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*Dancing with the Stars 18: Cast Bios
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*Dancing With The Stars Forum Rules/Guidelines
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*Yup, she's the new judge, Julianne. Y'all have fun watching this next season because I'm not. Not with that b*tch as a judge and her brother as
CJinIowa469 18   08/21/14 05:25 AM
x*What an unpopular decision. Any idea what possessed them to make this choice? Has she got something to hold over someones head? Don't get it. Bad! NT
ne14cookies08/21/14 02:29 PM
x*The amount of comments it's generating - pretty obvious. Anything ABC can beat out of this long dead horse is gravy. NT
CubbyPuppy08/21/14 06:16 PM
x*Plus, it distracts from the bottom-of-the-barrel 'stars' and walking dead that they attract as contestants. NT
Beard08/21/14 08:35 PM
x*Good One! LOL NT
ne14cookies08/22/14 05:01 PM
x*Maybe Derrick said he would only come back this season only if his sister came back as a judge NT
RedBB08/21/14 02:48 PM
x*I don't do it often but I actually wrote to ABC to express my disappointment. NT
ne14cookies08/21/14 02:45 PM
x*I commented on their Facebook page lol. NT
alex_220308/22/14 04:25 PM
x*ick...that is all NT
IsitReal08/21/14 02:00 PM
x*The comments on the DWTS Facebook page announcing Julianne are not happy at all. Wow, TPTB really did it this time. NT
EyesWideShut08/21/14 10:43 AM
x*Good I hope a lot of disapproval is shown. Really irks me. NT
kat00408/21/14 10:47 AM
x*I'm not watching either. She was downright hateful her last stint as a judge, no thanks! NT
alex_220308/21/14 10:42 AM
x*i really wish it had been Louis.
honeyb08/21/14 09:08 AM
x*I'd rather have a stranger off the street than her. NT
kat00408/21/14 10:48 AM
x*Successful actresses dont have time for DWTS. Houghers are saying shes making time in between films.
phoenixfire08/21/14 08:39 AM
x*Failed as an actress, failed as a singer, failed as a "beard." Why not try judging? What could possibly go wrong? DWTS has jumped the shark. NT
DaveG08/21/14 09:02 AM
x*I'm so sad for my favorite show. :( NT
EyesWideShut08/21/14 10:40 AM
x*I'm with you. No more DWTS for me. Network producers just ruined another show for me. No point in watching. NT
DaveG08/21/14 05:43 AM
x*DWTS better have a "celebrity" I use that term loosely, that I really don't want to miss watching, or I'm done also. Let the show tank. NT
kat00408/21/14 10:51 AM
*Judges to be announced on GMA tomorrow (Thursday) NT
EyesWideShut49 4   08/20/14 06:59 PM
x*I'm so done if it's Julianne, no kidding. I stopped watching Big Brother, and it wasn't that hard. Same here. I can't stand Julianne and it's bad
CJinIowa08/21/14 05:21 AM
x*And Julianne tweeted she is going to be on GMA tomorrow for a big announcement. NT
EyesWideShut08/20/14 07:02 PM
x*Good grief I guess they are going to do everything they can to ruin DWTS for me. ugh NT
kat00408/20/14 07:03 PM
x*Y'all won't have to deal with me, lmao, because I won't watch if that self-entitled b*tch is the new judge. NT
CJinIowa08/21/14 05:21 AM
*Wonderful article about Tony and his family, particularly on raising a son with autism.
gilmoregirl73 0   08/19/14 05:13 PM
*TMZ is reporting that Julianne Hough is to be the 4th judge. Spin this Maks haters who went on and on about how it's not fair for Maks to judge his
EyesWideShut956 19   08/19/14 07:06 AM
x*Terrible idea! :( NT
debbiedu2208/21/14 11:06 AM
x*At least Maks holds professional credentials as a ballroom adjudicator. Hough hold no certification. Maybe she can sing her comments/criticism? NT
DaveG08/21/14 09:04 AM
x*Well, there's always RedFoo or whatever his stage name was. NT
CubbyPuppy08/21/14 06:09 PM
x*4th judge? So I guess Len will be back too? NT
Dulcie08/20/14 11:44 PM
x*I'm not a fan of hiring former pros as judges. They have a personal relationship with certain pros. Neoptism. NT
phoenixfire08/20/14 09:56 AM
x*ITA except maybe in the case of Louis Van Amstel, I think he'd be a great judge and fair to all. But he probably doesn't want the headache. lol NT
terlu08/20/14 06:34 PM
x*She'll be just as good at judging as she is at acting.. ugh lol NT
AlphaDerp08/19/14 10:27 PM
x*And singing... Ugh! NT
jimdkc08/21/14 06:25 AM
x*Hey! At least when she's acting she isn't sitting behind a desk, so you can fully appreciate all of her talents. NT
Beard08/19/14 11:26 PM
x*Seriously though, NO NO NO. I HATED her last season, her and her janky ass eyebrows and what, she gets to judge and help her brother every season?
