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*Scandal's Hot Make Out Session
Dreamer43 0   01/22/16 03:22 PM
*The Gladiators Are Back In Action - Scandal February 11th ~
Dreamer77 3   01/19/16 06:42 AM
x*Hopefully we are back to working on cases! NT
wyndycty02/03/16 06:45 PM
x*Dreamer! :) NT
ne14cookies02/03/16 07:11 PM
x*Finally!! NT
Nicki887501/19/16 10:10 AM
* 'Scandal' Will Jump Six Months, Feature Mellie in Race for Presidency
Dreamer52 0   01/13/16 12:38 AM
*WHAT?? No spoilers...just..going to have to rewatch NT
Rzy2370 6   11/19/15 07:03 PM
x*He goes made, she breaks free, holiday cheer for one, heading home for the other, odd couple, political star is born, cat fight over a nerd. NT
Adamlovechild111/19/15 07:49 PM
x*I saw the episode was just shocked by a few things and figured I would need to NT
Rzy211/19/15 08:46 PM
x*Who is the political star and who is the nerd? .... Can't find the episode anywhere... :( NT
tinytunes11/19/15 08:09 PM
x*Mellie & David NT
Adamlovechild111/19/15 10:35 PM
x*Answers inside...spoilers
Rzy211/19/15 08:48 PM
x*apparently they broke up? NT
Mishanb11/19/15 07:08 PM
*Does Huck finally take Command?
Dreamer78 0   11/19/15 12:33 AM
*Break out the Winter Finale must-haves & prepare for the last Scandal of the year! It all happens TONIGHT at 9|8c!
Dreamer52 0   11/19/15 12:32 AM
*Going to have to watch that episode again...and No idea what just happened. NT
Rzy290 1   11/12/15 07:17 PM
x*I'm so over this show. Maybe I'll return when Roan is dead and Olivia grows some decency. NT
Adamlovechild111/19/15 02:18 PM
*I am not enjoying Fitz and Olivia...or just Olivia running the White House. I could barly watch tonight..hope they do something else or I'm done. NT
Rzy2468 6   11/05/15 08:35 PM
x*I finally just deleted this last epi. Done with this show. Too bad, I liked a lot of the characters, but the storyline just isn't my cup of tea NT
Bilbo11/09/15 04:09 AM
x*Just watched...Olivia IS her fathers daughter. Maybe Olivia is going to take over B16 with her Pops.... I think they jumped the shark here....
wyndycty11/07/15 12:25 PM
x*I'm not liking both Olivia & Mellie unleashing Rowan onto the world. So over Rowan. I guess, you aren't a fan of Edith Wilson, Nancy Reagan and
Adamlovechild111/05/15 09:27 PM
x*I am a fan of all of them...I think it's more an Olivia fact that she seems to always get away with
Rzy211/06/15 06:49 AM
x*I can't wait til Fitz finds out and throws Liv out on her arse like he did Mellie NT
Adamlovechild111/05/15 11:20 PM
x*Yes..this!!! And hopefully Jake is smart enough to tell her where to go when it happens!! NT
Rzy211/06/15 07:05 AM
*TV | Shondaland First Listen: Betsy Beers, Scott Foley discuss Jake’s big loss on Scandal
Dreamer212 1   11/01/15 11:38 AM
x*Thanks! Even Scott is a Olitz fan. The producer is not letting go that they will end up together. But to let Roman and Tom out of prison is worst than
Adamlovechild111/01/15 03:14 PM
*Scandal High - Episode 1
Dreamer203 2   11/01/15 10:45 AM
x*LOL, that was fun. NT
agent9911/01/15 11:24 AM
x*IKR ~ Episode two premieres Thursday, November 5th!!! NT
Dreamer11/01/15 11:28 AM
*Scandal Mega Buzz: Is Elise Behind Lazarus One?
