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Have nots: Jason, Neeley, Scott
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Updates: Justin says after this week, they'll only be 6 left to leave the house, so it's not that bad - they can do it. (5 min. ago)
Jason tells Justin he got confirmation from Kryssie that Danielle is coming for him so they are going to have to go for her. NT (5 min. ago)
BB Polls: BS/LNC Supporters, are you Republican or Democrat? (Results)
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*FYI: The BB Polls forum is for polls about Big Brother, contestants and the game.
Dreamer26888 0   Sticky Post
*How do I post a poll?
Jokerette23796 0   Sticky Post
*BS/LNC Supporters, are you Republican or Democrat?
AmazingA16686 0   10/21/16 04:24 PM
*Who will you vote to nominate for the 3rd nominee?
Rosebush971712 0   10/21/16 02:53 PM
*Who will you be voting for Have Nots today?
katharina44621618 8   10/21/16 09:48 AM
x*Morgan, Whit and Scott NT
decafjnr10/21/16 05:46 PM
x*I'd like to see Krissy as a HN, but since I can't this week, I'll send her a message by going after her alliance members Justin, Neeley & Jason. NT
ReaRea10/21/16 11:34 AM
x*Um, there are no other combos of LNJ or BS available. NT
vortexfugue10/21/16 10:30 AM
x*Yes there is..jason, neeley and whitney! NT
taraleigh318210/21/16 12:33 PM
x*That's the last entry, I meant entry 3 and 4, another combo of all from one side. NT
vortexfugue10/21/16 12:48 PM
x*Sorry. I didn't put enough thought in poll. NT
katharina446210/21/16 10:32 AM
x*No harm, no foul! The results are 96% within the possible 100% right. That's inside the margin of error for most polling. NT
Jake8110/21/16 11:08 AM
x*Thank you! NT
katharina446210/21/16 11:16 AM
*At this time, Friday, who do you plan on voting for 3rd nom starting Sunday night?
katharina4462794 3   10/21/16 09:37 AM
caycaye10/22/16 02:04 PM
x*Morgan. NT
DaisyChain10/22/16 08:40 AM
x*Scott, but if Krys puts him up, Morgan NT
decafjnr10/21/16 05:46 PM
*Do You Post Who You Voted for Care Package on Twitter and Who'd You Vote For?
bigbrotherfan7420 2   10/21/16 12:54 AM
x*voting alex CP
LiLone12310/21/16 09:02 AM
x*I don't use Twitter at all. I voted for Alex for CP. NT
10/21/16 07:50 AM
*Have you posted in the new BB BS forum it LNJ forum?
katharina4462227 2   10/20/16 09:24 PM
x*No. I want just one forum, don't like bouncing around. NT
seahorse10/20/16 10:03 PM
x*I feel the same way. NT
primadayna10/22/16 01:20 PM
*Who are you nominating for America's Nominee?
JustinFanOTT1932 24   10/20/16 06:13 PM
x*Morgan. NT
DaisyChain10/22/16 08:39 AM
x*voting neeley 3rd nom
LiLone12310/21/16 09:00 AM
x*Neely most likely be OTB w Scott & Shelb. Morg, Al & Whit vote Neely. Jas, Jus & Dani would vote Scott. America would break tie- sending Neely home!
Teddykay10/21/16 08:20 AM
x*Voting to get Neely out, Take that Kryssie! HaHaHaHa NT
satx110/21/16 06:54 AM
x*Neely NT
momof3boys10/21/16 06:36 AM
x*Neeley. 1,000,000%. NT
10/20/16 11:41 PM
x*Neeley! and if she is still on the block come Wednesday we would be the deciding vote. It will be 3-3 tie with America getting to break the tie! NT
ReaRea10/20/16 11:00 PM
x*Neeley, she's too IGNANT for BB. NT
Blackheart10/20/16 10:57 PM
10/20/16 11:41 PM
x*Neeley Neeley Neeley NT
cdw1310/20/16 10:39 PM
x*Neely. Let Khyrsee chew on that. NT
heatherglen10/20/16 10:26 PM
x*Neeley. Neeley. NT
seahorse10/20/16 10:04 PM
x*NEEELY has votes to stay !! Plastics like neeley !!
