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Vic: We finally have a solid final 4. I finally get to work with my boy (Corey). Vic jumps onto Corey in HOH bed. NT (8 min. ago)
BB Polls: Who do you want to get the next Care Package? (Results)
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*FYI: The BB Polls forum is for polls about Big Brother, contestants and the game.
Dreamer25075 0   Sticky Post
*How do I post a poll?
Jokerette23027 0   Sticky Post
*Who do you want to get the next Care Package?
kenisgod1414 1   08/25/16 08:43 PM
x*That Victor vote is scary, I see a repeat of last week coming. 3rd place will win the Care Package NT
Sparktan08/26/16 12:45 AM
*What has been more exciting to watch this season, Corey or the Coffee Table in the living room?
heyitsmejosh186 3   08/25/16 05:41 PM
x*That coffee table has some dynamic angles. Which one's Corey? NT
Ephandis08/25/16 09:06 PM
x*Corey is a waste of space.
IceTheBest08/25/16 08:20 PM
x*The coffee table is more interesting, and definitely more attractive, lol. NT
ShrewLou08/25/16 07:18 PM
*Would you accept the Care package winner's $5,000 bribe to do whatever they want?
BBFan1995217 1   08/25/16 04:57 PM
x*I don't think refusing is an option. You can probably decide not to use it, but you can't decide not to have won it. NT
Nusa08/25/16 07:01 PM
*If Natalie were your daughter, would you be disappointed with her behavior?
theburg371 5   08/25/16 03:25 PM
x*I don't blame parents for the actions of a 26 year old. She's to blame for her poor values. NT
Jake8108/26/16 02:54 AM
MsB2U08/25/16 10:36 PM
x*Yes. She cares more about what other people think of her than anything else. That's pathetic. NT
Ephandis08/25/16 09:07 PM
x*Not really, Nicole is worst than Natalie, all that whinning 24/7, than just now "nobody comes between her and her mom". Get real Nicole. NT
DaniTheWinner08/25/16 08:52 PM
x*Yes. She's coming across as a self absorbed user. NT
ShrewLou08/25/16 07:20 PM
*Based on live feeds, do you think Natalie is a nice person?
theburg345 1   08/25/16 03:02 PM
x*Oh sure. I hate nice. NT
Ephandis08/25/16 09:08 PM
*Do you feel bad for Paul?
theburg292 2   08/25/16 03:01 PM
x*I feel bad for everyone who has to put up with him. NT
Jake8108/26/16 02:55 AM
x*For what? NT
Ephandis08/25/16 09:08 PM
*Do you think James and Nicole made pre-season deal?
godfreyfan365 5   08/25/16 01:33 PM
x*James just confirmed he was with Nicole from Day 1.
bravo5508/25/16 02:50 PM
x*Day 1 wouldn't be preseason. They're in the house then. NT
Nusa08/25/16 03:45 PM
x*They were only asked to be on the show days before it started and they didn't know each other. NT
Magic_Man08/25/16 01:59 PM
x*Baloney. They would've been invited to the same CBS BB parties and almostly certainly have met before. NT
Nusa08/25/16 03:46 PM
x*They r close family friends... James himself said Nicole's mom loves him NT
godfreyfan08/25/16 02:59 PM
*What is your reaction to a BB poll/post that you dislike?
theburg230 1   08/25/16 12:27 PM
x*Point out flaws in the poll and other polls which differ. NT
Jake8108/26/16 02:57 AM
*James vote
Caroljean1965500 2   08/25/16 09:16 AM
x*Or he could just vote the way he wants without any pre-vote drama. The fighting can come afterward if it's not what Nat wanted. NT
Nusa08/25/16 03:44 PM
x*Natalie hasn't been given her decision yet. NT
Ephandis08/25/16 12:40 PM
*Who do you think will win tonight's Endurance Competition?
