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*ABC Announces Season 19 'Dancing With The Stars' Cast
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*Dancing With The Stars Forum Rules/Guidelines
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*Stars have to know 3 dances for next week: their solo dance and then there is a dance-off of sorts with 2 different styles (so they have to know
EyesWideShut86 0   10/28/14 02:30 PM
*Looks like you can vote for the dance style/song choice. Dang, I was hoping Janel/Val would do an Argentine Tango next week! NT
AlphaDerp122 10   10/28/14 12:41 PM
x*Lea & Artem are Bonnie & Clyde. Tommy & Peta are Johnny Cash & June Carter. Micahel has a Foxtrot. NT
EyesWideShut10/28/14 02:25 PM
x*Tommy is doing a Paso to Ring of Fire. NT
EyesWideShut10/28/14 07:22 PM
x*Funny note: Artem chose Bonnie & Clyde, but has no idea who they are. NT
EyesWideShut10/28/14 02:31 PM
x*Alfonso & Witney are Batman & Robin doing a Cha Cha. Mark & Sadie wouldn't say, but gave some clues that sounded like Adam & Eve to Contemporary.
EyesWideShut10/28/14 12:48 PM
x*omg Michael dancing again NT
PointBeing10/28/14 04:52 PM
x*Next week is Dynamic Duos. Janel is doing Contemporary. They are Romeo & Juliet. NT
EyesWideShut10/28/14 12:43 PM
x*My bad! LOL it's the week after we are voting for, then? NT
AlphaDerp10/28/14 12:45 PM
x*I don't really know! lol I haven't looked at the voting thing. I think TPTB do whatever they want and pretend to look at the votes. NT
EyesWideShut10/28/14 12:46 PM
x*Yeah, definitely! Regardless, I'm excited for Contemporary.. should be good! NT
AlphaDerp10/28/14 12:49 PM
x*Alfonso just tweeted that the song & dance choosing is for week 9. NT
EyesWideShut10/28/14 01:12 PM
*Boy, I am just not enjoying this season as much as I usually do! I've never missed a season, and I can't put my finger on exactly what is off.
debbiedu22210 13   10/28/14 12:33 PM
x*Maybe because there are so many new pros? and Julianne ain't helpin'. Mark is also like a brother to her. NT
PointBeing10/28/14 03:54 PM
x*IMO, it's the judges and everything that goes with them. When you can feel the tension of the pros, who have previously been cool, it's not good. NT
EyesWideShut10/28/14 12:55 PM
x*Bethany doesn't deserve F2 at all NT
BBFanJ10/28/14 12:42 PM
x*Derek is making her shine. And in the package it ALWAYS looks like they are struggling so much. Then they come out & miraculously nail it. NT
debbiedu2210/28/14 12:54 PM
x*I feel like she executes the steps ok, but there is no spark in her. Almost robotic or just going through the motions. NT
EyesWideShut10/28/14 12:56 PM
x*It was a Paso ~ sorta robotic in itself. I don't want them to win, trust me. But she didn't miss a beat that I saw (one time the camera panned
debbiedu2210/28/14 01:06 PM
x*I have felt like that with all of her dances though, not just the paso. NT
EyesWideShut10/28/14 01:10 PM
x*Yep she has the steps, just doesn't connect with them quite right, not enough passion and follow-through NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/28/14 02:16 PM
x*Absolutely agree, I can't believe he doesn't get her to work on having some more punch in her steps. She would be amazing with more follow-through NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/28/14 01:00 PM
x*Agreed NT
AlphaDerp10/28/14 12:58 PM
x*She can't have superpowers to turn off completely the fact that she's looking at her brother dancing. And NO -- THEY DON'T HAVE TIME for 4 judges. NT
susie84110/28/14 12:35 PM
x*Hence the comment-We should use this for our tour next summer, Derek. GMAB! NT
EyesWideShut10/28/14 12:43 PM
x*So inappropriate on her part! NT
debbiedu2210/28/14 12:49 PM
*Why keep bringing Len back who has said at least one GOZILLION times that he only wants to see a "proper" whatever it is dance. Then they do a
susie84148 0   10/28/14 12:32 PM
*Okay -- the show wants a Halloween theme and then the judges are upset with the theme stuff and give them lower marks. What's wrog with this
susie84196 2   10/28/14 07:07 AM
x*Except for Derek... NT
EyesWideShut10/28/14 12:56 PM
x*No kidding! NT
AlphaDerp10/28/14 11:56 AM
*I was SO disgusted last night. Tommy gets 4 7's and they tell Leah she's so perfect and she gets a 7. How must these beautiful, talented dancers
susie841366 15   10/28/14 07:00 AM
x*It is popularity contest jut as much as a dance show. I got used to that years ago. But I agree something is off, not really enjoying this
Herbsmum10/28/14 02:23 PM
x*The judges are totally off the wall. They need to get new ones. NT
susie84110/28/14 07:04 AM
x*Watch what you wish for. You might end up with Craig from Strictly.