Angelslive10/20/16 08:41 PM
x*Not better than they like themselves!!! NT
ScienceGirl10/21/16 05:46 AM
x*SCott 3rd nom !! we need scott out
Angelslive10/20/16 08:26 PM
x*PEOPLE !! NEELEY wont go home !! she has votes to stay !! trust me !!
Angelslive10/20/16 08:25 PM
x*Someone said it'd be 3-3 and America would be the tie-breaker... NT
10/20/16 11:40 PM
x*Neeley has the votes to go. Just axe us! NT
Jake8110/20/16 11:11 PM
x*You can't assure that. There are plastics that would rather Scott go home if he is on the block. NT
10/21/16 10:06 PM
x*Lol jake! NT
SkinMama10/21/16 06:09 PM
x*Wrong! If there are 3 nominees on the block come Wednesday, America is the deciding vote. It will be 3-3 w/ us getting to break the tie! NT
ReaRea10/20/16 10:55 PM
x*not true NT
humdinger10/20/16 10:17 PM
x*NEELEY wont go home! she has votes to stay !! trust me
Angelslive10/20/16 08:24 PM
x*STOP - ALL the plastics will vote to evict Neeley if any of them or Scott is on the block with HER. STOP with !!!!! and ALL CAPS -
CommentCents10/20/16 09:09 PM
*Who did you vote to give the safety servant care package to?
godfreyfan905 5   10/20/16 02:19 PM
x*Alex NT
BBbusdriver10/20/16 05:06 PM
x*Shelby doing BB's commands for Kryssie will be feeds gold! Vote Shelby, vote often! :D NT
MeJoJo10/20/16 04:17 PM
x*Another good option would be Justin, because he might wonder WHY America thought he NEEDED safety this week & might think LNJ is turning on him. NT
grammypampam10/20/16 03:21 PM
x*I wanted to see Jason get a CP that is useless to him and will make him a servant for a week, but I was outnumbered so I voted for Alex. NT
grammypampam10/20/16 03:19 PM
x*ALEX ALEX ALEX....20 times a day! NT
caycaye10/20/16 03:01 PM
*Who whats to see Kryssie's HOH flop like Monte's and Alex's HOH!
NeyNey75988 8   10/20/16 09:21 AM
x*tit for tat.....yes! NT
cdw1310/20/16 10:48 PM
x*yes i am tired of hearing that america is going to work with me and do the dirty work for me...time to show her we don't roll like that! NT
NeyNey7510/20/16 08:50 PM
x*Re: Who whats to see Kryssie's HOH flop like Monte's and Alex's HOH!
MDDave10/20/16 08:02 PM
x*me me me!!! NT
BBbusdriver10/20/16 05:06 PM
caycaye10/20/16 12:40 PM
x*I SECOND that 3rd Nomination - Neeley for 3rd Nom. Alex Safety Servant. Morgan &Whi t noms w/Alex & Shelby picked - Plastics win veto & Neeley's OUT
CommentCents10/20/16 09:17 PM
x*Krissy is drunk w/ power. Throw a wrench in her plans by nominating Neeley and voting her out. Krissy at min. would throw a fit, at best self evict NT
ReaRea10/20/16 11:02 AM
x*I especially want to ruin Kryssie's HOH because she assumes the most about America being with her and always talks about it. NT
10/20/16 10:51 AM
*Krissy is the new HOH. Who do you want to give America's Care package to?
