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*All-New Celebrity Cast Of ABC’s “Dancing with the Stars” Season 22 Cast & Bios
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*ABC's “Dancing with the Stars” to Return for Its 22nd Season in March 2016
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*Dancing With The Stars Forum Rules/Guidelines
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*DWTS' pro Sharna Burgess suffers wardrobe malfunction during sexy tango with Antonio Brown
Camlawnman140 0   05/03/16 08:50 AM
*Okay. God bless Kim. And I think she was underscored sometimes. But seriously, who did she think was going? NT
krh503850 3   05/02/16 07:04 PM
x*IKR. All power to Sasha if he talked up her chances. It's not her fault there was a double elimination, but Antonio was too good last week to go. NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz05/02/16 10:31 PM
x*I think she was doing better than Jodie NT
Dulcie05/02/16 07:11 PM
x*Kim and Sasha just seemed slow for the past few weeks. No Excitement left. He did her no favor making her think she was underscored. She wasn't. NT
doxylover7905/03/16 04:43 PM
*Well they didn't make the bottom 3 very suspenseful ! NT
krh503844 3   05/02/16 06:59 PM
x*LOL, they were out of time. NT
jblig05/02/16 06:59 PM
x*I mean by putting Wanya in it ! NT
krh503805/02/16 07:00 PM
x*Ahh, gotcha. NT
jblig05/02/16 07:01 PM
*In jeopardy: Kim & Sasha / Wanya & Lindsay / Von & Witney NT
jblig91 10   05/02/16 06:58 PM
x*It was overall the right result, the only really justifiable result. I loved Kim, but she's lucky if she beat Von in votes. NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz05/02/16 10:30 PM
x*I don't believe Wanya was really in the bottom 3. NT
krh503805/02/16 06:59 PM
x*Of course not. But they helped keep him safe next week despite a less memorable dance tonight. NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz05/03/16 12:01 AM
x*Eliminated: Kim & Sasha / Von & Witney NT
jblig05/02/16 06:59 PM
x*It was that only thing that could happen. NT
Hidef108005/02/16 07:01 PM
x*So surprised the Denver Bronco Fans didn't keep him in further NT
wyndycty05/02/16 07:00 PM
x*I'm ok with that. NT
chris426605/02/16 06:59 PM
x*Lol this and that NT
Dulcie05/02/16 07:00 PM
x*Lol NT
chris426605/02/16 07:04 PM
x*I'm ok with this NT
Dulcie05/02/16 06:59 PM
*Battle of the Sexes - Women's Team Dance (Ginger, Paige, Kim and Jodie) – Freestyle (Beyonce Medley) Score: 8-8-9=25 NT
jblig86 12   05/02/16 06:33 PM
x*Fair score. NT
Hidef108005/02/16 06:58 PM
x*I think the problem here was too many cooks in the kitchen, the choreography was so disjointed NT
Kayla0805/02/16 06:55 PM
x*Disjointed is right! NT
CarolinaWoman05/02/16 06:57 PM
x*I am underwhelmed, too bad NT
Dulcie05/02/16 06:55 PM
x*I want to give a 10 to Paige but overall... 8. They'll give them 9's. NT
Hidef108005/02/16 06:55 PM
x*Tough call. I liked them both. Give it to the girls by one point. NT
jblig05/02/16 06:55 PM
x*I liked the guys better NT
wyndycty05/02/16 06:54 PM
x*Yeah NT
Dulcie05/02/16 06:56 PM