Dreamer116 0   10/29/15 01:25 AM
*Olivia Pope's Fitz Interview - Scandal
Dreamer88 0   10/24/15 07:21 AM
*Cyrus Returns with Demands - Scandal
Dreamer80 0   10/24/15 07:20 AM
*I really wanted Cyrus to say no...but I LOVE the way he said yes...lmao. NT
Rzy2434 5   10/23/15 06:56 AM
x*I knew he would say yes...but poor Mellie...again.....I sure wish they would give her a better storyline. NT
wyndycty10/23/15 07:17 PM
x*How is that going to go over with Mellie? I did love that Fitz knew Cy better than Cy thought NT
Nicki887510/23/15 08:50 AM
x*I assume not well. but from the previews...she has plenty to be upset about. Has anything ever gone well for her? They need to give her a break. NT
Rzy210/23/15 09:36 AM
x*Sometimes I feel bad for her but she is her own worst enemy and she isn't a saint. I had really hoped her and Fitz would get along like she said. NT
Nicki887510/23/15 11:23 AM
x*She needs to stop acting on emotions and be strategic. Time for Mellie to put on her big girl panties if she wants to be POTUS NT
Adamlovechild110/23/15 04:09 PM
*Impeachment? Jail time? Fitz gets a reality check of all reality checks in this Scandal sneak peek!
Dreamer189 1   10/21/15 10:36 PM
x*The hellish ride to Vermont. NT
Adamlovechild110/22/15 02:40 AM
*Can Leo Bergen spin this and make it go away? Get a glimpse into tonight's all-new Scandal
Dreamer99 0   10/21/15 10:34 PM
*Awesome episode! NT
Adamlovechild1340 3   10/17/15 05:23 AM
x*Love the new spokesperson guy & Jakes spy wife. Resurrecting B13 is blah... NT
wyndycty10/17/15 06:15 AM
x*His wife is going to be bad news. She is probably papa popes partner. NT
Nicki887510/18/15 01:54 PM
x*Yea. I'm so over poppa pope and b13 NT
Adamlovechild110/17/15 09:58 AM
*I had to LOL at that photo of Daddy Pope with hair and that silly grin. NT
Caramel95 0   10/15/15 08:04 PM
*So is this whole season going to be like this? I miss the gladiators and their cases. I don't care about Fitz and Millie. NT
Nicki88752418 23   10/09/15 06:06 AM
x*I feel Zero sympathy for Olivia & Fitz. Ugh. Team Mellie here.... NT
wyndycty10/09/15 08:09 PM
x*I'm over Fitz and Olivia. I'm over Mellie. I'm over most of this show which is why I just now caught up on 3 weeks worth.
amandajaye10/18/15 01:20 PM
x*Mellie who left her husband bed 10 years ago, who doesn't love him or the children they share and who got 17 jurors dead? Smelly Mellie?? NT
Adamlovechild110/17/15 05:25 AM
x*Lest you forget Fitz who had our soldiers killed overseas starting a war for Olivia. Fitz is an ass with no class. NT
wyndycty10/17/15 06:12 AM
x*I rather have someone start a war over live than have 17 innocent jurors killed over craven lust for power. Mellie has a big ole smelly ass. NT
Adamlovechild110/17/15 10:01 AM
x*I won't forget this scene on the show....Fitz even said, how do I apologize to these families...stupid storyline, stupid Fitz...
wyndycty10/17/15 10:35 AM
x*As if none of our Presidents have led us into war for the wrong reasons. I hope no First Lady has ever had jurors killed. NT
Adamlovechild110/17/15 03:02 PM
x*Not for the love of a Mistress! both storylines were stupid.... I just don't like cheating husbands flaunting their GFs. Get a Divorce 1st! NT
wyndycty10/17/15 03:19 PM
x*Mellie won't give him one until she becomes President which is in effect when hell freezes over. Lol NT
Adamlovechild110/17/15 04:11 PM
x*I cant like her either after the juror bus. I like David...and Jake lol NT
Nicki887510/12/15 09:22 AM
x*It was one of my favorites. NT
Adamlovechild110/09/15 10:31 AM
x*I totally agree..what are they thinking?? I got so excited when Quinn high fived Huck NT
Rzy210/09/15 08:07 AM
x*What really gets me is that Olivia strips Fitz of ALL of his manhood.
Nicki887510/09/15 11:12 AM
x*They do look towards him for the final ok. Fitz trust Olivia the most. She just allowed Abby to trash her as the other women. She sacrificed her
Adamlovechild110/09/15 01:18 PM
x*But she's always right. :) He gets too emotionally charged. NT
BigGirlPanties10/09/15 12:54 PM
x*She is right but who wants a man that doesn't make a decision? She just overrides him. NT
Nicki887510/12/15 09:23 AM
x*This is the same scene when Fitz went to her apartment and made her sit while he chose her. Just in reverse. NT
Adamlovechild110/09/15 01:20 PM
x*It is all just the same vicious circle all over again...Now we wll see Daddy and that circle resumes now too? NT
ne14cookies10/10/15 04:29 AM
x*I wouldn't mind them getting out of the White House Bedroom... So did I hear right, Jake went to Papa Pope and said..
