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*ABC's “Dancing with the Stars” to Return for Its 22nd Season in March 2016
Dreamer160 0   Sticky Post
*Dancing with the Stars Season 21 Cast ~ Bios and Team Photos
Dreamer1373 0   Sticky Post
*Dancing With The Stars Forum Rules/Guidelines
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*Maksim Chmerkovskiy Has the Cutest Idea Ever for His Honeymoon with Peta Murgatroyd
Dreamer91 1   02/02/16 10:04 PM
x*That was good ~ thanks! NT
debbiedu2202/02/16 10:50 PM
*Mark Ballas Is Engaged to Singer BC Jean
Dreamer222 1   01/12/16 02:13 AM
x*Good for them ~ cute couple! :) NT
debbiedu2201/12/16 08:32 AM
*Julianne Hough on 'DWTS' Alums Getting Hitched: We're All Growing Up!
Dreamer170 0   01/07/16 04:37 AM
*'DWTS' Pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy Kept His Engagement a Secret From Brother Val
Dreamer234 0   12/15/15 04:48 AM
*DWTS: Maks & Peta are engaged
RedBB703 10   12/05/15 08:47 PM
x*Weren't Maks and Peta together a few years ago? NT
georgia938201/25/16 10:21 AM
x*Yes and then split up & back together for a while now. NT
debbiedu2201/25/16 10:51 AM
x*Such a good looking couple NT
Dulcie12/06/15 12:02 PM
x*How exciting! Wish them all the best in the world. NT
ne14cookies12/06/15 10:34 AM
x*Ick NT
BBAnnie12/06/15 09:57 AM
x*ITA...Never cared for her! NT
Mazita12/06/15 12:59 PM
x*She got a real attitude last time she was his girlfriend and then she won a season of DWTS. NT
BBAnnie12/20/15 01:54 PM
x*petite! what the hell are we going to do about this?!? NT
honeyb12/06/15 06:39 AM
x*Wonder if it will last longer than his engagement to Karina? NT
Brn2Wander12/06/15 05:41 AM
x*Yes, I wondered that too NT
tweeter12/07/15 05:32 AM
*DWTS: Maks and Peta Prank Dance Class | GMA
jblig282 2   12/01/15 01:10 AM
x*So funny!! Thanks for sharing. :) NT
debbiedu2212/01/15 09:00 AM
x*Such terrible diguises! NT
Dulcie12/01/15 01:55 AM
*Dancing's Derek Hough: It Was the Perfect Ending to a Perfect Season
Dreamer164 0   11/29/15 02:17 AM
*What the heck was up with Derrick on GMA? I think he was still inebriated from the night before... NT
MoonDesire562 4   11/25/15 04:57 PM
x*Can anyone bring it over? I didn't see it. NT
susie84111/26/15 08:56 AM
x*Here ya go Susie ~
Dreamer11/28/15 01:49 AM
x*Thanks, Dreamer...that was fun! :) NT
debbiedu2211/28/15 06:22 AM
x*YVW, debbiedu22 :) NT
Dreamer11/29/15 02:18 AM
*Dancing With the Stars: And the Winner Is...
Hawkmoon211563 8   11/25/15 02:55 AM
x*I wanted Sharna & Nick to win but it was clear from around the 3rd episode that Bindi was far better than the rest. Good on her! NT
Hidef108011/25/15 05:16 AM
x*Agreed. I figured it would come down to Nick and Bindi. Surprised Alek make it that far - Carlos was better than him. But oh well.. NT
NSGirl11/25/15 10:02 AM
x*Such an awkward pose
colleenag11/25/15 03:20 AM
x*Her jaw is HUGE! NT
hannelorea01/12/16 09:34 AM
x*Actually, looks like he was doing a bowing thing to signify her awesomeness. I bet a video of the pic would show it. NT
cjj311/26/15 09:55 PM
x*I think he's just playing to the crowd. NT
susie84111/26/15 08:55 AM
x*I believe what he is saying is...