x*I think the men won. That was horrible NT
chris426605/02/16 06:54 PM
x*Liked the guys better NT
krh503805/02/16 06:54 PM
x*That was kind of a hot mess =/ NT
Kayla0805/02/16 06:54 PM
x*Guy much better NT
mellon05/02/16 06:58 PM
*Battle of the Sexes - Men's Team Dance (Antonio, Wanya, Von and Nyle) – Freestyle (James Brown Medley) Score: 9-9-10=28 NT
jblig47 6   05/02/16 06:33 PM
x*Fun to watch. NT
chris426605/02/16 06:43 PM
x*That was so fun! NT
Kayla0805/02/16 06:43 PM
x*Well that was fun, A for effort NT
Dulcie05/02/16 06:43 PM
x*I like that. 10. NT
Hidef108005/02/16 06:43 PM
x*So much to learn..they did a great job! NT
wyndycty05/02/16 06:42 PM
x*Wow they're a mess in rehearsal NT
krh503805/02/16 06:40 PM
*Paige & Mark –Jive (“Proud Mary” by Tina Turner) 1-800-868-3410 Score: 10-10-10=30 NT
jblig167 19   05/02/16 06:20 PM
x*Paige fully earned each of those 30 points tonight. That was as tough as any jive I've ever seen, and how she can lift Mark while wearing heels is
DaveG05/02/16 06:36 PM
x*It's still bizarre to me that she beats other women up for a living. NT
zebe8305/02/16 06:32 PM
x*Did they not let Carrie Ann speak or did I zone out? NT
krh503805/02/16 06:30 PM
x*You zoned out. NT
Hidef108005/02/16 06:31 PM
x*Lol. NT
zebe8305/02/16 06:33 PM
x* to watch..reminded me of how Cheryl would dance it out NT
CarolinaWoman05/02/16 06:29 PM
x*Good call ! NT
krh503805/02/16 06:30 PM
x*Now that's a real perfect 30 ! NT
krh503805/02/16 06:29 PM
x*10! NT
Hidef108005/02/16 06:29 PM
x*Finally a dance I loved. Now that deserves a 30! NT
chris426605/02/16 06:29 PM
x*I like her and that dance. NT
zebe8305/02/16 06:29 PM
x**clap*clap*clap.....Fun! NT
wyndycty05/02/16 06:28 PM
x*Give that girl 10s, she earned them NT
Dulcie05/02/16 06:28 PM
x*Nothing reserved about that! Nice job!! NT
jblig05/02/16 06:28 PM
x*I was a little underwhelmed by the choreography- I thought it was really repetitive? But I LOVE her! NT
Kayla0805/02/16 06:28 PM
x*My "It" girl! NT
Hidef108005/02/16 06:22 PM
x*I don't know what that means but I really, really like her. Wish I could stand Mark though. NT
krh503805/02/16 06:23 PM
x*It means people who have a quality/sex appeal that's hard to pin down. They have "it" which is good. NT
Hidef108005/02/16 06:27 PM
x*Very much looking forward to this one ! NT
krh503805/02/16 06:21 PM
*Von & Witney –Salsa (“A Little Less Conversation” by Elvis Presley) 1-800-868-3411 Score: 8-8-8=24 NT
jblig75 10   05/02/16 06:13 PM
x*Being called "campy" can't be good ! NT
krh503805/02/16 06:18 PM
x*God Bruno get a freakin room with yourself. NT
krh503805/02/16 06:18 PM
x*7 or 8. He should go home tonight... NT
Hidef108005/02/16 06:17 PM
x*I thought the same NT
chris426605/02/16 06:18 PM
x*Bumpy on some of the lifts. Another safe performance... in between the lifts. NT
jblig05/02/16 06:17 PM
x*Meh NT
Dulcie05/02/16 06:17 PM
x*Couple of missteps but that was fun NT
wyndycty05/02/16 06:17 PM
x*Am I having a brain fart? Have lifts always been allowed in Salsa? NT
krh503805/02/16 06:15 PM
x*Well, if I'm reading this correctly, they are...
