A challenge based on 8 ppl cannot be run when there are 10 in the game. NT
robin011/27/15 06:57 AM
x*I 100000% thought that too. I didn't say anything because - Conspiracy Brother. NT
Hidef108011/27/15 06:46 AM
*Abi wouldn't get one vote to win. Please tell me why anyone would write her name.
Fig626 12   11/27/15 12:40 AM
x*If Its only about game, i think she could win against kimmi and maybe Keith...they really haven't shown such much game tbh NT
FurlessBat11/28/15 06:45 PM
x*She could win if they were bitter against the other two. Otherwise, I agree. NT
FurnitureAlliance11/28/15 01:30 PM
x*I can't see Abi winning against anyone left at this point, even to the most bitter jury NT
RealityCK11/28/15 06:29 PM
x*It would have to be REALY bitter, like Kass bitter (so bitter than clueless Woo would have won). NT
JAF11/28/15 04:06 PM
x*Here is a reason. She always has people off base & they never know where she is coming from. Yet they seek her vote each week. NT
zebe8311/28/15 06:29 AM
x*Plus she is not terrible in immunity challenges. NT
zebe8311/28/15 06:30 AM
x*If you watch her bonus clips you'll see that she's learned a lot from the first time she played. She understands the game & what's needed to win. NT
Corndogger11/28/15 12:15 PM
x*I think her and everyone else understand the game... the thing with abi is she can't control herself and lets her emotions ruin her game. NT
RealityCK11/28/15 06:25 PM
x*Abi has been controlling her emotions this season with maybe one or two exceptions. NT
Corndogger11/28/15 06:40 PM
x*What we see in tv isn't everything. Players know Abi & each other very well. She would get zero votes. NT
Adamlovechild111/28/15 08:48 PM
x*Or at least to advance. Abi still being Abi likely precludes any chance of her actually winning. NT
JAF11/28/15 12:57 PM
x*Speaking for myself, if someone took a goat to the end, I'd vote for the Goat. I understand Woo although it did not work out for him. NT
Hidef108011/27/15 03:57 AM
*What a great, great season. I'm sorry but what is the talk about 5 finalists. I must have misread something. Thanks
Fig862 5   11/26/15 10:43 PM
x*5 going INTO the final episode, with 2 eliminated during the episode to make it the usual F3. That's the way it usually works in the
JAF11/27/15 07:09 AM
x*ITA. I am enjoying this season a lot. I was so floored to see Jeremy use his idol on Stephen and Ciera was an "audience" blindside!
colleenag11/27/15 05:25 AM
x*loving this season, GReat Scrambling and Cast! NT
JewelDesigner11/27/15 08:37 PM
x*Yep, My error
Fig11/27/15 12:25 AM
x*You mean 6? They probably just mean there are still 6 people left going into the finale episode, and there will be 3 TCs in that episode. NT
krh503811/26/15 10:56 PM
*I normally don't come here to chat survivor, but I'm sad Stephen is gone. I'm rooting for Jeremy from here on out. I do like Spencer also. NT
Starlynn315 9   11/26/15 08:53 PM
x*i didnt like Jeremy in his previous season, but like him this time, in fact, there are not many left I dislike, maybe Abi some, all are pretty goodNT
JewelDesigner11/27/15 08:57 PM
x*I was fine with Jeremy until he turned on Rocker. Probably the first good thing Rocker ever tried to do and Jeremy turned on him over it LOL NT
LeastMode11/28/15 11:17 AM
x*I remember that too and called Jeremy out on it. Val screwed herself... NT
Hidef108011/28/15 02:49 PM
x*Yep. Although Natalie is the one that really pissed me off in her ridiculous rant at him. Jeremy wasn't nearly as bad as she was. NT
JAF11/28/15 11:41 AM
x*I viewed it as Nat just reacting to his past comments. Jeremy didn't care about them and then turned on Rocker when he wrongly blamed Rocker 4 Val NT
LeastMode11/29/15 06:56 PM
x*Right or wrong, Natalie was mad at Rocker for something he actually did do. Jeremy was mad he wrongly blamed Rocker for Val's terrible gameplay NT
LeastMode11/29/15 06:58 PM
x*Agreed 100%. NT
Hidef108011/27/15 04:00 AM
x*Stephen sure won't give himself the fishy again this week. NT
robin011/26/15 08:57 PM
x*he shared the fishy NT
Mishanb11/27/15 08:56 PM
*Any Thoughts/Ideas who leaves next week looked so dramatic hope they didnt die. NT
Camlawnman3363 28   11/26/15 12:17 PM
x*Why would they place everyone so close together? They do this in a lot of challenges NT
carlee11/28/15 03:53 PM
x*I wondered that too. It looks like the purpose of this one is to balance something high on a pole. But if they drop it it looks like
JAF11/28/15 04:04 PM
x*I agree. I don't think anyone gets hit in the head though. They wouldn't set themselves up for this liability, IMO. NT
debbiedu2211/29/15 01:44 AM
x*I suspect there's liability waivers in place for agreeing to go on Survivor. But I don't think it's one of the things falling on a head either.