jblig11/25/15 05:13 AM
x*lol good one! I should of guessed that :D NT
colleenag11/25/15 05:48 AM
*Dancing with the Stars Crowns a New Champion! Find Out Who Took Home the Mirrorball Trophy
Dreamer224 1   11/25/15 12:46 AM
x*I have to say, in the clip that was shown here, Nick really looked clunky. NT
TrinaE11/25/15 03:51 AM
*YaY! Let's have a great finale, good luck to your faves NT
Dulcie4810 57   11/24/15 06:04 PM
x*Next season starts March 21 NT
Dulcie11/24/15 08:00 PM
x*I am looking forward to a better season with Len fairly scoring couples NT
Brn2Wander11/25/15 03:09 PM
x*Len is coming back for next season too NT
Dulcie11/25/15 04:49 AM
x*Winner - Bindi NT
Dulcie11/24/15 07:58 PM
x*Wow! Did you know her dad died when she was just a wee little child? NT
honeyb11/25/15 05:55 AM
x*Or that Nick was in some kind of boy-band? NT
Beard11/25/15 11:29 AM
x*Heck, anyone with a brain new the fix was in from the first show... NT
twodog11/24/15 08:04 PM
x*Fix??? She danced the Spanks off of every other competitor. If anything, she was slightly penalized in scoring, just to keep it looking too bad. NT
Beard11/24/15 08:07 PM
x*Penalized??? LOL that's a laugh. Overscored maybe, not penalized IMO NT
Brn2Wander11/25/15 10:17 AM
x*Not really. They gave her 10s like candy. She was the most consistent, but really not as strong in Latin. Was there any cha-cha in that last dance? NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz11/24/15 11:15 PM
x*She really did! I found myself either smiling or tearing up during the entire season when she danced. She's phenomenal! Well deserved, Bindi! NT
debbiedu2211/24/15 08:31 PM
x*She danced circles around everyone else in the cast, who could beat her? NT
Dulcie11/24/15 08:05 PM
x*absolutely!!!!!!!! NT
kat00411/24/15 08:07 PM
x*She was the best overall for sure! NT
BBFanJ11/24/15 08:07 PM
x*yayyyyy NT
kat00411/24/15 08:04 PM
x*Yes! Yes! Yes! NT
BBFanJ11/24/15 08:02 PM
x*(Yay!) NT
Dulcie11/24/15 07:59 PM
x*Sorry Derek haters (not really), but there was really no other choice possible. NT
Beard11/24/15 08:00 PM
x*3d place Alek NT
Dulcie11/24/15 07:51 PM
x*Finally, he's out. NT
Beard11/24/15 07:52 PM
x*Bindi couldn't even pretend to be in character, she was just having too damned much fun. But the dancing was still great. What a phenom. NT
Beard11/24/15 07:42 PM
x*I have to agree. She has been consistently fantastic all season long. NT
cjj311/24/15 07:45 PM
x*Agreed! And she's so damn likeable and adorable NT
BBFanJ11/24/15 08:04 PM
x*She hasn't set a foot wrong once NT
Dulcie11/24/15 07:47 PM
x*Now, if they could just partner her up with Anna, I'd be in hog-heaven. NT
Beard11/24/15 07:50 PM
x*Bindi scores - 10 10 10 NT
Dulcie11/24/15 07:42 PM
x*Alek scores - 9 9 9 NT
Dulcie11/24/15 07:34 PM
x*Victor photobombing LOL NT
Dulcie11/24/15 07:34 PM
x*IKR, lol! I just said the same thing to my nephew. NT
cjj311/24/15 07:35 PM
x*I wish he would have lasted longer, he's hilarious. NT
alex_220311/24/15 07:34 PM
x*I'm so glad his hat trick worked this time! NT
Dulcie11/24/15 07:35 PM
x*Is the winner going to be named tonight or not? I am so bored but don't want to miss who wins. NT
LibraLady11/24/15 07:29 PM
x*Tune back in at 10:59 for the winner. Was it last season where they didn't even get to talk to the winner due to lack of time? NT
cjj311/24/15 07:31 PM
x*I thought I saw a few bobbles by Nick NT
Dulcie11/24/15 07:23 PM
x*Nicks scores - 10 10 10 NT
Dulcie11/24/15 07:31 PM