Dreamer1393 9   08/25/16 02:46 AM
x*I hope its James/Day/Bridge.Def not wanting Bawlie back in the game.Vic will just target who Paul wants.Day/Bridge would flip the house against Nik NT
MERLI08/25/16 10:46 AM
x*There's an endurance competition tonight? Why is Da'Vonne an option, she was evicted weeks ago? NT
Ephandis08/25/16 08:33 AM
x*Because DaVonne made the jury, and the buyback is among the first 5 members of the jury. That was announced a week ago. NT
Nusa08/25/16 03:41 PM
x*CBS announced a live endurance comp tonite at 7PST/10EST. All the evicted HGs are included bc one evicted HG is returning but we don't know who yet NT
KatOnAHotPC08/25/16 08:52 AM
x*That makes sense. I think it will come down to Victor and Bridgette. Da'Vonne, Zakiyah and Paulie don't stand a chance. NT
Ephandis08/25/16 12:42 PM
x*I don't think it will be an endurance comp, since we have to know the results of the jury return before the end of the show if we're going to vote. NT
Nusa08/25/16 06:54 AM
x*it's already been announced that it is an endurance NT
08/25/16 07:01 AM
x*Yeah that's why CBS has delayed the start of voting for the ACP until very late tonight.. NT
txladybug08/25/16 07:57 AM
x*Ah, I hadn't noticed that. So now it's a 10-hour voting window. NT
Nusa08/25/16 03:41 PM
*Who do you DISLIKE / hate the most right now?
godfreyfan686 4   08/24/16 11:20 PM
x*I'm so over Natalie and all her complaining about her body NT
FurnitureAlliance08/25/16 01:38 PM
x*Yes, and now she says she wants her boobs made bigger, ugh. NT
ShrewLou08/25/16 07:22 PM
x*Nicole. Followed very closely by Corey NT
teetee08/25/16 08:36 AM
x*It's nice to see Nicole winning this poll. She is playing a good game though. NT
Ephandis08/25/16 08:32 AM
*Who'll be more surprised when they get into the real world?
Belzabub874 9   08/24/16 10:39 AM
x*Probably none of them. They will have their followers who they will focus on, they will all have fan fair at appearances, no one will dis them IRL NT
teetee08/25/16 08:38 AM
x*You didn't put in enough options. I say James and Nat (toss up) when they see they didn't remain favorites. NT
TiaTia77708/24/16 10:58 PM
x*James. Not playing the game and pulling childish, lame pranks, helped ruin this season. He will be shocked that he isn't as popular as he thinks. NT
supershawn08/24/16 07:53 PM
x*Both. NT
Zingbot500008/24/16 02:40 PM
x*Nicole, not as popular as she puts on. NT
DaniTheWinner08/24/16 02:31 PM
x*Well Said!!!! NT
supershawn08/24/16 07:42 PM
x*Nat for finding out that most did not fall for her sweet angel act. NT
16yrBBfan08/24/16 11:13 AM
x*I agree NT
08/25/16 07:02 AM
x*Hmmm.... I think you mean Nicole! LOL NT
supershawn08/24/16 09:36 PM
*Nominations, voting, and evictions
theburg509 3   08/24/16 10:30 AM
x*None of the above. Leave it the way it is now. NT
Zingbot500008/24/16 02:39 PM
x*Shouldn't they do something? The last few seasons seem broke, so why not fix it? The old way is NOT cutting it anymore. NT
supershawn08/24/16 09:32 PM
x*So you're saying production hasn't gone far enough? NT
Nusa08/24/16 10:22 PM
*Casting the Houseguests
theburg543 9   08/24/16 10:13 AM
x*I have Remitting relapsing MS. I would love to play
Maddymae1508/24/16 11:10 PM
x*I agree Maddymae15 .....