JAF11/29/15 10:12 AM
x*hope that doesnt take someone out, hate that happening, I think the lone wolfs would be smart to grab joe for a weeks as a number, as they did NT
JewelDesigner11/27/15 08:53 PM
x*Since the family members are there I believe they are playing & I think it will be a family member that gets hurt. NT
Hidef108011/26/15 01:28 PM
x*It's likely a player leaving. Based on previous years, there should only be 3 epis left. For an F3 and thus 5 entering the finale from 8 now,
JAF11/26/15 08:00 PM
x*I agree. Finale is on 12/16 so they need to get rid of 3 people in the next two episodes. I don't see them doing two tribals in one episode or
Corndogger11/26/15 08:14 PM
x*You two are more than likely right. I'd hate to see him go out like that. I rather like the guy... NT
Hidef108011/26/15 08:47 PM
x*me too, he is my fav!! NT
JewelDesigner11/27/15 08:54 PM
x*It could be someone else, but no matter who it's gonna suck.
JAF11/26/15 08:52 PM
x*me too!!! NT
JewelDesigner11/27/15 09:04 PM
x*The hand looks like Joe's. I rewatched the episodes and paid attn to their hands. Unless it is fam member. NT
robin011/26/15 08:55 PM
x*Have a look at the screen caps I grabbed. They're not the best but to me it's clear only the players are doing this challenge.
Corndogger11/26/15 10:06 PM
x*So looking at these captures - it seems that it would be Joe for sure. NT
ccquilter11/29/15 11:43 AM
x*I took note of Joe's fingers during the show (for some odd reason). He has very long fingers. These just don't look like his, IMO. NT
debbiedu2211/27/15 06:18 AM
x*You're right. And that is Joe's hand. NT
robin011/26/15 10:14 PM
x*There's a shot of Joe's left hand right near the beginning of the preview which matches up in terms of the dirty short finger nails. I think the
Corndogger11/26/15 10:31 PM
x*If he's injured, I sure hope he doesn't have to leave the game. He has been one of my faves twice now. He is such a really wonderful guy in so many
robin011/27/15 06:16 AM
x*he is one of my favs too, and was so relieved he didnt leave this week NT
JewelDesigner11/27/15 08:42 PM
x*If Joe was injured on a Missy level (not bad enough to leave) that could actually be the best thing to happen to him to get further. NT
krh503811/26/15 10:48 PM
x*yeh never thought of this, but he would be less of a threat and he could milk that :) NT
JewelDesigner11/27/15 08:51 PM
x*Based on the color of the "statue" that falls it looks like it's Kimmi's that goes flying. Joe is right beside her. But is Keith beside Joe? If so,
Corndogger11/26/15 10:08 PM
x*those fingers looked older, and really didnt look like Joes? hope not anyway NT
JewelDesigner11/27/15 08:56 PM
x*There's a bonus clip of Keith doing a confessional where you can see one of his palms. It looks in much better shape than the palm in the preview.