x*Even without the bobbles, he just pull off the smooth that is so necessary to being an entertaining dancer. NT
Beard11/24/15 07:27 PM
x*Many more than a few. I suspect he had to be scored high all season because even if he was scored lower his fans would have kept him safe. NT
cjj311/24/15 07:26 PM
x*Who's this girl singer, I missed it NT
Dulcie11/24/15 06:50 PM
x*Elle King. I feel like I've heard that song before but the name doesn't ring a bell. NT
alex_220311/24/15 06:51 PM
x*Emma Lindsay and Alek danced a very sexy trio dance to that song. NT
Brn2Wander11/24/15 07:10 PM
x*Same here NT
Dulcie11/24/15 06:54 PM
x*Elle King did he say? NT
Dulcie11/24/15 06:51 PM
x*omg Carlos fart NT
PointBeing11/24/15 06:45 PM
x*It's barefoot nightie time! NT
PointBeing11/24/15 06:42 PM
x*Man, that one dude in the crowd is really happy to be there. NT
PointBeing11/24/15 06:39 PM
x*Lol! NT
Dulcie11/24/15 06:40 PM
x*i was like Who's Andy Grammar? NT
PointBeing11/24/15 06:37 PM
x*are all of the losers dancing tonight? NT
PointBeing11/24/15 06:36 PM
x*ok that was fun : D NT
Dulcie11/24/15 06:30 PM
x*I gotta watch Magic Mike again sometime for the music. NT
PointBeing11/24/15 06:30 PM
x*Yeah...for the music lol. NT
alex_220311/24/15 06:35 PM
x*Lol well I'm glad we got to see I Dream Of Jeannie NT
Dulcie11/24/15 06:18 PM
x*Yes Master *quick nod and blink* NT
jblig11/24/15 06:20 PM
x*Bridget Jones's Diary! NT
PointBeing11/24/15 06:14 PM
x*Chaka Khan. Chaka Khan. Chaka Khan, let me rock you. Let me rock you, Chaka Khan. NT
PointBeing11/24/15 06:11 PM
x*She's still got it NT
Dulcie11/24/15 06:14 PM
x*I wasn't paying attention. She wasn't lip syncing? NT
PointBeing11/24/15 06:16 PM
*VIDEO: Exclusive Sneak Peek: Julianne Hough in Grease: Live!
Dreamer174 0   11/24/15 12:05 PM
*Bindi Irwin Sheds Tears During Dancing with the Stars Tribute to Steve Irwin: 'Dad Is with Me Every Day'
Dreamer491 4   11/24/15 12:03 PM
x*Dad was in every dance too. Could've had a drinking game this season based on how many times she mentioned her father. NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz11/24/15 03:52 PM
x*LOL I have to agree. I found it extremely annoying. NT
Brn2Wander11/24/15 06:09 PM
x*I am ok w/ it. Having lost my Dad when not much older than her, he is in much of what I have done all my life. Its been 48 yrs. You'd be dead drunk NT
ne14cookies11/24/15 04:09 PM
x*This! NT
BigGirlPanties11/24/15 05:36 PM
*Carlos was robbed. Pure and simple. He wouldn't have won the trophy but he deserved to be there tonight. The fans are ridiculous. This is a
susie841928 7   11/24/15 07:50 AM
x*Yeah, but did any of you vote? I hate to be THAT person, but Carlos clearly needed the general audience support as he wasn't a chosen one. NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz11/24/15 10:18 AM
x*"Dancing With The Heroes" is on another station, I think. (Or it should be.) NT
susie84111/24/15 09:57 AM
x*This has been about popularity since about the end of season two when the professional ballroom dance community realized ABC was more interested in
DaveG11/24/15 09:29 AM
x*Why don't they give two trophies -- the Mirrorball and another for most improved or most popular dancer?? That would solve the problem. Maybe. I
susie84111/24/15 09:55 AM
x*I felt the same pain last year. I wanted Nastia to win. Such is life... NT
debbiedu2211/24/15 09:59 AM
x*Thanks for saying her name...Nastia...saw her in the audience last night and could not think of her name!! NT
Mazita11/24/15 10:13 AM