Jokerette05/02/16 06:27 PM
x*I don't remember them being allowed NT
chris426605/02/16 06:17 PM
*Ginger & Val –Viennese Waltz (“I Have Nothing” by Whitney Houston) 1-800-868-3404 Score: 10-10-10=30 NT
jblig70 11   05/02/16 06:02 PM
x*Perfect score! AND Bruno actually wrote down 10 this time :-) NT
jblig05/02/16 06:10 PM
x*Lol NT
chris426605/02/16 06:13 PM
x*Did he? lol NT
krh503805/02/16 06:10 PM
x*Of course the ABC employee gets the first perfect 30 of the season. NT
krh503805/02/16 06:09 PM
x*LOL!!! NT
Hidef108005/02/16 06:09 PM
x*Her best dance to me. 9. NT
Hidef108005/02/16 06:06 PM
x*Very nice, I always look forward to Val's waltzes NT
Dulcie05/02/16 06:06 PM
x*Loved it... NT
wyndycty05/02/16 06:05 PM
x*Since I thought that was really good, the judges will probably hate it :-) NT
jblig05/02/16 06:05 PM
x*Well done! Waltz was my competitive ballroom category a few decades ago and from the choreography to the execution, this was absolutely superb. NT
DaveG05/02/16 06:08 PM
x*I'd be okay with Ginger being eliminated tonight. She probably won't though. NT
krh503805/02/16 06:03 PM
*Wanya & Lindsay –Foxtrot (“I Say a Little Prayer” by Aretha Franklin) 1-800-868-3412 Score: 9-9-9=27 NT
jblig120 18   05/02/16 05:51 PM
x*I hate when the audience boos when they're not even being mean. NT
krh503805/02/16 05:56 PM
x*Maybe it's me, maybe I'm in a bitchy mood, but I think all the dances tonight are underwhelming. NT
chris426605/02/16 05:56 PM
x*I'm enjoying all of them, but it could be because I like all the songs NT
Dulcie05/02/16 06:03 PM
x*I agree. NT
zebe8305/02/16 06:02 PM
x*I don't think it's bitchy. I think they may be saving energy because of the second dance. NT
Hidef108005/02/16 06:00 PM
x*Good point NT
chris426605/02/16 06:03 PM
x*Could be. First week learning 2 dances. NT
krh503805/02/16 05:59 PM
x*they're coming across as safe or a little slow to me..could be the wine on my end though NT
CarolinaWoman05/02/16 05:57 PM
x*I think I need to start drinking the wine, so I'll like the dances. NT
chris426605/02/16 06:02 PM
x*Pass me a glass!! Red or white? Beaujolais here lolol NT
Jokerette05/02/16 06:29 PM
x*Cute concept. Dance didn't do much for me. Moved ok, but kinda walked it here and there. NT
jblig05/02/16 05:55 PM
x*He makes me smile NT
ccquilter05/02/16 05:55 PM
x*I liked it... NT
wyndycty05/02/16 05:55 PM
x*10. NT
Hidef108005/02/16 05:55 PM
x*Fun! NT
Dulcie05/02/16 05:55 PM
x*The Say a Little Prayer Scene from My Best Friends Wedding is my favorite movie scene ever. They did good. NT
zebe8305/02/16 05:55 PM
x*The simplicity of the foxtrot is a downfall for many. It was a wonderfully executed dance, but the dance pair really needs to own the audience to
DaveG05/02/16 05:59 PM
x*That is such a great scene NT
Dulcie05/02/16 05:56 PM
*Antonio & Sharna – Tango (Paint it Black” by the Rolling Stones) 1-800-868-3401 Score: 8-8-8=24 NT
jblig98 14   05/02/16 05:39 PM
x*No better than 7s, but tonight, who knows what scores to expect... NT
DaveG05/02/16 05:45 PM
x*The Dancing With The Stars logo came up when Sharna fell out of her costume at the end of the dance. NT
zebe8305/02/16 05:45 PM
x*I hate logos... NT
Hidef108005/02/16 05:47 PM
x*Quite a show, he was so intense... NT
wyndycty05/02/16 05:44 PM
x*Aha. Now we know why we got the logo screen for a few seconds. Sharna's top! NT
jblig05/02/16 05:44 PM
x*I replayed it...didn't see anything -:) NT
wyndycty05/02/16 05:46 PM
x*Darn that seven second delay! NT
jblig05/02/16 05:49 PM
x*Well maybe it still wasn't fixed if Tom stood in front of her. Go back and check :) NT
krh503805/02/16 05:53 PM
x*Ah ha ! NT
krh503805/02/16 05:45 PM
x*Funny! NT
ccquilter05/02/16 05:44 PM
x*Tango was adequate, singer was dreadful NT