CJinIowa08/19/14 05:10 PM
x*She did REALLY suck as a judge... I can't imagine why they're doing this! NT
jimdkc08/21/14 06:26 AM
x*Here's how I feel (inside)
CJinIowa08/19/14 05:09 PM
x*:) Love it! NT
PSister08/19/14 05:40 PM
x*Also, I don't mean Maks haters here. :) NT
EyesWideShut08/19/14 11:32 AM
x*...AND... 4 judges is too many. NT
PSister08/19/14 09:45 AM
x*So now Derek's sister gets to judge him and the others. I don't think family should judge any of them. They can't help but be bias. NT
PSister08/19/14 09:43 AM
x*I'm just upset that I now have to listen to CAI & JH. UGH! Reportedly Maks is very angry he did not get the job. He's probably better off. NT
EyesWideShut08/19/14 11:31 AM
x*They should have hired him instead, he wasn't biased when he judged. But if this is true, I doubt I'll watch NT
CJinIowa08/20/14 05:05 AM
x*If this is the direction the new PTB are going I might be as well. Will wait to see who the 'stars' are tho. NT
terlu08/20/14 06:37 PM
*Any cast rumours? NT
AlphaDerp31 0   08/16/14 12:07 PM
*when does the new season start? NT
Cindy78 2   08/13/14 08:00 PM
x*DWTS posted on FB today that the show starts in exactly 30 days. NT
EyesWideShut08/15/14 12:00 PM
x*thanks! any leaks on the 'stars'? NT
Cindy08/15/14 08:33 PM
*Season 19 Pros
phoenixfire1330 18   08/13/14 06:10 AM
x*Cheryl originally wanted to sit this season out but decided to stay. Jenna was to replace her. NT
phoenixfire08/15/14 12:17 PM
x*TPTB must not have wanted Sharna at all. NT
EyesWideShut08/15/14 01:25 PM
x*Its new TPTB. She may not fit into their vision. NT
phoenixfire08/15/14 01:44 PM
x*Are TPTB moving away from ballroom to more contempo stuff? I hope not NT
Dulcie08/16/14 03:05 AM
x*Allison is pretty much my favorite dancer ever so this makes me really happy! NT
Kayla0808/14/14 05:09 PM
x*Allison is a fantasic dancer but I worry she isnt prolific enough in ballroom to teach it. The contemporary and jazz routines will be good though. NT
phoenixfire08/15/14 12:08 PM
x*What a surprise--no Lacey.. :/ :/ NT
Peachy72008/13/14 01:18 PM
x*Makes me sad too, I guess she will most likely will never be back now..:( NT
kat00408/13/14 01:20 PM
x*Allison is a new pro! She was great on SYTYCD and I love her husband too (tWitch from SYTYCD). NT
HumblePie08/13/14 09:51 AM
x*oooh. i don't know who Keo is, but he may just hafta be my new husband since myMaks is gone. NT
honeyb08/13/14 09:33 AM
x*'Dancing With the Stars' 2014: Season 19 Pro Dancers Announced
Cindy08/13/14 06:28 AM
x*Hmmm. Derek still there for people to bitch about unreasonably, but with no Maks to act as grumpy counterpoint.
Beard08/13/14 12:12 PM
x*My thoughts
phoenixfire08/13/14 06:22 AM
x*Derek has taken Maks place of 'will he or won't he' be on the show. He's not so blunt as Maks, but he says enough to make people think he's gone, then
EyesWideShut08/13/14 12:38 PM
x*Derek has done that for seasons now. He just like Maks on terms of drumming up publicity of the "will he or wont he?". Hes paired with Oprah! Lol NT
phoenixfire08/15/14 12:06 PM
x*What, another ringer? NT
Beard08/15/14 12:45 PM
x*According to *some* of his fans she only person to get him to come back. I doubt shes doing the show. NT
phoenixfire08/15/14 01:43 PM
x*For sure I will be rooting for Val and Emma. Emma grew on me in such a short time.. NT
kat00408/13/14 12:42 PM
*Pro announcement on GMA tomorrow. NT
phoenixfire38 0   08/12/14 12:57 PM
*NEWS/ Maksim Chmerkovskiy: Dancing With the Stars Is Running Out of "Legitimate Celebrities"
petite6914 8   07/30/14 11:59 AM
x*What does he mean "running"? NT
CubbyPuppy08/05/14 06:29 PM
x*good point, but I'll probably watch until the bitter end. lol NT
terlu08/05/14 07:48 PM
x*Damn, another article about Maks that sort of makes me like him. I hate when that happens. You think you have your mind made up
Beard07/30/14 12:17 PM
x*get on the Maks train and ride! NT
petite607/30/14 12:18 PM
x*Woo-Woo! ;) NT
EyesWideShut08/02/14 05:21 PM
x*he's no longer friends with Kirstie, because of his relationship with Leah lol NT
petite607/30/14 12:00 PM
x*Kirstie's loss. NT
EyesWideShut08/02/14 05:21 PM
x*I love Leah's new show. NT
tweeter07/30/14 12:20 PM
*Maks says no more "Dancing"...