BBCndFan10/28/14 08:58 AM
x*I don't know him. I do know the show is not good this season and I don't think it's the dancers' fault. NT
susie84110/28/14 12:37 PM
x*They may not be able to insult them with their scores but they can with their comments. Some comments have insulting, mean & unnecessary, even pros
RedBB10/28/14 10:11 AM
x*If you don't like to see the pros criticized, I suggest avoiding the Aussie version. DWTS AU also aren't afraid of using <5 paddles when warranted. NT
BBCndFan10/28/14 01:37 PM
x*they weren't venting about the comments directed towards themselves, they were venting about some of the comments directed towards their partners NT
RedBB10/28/14 02:58 PM
x*Yeah that's why even with the heavier criticism I still find the judges pretty tame. All their paddles below 6 just sit there collecting dust NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/28/14 02:14 PM
x*It looked to me like Mark was seething during their comment bit. NT
susie84110/28/14 12:25 PM
x*I thought so too but with those eyes I was unsure. NT
Herbsmum10/28/14 02:11 PM
x*Oh he was! NT
debbiedu2210/28/14 12:35 PM
x*I also feel like more of the pros are getting upset with the scoring & the way they are being criticized. Previously, it seemed like only Maks got mad
EyesWideShut10/28/14 09:31 AM
x*Yes -- what Eyes said!!!!! NT
susie84110/28/14 12:25 PM
x*If the judges keep this up 'celebs' are not going to want to be on this show. I feel like they have really crossed a line this season. Something needs
EyesWideShut10/28/14 09:28 AM
x*they are going to be losing many, many viewers NT
susie84110/28/14 12:26 PM
*The judges are really hard on Janel/Val and Sadie/Mark. I think both of them are technically better than Beth.. NT
AlphaDerp67 3   10/27/14 09:38 PM
x*They are but Bethany has Golden Boy as her teacher/Partner NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 10:12 PM
x*It isn't some Grand Dance Conspiracy. Derek is super talented and they are lucky to have him. Janel > Beth > Sadie. Sadie's dancing reminds me of
PointBeing10/28/14 04:50 PM
x*LOL that is about right. She is a bit gangly and her speech is hard to understand too for me anyway! NT
Mazita10/28/14 05:01 PM
*The women are definitely stronger this season BUT a Guy is the best one overall : Alfonso NT
BBFanJ161 14   10/27/14 07:12 PM
x*IDK. I wasn't impressed with his Rumba. I prefer Sadie over Alfonso, but would be fine with him winning. I hope those 2 are final 2. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 07:20 PM
x*I'm leaning towards wanting Sadie/Alfonso NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 08:01 PM
x*Janel and Alfonso F2! NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:21 PM
x*I love Val, but I'm not so impressed with Janel. Although I do think the judges are overly harsh on her and Sadie. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 07:22 PM
x*And VERY harsh on Lea, who does really well every single time. NT
susie84110/28/14 12:33 PM
x*I don't know. He seems to be fading in the stretch. I think the women are all his equal, and they are generally showing improvement. NT
Beard10/27/14 07:16 PM
x*Janel is pretty good NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:15 PM
x*So is Sadie, most weeks, and Bethany has been equally surprising. Lea has been as solid as Alfonso NT
Beard10/27/14 07:18 PM
x*Sadie has seemed to me to be the same all the way through. And they couldn't point out more that Michael can't dance (PERIOD) and he stays. PLEASE
susie84110/28/14 07:03 AM
x*You could be right about Sadie. She keeps impressing me because I had so little expectation of a backwoods teenager
Beard10/28/14 12:16 PM
x*Which may have the opposite effect they are hoping for. NT
EyesWideShut10/28/14 12:44 PM
