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*Dancing with the Stars Season 21 Cast ~ Bios and Team Photos
Dreamer497 0   Sticky Post
*ABC Announces the 'Dancing with the Stars' 10th Anniversary Celebrity Cast
Dreamer1013 0   Sticky Post
*Dancing With The Stars Forum Rules/Guidelines
Dreamer4176 0   Sticky Post
*Dancing's Derek Hough: This Is One of the Most Special Weeks in My Career
Dreamer59 0   10/04/15 08:07 AM
*Oregon Shooting: ‘DWTS’ Hero Alex Skarlatos Crushed After Massacre At His College
Camlawnman193 6   10/02/15 08:27 AM
x*Alek is actually a student at the community college and he would have been there today if he wasn’t on Dancing With the Stars. NT
Camlawnman10/02/15 09:12 AM
x*I really hope DWTS doesn't exploit this. He said he had to go in the bathroom to avoid cameras after being told during rehearsal. NT
Theory10/02/15 10:13 AM
x*I heard ABC bought him the plane ticket home, so I'm betting they are NT
JCutie10/02/15 11:50 AM
x*yI expect they will address it but with a great deal of compassion. You'd think they could protect him from the press though. NT
ne14cookies10/02/15 11:34 AM
x*The press can be really relentless. It seems they really don't care at times. NT
Caramel10/02/15 12:26 PM
x*Oh yeah -- they care! About how much they get for selling a story. NT
susie84110/02/15 12:52 PM
*I really like Alek and Lindsay, they have a lot of room to grow.. hopefully they go far! NT
AlphaDerp23 0   10/01/15 04:53 PM
*Singer And Former DWTS Contestant Katherine Jenkins Gives Birth To A Baby Girl! NT
Camlawnman46 0   09/30/15 11:30 AM
*Paula Deen Tears Up Over Grandsons Backstage at 'Dancing With the Stars'
Dreamer75 0   09/30/15 10:08 AM
*Kim Zolciak Wants to Return to Dancing with the Stars Badly Enough to Start a Petition
Dreamer237 3   09/30/15 09:44 AM
x*Outrage! Where do I sign?! NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/30/15 10:10 AM
x*That doesn't seem fair. Melissa Rycroft had been injured, and her dress rehearsal tape was used.....
Mozartist09/30/15 01:27 PM
x*Apples and oranges? Due to comparisons being made, tried to do some research and have come to some conclusions...feel free to correct me if some
ne14cookies10/03/15 07:42 PM
*Bindi Irwin on Boyfriend's Support During 'DWTS': 'I Feel Very, Very Lucky'
Dreamer115 0   09/29/15 01:38 PM
*Dancing With the Stars – TV Night
Hawkmoon21192 0   09/29/15 02:30 AM
*Kim Zolciak BLINDSIDED.. DWTS Pulls the Plug
AwfuLeeHandsome895 12   09/28/15 09:56 PM
x*Kim has no business flying back & forth between coasts. She'll be on blood thinners after having a mini-stroke. She needs to think of her family NT
Jacqi4709/30/15 04:37 PM
x*Exactly! Strokes are serious. My best friend had a stroke during the week of her 34th birthday. 3 months later she had another one and died. When you
PSister09/30/15 05:49 PM
x*i'm sorry about your friend. :(
honeyb10/01/15 05:36 AM
x*Good grief. She had a stroke! I would think her health should be more important to her than a stupid mirror ball trophy
honeyb09/29/15 05:50 AM
x*I don't really care one way or another but she does have a point about TPTB using Melissa's practice tape to score when she couldn't complete
RedBB09/29/15 05:47 AM
x*Melissa Rycroft, Melissa Gilbert, Steve-O. None of them were dropped from the season when they missed a live show due to injury. It's strange NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/29/15 02:04 PM
x*My first thought was legal doesn't want the liability of someone with a recent heart condition. NT
jblig09/29/15 02:22 PM
x*I agree, I don't see why they couldn't just say that rather than pretend they're being consistent in following some strict missing a dance "rule" NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/29/15 02:31 PM
x*I personally think a stroke is a little more serious than their injuries. Need more time before going back to dancing. Too much risk. NT
PSister09/29/15 02:19 PM
x*ita NT
honeyb09/29/15 06:56 PM
x*But they liked Melissa. NT
doxylover7909/29/15 01:29 PM
x*Outrage! Indignation! Umbrage! NT
AwfuLeeHandsome09/28/15 09:58 PM
*We get to vote on the couple switching. I think Derek should get the "worst" female left and show us what he can do with a tough one. NT
PSister252 6   09/28/15 07:30 PM
x*it really doesn't matter who he gets, they will give him a decent to high score, always do
RedBB09/29/15 05:50 AM
x*Sounds good to me. But give Bindi to Mark because she deserves a good partner. NT
doxylover7909/28/15 08:54 PM
x*Yes I agree and I wouldn't mind Alexa getting Derek that week. NT
BBFanJ09/29/15 01:50 PM
x*Yes NT
PSister09/28/15 09:33 PM
x*He got the worst with NeNe a few years ago. They ended up pretty well. Mark and Derek will swap partners more than likely.