x*I agree that he was robbed. I disagree with those who say it should have been Alek. Nick was way overscored
coltrocks1211/24/15 09:24 AM
*Dancing With the Stars - Finals Part One
Hawkmoon21196 0   11/24/15 06:46 AM
*I'm unable to host tomorrow night if someone else could that'd be great. NT
Phoenixfire98 0   11/23/15 07:04 PM
*Thank you PhoenixFire!!! NT
Hidef1080358 3   11/23/15 07:01 PM
x*Thanks so much! NT
Dulcie11/23/15 07:04 PM
x*Yes, thank you! This is my first time following along here because I usually tape it and watch later. I love the format. NT
seahorse11/23/15 07:04 PM
x*Great job Phoenix!!! NT
KatOnAHotPC11/23/15 07:03 PM
*Carlos & Witney eliminated NT
Phoenixfire821 8   11/23/15 06:58 PM
x*Wish it had been Nick. He is getting by because he is a Backstreet Boy NT
coltrocks1211/23/15 08:01 PM
x*Alek is getting by cause he's a hero. Nick is a better dancer than him NT
BBFanJ11/24/15 04:08 PM
x*Disagree NT
coltrocks1211/24/15 08:00 PM
x*What a joke of a season NT
AwfuLeeHandsome11/23/15 07:01 PM
x*Only if Alex wins which I don't see happening NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 07:07 PM
x*Ahem :::Amber::: Ahem NT
Beard11/23/15 07:08 PM
x*Lol, Amber was better than Alek by far. She was a deserving winner, imo. NT
cjj311/23/15 07:15 PM
x*Bye Carlos, :'-( NT
Dulcie11/23/15 06:59 PM
*That's just wrong... Alek should be going home... NT
Hidef10801841 20   11/23/15 06:58 PM
x*Wrong or not, Carlos didn't have the fan base. NT
debbiedu2211/23/15 07:31 PM
x*Alek has the voting base... hero etc.. I would not be surprised if he won the whole thing. NT
Ivory_mist11/23/15 07:04 PM
x*And if he won, I would be happy for him. NT
Brn2Wander11/24/15 07:09 PM
x*Well then let's change the name of the show to DANCING FOR THE FAN BASE. NT
susie84111/24/15 09:27 AM
x*LOL, we have this discussion every season. Cracks me up. Working on "acceptance" these days.. It just is what it is and I enjoyed it :D NT
ne14cookies11/24/15 04:13 PM
x*We could change the name to Dancing with Derek. NT
Brn2Wander11/24/15 03:26 PM
x*Lol NT
petite611/24/15 03:28 PM
x*Dancing with the Fans for sure. Even the judges got in on it this year, tearing apart the PenaVegas and Tamar to favor Bindi, Nick, and Alek. NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz11/24/15 10:20 AM
x*Agree. NT
Brn2Wander11/24/15 03:27 PM
x*Noah was too and in the end he lost to superior dancers NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 07:05 PM
x*Carlos doesn't seem genuine at all so I'm not sad. NT
Phoenixfire11/23/15 06:59 PM
x*Still a better dancer than Alex NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 07:00 PM
x*You know its never been about the better dancer. NT
Phoenixfire11/23/15 07:01 PM
x*True but Nick and Bindi are better than him I'm sure he's 3rd NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 07:06 PM
x*To me, there's no question he's 3rd. Unless something very, VERY fluke-y happens. NT
KatOnAHotPC11/23/15 07:14 PM
x*I still think Carlos is a better dancer than Nick, Nick always seems so...anxious NT
Dulcie11/23/15 07:13 PM
x*I agree. Carlos is better than both of the guys in the finals, but fans rule the day. NT
cjj311/23/15 07:29 PM
x*Stupid, damned fans. NT
Beard11/23/15 07:36 PM
x*It has been for a lot of us. NT
Beard11/23/15 07:05 PM
x*No kidding! Like Noah him simply being a hero got him F3 NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:58 PM
*Carlos(im guessing) was robbed!! NT
BBFanJ1268 13   11/23/15 06:57 PM