Corndogger11/27/15 09:54 PM
x*You are really good at this. You should have been a detective. NT
robin011/26/15 10:15 PM
x*This thread brings back memories of the good ole days in the Bachelor/ette forums. NT
MegsMom31611/27/15 05:23 AM
x*Ha, so true! Checking out shadows for time of the day, whether first out of the car or 2nd, flower placement, ahhhh those were the days -:) NT
wyndycty11/27/15 06:33 AM
*Survivor Cambodia: Week 10 winners, losers
WillRulz603 0   11/26/15 04:57 AM
*According to Fishbach, his "mistake" was trusting his "real life friend." Meaning Spencer. Kind of a cop out, IMO. NT
krh50382147 25   11/26/15 01:20 AM
x*I like Fishbach, but he was to blame for this. He made a huge mistake with his reward choices. He should've chosen Ciera or Joe and Jeremy imo NT
FrouFrou11/30/15 08:17 AM
x*Why is it a cop out? NT
PVRlover11/29/15 09:36 AM
x*just watched the episode and i didnt mind the the two that were voted out. good riddance. NT
KlausHeissler11/26/15 08:33 PM
x*yep, happy with this week :) NT
JewelDesigner11/27/15 09:03 PM
x*Which has happened on EVERY RETURNING PLAYER season previously. He's supposed to be an expert. NT
theotherguy11/26/15 08:24 PM
x*I didn't really care for Fishbach one way or the other but I like him more now. Right or wrong, Spencer did flip... NT
Hidef108011/26/15 01:32 PM
x*Spencer did what he had to do, but a large part of Spencer's flip was the reward choice. NT
FrouFrou11/30/15 08:18 AM
x*He did, but Fishbach is acting like he made no mistakes. If Spencer was such a good "friend" why take Tasha on reward and not him? NT
krh503811/26/15 02:25 PM
x*He was too obsessed w getting rid of Joe, how his last season went & not binding w folks. He had no clue he was the target. NT
Adamlovechild111/26/15 12:40 PM
x*No, he's right. He told Spencer everything, including what his advantage was, and that gave Spencer the info to get him out. NT
FurnitureAlliance11/26/15 11:59 AM
x*His mistake was being creepily obsessed with Joe. NT
BBO11/26/15 09:35 AM
x*They all are. They just showed Fishbach as moreso. NT
FrouFrou11/30/15 08:18 AM
x*Yes! NT
Slhealey11/30/15 06:46 AM
x*His real mistake was winning the reward comp and choosing who he did to go with him. Not the first time that winning a "choose who to bring"
JAF11/26/15 06:35 AM
x*Totally agree. Jeremy and Kelley or Cierra. NT
FrouFrou11/30/15 08:19 AM
x*Yep. And I couldn't believe he didn't say Jeremy first. The dude had just kept his butt in the game and it should of been the first name out his
colleenag11/27/15 05:30 AM
x*I thought the same...give Jeremy some respect please...not a fan of Jeremy but he did save Fish's butt! NT
Mazita11/27/15 10:50 AM
x*Stephen does know the game enough to know it wouldn't be just one other, though. He knew he'd be able to take Jeremy NT
frustratedposter11/27/15 08:33 AM
x*being that he just was about to be voted out he shouldn't have won that reward NT
Mishanb11/26/15 07:20 AM
x*I agree with you, he shouldn't have won it NT
FurnitureAlliance11/26/15 12:00 PM
x*yeah right Stephen. *roll eyes* NT
Brn2Wander11/26/15 06:09 AM
x*He trusted everyone far too much and his obsession over how things ended for him last time cost him the game. NT
WillRulz11/26/15 04:58 AM
x*He made it blatantly clear to Spencer who his top 2 were - so I don't blame Spencer for forming a tighter bond with Joe. Glad Fishbach is gone NT
NSGirl11/26/15 04:26 AM
x*He and Tasha thought Joe had a HII which is why they came up with the 3-3-3 plan. He thought for sure Spencer would vote for Joe. On Twitter
Corndogger11/26/15 03:04 AM
x*yea stephen always owns up to his mistakes NT
Mishanb11/26/15 07:19 AM
*Survivor host Jeff Probst reveals how his son helped shape a challenge
Dreamer491 0   11/25/15 11:13 PM
*Second Chance Ponderosa Ciera
Dreamer1212 12   11/25/15 11:08 PM
x*Always knew Savage was a douchey guy, but I didn't expect Wigglesworth to be sorta bitchy. What a shame. Thought she'd be nicer... NT
eibeh00711/28/15 04:38 PM
x*Wiglesworth and Savage were kind of dickish to her when she arrived. Looks like Savage is going to be a bitter juror the way things are going. NT
Corndogger11/26/15 03:06 AM
x*So NOT a fan of Savage this time around. Survivor went to his head imo. Total feminine hygiene product now. NT
FrouFrou11/30/15 08:20 AM
x*He was a dick with Kass too at first. Then he lightened up again until Wigglesworth showed up, then he started talking s**t again.
