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*CBS' feed/subscription "help line" and Submit a Question form ~ call toll free (877)-211-4367
Starr1002 0   Sticky Post
*Big Brother Live Feed Player Alternatives (BBViewer)
ForumAdmin21052 0   Sticky Post
*FORUM TIP: Viewing only active topics in a forum...
ForumAdmin4210 0   Sticky Post
*FAQ: Where did my post go?
ForumAdmin5663 0   Sticky Post
*FAQ: Sign Up for BIG BROTHER 15 Live Feeds, BB Viewers, Soup iPhone App
Dreamer32531 0   Sticky Post
*Finding Answers Before You Ask...
ForumAdmin12171 0   Sticky Post
*Is there a way to embed Vine videos on this site? If so, how? NT
SG895 1   12/23/13 11:55 AM
x*Not right now. NT
M3gabyt312/25/13 05:47 PM
*Somebody mentioned "policing" the message boards. I did a search and can't find anything. What does it mean? NT
FurnitureAlliance43 0   11/05/13 08:29 PM
*Disconnected from server?
CanadianBacon68 0   11/03/13 07:49 PM
*What the numbers to cancel feeds! Thanks NT
TKM809485 8   10/19/13 01:06 PM
x* (877) 211-4367...if you signed up for monthly you need to call...they will continue to charge you 6.43 (not sure where that figure came from) NT
spikewells10/19/13 02:44 PM
x*Thought the announced that feeds AND billing ended inn the 20th
frustratedposter10/20/13 01:22 AM
x*Recurring payments were supposed to occur again (but pro-rated) up until Oct 19th if one did not cancel their recurring payments.
M3gabyt310/20/13 09:14 AM
x*yeah, but it seemed they forgot the prorated part for some NT
frustratedposter10/23/13 07:09 AM
x*thought they announced feeds and billing ebbed on the 20th NT
frustratedposter10/20/13 01:18 AM
x*No need to cancel NT
MsRevRay10/19/13 01:59 PM
x*If you paid monthly you apparently have to cancel. NT
Corndogger10/19/13 02:21 PM
x*Don't think there is anything to cancel. Feeds are done, HGs have left the house. NT
ellenaj10/19/13 01:50 PM
*Am I the Only One That Can't Get CBS to Stop Charging My Credit Card???
kdesvern768 7   10/07/13 01:12 PM
x*Select month to month, BUT YOU CAN'T CANCEL!!! How is that any different than full season. BAD BUSINESS CBS BAD BAD BAD!!!!!! NT
kdesvern10/07/13 01:47 PM
x*What are they charging for? Thought feeds were going down over the weekend. They have no other subscription material I'm aware of, our do they? NT
frustratedposter10/11/13 07:56 PM
x*Thanks for reminding me to call and cancel... info is as follows:
chikedee110/07/13 01:32 PM
x*Thank you I got it canceled. NT
kdesvern10/07/13 01:46 PM
x*I expect this kind of sleazy crap from overseas porn operators. I have sent many requests via help portal, Never an answer, still charged NT
kdesvern10/07/13 01:30 PM
x*I Can't edit Credit card info, can only enter new card and save!! NT
kdesvern10/07/13 01:25 PM
x*cant help you as i got the season pass, not the monthly. but maybe cancel and change credit cards? NT
adobostreak10/07/13 01:19 PM
*Has BBViewer stopped working post season? I keep getting an error message in the lower left-hand corner of the screen. NT
Corndogger137 1   09/27/13 06:40 PM
x*I get an error too but I am still able to go to Tools > Flashback to watch the feeds! NT
lilreddanielle11/11/13 04:01 PM
*Do you need to cancel your monthly subscription?