x*Sometimes, they do put a bit of a thumb on the scale. I just hope it was heavy enough this time. NT
Beard10/28/14 02:33 PM
x*Janel is way better than Sadie. Sadie just has good lines. NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:20 PM
x*I think Janel has the potential to be the best girl in most dances but isn't pushed to her limit. The other girls are better in hip-hop I guess. NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz10/27/14 08:05 PM
*I feel like next week will be a shocking elimination=Janel. NT
EyesWideShut58 6   10/27/14 07:11 PM
x*Oh I hope not, I like watching her NT
Dulcie10/27/14 07:19 PM
x*Geeze, I hope not. Anyone leaving before Michael would be shocking to me. NT
Beard10/27/14 07:14 PM
x*Anyone leaving before Michael and I think I'd throw a large rock at the TV. NT
susie84110/28/14 12:34 PM
x*Hope not if it's a shocking Elimination I want it to be Bethany NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 07:13 PM
x*I definitely don't want Bethany to go. She's in the top 4 for me. NT
vmaw10/27/14 07:15 PM
x*she has grown on me. A shocker would be Michael at this point. NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:14 PM
*The not as talented dancers have to feel a sigh of relief when they finally get eliminated NT
Cindy19 2   10/27/14 07:02 PM
x*i know i do NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:08 PM
x*Ditto. NT
Beard10/27/14 07:09 PM
*Did you like Halloween night? Should Len stay in England? Should Leah take over Erin's job? Faves? Least Faves? NT
EyesWideShut140 11   10/27/14 07:01 PM
x*I vote to bring Leah back. She's way more fun. NT
Caramel10/27/14 07:34 PM
x*Even Tom wants Leah over Erin. I like Halloween night, but this year was very disappointing. I don't understand why Michael wasn't on Team Creepy. NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:23 PM
x*No waaaaay to Leah NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/27/14 07:08 PM
x*love her NT
mixmemargarita10/28/14 06:45 PM
x*Ya, the theme was OK, even if some let it get away with them. I continue to like Len, and respect his input.
Beard10/27/14 07:08 PM
x*The judges will have to give Michael 3s or less NT
Dulcie10/27/14 07:20 PM
x*Did the producers even make paddles lower than 5? NT
Beard10/27/14 07:21 PM
x*They gave Master P 2s once I believe NT
Dulcie10/27/14 07:22 PM
x*Oh, yeah. Len's got a pocket full of them. NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:22 PM
x*In Len, I trust. NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:20 PM
x*It was ok, Halloween night. I'm ok with Len, hate guest judges, Prefer Leah, Ready for Tommy/Michael to go and Fav is Carlton. NT
ne14cookies10/27/14 07:06 PM
*If it couldn't be Michael, and God only knows why it couldn't, Antonio would have been my next choice. NT
Beard97 9   10/27/14 06:59 PM
x*Yeah, Michael should have gone, but Antonio was the next best choice for me. NT
cjj310/27/14 07:00 PM
x*Yeah, I'm not going to miss him. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 07:00 PM
x*Sad end for Cheryl, though, but there really wasn't a lot to choose from for her this season. NT
Beard10/27/14 07:01 PM
x*Pretty sure Antonio requested her which is why she was back this season at all. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 07:03 PM
x*Really? Is she leaving the show? NT
AlphaDerp10/27/14 09:39 PM
x*Rumor has it..:( NT
janie810/28/14 12:01 PM
x*Yep, she announced it back in September. She's been on since 2006 and is ready to see what else is out there for her. Here's a link to
debbiedu2210/28/14 12:10 PM
x*Damn, she was one of the reasons I started watching the show. It was the season with Rob Kardashian. They were a good pair! NT
AlphaDerp10/28/14 12:47 PM
x*Yes, definitely a good pair. NT
Beard10/28/14 02:34 PM
*I wonder why Dereks team was stronger? Gee I wonder NT