ReaRea6337 45   10/19/16 09:55 PM
x*I think the CP should go like this
MDDave10/20/16 07:50 PM
x*Alex NT
BBbusdriver10/20/16 05:07 PM
x*I wanna save a good CP for Alex (like next weeks!) Plus Shelby is in more danger (Alex can win veto AND be protected by Jason/Core Four) NT
10/20/16 10:22 AM
x*This week needs to go directly to Alex... next week if anyone in the BS gets it it still helps Alex as well. NT
BBbusdriver10/20/16 05:12 PM
x*Yes, Alex needs it this week. NT
GameOvr10/20/16 07:16 PM
x*I don't see Jason and Justin going against Kryssie's wishes for Alex. To guarantee Alex's safety, she has to win ACP. NT
10/20/16 10:29 AM
x*Well Jason's highly manipulative and convincing... imo. NT
10/20/16 11:49 AM
x*Jason gotsta to go
MDDave10/20/16 08:19 PM
nancysueh10/20/16 10:20 AM
x*Shelby! NT
sthflachk10/20/16 09:22 AM
x*Shelby needs Alex & the Plastics solid to go far - she's the least likely nom. The LNJ is falling apart - if 3 are in HOH they TRASH talk the other 2
CommentCents10/20/16 09:23 PM
x*I think I want to waste it on one of Kryssie's crew who is safe already just so I can watch them be the servant. NT
grammypampam10/20/16 07:42 AM
x*If we give safety servant to one of LNJ, this person may think he/she NEEDS protection from Kryssie and will flip to the other side. NT
grammypampam10/20/16 07:48 AM
x*Can you imagine the confusion if JASON gets the CP and wonders why America thinks he needed it? NT
grammypampam10/20/16 09:50 AM
x*Alex. She's the HG who needs the SAFETY CP the most! Get that, then put Jason, Neeley and Justin on HN. Then nom Neeley. NT
Jake8110/20/16 06:16 AM
x*YES YES YESSSSS!!! My bf and I were just saying this!!! Let's send Neeley home on her best friend's HOH. NT
Rosebush9710/20/16 03:02 PM
x*YESSSSSS! I would seriously be doing cartwheels if that happens!  NT
BBJamesFan10/21/16 05:16 AM
x*Alex. She's the HG who needs the SAFETY CP the most! Get that, then put Jason, Neeley and Justin on HN. Then nom Neeley. NT????? why?
Odie04306910/20/16 06:58 AM
x*Because that's how to send Neeley home on Kryssie's HOH. NT
Jake8110/20/16 01:27 PM
x*Neely NT
decafjnr10/20/16 05:20 AM
x*SHELBY safety SERVANT!! we cant waste a pakage .PURE comedy DO not put NEELEY 3rd nom
Angelslive10/20/16 02:48 AM
Odie04306910/20/16 06:59 AM
x*Neely as 3rd nom would be fun. NT
GameOvr10/20/16 06:50 AM
x*Don't tell me what to do. NT
Blackheart10/20/16 04:46 AM
x*We can't split our votes. All those voting for Shelby have to concede and Vote Alex for CP to make sure Neely is available for America's nom. NT
NorthBayCJ10/20/16 02:18 AM
x*Exactly! Kryssie has confirmed that Shelby will not be nominated or used as a renom. Don't waste your vote. Shelby can get a better CP. NT
ScienceGirl10/20/16 02:33 AM
x*If you're into messing with the HOH for some comic relief... Alex for CP and Neeley as 3rd nom. Can you imagine her leaving on Krissy's HOH? LMAO! NT
ReaRea10/20/16 12:45 AM
x*Not a kind gesture!
jeanne42210/20/16 01:17 PM
x*It wasn't meant to be. But nominating Krissy's close friend (Neeley) really would be funny. So it was meant to be funny, not a kind gesture! lol! NT
ReaRea10/20/16 03:53 PM
x*Shleby for care pakage ! PURE comedy
Angelslive10/20/16 12:40 AM
x*Lots and Lots of Laughs
jeanne42210/20/16 01:18 PM
x*Alex for care package, it insures her safety and byj wants her gone
grannywaikiki10/19/16 11:23 PM
x*WE need SSHELBY as Safety Servant - COSTUME involved !!
Angelslive10/19/16 11:22 PM
x*Shelby 4 cp
missysu1210/20/16 12:33 PM
x*I'm voting for Alex to get the care package. She needs it now. NT
satx110/19/16 11:13 PM
x*Confirmed ! Care Pakage has a costume ! Shelby for CP 2 seee her whine
Angelslive10/19/16 10:46 PM
x*Shelby because she would moan and groan the most! and it might include a costume! NT
deVinePoet10/19/16 10:25 PM
x*Voting Alex would be a waste. As long as an LNJ is 3rd nom America controls the vote. Vote Neeley.it's useless to her. NT
Mannix10/19/16 10:12 PM
x*I'm not taking that chance. I don't trust America not to put up a BS. NT
GameOvr10/20/16 06:49 AM
x*The 3rd nom could be taken off in the veto or not be voted out by America. To guarantee Alex's safety, she has to get the Care Package. NT
10/20/16 03:34 AM
x*If Alex doesn't get the CP then Neely might get it. LNJ fans are voting for Neely for the CP. Float Alex the CP and nominate Neely. BS fans unite! NT
NorthBayCJ10/20/16 02:21 AM
x*Alex needs this CP the most! NT
bigbrotherfan710/19/16 10:55 PM
x*If Neely is safe America couldn't nominate her for eviction...
