News: HOH: Shelli NOM: Da'Vonne and Meg POV: John (used on himself) Da'Vonne received call #7.
Highlights: BB Takeover last laugh phone twist took place...Da'Vonne confirms with John she picked 7th call.... (View)
This afternoon (3:23pm) Da'Vonne tells Jason she thinks Liz is a twin and they discuss the differenc... (View)
N&R: Jace's response to accusations he bullied Steve for vote... (View)
Updates: Jason now telling Meg about the Liz twin theory NT (7 min. ago)
Jason just told James to check out Liz as being a twin. James suggests marking her with a Sharpie. NT (12 min. ago)
BB Polls: Shelly or Shelli (Results)
BB Recap: As long as there's no train competitions, I'm set... (View)
BB Media: Big Brother 17: The Saga Ep.2:... (View)
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*FYI: The BB Polls forum is for polls about Big Brother, contestants and the game.
Dreamer19388 0   Sticky Post
*How do I post a poll?
Jokerette20174 0   Sticky Post
*Shelly or Shelli
The_Bee14 0   07/06/15 09:16 PM
*Who will be evicted on Thursday?
bb4life162 1   07/06/15 08:13 PM
x*If this twist saves Da'Vonne - my tinfoil hat is coming out. Clearly production stepped in. I want Meg to win! NT
kerojab07/06/15 09:34 PM
*Best Gamer??
AlohaDragon370 4   07/06/15 12:46 PM
x*I gotta go with Steve also. He's played in every competition, been on the block twice, saved himself twice (once with veto and once with botb) and
grammypampam07/06/15 02:49 PM
x*Re: Best Gamer?? Missed to include Steve in Poll. vote for him here
AlohaDragon07/06/15 01:13 PM
x*Steve really is. NT
Josreason07/06/15 05:47 PM
x*>>> 18 Votes for Steve so far! NT
AlohaDragon07/06/15 01:45 PM
*Are you hoping for a Becky/John showmance?
DessaCrawley252 1   07/06/15 06:06 AM
x*I'm hoping they go on a date with Toonces the Cat driving. NT
Jake8107/06/15 07:07 PM
*Is Shelli in control of her HOH?
DessaCrawley263 3   07/06/15 05:44 AM
x*She's in control mostly, but Clay pulls a lot of strings and she clearly doesn't want to upset him. She's 60% in control IMO. NT
satx107/06/15 12:18 PM
x*Shelli is in control, however, she can't get clay to stop talking, and I believe her reason to target day is based on Clay's feelings about Day. NT
Josreason07/06/15 12:02 PM
x*Those of you who think Clay is in charge have NOT been watching the live feeds or BBAD. Shelli is in complete control of HER HOH>>>>> NT
SizzleGA07/06/15 11:45 AM
*POLL - if you were FORCED to watch feeds
quakecanada217 2   07/06/15 04:28 AM
x*i love watching james jeff meg jason cause they make me laugh constantly NT
quakecanada07/06/15 04:30 AM
x*i made this poll because shelli and clay are the 'pretty' couple but they annoy me to death.... NT
quakecanada07/06/15 04:29 AM
*Assuming Liz and Julia both make it into the house together, who gets voted out first?
RedMaster393 0   07/06/15 01:42 AM
*Will Liz & Julia be like Natalie & Adria. Nice when playing one at a time then b!tches when they play together?
Caroljean1965154 0   07/05/15 09:39 PM
*John's DR personality...
DessaCrawley340 1   07/05/15 05:54 PM
x*He's more boring and less annoying on the feeds than in the DR, but most of them are. NT
Jake8107/05/15 06:01 PM
*Do you think Liz/Julia looks like Natalie Dormer?]
DessaCrawley141 1   07/05/15 05:02 PM
x*I think she looks kind of like Phoebe on Friends NT
sismith07/05/15 06:49 PM
*Do you think John looks like Josh Hutcherson?
DessaCrawley148 3   07/05/15 03:59 PM
x*Just a bit NT
sismith07/05/15 06:51 PM
x*I think John looks and talks like Beavis. NT
Jake8107/05/15 05:58 PM
x*Never heard of him. NT
Caroljean196507/05/15 04:33 PM
*Which girl is the most physically attractive this season?
BB17ohno436 6   07/05/15 03:17 PM
x*I think Liz and Julia really shouldn't count as the same person for this poll. They are two different people and do have physical differences. NT
Josreason07/06/15 05:53 PM
x*Shelly by far! NT
luvs2chat07/06/15 10:34 AM
x*Becky NT
pieinmyeye07/05/15 09:18 PM
x*I don't think Liz is attractive at all NT
sismith07/05/15 06:52 PM
x*I agree. Shelli & Becky and the most attractive 2 by far. Liz looks fake, Jackie looks like an overstuffed blowup doll, Great cast to watch though. NT
RedMaster07/06/15 01:48 AM
x*Liz, and it's not a close call. NT
Jake8107/05/15 06:00 PM
*Austin and Liz or Julia showmance
Caroljean1965200 3   07/05/15 01:15 PM
x*he already has a girlfriend, but if he didn't, then yes :) NT
Winchester07/05/15 01:47 PM
x*He loves his girlfriend NT
BBFanJ07/05/15 01:44 PM
x*Ok. I didn't know that. NT
Caroljean196507/05/15 03:26 PM
*Has there ever been a BB player from your hometown?