Dreamer08/25/16 02:56 AM
x*worst choices ever NT
johnnycat08/24/16 03:26 PM
x*None of the above. NT
Zingbot500008/24/16 02:37 PM
x*People who are either ready to play the game or will provide good entertainment. I don't really care about their age, ethnicity, or game knowledge. NT
BBFan199508/24/16 10:57 AM
x*I think a wider age range gives more dynamics, then all 20 something wannabes NT
08/24/16 10:59 AM
x*^^I agree^^ NT
DaniTheWinner08/24/16 02:34 PM
x*I would prefer no gimmicks, just cast some good interesting people with a wide range of ages and backgrounds, please not all millineals NT
08/24/16 10:46 AM
x*I agree! NT
jasunny08/25/16 07:08 AM
*Meg & James
Caroljean1965503 3   08/24/16 07:03 AM
x*Meg NEVER gave 2 cents about James like that; he's always falling for anything that is kind to him;;;; Grow up Jamesey... UGH NEVER cared NT
txladybug08/25/16 08:04 AM
x*That was a game they played. Meg was never Jame's actual girlfriend. NT
Nusa08/24/16 05:00 PM
x*Doubt James was even in position to get cheated on by Meg. Delusional.. big time NT
nickc022108/24/16 07:16 AM
Caroljean1965406 2   08/24/16 06:09 AM
x*i think its a tie between Z and Nik/Corey(they r using each other sex included)on the other hand Paulie really screwed with Z's head D warned Z.. NT
MERLI08/24/16 10:02 AM
x*I believe Nicole is using Corey big time, only way she has gotten this far, also going with the 5 guys let her slide by too. NT
DaniTheWinner08/24/16 09:39 AM
*Of the remaining HGs, who do you think will win BB?
BB17ohno658 2   08/23/16 04:17 PM
x*I think Corey. I despise that result, but I think he can make it to F3 and win out. And of course no BB jury will reward a woman. NT
BleacherBum08/23/16 11:10 PM
x*Don't forget the 4 jury members. Any one of them could be back in the game on Thursday. NT
Nusa08/23/16 06:31 PM
*Do you think Natalie is Using Being uncomfortable as strategy
bigbrotherfan7815 15   08/23/16 02:52 PM
x*She uses this "poor me" crap every day in her life to get what she wants. Listen to the "I'm fat & ugly remarks". She's fishing for sympathy. NT
TrueNes08/25/16 05:21 AM
x*Yes, to keep James in line NT
FurnitureAlliance08/24/16 11:16 PM
x*it might come back to bite her in the butt in the real world. really stupid. NT
madjellybean08/24/16 10:50 PM
x*not "uncomfortable"
16yrBBfan08/23/16 07:01 PM
x*Hey, if it works, then it works. There's no rules against what she's doing. NT
Nusa08/23/16 06:32 PM
x*She likes having her "honor" defended. I'm more concerned that she's using her "neck injury" to make herself appear weak. NT
grammypampam08/23/16 04:11 PM
x*That's not a bad thing. You don't want to give anyone a reason to target you. Faking an injury is a good strategy. NT
BBFan199508/23/16 04:26 PM
x*Let's just say.. Victor and Paul are favorites NT
PinkAuraGirl08/23/16 03:06 PM
x*^^^^ NT
BBFan199508/23/16 03:16 PM
x*Weak Strategy (If It Is Strategy)
08/23/16 03:02 PM
x*She used it as a strategy to get Paulie out. That's about it. It was just a one time thing IMO. NT
BBFan199508/23/16 02:59 PM
x*She has said it about Paul & Victor as well. NT
ScienceGirl08/23/16 03:13 PM
x*Said what? NT
PinkAuraGirl08/23/16 03:15 PM
x*Not as strategy though. She wants them out because Vic is guilty by association and because she thinks Paul will win the game. NT
BBFan199508/23/16 03:15 PM
x*Not planned, just a very self-centered shallow girl. NT
DiDi08/23/16 02:57 PM
*Which juror do you want to return?
nickc0221912 13   08/23/16 02:32 PM
x*Re: Which juror do you want to return?