M3gabyt3159 0   09/18/13 01:41 PM
*Today the bb viewer will not let me log in.. it keeps going to this other page.. anyone else with issue? NT
rockstars472 3   09/16/13 03:51 PM
x*Having this problem now. Usually log in through Facebook. NT
surething09/17/13 12:09 PM
x*I am having the same problem. NT
susanr34209/16/13 07:56 PM
x*The CBS page was back to working correctly for me this morning and allowed me to sign in. NT
susanr34209/17/13 03:41 AM
*What does the yellow lock beside a post mean? New this year to jokers NT
summer13362 4   09/15/13 06:17 PM
x*Thanks NT
summer1309/16/13 02:52 PM
x*The post is locked to any replies. NT
Whirley09/15/13 07:39 PM
x*In some cases, you can reply, but it has been
frustratedposter09/16/13 03:36 AM
x*Right, you can't reply to a locked post. There are many reasons why a post may get locked. In N/R if there is a lot of discussion of an article it wil
Whirley09/16/13 10:28 AM
*All my recent posts keep disappearing and some of the old posts on my profile aren't mine. Anyone else having this problem? NT
Nathalie360 4   09/13/13 09:21 AM
x*are the one's that are not yours replies to you? Which method of searching for your posts do you use? NT
frustratedposter09/16/13 03:39 AM
x*BBD posts don't last long, due to volume, esp on live show nights NT
frustratedposter09/14/13 03:00 AM
x*yea i have posts from like years ago, but many of my most recent posts have disappeared NT
cherlte09/15/13 11:34 AM
x*Me too. I've got some that show from 2005. But BBD has so many rip posts,
frustratedposter09/16/13 03:38 AM
*Maybe dumb question- how do you put a picture in a post? NT
IceBear224 2   09/12/13 12:26 PM
x*A few ways
M3gabyt309/12/13 01:41 PM
x*Thank you! NT
IceBear09/13/13 12:02 AM
*Does anyone know how to cancel the live feeds? NT
carryon660299 2   09/01/13 02:16 PM
x*if its for 48 free trial feed, go to help, ask question, then state you want to cancel your trial, they will email you shortly after. NT
WeirdReality09/03/13 06:49 PM
x*If you bought the season pass, you won't have to cancel. It was a one time charge. NT
cjj309/01/13 08:14 PM
*How do I use the flashback feature? NT
summer13388 3   09/01/13 07:33 AM
x*Thanks. I was trying to do it on my iPad and I think I have to do it on my computer NT
summer1309/01/13 07:41 AM
x*Works on iPad with puffin browser NT
frustratedposter09/04/13 06:56 AM
x*Only can use if you have live feeds. If you have live feeds..........
agent9909/01/13 07:36 AM
*Is there some work happening with My Posts feature, particularly in BBD? Other than today's posts, my profile shows nothing more modern than '09. NT
TwoMinutesHate238 2   08/31/13 03:04 PM
x*Maybe your vag swallowed them up? I've been around some demonic ones and they are insatiable. NT
BeBeeGun08/31/13 07:52 PM
x*I asked about this recently and was told the BBD is periodically purged and recent posts disappear especially when they is a heavy volume of posts. NT
SG808/31/13 03:06 PM
*how do i have all my posts removed from this site? NT
monkeyface255 2   08/31/13 09:45 AM
x*if you mean in BBD, posts don't last long because off the volume of posts made
frustratedposter09/01/13 05:47 AM
x*sorry, misunderstood. Are you asking to have all posts removed?
frustratedposter09/01/13 06:01 AM
*BB viewer Help
lisalee234 1   08/30/13 06:02 PM
x*Not sure what "hot keys keep going out for sound" means NT
frustratedposter08/31/13 05:32 AM
*BBViewer keeps asking me to update. It downloads, then errors when it tries to upgrade.Restarts and asks me again to install. Anyone else? on a Mac NT
johne3819253 2   08/30/13 12:51 PM
x*Choose to download and install later. NT
M3gabyt308/30/13 03:44 PM
x*Thank you, that's what I had been doing I was hoping there was a way to make it stop altogether NT
johne381909/03/13 01:08 PM
*Anyone with a stream for tonight's episode? NT
Pecker341 2   08/29/13 05:07 PM
x*running now
Hekate09/05/13 06:14 PM
x*this works for me
Hekate09/05/13 03:51 AM
*Wonder if anyone else keeps getting logged off when trying to respond to posts or switching to another forum? NT
BBAnnie291 3   08/29/13 02:47 PM
x*It's happening again. Anyone having this problem? NT
BBAnnie09/10/13 02:56 PM
x*happened to me twice overnight NT
frustratedposter09/12/13 02:54 AM
x*Not with me. Hope all is ok Annie. NT
GazingEyes09/10/13 02:56 PM
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