DaveG252 2   07/29/14 03:26 PM
x*I'm fine with that. I hope he has a great career whatever it entails. And I hope Derek moves on with him, at least as a pro. If he wants to do Macy's
EyesWideShut08/02/14 05:20 PM
x*I don't think I'll miss him as a dancer, but it might be interesting to see his crusty self as a judge. NT
Beard07/29/14 05:38 PM
*Meryl, Charlie, Maks, and Sharna headlining a skating/dancing event!
gilmoregirl223 0   07/02/14 11:23 AM
*Meryl & Charlie are each nominated for individually for ESPY's (Best Male/Female Olympian) Voting open until July 16!
EyesWideShut107 0   06/24/14 12:53 PM
*Charlie White Wanted the 'Perfect' Proposal, Says Dancing with the Stars Partner Sharna Burgess
Dreamer302 1   06/18/14 01:47 AM
x*I think it is funny that the beans almost got spilled. NT
coltrocks1206/20/14 05:51 PM
*Maksim and JLo????? (link inside)
mamap326 2   06/11/14 08:01 PM
x*It's PR. Get the heat of of her exes escapades. lol ;) NT
EyesWideShut06/12/14 05:19 PM
x*She's already denied it. No worries... NT
gilmoregirl06/12/14 10:28 AM
*Charlie White & Tanith Belbin are engaged. He proposed to her in Hawaii. :)
EyesWideShut230 0   06/10/14 01:41 PM
*Interview with Meryl and Charlie (link inside); Meryl asked about her relationship with Max, Charlie with haircut.
PSister436 0   06/04/14 06:11 AM
*Artem is leaving Strictly Come Dancing (UK DWTS); Tristan is joining SCD. NT
EyesWideShut572 8   06/01/14 06:45 AM
x*What is SCD? NT
mamap06/01/14 12:38 PM
x* SCD = Strictly Come Dancing NT
Mazita06/01/14 12:52 PM
x*Thank you, no idea what that is! Off to Google. NT
mamap06/01/14 01:04 PM
x*It is the UK show from which DTWS is derived. Both Len and Bruno are judges on it. NT
DaveG06/02/14 11:35 PM
x*Isn't that the other part of the reason Len may not come back? The travel is getting to be too much for him at his age. NT
BBAnnie06/03/14 04:17 PM
x*Artem will probably be a pro on DWTS next season IMO. Glad Tristan found a place to be. NT
phoenixfire06/01/14 12:26 PM
x*I would like to see what he can do. It's nice he has experience on a similar show. NT
EyesWideShut06/01/14 12:31 PM
x*I don't think he would've left a guaranteed position as a pro on SCD unless he was told something. NT
phoenixfire06/01/14 03:15 PM
*What celebrities do you hope appear next season? NT
phoenixfire685 5   05/29/14 01:50 PM
x*Ann Curry and Katie Couric - that would be kind of fun NT
ccquilter06/14/14 12:55 PM
x*Guys/Girls for next year
coltrocks1205/30/14 08:41 AM
x*Oh, and somebody who isn't a good dancer but makes it to the final, just so I can say, NINETEEN SEASONS! FIGURE IT OUT! next season too. NT
CubbyPuppy05/30/14 06:25 AM
x*The entire cast of Wonder Years (hey they had a reunion photo...wonder why?) and the entire cast of Full House, just to be done with it.