Jvv713108/24/16 01:47 PM
x*Jurors or pre jurors
Acairns08/24/16 12:35 PM
x*Yup, it was announced last week on the TV show as the latest twist. It'll happen this Thursday. NT
Nusa08/24/16 05:05 PM
x*Bridgette! Victor has had his shot, and I don't like him anyway. NT
BleacherBum08/23/16 11:16 PM
x*Victor honestly shouldnt be allowed to return. Team Bridgette 1000% NT
JSDSandiego08/23/16 07:11 PM
x*Victor, if not Bridgette, Frank ruin her game, before she got to start her game, she's really the one that got Nat going with what was going on. NT
DaniTheWinner08/23/16 05:27 PM
x*Victor or
Pezoza08/23/16 04:52 PM
x*Victor or Bridgette NT
Matzak08/23/16 04:54 PM
x*Paulie or Zee (I know....LOL). Don't want anybody back who will team up with Paul. NT
grammypampam08/23/16 04:07 PM
x*Victor! Bridget! NT
BBks08/23/16 04:03 PM
x*1st choice Vic, 2nd Day NT
08/23/16 02:57 PM
x*Day or Paulie. NT
BBFan199508/23/16 02:33 PM
x*Agree...either would be good. NT
debbiedu2208/23/16 07:51 PM
*In your opinion, when was the last really GOOD season of Big Brother?
Iris448 7   08/23/16 02:26 PM
x*Last year was a good season, despite the awful winner. BB15, BB14 also excellent. Let's jettison the Brigade seasons 12 and 16. NT
BleacherBum08/23/16 11:18 PM
x*For me it started going downhill S15. Really hated S16. Last season was better than S16 but this season as been a big disappointment NT
SeniorSuperFan08/23/16 08:31 PM
x*1st season with Jeff/Jordan then 1st season with Brittany Haynes. Those seasons are gone, BB not the same since these two.NT
DaniTheWinner08/23/16 05:29 PM
x*They've all had their good points and bad points. Only 1 stands out as unwatchable....season 9. But I do love any season with Janelle in it. NT
grammypampam08/23/16 04:10 PM
x*Nothing is worse then this snooze fest. Would give anything for season 9 feeds. The cast was terrible but they were at least entertaining. NT
805bbfan1808/23/16 09:37 PM
x*I voted 14 but actually 15 was good. But ATEOTD they're all good NT
FurnitureAlliance08/23/16 04:05 PM
x*season 7 NT
pikle08/23/16 03:50 PM
*Are you tired of Natalie accusing the male houseguests of doing stuff to her?(flirting, grabbing thigh...)
theburg1042 10   08/23/16 03:33 AM
x*Seems like SHE loves talking about her tits more than anyone in the house. Sick of hearing her smack on food 24/7 NT
txladybug08/24/16 02:59 AM
x*I have a feeling she does that a lot in life NT
16yrBBfan08/23/16 07:03 PM
x*I'm tired of Natalie period NT
FurnitureAlliance08/23/16 04:16 PM
16yrBBfan08/23/16 07:05 PM
x*She's a jerk. NT
DiDi08/23/16 02:59 PM
x*Michelle was actually the one who brought this up, not Natalie. She planted a seed of doubt in Natalie's head about it. NT
08/23/16 01:31 PM
x*Why wasn't this an issue when she accused Paulie and everyone sh*tted on Paulie for that? NT
BBFan199508/23/16 08:32 AM
x*Because Paulie is horrible and I wanted him out. I had hopes for Nat but I'm so over that girl. NT
FurnitureAlliance08/23/16 04:18 PM
x*I agree. I didn't like that she was only accusing him and letting the others slide by. Knew it would come up again though. NT
grammypampam08/23/16 04:13 PM
x*I said then she would be doing this again and again! NT
Scrappy08/23/16 09:29 AM
*Do you think Big Brother will ever do a final 3 instead of a final 2
Trishelle367 6   08/23/16 02:48 AM
x*They did in BB1, if that counts since it was totally different.Curtis was 3rd, Josh was 2nd 7 Eddie won. NT
Thinkin08/23/16 04:44 PM
x*No. F2 is better. If BB had a F3 instead than we wouldn't get good moments like Drew cutting Diane, Steve cutting Vanessa, Cody making a dumb move. NT
BBFan199508/23/16 01:29 PM
x*No, but I wish they would. They won't because it would require them to think of a new format for the end game and Grodner doesn't like change. NT
DaisyChain08/23/16 08:36 AM
x*I wish they would. Rarely does 1 alliance get to the f3. Having a f3 would make it easier for an "outside" person to actually win. NT
grammypampam08/23/16 06:18 AM
x*Actually, BB1 had a f3. They won $500,000, $100,000, and $50,000 respectively NT
grammypampam08/23/16 06:15 AM
x*I know but i'm talking about a final 3 where the jury gets to choose who they want to win out of 3 people NT
Trishelle08/23/16 06:56 AM
* Is the $10k comment between Nicole and James an issue?
