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BB Updates T 11:31PM Detailed Real fight between Matt & Raven (not the food one) Maven's 1st fight Matt takes his mic off navywife09 08/28/17 08:15 AM
BB Updates T Pillow Talk - navywife09 08/23/17 06:57 AM
BB Updates T DETAILED convo about Kevin - Jason says Kevin said this about Christmas navywife09 08/11/17 09:08 PM
BB Updates T DEtailed-Marlena bangs & Maven bangs - Elena:we should have done that in ur bed 4 the wet spots in ur bed you navywife09 08/10/17 10:38 AM
BB Updates T Raven yells out in her sleep Matt confused kisses her back to sleep navywife09 08/09/17 10:30 AM
BB Updates T Kevin & Paul talk about Cody - while playing pool - i wont help him now or even talk to him no more navywife09 08/08/17 09:28 PM
BB Updates T Matt and Raven....idk y don't u let me take u out first & then i'll tell ya about it navywife09 08/08/17 06:14 PM
BB Updates T 12:59pm DETAILED Conversation Jessica/Josh/Cody - Very Long! navywife09 08/08/17 04:32 PM
BB Updates T how do u think she's alone and 35 u guys can play that on the episode too! Cody & Jess trash Christmas navywife09 08/07/17 05:24 PM
BB Updates T Christmas goes on about Cody - no more nice stick just c*nt stick no more Jody after Thursday navywife09 08/07/17 11:17 AM
BB Updates T Kevin - me and Christmas and you and Alex - strawberries and red wine navywife09 08/07/17 10:52 AM
BB Updates T Current Feeds - 11pm - navywife09 08/05/17 11:27 PM
BB Polls T Game Thoughts on Raven? navywife09 08/04/17 05:57 PM
BB Polls T Favorite "show"mance- on Live Feeds is? navywife09 08/04/17 05:47 PM
BB Updates T Long Detailed convo between Matt & Raven about Jessica - Raven opens up to Matt navywife09 08/02/17 05:44 AM
BB Updates T DETAILED Convo Jessica calling her a little twat drown her by her hair - Cody-i just dont navywife09 08/01/17 09:49 PM
BB Updates T Detailed Convo - i dont like her as much now i owned up to my navywife09 08/01/17 05:38 PM
BB Updates T Detailed Convo Kevin/Maven about Jessica navywife09 08/01/17 04:48 PM
BB Updates T Cody replied with hold that thought then walks away - Jessica slammed door on Christmas navywife09 08/01/17 03:38 PM
BB Updates T Detailed Convo - Matt/Christmas/Raven - about Jody this morning- navywife09 08/01/17 03:16 PM
BB Updates T Detailed kitchen Convo between Christmas/Josh/Maven/Paul about Jody- navywife09 08/01/17 02:39 PM
BB Updates T Jason - i think she can change on the fly(Jes) Kevin/Jason question Cody is he a marine... navywife09 08/01/17 11:23 AM
BB Updates T Detailed HOH convo Paul/Elena/Josh/Matt/Raven about Jody..it was around 130 am - up in the HOH room - Cam 1 navywife09 08/01/17 11:15 AM
BB Updates T Kevin and Paul ,another convo about marriage and falling out of love in love with someone else, round 2 navywife09 07/26/17 03:20 PM
BB Updates T Christmas talking about her p*ssy. says its golden sunshine an she isnt called th navywife09 07/25/17 09:35 PM

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