CubbyPuppy05/30/14 06:20 AM
x*I don't really think about it ahead of time. I just wait for spoilers and then the big reveal. However....
gilmoregirl05/29/14 05:33 PM
*Person Of The Week: Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Cindy550 1   05/24/14 09:15 AM
x*Thanks Cindy for posting that. I can't get enough of watching Meryl and Max. I put all their dances on a DVD and watch it a couple times a week. NT
madjellybean05/30/14 12:54 AM
*Val & Jenna-The real DWTS couple? Jenna stayed in NYC while the rest of the troupe went back to LA. She has been in all of the C family Instagram pics
EyesWideShut2131 12   05/23/14 11:08 AM
x*Who's Jenna? Is she someone in the troupe? NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/23/14 11:34 AM
EyesWideShut05/23/14 12:02 PM
x*wow she looks so familiar to me and YET I have no idea who she is. NT
Brn2Wander05/23/14 12:30 PM
x*She was on SYTYCD last season. She made it to the top 3 or 4 girls. Her original partner was Tucker. They had some brilliant dances. She did Gaga. NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz05/23/14 07:02 PM
x*thank you!! I knew I saw her before. Wasn't crazy about her on that show though...LOL NT
Brn2Wander05/24/14 04:13 AM
x*Yeah she was constantly in the bottom repeatedly being to saved by the judges. NT
phoenixfire05/24/14 10:12 AM
x*Thanks Eyes! They're a cute couple if true NT
AwfuLeeHandsome05/23/14 12:22 PM
x*The dark haired troupe member. She is new this season. NT
EyesWideShut05/23/14 11:47 AM
x*The Chmerkovskiy boys do cut quite a swath through the pro cast females. Is that why there's such a turnover? NT
Beard05/23/14 12:20 PM
x*Peta & Karina are still around, Cheryl too. NT
EyesWideShut05/23/14 12:51 PM
x*Supposedly Val and Chelsie had a thing going on too at one point. NT
phoenixfire05/23/14 01:21 PM
x*Interesting. NT
EyesWideShut05/23/14 02:07 PM
*Maksim Chmerkovskiy to Judge "DWTS?"
Dreamer427 0   05/23/14 02:51 AM
*I am STUNNED by what Carrie Ann had to say about Meryl/Maks finale dances; either I was wrong about her or she shook the cobwebs out of her
CJinIowa821 3   05/22/14 01:43 PM
x*That's cuz, not to mention Meryl being the best and most popular dancer, Maks may replace Len, so she wants to keep her job, sitting nxt to Maks! NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz05/22/14 02:26 PM
x*Agreed, but I believe her words too. Bias or not on my part, I haven't found a critic yet who have a negative review of their dancing. NT
CJinIowa05/22/14 02:34 PM
x*I agree. They were revelatory together and truly so far ahead of the pack, at least by season's end. NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz05/22/14 02:39 PM
*Maks on Wendy Williams says he would take the judge job if offered (more NSFW dancing):
EyesWideShut1371 14   05/22/14 11:02 AM
x*Meryl says they are not dating....awww. I'm disappointed NT
mtnlvr5305/22/14 08:17 PM
x*i know so sad NT
dchan05/22/14 08:19 PM
x*me too NT
dchan05/22/14 08:18 PM
x*Wendy barely talked to Meryl. If she just wanted to talk to Maks she could've had him come alone. NT
phoenixfire05/22/14 02:39 PM
x*IKR? She even had Maks sit by her. I expected meryl to take that seat, but I guess it was prearranged. I don't like Wendy anyway. Seems like she
EyesWideShut05/22/14 02:58 PM
x*Seriously; put him, Louis Van Amstel and someone else (NOT Julianne). Perfect judges, imo. NT
CJinIowa05/22/14 01:44 PM
x*I would be fine with Shirley Ballas as head judge. She has the credentials and seniority like Len. Plus it would quiet the naysayers of Maks
EyesWideShut05/22/14 01:53 PM
x*Just as long as it's not Julianne. I don't know what has happened to that woman but in the years since she left DWTS she became a Class A b*tch NT
CJinIowa05/22/14 02:18 PM
x*What, besides that one "phone it in" comment, makes her a class A bitch? NT
Beard05/22/14 02:40 PM
x*She was pretty cruel to Mark when she was a judge in season 17. True or wasn't the place for her to take a swipe at Mark. NT
BBAnnie05/26/14 05:18 PM
x*On the other hand, I haven't seen him upstaging his partners since then, or at least, not blatantly so. NT
Beard05/26/14 06:06 PM
x*No but it wasn't the place for that comment. NT
BBAnnie05/27/14 04:03 PM
x*My opinion of her does. She rubs me the wrong way and I don't like her. I don't expect people to agree or disagree. Jmo, that's it and that's all.
CJinIowa05/22/14 02:45 PM
x*Shes definitely changed. She fancies herself an A-listers now. Most of movies have been box office bust or bad got reviews. NT
phoenixfire05/24/14 10:15 AM
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