DessaCrawley247 7   07/05/15 12:45 PM
x*Britany Haynes NT
DaniTheWinner07/06/15 08:42 PM
x*Sorta.....Amy Crews from BB3 was from Memphis and I lived there for many years but had already moved by the time she was on it. And when I first
grammypampam07/06/15 02:57 PM
x*Spencer is only 20 miles away in Conway, AR, I'm from the Little Rock area. (Central AR) Britney and Kathy are also from AR but not nearby. NT
Josreason07/06/15 12:06 PM
x*Unfortunately, yes. Jen and Ryan Big Brother 9. NT
ihavsomthin2do07/06/15 11:16 AM
x*I always hated ones from Chicagoland. NT
sommie78907/06/15 08:01 AM
x*Joey from Seattle. So proud. ;) NT
PacificNWGirl07/06/15 12:07 AM
x*He wasn't from here but Cowboy used to work at the Chili's in Denison Tx. NT
sismith07/05/15 06:54 PM
*Poll - Man vs Woman winning BB
quakecanada275 6   07/05/15 11:50 AM
x*Here's the thing...it shouldn't matter, but, in the past, it has. In all the seasons of bb, there has never been a woman who won if she was in the f2
grammypampam07/06/15 02:43 PM
x*well i havent found a gay,black should win bb thread. why all the woman vs man should win bb threads? in an equal world best person should win NT
quakecanada07/06/15 01:22 PM
x*i am shocked by how many threads there are about man vs woman. we are diff, thats ok, who cares, best person should win regardless of sex, race etc NT
quakecanada07/05/15 11:51 AM
x*Agree. I want the winner to be a strong, smart player who isn't all show and no substance. I find the gender based stuff outdated. It's 2015. NT
Jake8107/05/15 05:57 PM
x*And childish NT
BethC6607/05/15 07:42 PM
x*I agree NT
FurnitureAlliance07/05/15 02:42 PM
*So, who do you think will win BB this season?
DessaCrawley343 2   07/05/15 10:53 AM
x*I am thinking it may be too early to choose. NT
livefeedme07/05/15 02:39 PM
x*I don't see a really good male player this year like we had in many recent seasons, so I'll guess a woman this year. NT
JAF07/05/15 11:22 AM
*Who do you like better?
bb4life1498 3   07/05/15 01:23 AM
x*Liked both at the beginning, but disliked both now. NT
DaniTheWinner07/06/15 08:44 PM
x*I haven't figured out yet why so many people dislike Clay NT
sismith07/05/15 06:56 PM
x*Don't like neither. Who do I dislike "more"? Probably Clay. NT
satx107/05/15 06:35 AM
*Which would you rather happen?
iluvbbsofun875 10   07/04/15 01:48 PM
x*Frankie for a day NT
The_Bee07/05/15 08:12 PM
txladybug07/05/15 02:08 PM
x*NEITHER.. Clay winning would be the lesser evil.. But its too early to pick a winner, And I could go forever not seeing Frankie again. NT
Taelyn07/05/15 12:12 AM
x*Live Eviction July 9
Treefrogfl07/04/15 11:19 PM
x*Neither ????? NT
DaniTheWinner07/04/15 10:01 PM
x*neither NT
hannah5407/04/15 09:33 PM
x*No Frankie
Martyup07/04/15 07:01 PM
x*Clay BY FAR NT
cinecism07/04/15 05:24 PM
x*I guess I can stand Frankie for a day. I would hate for the pretty boy to win. NT
Caroljean196507/04/15 02:15 PM
x*the feeds are only 20 cents a day. I will turn it off for 24 hours and let him be on rather than have clay win. NT
seahorse07/04/15 08:41 PM
*i vote to evict
CodyAndClayBB630 1   07/04/15 06:40 AM
x*Day is done. Gone the sun. From the lake, from the hill, from the sky. Buh Bye, Day! NT
Jake8107/04/15 01:12 PM
*Feeds turn me into a lazy monster - poll
quakecanada224 2   07/04/15 06:26 AM
x*I have the right to remain silent, so I think I will. NT
Jake8107/04/15 01:13 PM
x*lol awesome... i wish feeds could be a little more fun...maybe drinking? and no so square.. NT
quakecanada07/05/15 11:47 AM
*Assuming Day leaves this week, who do you want to see evicted next week?
bb4life1851 7   07/03/15 08:15 PM
x*Cra-drey, of course. If not her, Shelli, or Claymation. NT
Jake8107/04/15 01:14 PM
x*audrey leaving will make feeds better because a new "villian" will be selected ,.,.,. and a new storyline formed
quakecanada07/04/15 05:51 AM
x*Hmmmmm...weird how everyone loves good feeds but wants the ppl who make the feeds exciting to leave NT
bblancobrnx07/04/15 04:29 AM
x*happiness is good feed to me because too much drama gets old after a while. And too much drama results in rigging that is obvious, like Andy winning
Thunderclap07/04/15 09:53 AM
x*What if Day does not leave this week? wouldn't it be perfect if John got Marcellas'd.
extracheezz07/04/15 02:32 AM
x*James NT
Treefrogfl07/04/15 12:41 AM
x*Audrey NT
BB17ohno07/03/15 10:01 PM
*Will Audrey make it to jury?
The_Bee381 1   07/03/15 07:23 PM
x*No. You have to be of sound mind to serve on a jury. NT
Jake8107/04/15 01:15 PM
*Who's going home?
BB17ohno438 1   07/03/15 04:33 PM
x*Day. She's goin' back to Cali. NT
Jake8107/04/15 01:18 PM
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