x*Carlos wasn't making it to #1, so it really doesn't matter. It's not like there's a prize for 3rd place. NT
debbiedu2211/23/15 07:35 PM
x*I don't keep track of the scores from wk to wk & even tho Carlos may've gotten a bad rap & is the better dancer didn't he say he never had all 10s? NT
KatOnAHotPC11/23/15 07:11 PM
x*Yes, Carlos got his first perfect scores tonight NT
Dulcie11/23/15 07:16 PM
x*WTF?? Alek is still in it? What has to be done to get rid of this guy? NT
Beard11/23/15 06:58 PM
x*He's not beating Nick and Bindi. This is EXACTLY like Noah last season NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:59 PM
x*I'm pretty confident that in the end things will work out as they should, but it should be the best dancers in the final 3,
Beard11/23/15 07:02 PM
x*It should NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 07:04 PM
x*That's the thing tho. I don't think that Carlos OR Alek could win the Mirror Ball, so... NT
KatOnAHotPC11/23/15 07:02 PM
x*You really think Nick has a legitimate shot at it? He's been consistently and deservedly behind Bindi all along. NT
Beard11/23/15 07:04 PM
x*Lol I think you and I are two of the most vocal Bindi lovers on here. I think she takes it tomorrow with Nick 2nd NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 07:07 PM
x*I do too. No question. Although we wouldn't mind... ;-) NT
KatOnAHotPC11/23/15 07:12 PM
x*Lol if Nick takes it ill be happy for him and Sharna as well. NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 07:14 PM
x*I agree, he sure was. NT
seahorse11/23/15 06:58 PM
*Nick & Sharna - Freestyle 10-10-10/30 NT
Phoenixfire896 9   11/23/15 06:40 PM
x*Way overscored.
coltrocks1211/23/15 08:03 PM
x*Quite the production number, but I thought Nick made a few missteps. They'll still give him 10's. NT
kymama11/23/15 06:49 PM
x*i didn't care for bits of the choreography NT
PointBeing11/23/15 06:48 PM
x*Too music performance video-like for my taste, but he'll get undeserved 10s for it. NT
Beard11/23/15 06:48 PM
x*I totally agree, and I don't care for the extras. NT
alex_220311/23/15 06:50 PM
x*Lots of lasers NT
Dulcie11/23/15 06:48 PM
x*They better bring it! NT
PointBeing11/23/15 06:41 PM
x*He "brung" it... 10! NT
Hidef108011/23/15 06:47 PM
x*Well, he brung something, lol! NT
cjj311/23/15 06:48 PM
*Bindi & Derek - Freestyle 10-10-10 NT
Phoenixfire3429 38   11/23/15 06:32 PM
x*That was absolutely amazing! Derek's choreo was beautiful, and Bindi matches his every step. Didn't miss a beat. They deserved those 10's. :) NT
debbiedu2211/23/15 06:48 PM
x*Goosebumps. This kid is wonderful, always letter perfect and expressive in surprising ways. I loved the honest simplicity. 11's NT
Beard11/23/15 06:36 PM
x*Agreed I love this girl she's amazing NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:38 PM
x*Only 17 and with no song and dance, or even athletics, background. Remarkable. NT
Beard11/23/15 06:40 PM
x*She's got something VERY special. Julianne was trying to express it before...she didn't do a very good job but she was saying what I was thinking! NT
KatOnAHotPC11/23/15 06:58 PM
x*Agreed NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:47 PM
x*she dances like an athlete NT
PointBeing11/23/15 06:41 PM
x*Yes. Flat out courage and competativeness. NT
Beard11/23/15 06:44 PM
x*Just bawling my eyes out, missing my daddy too... NT
KatOnAHotPC11/23/15 06:37 PM
x*I still have my daddy but I cried too as I've lost a parent NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:38 PM