BBFanJ250 28   10/27/14 06:57 PM
x*Not a Derek fan, but it was the better dance. lol NT
AlphaDerp10/27/14 09:39 PM
x*And the other team lost the flip. NT
Beard10/27/14 09:56 PM
x*because derek is flawless. NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:08 PM
x*They had an Emmy award winning choreographer better music and hid the sucky dancer in the back. NT
bbdove10/27/14 07:00 PM
x*yup NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:09 PM
x*Black widow definitely > Time Warp NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/27/14 07:07 PM
x*No way! Time Warp is a cult classic NT
Dulcie10/27/14 07:12 PM
x*Who sings it? Meatloaf? NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:16 PM
x*He sings Hot Patootie NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 07:58 PM
x*Bless My Soul! NT
Dulcie10/27/14 08:01 PM
x*I really want that Rock and Roll! Correct me if I'm wrong Dulcie! LOL NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 08:03 PM
x*Close enough :) NT
Dulcie10/27/14 08:05 PM
x*D'OH LOL what did I screw up? NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 08:13 PM
x*I really Love that Rock and Roll :) NT
Dulcie10/27/14 08:29 PM
x*D'OH that was my first guess lol thank you though! NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 10:13 PM
x*No he didn't sing that one, the cast did NT
Dulcie10/27/14 07:17 PM
x*Thank you Dulcie! Rocky Horror Picture show is a Cult Classic as well NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 07:13 PM
x*Yup, I used to go dressed as Magenta NT
Dulcie10/27/14 07:16 PM
x*I don't think so but I love Rocky Horror Picture show. I like Iggy though! That ass LOL NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 07:10 PM
x*more like >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:09 PM
x*Lol Time Warp is better than Black widow NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 07:03 PM
x*Both songs sucked IMO. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 07:04 PM
x*I hated that music LOL NT
Dulcie10/27/14 07:01 PM
x*It was schoolyard pick, wasn't it? NT
Dulcie10/27/14 06:58 PM
x*Michael was the only Dud compared to Alfonso and Sadie being outnumbered on their team NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:59 PM
x*Thing is, there were 3 team was gonna end up with 2 of them. I don't think it was any great conspiracy NT
Karina8610/27/14 07:01 PM
x*stronger dancers by far NT
Cindy10/27/14 06:58 PM
x*Yep Sadie and Alfonso were the only Strong ones on their team NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 07:00 PM
*Alfonso-safe NT
EyesWideShut380 35   10/27/14 06:56 PM
x*Why is the most memorable season for Cheryl? NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/27/14 06:59 PM
x*It's her last? NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 07:18 PM
x*I love Cheryl. Why is she leaving? NT
Caramel10/27/14 07:39 PM
x*Is there any news on what she's doing next? NT
Caramel10/29/14 01:10 AM
x*She's been on the show a long time and is ready to move on. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 08:12 PM
x*Seriously? Oh no, she's my fave female pro NT
Dulcie10/27/14 07:21 PM
x*Rumor was that she wasn't going to be a pro this year (it was going to be Jenna), but Antonio requested her so she came back. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 07:23 PM
x*I will miss her if she doesn't come back NT
Dulcie10/27/14 07:24 PM
x*Me too. I wonder if Anna is getting bored with being a stay-at-home mom, yet. NT
Beard10/27/14 07:26 PM
x*From her comments on Afterbuzz TPTB don't want her back (implied.) She seems bitter about it. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 07:28 PM
x*If that's true, I can see her being bitter about it. What has she ever done to deserve being blacklisted?