lillianf10/19/16 10:49 PM
x*That's why I'm voting for Neely NT
decafjnr10/20/16 05:21 AM
x*Krissy is targeting Alex & Scott. My vote is for Alex. I think it'd be funny though to make Neeley the 3rd nom and then vote her out. Krissy would
ReaRea10/19/16 10:16 PM
*Cast your vote for HaveNot Week 4
15856 13   10/19/16 09:51 PM
x*Voting results
10/22/16 10:13 AM
x*Second week in a row the single first pick has predicted the results though... NT
M3gabyt310/22/16 01:17 PM
x*Morgan, Scott and Whitney. NT
DaisyChain10/22/16 08:38 AM
x*This poll is flawed. Only one choice. NT
DaisyChain10/22/16 08:37 AM
makaveli10/22/16 12:48 AM
x*These 3 Late Night Jamboree's should be Have Nots
RealityTVFanDJS10/21/16 04:55 PM
x*Neeley! and putting 3 of Krissy's alliance members as have nots will have her shaking in her boots, as a HN has been notorious for being nominated NT
ReaRea10/21/16 03:46 AM
x*Neeley! NT
cdw1310/20/16 10:44 PM
momof3boys10/20/16 08:19 AM
decafjnr10/20/16 05:22 AM
x*Neeley NT
Jake8110/19/16 09:52 PM
x*Neeley for sure NT
GameOvr10/20/16 06:51 AM
x*^^Yes NT
satx110/19/16 11:17 PM
*Cast your second vote for the HaveNots week 4
5749 6   10/19/16 09:49 PM
makaveli10/22/16 12:49 AM
x*Jason of course NT
cdw1310/20/16 10:45 PM
momof3boys10/20/16 08:20 AM
x*Whitney NT
decafjnr10/20/16 05:22 AM
x*Jason NT
Jake8110/19/16 09:52 PM
x*^^Yes NT
satx110/19/16 11:17 PM
*Vote for the third HaveNot Week 4!
5160 7   10/19/16 09:47 PM
makaveli10/22/16 12:50 AM
x*Justin....must experience all of BB NT
cdw1310/20/16 10:46 PM
x*Will be interesting to see how well he can make slop taste!!
jeanne42210/22/16 09:35 AM
momof3boys10/20/16 08:20 AM
x*Scott NT
decafjnr10/20/16 05:23 AM
x*Justin NT
Jake8110/19/16 09:52 PM
x*^^Yes NT
satx110/19/16 11:18 PM
*Which Side of the house are you going for?
1001gmaes594 1   10/19/16 08:44 PM
x*I don't think I have a side...I have one I disliked from the start, and another annoying. Not attached to anyone really. NT
M3gabyt310/19/16 09:46 PM
*Who has the best chance of winning HoH (assuming it is like the ball rolling comp from BB18)
silverspoons426 1   10/19/16 09:26 AM
x*I voted for Morgan, but Shelby and Danielle probably have much more experience playing with balls. NT
Jake8110/19/16 03:49 PM
*Who gave the best live diary room session?
silverspoons459 1   10/18/16 10:21 PM
x*Shane NT
miraclelurker10/19/16 04:12 PM
*Who is the best duo?
Echoonemike478 2   10/18/16 07:20 PM
x*where's Alex and Shelby NT
Elissasagolddgr10/20/16 04:48 AM
x*Where's Shelby & Jason aka #Jelby???
CommentCents10/19/16 03:46 PM
*HG that you either enjoy the most, entertains you, or most rooting for to be here all season?
bblive_30915 2   10/18/16 06:15 PM
x*You need a "None of the above" option. NT
RockChalkJhawk10/18/16 06:23 PM
x*there is its called don't vote if you don't care for or don't watch the show
humdinger10/19/16 03:46 PM
* America's Care Package: The Safety Servant ~ which HG will get your vote?