x*i'm so sorry. the hurt is the same, i know... NT
KatOnAHotPC11/23/15 06:40 PM
x*Yes it is. My mother passed away almost a year and a half ago but I was glad she wasn't suffering anymore but I miss her NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:43 PM
x*I know. My Mom died of ovarian cancer in 2006 it was horrific. I miss her every day. Still. It doesn't get all that much easier. NT
KatOnAHotPC11/23/15 06:47 PM
x*Mine had MS which become Dementia and yeah it definitely don't get easier NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:48 PM
x*OMG, I am so sorry! That is SO hard, BB. My dad had Alzheimers for 7 years. It's just terrible. NT
KatOnAHotPC11/23/15 06:51 PM
x*Yes it is. Dementia/Alzheimers is rough for family members as well as the one suffering from it. NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:53 PM
x*Girl really is fearless NT
Dulcie11/23/15 06:36 PM
x*Very pretty but I'm so bored with contemporary freestyles NT
AwfuLeeHandsome11/23/15 06:36 PM
x*too much lifts and swinging and so little dancing. Wasn't that impressed. My favorite freestyle was Alek and Lindsay. NT
Brn2Wander11/23/15 06:50 PM
x*10. NT
Hidef108011/23/15 06:35 PM
x*Her father died omg I had no idear NT
AwfuLeeHandsome11/23/15 06:34 PM
x*Shades of Mias Dead Daddy Dance from SYTYCD aka Emmy Bait. NT
Phoenixfire11/23/15 06:37 PM
x*Yep just give her the ball already, this whole season has been a coronation like no other. NT
AwfuLeeHandsome11/23/15 06:38 PM
x*Its not her fault but it was mentioned (exploited) almost every week. NT
Phoenixfire11/23/15 06:41 PM
x*It really was. I'm sure Bindi didn't want it brought up like every week but of course her tears were geniune. It was obvious she loved her dad so much
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:56 PM
x*I think Nick has a shot. There is Derek hate though I think Bindi is so loveable it would overcome it NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:40 PM
x*If Nick or Carlos has any shot, it's not because to them and their dancing, but because of their pro's (and Bindi's pro, in a negative way). NT
Beard11/23/15 06:43 PM
x*I agree in a way but both guys are very talented NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:45 PM
x*Nick is an incredible dancer! Bindi is amazing & she deserves to win but somehow I wouldn't hate it if Nick won. I love them both a LOT, lol!!! NT
KatOnAHotPC11/23/15 06:42 PM
x*Same here! NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:45 PM
x*He has no shot. None of them have since the first episode of the season. I like Derek, I just get bored with sure things like this season NT
AwfuLeeHandsome11/23/15 06:41 PM
x*Yes he does I think. Derek doesn't always win. I remember a lot of people thought he would win with Nastia but he didn't NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:46 PM
x*yeah, i guess so.... My Lord it must suck to be the others. Do you think they all know this??? NT
KatOnAHotPC11/23/15 06:45 PM
x*Why aren't they going last like they did in round 1? NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:33 PM
x*I think Nick had a lot of set changes. NT
Phoenixfire11/23/15 07:02 PM
x*I was wondering the same thing. Wardrobe or set malfunction, maybe?? Dunno. NT
debbiedu2211/23/15 06:50 PM
x*I still miss Steve :`( NT
PointBeing11/23/15 06:33 PM
x*He was awesome NT
BBFanJ11/23/15 06:33 PM
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