Beard10/27/14 07:35 PM
x*The show is going in a new direction. She no longer fits their vision. Same as Maks. It's going the way of Derek-type of dancers hence Allison
EyesWideShut10/27/14 07:38 PM
x*This makes me sad, I think there is room for a strictly ballroom type show, I don't know why they want to follow what those other shows are doing NT
Dulcie10/27/14 07:50 PM
x*It's the Derek effect. It does make for nice production numbers. At least they brought back the Paso this season & no contemp first week! NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 08:15 PM
x*I like when Derek stretches the boundaries of ballroom, but the contempo, jazz and hiphop style routines leave me cold. NT
Dulcie10/27/14 08:20 PM
x*They've certainly gone in a different direction with all the production numbers and questionable genres,
Beard10/27/14 07:48 PM
x*Probably the same reason Maks isn't really successful at Contemporary, Jazz, etc. I get the impression she's more old school. JMO, of course. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 08:13 PM
x*But Anna can do anything and make it look good, and she can do it without taking her shirt off. NT
Beard10/27/14 08:22 PM
x*What's Anna bitter about? NT
Caramel10/27/14 07:32 PM
x*Not being on DWTS or being asked back. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 07:36 PM
x*K. Thwnks. NT
Caramel10/27/14 07:38 PM
x*1 of the best NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:25 PM
x*She has a knack for showcasing her partner, always makes him look better than he is LOL NT
Dulcie10/27/14 07:26 PM
x*it aint. NT
PointBeing10/27/14 07:12 PM
x*Alfonso and Sadie were declared safe first two as it should have been NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:58 PM
x*Antonio & Cheryl-eliminated. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:58 PM
x*I'll miss those dimples and that smile but not his dancing NT
Cindy10/27/14 06:59 PM
x*lol, agree. NT
Karina8610/27/14 06:59 PM
x*Strong Man was his best character. ;) NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:59 PM
x*Yeah, he made a great looking Strong Man! NT
Dulcie10/27/14 07:00 PM
x*lol yeah NT
Cindy10/27/14 07:00 PM
x*Tommy & Antonio not necessarily the bottom 2. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:57 PM
x*Hope Micheal was the other one NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 07:06 PM
x*Sadie-safe NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:56 PM
x*yay for both of them!! NT
Cindy10/27/14 06:57 PM
*Derek always wins the team dance? Careful Producers your bias is showing NT
BBFanJ7 0   10/27/14 06:51 PM
*Team Creep Du Soleil - Freestyle (Song: “Time Warp” from Rocky Horror Picture Show) 8-8-8-8 32/40 NT
EyesWideShut151 20   10/27/14 06:44 PM
x*That was pretty good, not better, but pretty good. The solos were interesting, but I'd have more sync'd group choreo,
Beard10/27/14 06:55 PM
x*I liked that, it was fun :) Alfonso & Sadie totally rock NT
Karina8610/27/14 06:54 PM
x*she was really adorable during that NT
Cindy10/27/14 06:56 PM
x*They had more dead weight to carry compared to the other team which only had Micheal NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:56 PM
x*CAI-throwing the shade at Derek's choreo. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:54 PM
x*That was fun! NT
Cindy10/27/14 06:54 PM
x*At least we could see everyone dancing, and they didn't hide anyone behind anyone. Of course we saw their mistakes..they were all front and center NT
vmaw10/27/14 06:55 PM
x*Ok that was fun, I laughed the whole time NT
Dulcie10/27/14 06:54 PM
x*I'd love for Derek to be dethroned NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:54 PM
x*This won't be the dance to do it NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/27/14 06:54 PM
x*Worst team freestyle ever NT
PointBeing10/27/14 06:54 PM
x*I think it sucks they announced team was in jeopardy right b4 they danced. NT
bbdove10/27/14 06:53 PM
x*I didn't like that either! NT
Karina8610/27/14 06:55 PM
x*They've done that all season, it sucks NT
Dulcie10/27/14 06:55 PM
x*Well yeah they have to throw them off so ***** Derek can win again NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:54 PM