Dulcie05/02/16 05:42 PM
x*Hard to follow Nyle, but pretty good. Liked the routine. NT
jblig05/02/16 05:42 PM
x*Kinda hard to see with all the smoke and lights... I don't know... NT
Hidef108005/02/16 05:42 PM
x*I loved this song on the TV show "Tour of Duty! NT
wyndycty05/02/16 05:40 PM
*Nyle & Peta – Foxtrot (“Beautiful Day” by U2) 1-800-868-3409 Score: 10-9-9=28 NT
jblig93 16   05/02/16 05:26 PM
x*I'm glad they finally let Nyle speak in the interview after the dances. NT
zebe8305/02/16 05:35 PM
x*Maybe they shouldn't he was kind of making excuses. NT
krh503805/02/16 05:35 PM
x*Either way. Peta seemed to do all the talking after the dances. Also on Americas Next Top Model he did speak (limited) in the shows interviews. NT
zebe8305/02/16 05:38 PM
x*I'm getting a little POed at the changes in score that keep happening. The judges know what they write down & we aren't idiots. NT
doxylover7905/02/16 05:35 PM
x*Agreed. How can you not know that you wrote 9? NT
Hidef108005/02/16 05:40 PM
x*I don't get why that's happening. NT
krh503805/02/16 05:38 PM
x*2 10's or 1? NT
Hidef108005/02/16 05:33 PM
x*Wait Nyle is on Switched at Birth? NT
krh503805/02/16 05:32 PM
x*Loved it, Peta's exaggerated choreo is a great strategy NT
Dulcie05/02/16 05:31 PM
x*He was back on it tonight. Well done! Might have been a bobble in the middle, they stopped a little longer at one point than I would have expected. NT
jblig05/02/16 05:30 PM
x*He did well, but he was doing damage control NT
ccquilter05/02/16 05:30 PM
x*Not quite a 10, 29 total maybe. NT
krh503805/02/16 05:30 PM
x*Nailed it ! NT
krh503805/02/16 05:33 PM
x*So much was hard to pay close attention to the dancing. NT
CarolinaWoman05/02/16 05:29 PM
x*Very nice..... NT
wyndycty05/02/16 05:29 PM
x*He really is a great dancer. 9! NT
Hidef108005/02/16 05:29 PM
*Kim & Sasha – Samba (“ABC” by Jackson 5) 1-800-868-3406 Score: 9-9-9=27 NT
jblig63 11   05/02/16 05:11 PM
x*One must wonder how these three are going to score a really good performance tonight. NT
DaveG05/02/16 05:31 PM
x*It was okay NT
ccquilter05/02/16 05:29 PM
x*I wasn't feeling it. NT
chris426605/02/16 05:19 PM
x*It seemed like they were dancing too slow for the song? NT
wyndycty05/02/16 05:18 PM
x*I think she lost a little steam as she went on, yeah. NT
krh503805/02/16 05:19 PM
x*Not bad but it seemed a little low energy to me for an upbeat song... 8. NT
Hidef108005/02/16 05:18 PM
x*That was it...low energy NT
wyndycty05/02/16 05:20 PM
x*Very cute, loved it NT
Dulcie05/02/16 05:18 PM
x*Slow moving but good. Looks like I'm going to be hard to impress tonight. NT
jblig05/02/16 05:18 PM
x*Can't the costume department put them in heals that look like sneakers? NT
krh503805/02/16 05:18 PM
x*"Poopin my pants right now" is more what I would expect to hear on this show :-) NT
jblig05/02/16 05:16 PM
*Jodie & Keo – Quickstep (“For Once in My Life” by Stevie Wonder) 1-800-868-3405 Score: 8-9-9=26 NT
jblig70 12   05/02/16 05:03 PM
x*It was just odd 2stepping to that song...for me. But I liked it NT
wyndycty05/02/16 05:09 PM
x*No 9s. Probably 8s. NT
zebe8305/02/16 05:08 PM
x*889? NT
krh503805/02/16 05:13 PM
x*Shows you what I know. Lol NT
zebe8305/02/16 05:20 PM
x*It was fun NT
ccquilter05/02/16 05:08 PM
x*Seemed frantic? NT
Dulcie05/02/16 05:07 PM
x*That's what I thought NT
chris426605/02/16 05:10 PM
x*On par for her. Maybe a little reserved. It was ok. NT
jblig05/02/16 05:07 PM
x*I thought the same..swansong? NT
CarolinaWoman05/02/16 05:08 PM
x*It's hard to be first but 9! NT
Hidef108005/02/16 05:06 PM
x*"Want me to crack you?" Something I'd never expect to hear on this show. NT
jblig05/02/16 05:05 PM
x*Lol. NT
zebe8305/02/16 05:06 PM
*It's Iconic Songs Night. Did yours make the list?