wyndycty10/10/15 06:38 AM
x*I just got caught up. I think he said Lazarus One (as in a code name fore some mission). NT
amandajaye10/18/15 01:19 PM
x*I think the whole Lazarus story is to keep Quinn, Huck & Jack occupied. There is no more OPA. As for Olitzs, they're facing the music NT
Adamlovechild110/10/15 08:39 AM
x*I liked OPA. I don't want to just watch B613 stuff and killing. I enjoyed that but not as the main part of the show. NT
Nicki887510/12/15 09:20 AM
x*Agree...I like the Wash Politics stuff NT
wyndycty10/17/15 06:16 AM
*Sneak Peek from tonight’s Scandal
Dreamer130 0   10/07/15 11:41 PM
*OMGeeee... This is just so crazy. Poor Jake.....
wyndycty1881 14   10/02/15 07:43 PM
x*My issue with Jake is
Nicki887510/05/15 07:54 AM
x*That's love for ya, I guess. NT
Caramel10/05/15 04:13 PM
x*She did pick him and left and all hell broke loose in her absence. I don't think Fitz puts her in messes. It comes with the territory of sleeping with
Adamlovechild110/05/15 11:30 AM
x*No longer being entertained by all the "scandals" and notion that everyone gets away with crimes with no accountability...I am not the moral police,
ne14cookies10/03/15 11:01 AM
x*I was reading your post and was just going to say I feel the same about HTGAWM, and low and behold, you had already said it! Getting so sick of
LibraLady10/03/15 02:19 PM
x*I am sooo glad I am not alone. ITA and I miss those things too. NT
ne14cookies10/03/15 04:32 PM
x*Me too, so tired of this ping pong love affair, they're together, now they're not, now they are. Olivia is supposed to be a strong woman.(some spoil)
agent9910/03/15 07:47 AM
x*Yes! I am over this whole Huck thing. Fix him or send him off somewhere. He is messing up the dynamic! NT
Nicki887510/05/15 07:58 AM
x*The world is awash with women who are strong professional and a mess personally. There are also many self entitled pricks (Trump for example) out
Adamlovechild110/03/15 11:52 AM
x*But the jerky husband is in love..... I wanted to puke when he said that to Madam VP. Where's Tina Turner when we need her. NT
BigGirlPanties10/03/15 12:08 PM
x*I agree with you about Huck...I'm hoping Quinn and him go back to being good spies and not...
wyndycty10/03/15 09:47 AM
x*I did NOT see that "Yes" coming, at all. Holy smokes! NT
BigGirlPanties10/03/15 04:27 AM
x*I didn't either....I was really hoping she was going to pick Jake and go back to being a Gladiator -:( NT
wyndycty10/03/15 09:44 AM
x*I <3 Jake. I was hoping for the same thing. NT
BigGirlPanties10/03/15 11:27 AM
*Who's watching Scandal? Did I miss a show? I thought Jake got killed at the end of last season?? NT
LibraLady244 1   10/01/15 06:38 PM
x*I am didn't die, They were able to save him...just another Pope miracle. NT
ne14cookies10/01/15 06:43 PM
*Scandal 5x02 Official Trailer
Dreamer496 3   09/25/15 09:11 AM
x*I'm sure it's just going over my head but what does Abby mean when she says the President is about to get poped?? NT
Rzy209/25/15 09:56 AM
x*Olivia is master at working through is what she does. I took it as their scandal will become Olivia's case NT
ne14cookies10/01/15 06:47 PM
x*I believe her and Liz leaked the photos to Sally. They want Fitz and Olvia to split NT
Adamlovechild109/25/15 03:31 PM
*I thought the premiere was good but thought they forgot him!!! Spoiler inside..
Rzy2439 2   09/24/15 08:54 PM
x*Finally watched....made me feel icky watching Olivia in the bedroom at the WH. He's still married for petes sake! Love everyone else! NT
wyndycty09/29/15 05:49 AM
x*Ohhh..forgot to mention the princess storyline..cannot believe they did that. NT
Rzy209/24/15 09:06 PM
*Scandal - Season 5 Official Trailer - The twisty-crazy-goodness of Scandal Season 5 premieres on September 24th at 9|8c on ABC
Dreamer167 0   09/11/15 04:29 AM
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