x*It seemed like they should have been dancing faster but that's a really fast song. Tommy and Antonio ruined it but the other two were great NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/27/14 06:53 PM
x*Did not like the song choice so I think they did amazing with what they had. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:53 PM
x*Much better than I anticipated. Fun! NT
ne14cookies10/27/14 06:53 PM
x*I love their costumes NT
Dulcie10/27/14 06:48 PM
x*Hope they get better score but Derek is golden Boy and Alfonso and Sadie are only Great dancers on the Team NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:47 PM
****** Micheal is still safe!! Seriously? NT
BBFanJ87 10   10/27/14 06:44 PM
PointBeing10/27/14 06:54 PM
x*You guys, what if he makes it to F3 :| NT
Dulcie10/27/14 06:46 PM
x*That will just validate my lack of belief in a just and compassionate God, not that he should really give a crap about a reality dance show,
Beard10/27/14 06:48 PM
Dulcie10/27/14 06:49 PM
x*haha!! NT
Cindy10/27/14 06:49 PM
x*lol! :) NT
Karina8610/27/14 06:49 PM
x*Scary thought! Alfonso Sadie Lea Janel and Bethany SHOULD be F5 NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:48 PM
x*I don't think Len could take it NT
Cindy10/27/14 06:47 PM
x*He got a 30 last week + Nascar votes = safe. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:45 PM
x*This. He had a sweet dance. No surprise. I think he always had the votes to beat Tom & Antonio. A tossup there. Cheryl prob got sympathy votes NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz10/27/14 06:52 PM
*Michael is safe!!!! WTFFFFFFFFFFFF? NT
Beard66 11   10/27/14 06:44 PM
x*Good for Michael :) NT
RedBB10/27/14 06:47 PM
x*He sucks on the Dance floor NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:49 PM
x*so, I don't care if he sucks, I still say good for Michael, and I just might have to start voting for him, just for general purpose LOL NT
RedBB10/27/14 06:50 PM
x*OMG this is unreal. He absolutely sucks and should have been gone weeks ago. Guess Antonio is going but Tommy has a huge fan base. UGH NT
Brn2Wander10/27/14 06:47 PM
x*I know...I threw my slipper at my tv! GAH! I won't be as mad if it's Antonio that goes, but it should be Michael. NT
Karina8610/27/14 06:45 PM
x*Could be Tommy... NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:46 PM
x*I love Tommy, but I know he's on borrowed time NT
Karina8610/27/14 06:47 PM
x*Defies logic. NT
chris426610/27/14 06:44 PM
x*Cussing profusely under my breath over here. Grrrrrrrrr NT
ne14cookies10/27/14 06:46 PM
x*I'm cursing loudly. Lol NT
chris426610/27/14 06:49 PM
x*Logic and taste. NT
Beard10/27/14 06:46 PM
*Michael, Lea, Janel, & Bethany all safe. NT
EyesWideShut75 2   10/27/14 06:44 PM
x*Sadie and Alfonso better be safe! This is *****! Michael should be in jeopardy NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:45 PM
x*Michael should be GONE. NT
Brn2Wander10/27/14 06:47 PM
*Can Micheal Waltrip go home? He's basically the worst one left Sexy Emma deserves better NT
BBFanJ22 3   10/27/14 06:37 PM
x*Ugh He's gonna be there another week. Damn Nascar fans! NT
bbdove10/27/14 06:46 PM
x*How can he be safe again? NT
chris426610/27/14 06:44 PM
x*welp, they just said he was safe. ugh. NT
Karina8610/27/14 06:44 PM
*Team ItsyBitsey - Freestyle (Song: “Black Widow” by Iggy Azalea feat. Rita Ora) 9-9-9-9 36/40 NT
EyesWideShut105 12   10/27/14 06:37 PM
x*Fantabulous... loved it. scores right on!!! NT
ne14cookies10/27/14 06:44 PM
x*that was cool. derek is amazing NT
PointBeing10/27/14 06:43 PM
x*I enjoyed that. They even threw in a lil Nae Nae. NT
bbdove10/27/14 06:43 PM
x*quit trying to make nae nae happen haha NT
Cindy10/27/14 06:44 PM
x*Ha! NT
bbdove10/27/14 06:49 PM
x*I love the whole thing NT
Cindy10/27/14 06:42 PM
x*They were in sync, great job. NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:42 PM
x*That would have been so much better if they didn't have to dumb down Michael's part. Bethany needs more punch, she's got the moves. Jan & Lea best NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/27/14 06:42 PM
x*Have to admit that I concentrated mostly on Michael, but in black hoodie in the back, he looked the best he's ever looked. Great number.