Iris1672 23   08/22/16 08:27 AM
x*From what Frank told Bridgette, we already know the returnees are on a better contract and making jury doesn't change how $ much they get.
Nusa08/23/16 06:39 PM
x*Yes I think they're friends outside the house and wouldn't turn on each other unless they abso had to NT
FurnitureAlliance08/23/16 04:07 PM
x*any time stamps on this convo? NT
johnnycat08/22/16 09:57 PM
x*See link inside...
Iris08/23/16 08:55 AM
x*It is an issue, but the show has addressed it. The show has previously clamped down any time players talk about splitting money too. NT
08/22/16 05:35 PM
x*i missed the comment . what was said ? NT
johnnycat08/22/16 05:34 PM
x*They were saying like they would give everyone $10,000 etc. Makes the Care Package look like a complete waste of time. Poor Paul when he sees it NT
FurnitureAlliance08/23/16 04:08 PM
x*I'd like it to be. I never could stand Nicole and now I've lost all re3spect for James NT
ani08/22/16 01:58 PM
x*I'm disgusted. I hope Victor comes back with a vengeance, teams up w/Meech & Paul and takes them out. Plus, they're all b-o-r-i-n-g. NT
ShrewLou08/22/16 02:55 PM
x*I agree too!! NT
FurnitureAlliance08/23/16 04:15 PM
x*Agree!! NT
BBks08/23/16 04:05 PM
x*I agree NT
Caroljean196508/22/16 02:41 PM
x*Yes, its always been against the rules. However, since it was James and Nicole, production will make an exception.NT
DaniTheWinner08/22/16 01:27 PM
x*As they did in previous seasons NT
Scrappy08/22/16 02:06 PM
x*Exactly. What part of this do people not get??? NT
debbiedu2208/22/16 03:50 PM
x*I don't see why when they are adding a CP twist that does exactly this. Why any game move or lying statement allowed? NT
augieslimpo08/22/16 01:19 PM
x*Promises within the game are NOT binding once the game is over. Lying is allowed, even about things they're contractually obligated not to do. NT
Nusa08/22/16 11:38 AM
x*They're not allowed to make promises about splitting winnings though. This has been something DR has scolded HGs on every time it comes up. NT
08/22/16 05:36 PM
x*Not really. But I think Paul, Vic and Meech will try to make it an issue. NT
grammypampam08/22/16 11:35 AM
x*Maybe they'll kick 'em outta the BB house! lol NT
ShrewLou08/22/16 02:56 PM
x*No we get this sort of stuff every other season. Dr. Will did it FFS. NT
utty1408/22/16 10:51 AM
x*no he didn't he promised banana bread :) NT
Belle08/22/16 01:22 PM
x*Will & Boogie both had preseason deals w/ other HGs and promises to share the winnings NT
utty1408/22/16 02:14 PM
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