jblig81 6   05/02/16 03:25 PM
x*It's also Men vs. Women team dance and double elimination tonight. NT
jblig05/02/16 05:00 PM
x*Flipping between here & Hockey..Lets go Pens! NT
wyndycty05/02/16 05:11 PM
x*If I had to dance to any of these I'd go with For Once In My Life. NT
Hidef108005/02/16 04:56 PM
x*Nope. These are well known but not anything I would pick. NT
Hidef108005/02/16 04:54 PM
x*Are these the songs for sure? Some of these seem pretty tricky to dance too? NT
wyndycty05/02/16 04:38 PM
x*I would say yes. That site has been right all season so far. NT
jblig05/02/16 04:59 PM
*Who's going out? Sweet, lovable Kim and Super Bowl winner Von?? NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz59 2   04/29/16 01:38 PM
x*I'm going to say Jodie and Kim. Strictly on fan bases. I can't imagine Nyle having a large built in fan base either. NT
zebe8305/02/16 04:59 PM
x*Hard to say as Kim is getting better but don't forget that this week is a double elimination so it could be both. I get the feeling Jodie may go. NT
Hidef108004/29/16 09:50 PM
*Contestants like Wanya are the reason why I love the show.. he puts his all into it and looks like he's having fun NT
AlphaDerp27 1   04/27/16 08:24 PM
x*I agree. He has a positive energy that works. It should be a fun show about dance. NT
Hidef108004/28/16 10:16 AM
*Not a lot of comments here about Jodie! I thought she was awesome. Ginger gets too much hate. Kim is wonderful. It'll suck to see 2 of them leave. NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz130 4   04/26/16 08:42 AM
x*I caught up last night. Antonio's dance was my fave. Some high score dances were complete bores for me. Jodie is my fave star but I didn't know the
laladoopiedu04/27/16 10:39 AM
x*I love the Pink video and thought she killed it, even if they took out the most impressive, most dangerous moves and struggled a bit in the lift. NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz04/29/16 01:36 PM
x*Jodie is one of my faves but I think Paige is the best. TBH I don't remember Ginger from week to week. No hate but she is average at best, IMO. NT
Hidef108004/26/16 08:55 AM
x*She's above average by DWTS standards, but I agree, Jodie and Paige are physically more naturally gifted dancers. NT
zzzzzzzzzzzzz04/29/16 01:37 PM
*In jeopardy: Paige & Mark / Doug & Karina / Von & Witney NT
jblig180 8   04/25/16 06:57 PM
x*Thanks for hosting Jblig!!! NT
zebe8304/25/16 07:09 PM
x*I thought Paige was going home. She can't have a huge voting base. NT
zebe8304/25/16 06:59 PM
x*Mark Ballas does have a good base and her dance tonight was fantastic! NT
cjj304/25/16 08:21 PM
x*Bye Doug, better luck next time Karina NT
Dulcie04/25/16 06:59 PM
x*It was the right thing to do... NT
Hidef108004/25/16 06:58 PM
x*He had fun with his last dance NT
ccquilter04/25/16 06:59 PM
x*He did... and I think that's about his peak! NT