Phoenixfire09/28/15 08:33 PM
x*I like the way you think. NT
Hidef108009/28/15 08:24 PM
*Paula's fans will be out in force! I hope she goes next week though NT
BBFanJ37 0   09/28/15 07:00 PM
*Yikes, was Andy really in jeopardy?!? NT
Dulcie73 1   09/28/15 07:00 PM
x*I don't get that Gary and Paula should go before Andy.. NT
bella209/28/15 07:02 PM
*No one leaving due to Kim withdrawal. NT
chris426670 1   09/28/15 07:00 PM
x*Thanks for hosting chris NT
Dulcie09/28/15 07:11 PM
*Hayes and Emma - Jive. 7-8-7-8. NT
chris4266258 9   09/28/15 06:49 PM
x*Was that Shelli BB17 just flashed to in the audience? NT
CougarSpy09/28/15 06:57 PM
x*she tweeted she was in Atlanta yesterday. NT
bella209/28/15 06:59 PM
x*Where is DWTS? New York or LA? NT
CougarSpy09/28/15 07:03 PM
x*L.A. NT
Hidef108009/28/15 08:24 PM
x*He danced well, but the dance was boring. I expected much better choreography. NT
chris426609/28/15 06:57 PM
x*Cute NT
Dulcie09/28/15 06:56 PM
x*Emma makes a sexy as ***** April NT
BBFanJ09/28/15 06:56 PM
x*Well done! NT
jblig09/28/15 06:56 PM
x*It has to be the original Turtles theme NT
BBFanJ09/28/15 06:55 PM
*Alfonso is such a know-it-all for a guest judge, but I love it. NT
GameTheorist41 0   09/28/15 06:49 PM
*Nick and Sharna - Vienese Waltz 9-9-9-9. NT
chris4266116 3   09/28/15 06:45 PM
x*Nice. Although the singing was distracting, and the chandelier covered them up too much NT
Dulcie09/28/15 06:47 PM
x*Show should get rid of chandeliers. I too noticed they kept blocking the dancing. NT
CougarSpy09/28/15 06:49 PM
x*That was beautiful and romantic. NT
CCee09/28/15 06:47 PM
*Turtles Dance ends the night! Same for my Goddess Emma! NT
BBFanJ35 0   09/28/15 06:40 PM
*Bindi and Derek - Quickstep. 8-8-8-8. NT
chris4266243 8   09/28/15 06:33 PM
x*I find Bindi adorable and really liked that dance. NT
CCee09/28/15 06:36 PM
x*I just love her like you said she's adorable and she's got energy! NT
BBFanJ09/28/15 06:38 PM
x*Me too. NT
GameTheorist09/28/15 06:37 PM
x*Aww why couldn't Jetsons be cleared? NT
BBFanJ09/28/15 06:34 PM
x*I wanted to see the Jetsons dance :/ NT
Dulcie09/28/15 06:37 PM
x*I did too! NT
BBFanJ09/28/15 06:39 PM
x*That would have been cool to watch. NT
chris426609/28/15 06:37 PM
x*it's hard to get approval from cartoon characters :-) NT
jblig09/28/15 06:36 PM
*Best dance of the night! NT
GameTheorist164 4   09/28/15 06:26 PM
x*I have tears for her and her health is most important!! NT
bella209/28/15 06:28 PM
x*lol NT
Dulcie09/28/15 06:26 PM
x*Love the theme. NT
actionplz09/28/15 06:26 PM
x*I was going to say the same thing. Lol NT
chris426609/28/15 06:26 PM
*Ugh got what there up too... There saving Kim until they get to end so no one is eleminated cause she can't return. NT
bella240 0   09/28/15 06:21 PM
*Alek and Lindsey. Tango. 8-8-9-8. NT
chris4266256 7   09/28/15 06:13 PM
x*He continues to be surprisingly good. NT
jblig09/28/15 06:17 PM
x*Love him. NT
chris426609/28/15 06:18 PM
x*Damn I missed it Lindsey looks hot NT
BBFanJ09/28/15 06:16 PM
x*Here ya go...
jblig09/28/15 06:48 PM
x*Who is the guy on the right? NT
bunnielebowski10/03/15 03:10 AM
x*Dominic Bowden. He hosts the All Access interviews. NT
jblig10/03/15 04:02 AM
x*Nice! So far my favorite dance NT
Dulcie09/28/15 06:16 PM
*Gary and Anna - Tango. 6-7-6-6 NT
chris4266416 14   09/28/15 06:02 PM
x*Annas face when they got the 7....she wants out. NT
Phoenixfire09/28/15 06:10 PM
x*I've had that same thought. She agreed to take Gary thinking she would be out quick. NT
jblig09/28/15 06:12 PM
x*That received higher scores than Paula? At least she attempted to dance. NT
chris426609/28/15 06:08 PM
x*omg Gary, shut UP lol NT
Dulcie09/28/15 06:07 PM
x*Does he seem a bit juiced up on something? NT
cjj309/28/15 06:08 PM
x*Earlier in his life it was drugs. Now it is mostly because he was severely injured in a motorcycle accident in which he was not wearing a helmet. NT
doxylover7909/28/15 09:02 PM
x*He's always been crazy NT
Dulcie09/28/15 06:09 PM
x*thought that was weak. He just stood there and walked sometimes. NT
actionplz09/28/15 06:05 PM
x*He danced like Lurch, not Gomez. He needs to go next. NT
chris426609/28/15 06:05 PM
x*Looked like Gomez, danced like Lurch. NT
jblig09/28/15 06:05 PM
x*Ha ha, I said the same thing. NT
chris426609/28/15 06:06 PM
x*Lol NT
GameTheorist09/28/15 06:05 PM
x*Oh dear NT
Dulcie09/28/15 06:05 PM
x*That was fast. NT
GameTheorist09/28/15 06:04 PM
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