AZ_Cards_1111/27/15 09:43 AM
x*Well all Kass and Ciera wanted to do was argue and talk about what happened in the game, Savage was not interested in arguing about it.
RealityCK11/28/15 11:53 AM
x*How was Ciera confrontational? She also didn't want to talk to about the game but felt the need to so Savage could get over it. For her and Kass
Corndogger11/28/15 02:52 PM
x*I agree about Ciera being too pushy but Kass didn't come across as trying to talk game too much. As soon as Savage said he didn't want to talk
FurnitureAlliance11/28/15 01:34 PM
x*I think he likes Wiglesworth because she did what he wanted whereas Kass and Ciera did what was best for them. Smack talking Ciera's eating was
Corndogger11/27/15 04:05 PM
x*I couldn't stand Savage his first season. Wish he didn't make jury. Who voted to bring that jackass back? NT
robin011/27/15 06:17 PM
x*I didn't dislike him before, but now I think he is pretty petty and entitled. NT
FrouFrou11/30/15 08:22 AM
x*I never liked his entitled ass either ~ NT
FurnitureAlliance11/28/15 01:35 PM
x*Savage has shown himself to be a sore loser before NT
TrinaE11/26/15 08:09 AM
*Ciera The Day After
Dreamer360 0   11/25/15 11:07 PM
*Rob C. ~ Survivor Cambodia Episodes 10 & 11 Recap | Know-It-Alls LIVE
Dreamer163 0   11/25/15 11:04 PM
*Survivor recap: 'Like Selling Your Soul to the Devil' / 'My Wheels Are Spinning' by Dalton Ross
Dreamer314 0   11/25/15 11:03 PM
*Stephen The Day After
Dreamer276 0   11/25/15 11:01 PM
*Second Chance Ponderosa Stephen
Dreamer562 2   11/25/15 11:00 PM
x*That mouth always moving, would drive me CRAZY NT
TrinaE11/26/15 08:14 AM
x*Oh for sure and I got tired of Ciera's talking in her Ponderosa too. So glad both are gone! NT
Mazita11/26/15 08:41 AM
*In retrospect was it a dumb move for Jeremy to give one of his idols to Stephan? He lost some buddies I think due to that move NT
grandjete1407 20   11/25/15 09:20 PM
x*I don't think so. I think it got rid of a target he needed to get rid of. NT
FrouFrou11/30/15 08:22 AM
x*I think it was dumb the way he did it publicly. I felt like he should have secretly handed it to him earlier and told him "use it or you're gone" NT
LeastMode11/27/15 03:18 PM
x*This is survivor! when making moves like that you want to do them publicly so the jury does not miss a thing.
RealityCK11/28/15 12:00 PM
x*I'm not influential, so I probably couldn't sway the votes, but I personally would have tried to get everyone to go after Jeremy for it. If you're so
LeastMode11/29/15 07:00 PM
x*We can't say now if it was a good move or not since he's still there. I hope it won't come back to bite him in his sexy butt. NT
MegsMom31611/27/15 05:25 AM
x*It was a dumb move in voting out Kelly W.Which destabilized his alliance of 8 & allowed people to break away. NT
Adamlovechild111/26/15 12:43 PM
x*Doesn't seem dumb when he used an idol and he's STILL safe. I'm glad things changed predictable boots are boring. NT
BBFanJ11/26/15 03:57 PM
x*2 idols is better than one. Throwing it back into the game to have Kelly who is not in your alliance find it. As Boston Rob said: the best things
Adamlovechild111/26/15 07:17 PM
x*Didn't say I was mad cause he has one. They are fools for not trying to get him out when he used an idol. They should assume he could have another
BBFanJ11/26/15 07:31 PM
x*It was a bad move only because Spencer broke from them to keep Joe. So did Spencer make a bad move keeping Joe? NT
Hidef108011/25/15 10:58 PM
x*Even if Stephen hadn't been voted out next, it was a bad move to waste an idol there IMO. Stephen was likely going soon anyway, as he'd
JAF11/26/15 07:16 AM
x*You would think so, but it hasn't seemed to have hurt him yet. Not sure if it ever will. I have no idea why he's not a bigger target. NT
krh503811/25/15 10:19 PM