Beard10/27/14 06:42 PM
x*That was really cool...The ladies were soooo great! NT
Karina8610/27/14 06:42 PM
x*Didn't like it NT
Dulcie10/27/14 06:42 PM
x*Michael being the worst left will really be shined on NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:38 PM
*Val not happy with Len:
EyesWideShut99 1   10/27/14 06:25 PM
x*Len is a grumpy fuddy duddy lol NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:34 PM
*Sadie and Mark – Paso Doble 1-800-868-3411: 7-7-8-8 30/40 NT
EyesWideShut244 31   10/27/14 06:21 PM
x*Scores were right on target, she wasn't very strong in that dance at all NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/27/14 06:34 PM
x*maybe if they were standing alone, but compared to scores others received? NT
Cindy10/27/14 06:36 PM
x*That I agree with, some other dancers this evening should have been lower if that was a 7 NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/27/14 06:37 PM
x*Probably her poorest dance, so far. I was disappointed with it. Looking at the other scores this week, the 30 was about right. NT
Beard10/27/14 06:36 PM
x*Those scores are ridiculous, imo NT
Cindy10/27/14 06:33 PM
x*Completely ridiculous! NT
vmaw10/27/14 06:34 PM
x*They are but Sadie is one of the best she should be safe NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:34 PM
x*As long as everyone votes for her! NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:35 PM
x*If you are so inclined. :) NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:35 PM
x*I was. :) NT
vmaw10/27/14 06:43 PM
x*Agree! NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:33 PM
x*That's my opinion too! NT
Karina8610/27/14 06:33 PM
x*Mark's eyes are creepy! LOL Those scores were ridiculous! NT
vmaw10/27/14 06:32 PM
x*Again with the 7's. As much as I really didn't like it, performed much better than Antonio and Tommy. I know, I sound like a broken record. NT
ne14cookies10/27/14 06:33 PM
x*Mark is always over the top but he gave a great performance NT
PointBeing10/27/14 06:33 PM
x*It's Halloween theme for goodness sake. Len is reminding me why I was glad he was gone. NT
bbdove10/27/14 06:31 PM
x*It wasn't very good though. Marks Harry Potter waltz with Chelsea Kane should be his gold standard when dreaming up these Halloween dances NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/27/14 06:33 PM
x*Hated it, but I don't think it was her fault. She was smooth when she needed to be, and sharp when called for.
Beard10/27/14 06:30 PM
x*Ok, Mark was extra scary this week. Sadie dancing with the confidence of an 18 year old. NT
PointBeing10/27/14 06:29 PM
x*Don't shoot me. I didn't like it. NT
ne14cookies10/27/14 06:29 PM
x*Not impressed this week NT
Dulcie10/27/14 06:29 PM
x*WOW, that was so fun! LOVED it! I can't believe how much I am enjoying Mark this season. Sadie seems to bring out the best in him! NT
Karina8610/27/14 06:28 PM
x*I loved it. Sadie is becoming one of my favorites. NT
Brn2Wander10/27/14 06:33 PM
x*Agree! NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:31 PM
x*I have been warming up to Mark too, I'm shocked NT
Dulcie10/27/14 06:31 PM
x*She's adorable! NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:31 PM
x*I agree with you, Karina. NT
vmaw10/27/14 06:30 PM
x*She seemed a little unsure. Maybe that was the character. lol NT
EyesWideShut10/27/14 06:28 PM
x*Yep it was a dance of contradictions, starting with song choice and graveyard juxtaposition NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/27/14 06:29 PM
x*She's one of my favs! NT
BBFanJ10/27/14 06:28 PM
x*Meh all she did was whip her dress around. Too much else going on to really shine NT
AwfuLeeHandsome10/27/14 06:28 PM
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