jimdkc04/25/16 07:08 PM
x*Eliminated: Doug & Karina NT
jblig04/25/16 06:58 PM
*No way, not Paige! NT
Dulcie41 1   04/25/16 06:57 PM
x*That's crazy. NT
Hidef108004/25/16 06:58 PM
*Antonio & Sharna – Jive (“Footloose” from Footloose) 1-800-868-3401 Score: 9-9-9=27 NT
jblig488 21   04/25/16 06:45 PM
x*Highly overscored. This would have been a 7 from Maks. NT
DaveG04/25/16 09:01 PM
x*Maks would only give it a 7 if his ex-fiance Karina was still his partner. NT
krh503804/26/16 01:11 AM
x*I disagree, respectfully... NT
DaveG05/02/16 05:28 PM
x*Excellent! He did me proud...*clap*clap*clap* NT
wyndycty04/25/16 06:55 PM
x*I liked his hair better tonight too.He looks like Lego Man with his strange haircut!I have a hard time cheering for
Mazita04/26/16 06:14 AM
x*We need a like button! NT
ccquilter04/25/16 06:57 PM
x*That was really fun NT
ccquilter04/25/16 06:55 PM
x*I liked it. NT
zebe8304/25/16 06:55 PM
x*That was a fun routine and he was on it pretty good. NT
jblig04/25/16 06:54 PM
x*I like what he is saying but isn't he the one who keeps coming to practice late? Sink or swim. NT
Hidef108004/25/16 06:49 PM
x*Well he swam :) NT
krh503804/25/16 07:06 PM
x*He did... ;) NT
Hidef108004/26/16 05:24 AM
x*No wonder they saved that for last. NT
krh503804/25/16 06:48 PM
x*My feelings were hurt too! NT
wyndycty04/25/16 06:46 PM
x*What did Sharna do? NT
zebe8304/25/16 06:49 PM
x*In one of the packages she praised Nyle and Wanya as being the front runner and then added, "oh I guess I should have said Antonio." NT
krh503804/25/16 06:50 PM
x*Yikes. NT
zebe8304/25/16 06:52 PM
x*Yep...when I heard it, It sounded like a diss to me too at the time. NT
wyndycty04/25/16 06:57 PM
x*It certainly was. I think her extra commentary made it even worse. NT
krh503804/25/16 07:07 PM
x*Crap, it just started pouring rain so hard here I'll probably lose my satellite before he dances :( NT
krh503804/25/16 06:49 PM
x*Nice he called her on it NT
ccquilter04/25/16 06:48 PM
*Wanya & Lindsay – Jazz (“Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC music video) 1-800-868-3412 Score: 10-9-10=29 NT
jblig188 10   04/25/16 06:34 PM
x*Another overscore. Bruno and I were not watching the same thing. NT
DaveG04/25/16 09:02 PM
x*I agree... was OK, if a bit clumsy and awkward. It was 8-worthy... NT
jimdkc04/26/16 06:27 AM
x*Pretty good moves for a big guy, good job NT
wyndycty04/25/16 06:41 PM
x*Yes ! I loved it too! He has a great attitude too! NT
Mazita04/26/16 06:20 AM
x*Awesome NT
ccquilter04/25/16 06:41 PM
x*Standing O from CA and Bruno. NT
krh503804/25/16 06:41 PM
x*Wanya doing us fat guys proud. 9! NT
Hidef108004/25/16 06:41 PM
x*The beginning was a bit clumsy but he tightened it up after that. NT
jblig04/25/16 06:41 PM
x*Good show, loved it NT
Dulcie04/25/16 06:41 PM
x*10 ! NT
krh503804/25/16 06:40 PM
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