Dreamer1065 10   10/18/16 02:32 PM
x*It depends who wins HOH NT
Joy10/19/16 01:24 PM
x*I voted for Neeley because she'll hate it the most. NT
Jake8110/18/16 09:41 PM
x*Depends on which side wins hoh NT
godfreyfan10/18/16 05:26 PM
x*LNC: Let's give Jason safety! NT
AmazingA1610/18/16 04:03 PM
x*Jason is actually the best idea (esp is BallSm'ers win HOH).. he will be safe anyway. Save the remaining 4 CP's for Alex/Shelby/Morgan/Whitney. NT
DCpar10/18/16 06:23 PM
x*Too early for this poll, it depends on who wins HOH. NT
Zingbot500010/18/16 04:02 PM
x*Scott! Scott for servant, Scott for slop, Scott for 3rd nominee NT
miraclelurker10/18/16 03:44 PM
x*Hoping you realize scott can't get it NT
SkinMama10/19/16 10:11 AM
x*you don't like someone playing a good game
humdinger10/18/16 04:20 PM
x*Vote for someone you don't want to get a better CP later NT
MD779410/18/16 02:51 PM
*Post-POV meeting America's Eviction Vote Poll - Who gets your vote to evict?
M3gabyt31353 4   10/18/16 01:33 PM
x*I've voted both times for Dani. She's the brains of that side of the house. Shane barely knows what's going on. Why send him home? NT
Jake8110/18/16 09:43 PM
x*Because he is boring. NT
BBFan199510/19/16 05:18 AM
x*She's more of an asset to her alliance, and I want most of them gone. NT
Jake8110/19/16 03:48 PM
x*Yup he's a dud NT
Dulcie10/19/16 06:22 AM
*What is your opinion of Neeley after seeing her true colors come out this week?
ReaRea625 5   10/18/16 12:41 AM
x*Didn't change because I didn't like her to begin with. NT
DrunkenUncle10/21/16 08:58 AM
x*She showed her most trashy side the past 24 hours. NT
Jake8110/18/16 12:23 PM
x*I can't fault her. She is nominated, her friends her nominated, and the house is stressful. NT
BBFan199510/18/16 07:49 AM
x*No change for me. She showed that side of herself many times before. NT
RockChalkJhawk10/18/16 04:17 AM
x*I agree, I have always thought this was the real Neely NT
bbcanDDW10/18/16 09:05 AM
*Jason or Alex?
Bessie894 8   10/17/16 06:07 PM
x*Jason is the same pathetic loser he was in BB 17. NT
Jake8110/18/16 12:24 PM
x*Jason is a proven vulgar loser. NT
satx110/18/16 11:59 AM
x*Alex is strong both physically and mentally, even as a have not. Alex is a beast! I have much love for someone who comes to play the game! NT
ReaRea10/18/16 12:22 AM
x*ALEX - Jason sucks! - Vile little twerp. NT
Zingbot500010/17/16 11:41 PM
x*Agreed NT
cabester110/17/16 11:49 PM
x*JASON - Alex sucks!
ChefSylvia10/17/16 08:45 PM
x*alex has at least won something and shown shes a strong player
humdinger10/18/16 04:24 PM
x*Super hard to choose! Right now I like Alex . I really wish they would work together. NT
b3autiful_cha0s10/17/16 07:24 PM
*Who are you voting to evict?
kaylam1639 8   10/17/16 03:10 PM
x*We should put our vote on NEELY, just to mess with her!!! NT
kado10/18/16 09:38 AM
x*there is a little push for that, i think it would be funny since our vote doesnt matter for a change NT
elpulpoguapo10/18/16 02:04 PM
x*Shane for evict. And did you hear Dani after she lost POV? "why didn't he just throw it to me?" Um girl.. why didn't you just win it for yourself?? NT
ReaRea10/18/16 12:17 AM
x*So, I will be voting Shane. NT
b3autiful_cha0s10/17/16 07:26 PM
x*Personally I don't care for Dani , but feelings aside , Shane is the more strategic choice. NT
b3autiful_cha0s10/17/16 07:25 PM
x*Our vote is useless this week... Plastics and Scott control the votes NT
godfreyfan10/17/16 05:15 PM
x*Shane is a bigger threat. He needs to go. Danielle will be a mess w/out him there. NT
RockChalkJhawk10/17/16 04:29 PM
x*I'm waiting until the BC's decide but Shane out helps them more, He's better at comps and she's a basket case NT
bugiardi10/17/16 03:25 PM
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