x*That's just it though -- he'll surely be a target at some point, and now he wasted one of his 2 valuable idols. He was in great position
JAF11/26/15 06:56 AM
x*I sure thought so. Really dumb. He was safe for a while. There were 4 bigger targets ahead of him (Joe, Stephen, the Coven) that people
JAF11/25/15 09:23 PM
x*Totally agree. I wondered if production got in his ear NT
grandjete11/25/15 09:27 PM
x*Maybe because that was quite the move! Audience blindside...I didn't see it coming AT ALL! And I loved that he did use the idol but not sure it
colleenag11/27/15 05:37 AM
x*With all the blindsides, Jeremy may not know when he needs to use the other idol
frustratedposter11/27/15 08:29 AM
x*Always tough to know when to use idol, but certainly easier when you have 2 than 1. It made for good TV but it was such a waste for Jeremy to
JAF11/27/15 03:57 PM
x*Yep NT
robin011/27/15 06:12 PM
x*It was a terrible move. It paints a bigger target on himself and also creates distrust with others. NT
theotherguy11/25/15 10:14 PM
*I DVR'ed it and the very end got cut off. Can any of you kind people tell me who voted for who? Thanks so much:)) NT
grandjete1613 13   11/25/15 09:17 PM
x*Same happened to me. Thanks for asking and all who answered NT
LeastMode11/27/15 03:11 PM
JAF11/25/15 09:18 PM
debbiedu2211/25/15 09:33 PM
x*Yep. And the revote would have send Abi home (Jeremy was the other Joe vote, and he'd have switched to Abi) NT
JAF11/25/15 10:13 PM
x*Too bad it wasn't Abi. She's a ticking time bomb. I didn't care for her in her other season either. NT
debbiedu2211/27/15 09:08 AM
x*I like her a lot more now. She's still really stupid, but I thought she came across as vicious in her first season whereas she doesn't now NT
LeastMode11/27/15 03:14 PM
x*shes still a massive bitch lol NT
KlausHeissler11/27/15 06:53 PM
x*I'd describe her as more "a little bit of a bitch" LOL. Absolutely a terrible ally, but she isn't bugging me nearly as bad as last time NT
LeastMode11/28/15 11:18 AM
x*Perfect description. NT
robin011/27/15 02:31 PM
x*Thanks JAF. I needed to study that again! Great episode. Good thing Abi also decided to vote Stephen...I know she was on the fence about either
colleenag11/27/15 05:40 AM
x*Thanks, JAF. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving!! :) NT
debbiedu2211/25/15 10:15 PM
x*Thanks:) Happy Thanksgiving! NT
grandjete11/25/15 09:25 PM
x*You too. And to everyone! NT
JAF11/25/15 09:29 PM
*I am loving this season. It's always exciting!! NT
grandjete297 6   11/25/15 09:14 PM
x*Me too! Very satisfying season so far! Joe is freakin amazing and I'm so glad he stayed another week! NT
colleenag11/27/15 05:41 AM
x*Me too. America surely voted in the right people to return. Last night was doubly fun. NT
skitzngiggles11/26/15 07:51 AM
x*Me too. Very exciting and mostly likable players. NT
CougarSpy11/25/15 09:18 PM
x*I thought Kelley (the one that's still there) and Keith were awful choices, yet both have done just fine thus far NT
LeastMode11/27/15 03:20 PM
x*The only one with a hard to take personality would be Abi, and she's tolerable most of the time. NT
grandjete11/25/15 09:28 PM
x*I love Abi, I think she is a great character :) NT
FurlessBat11/25/15 09:30 PM
*Well I"m hoping Joe wins the next 5 immunity challenges. He'd tie with Terry D for consecutive immunity wins, and break the single season record with
CougarSpy302 3   11/25/15 09:13 PM
x*That would be epic. Highly unlikely, but great! NT
JAF11/25/15 09:17 PM
x*It would. They would have given up their only chance of getting him out! LOL NT
frustratedposter11/27/15 09:46 AM
x*YES! Epic is what I want...agree with you all Go Joe smoke them all!! NT
Mazita11/27/15 10:48 AM
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