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BB Polls T ess got temp..Cody won battle back..Jess got HOH..Jody reunited..Coincidence or rigged? navywife09 07/22/17 10:50 AM
BB Updates T Detailed conv part 2 girl talk w/ Ramses bout Matt & Raven navywife09 07/19/17 10:04 PM
BB Updates T Ramses girl talk about Matt's kissing - Detailed Convo navywife09 07/19/17 09:32 PM
BB News & Rumors T )QUIZ( How closely have you been watching Big Brother 19? [Vol. Two] moeopoly 07/19/17 06:10 PM
BB Updates T i can rub Mark all day but i cannot rub another woman! navywife09 07/19/17 03:02 PM
BB Updates T she's a dumb b*tch navywife09 07/19/17 02:10 PM
BB Discussion T I Have Severe Gastroparesis - The disease Raven suffers with. What I want people to know about the disease. Ashnr87 07/19/17 01:20 PM
BB Updates T Matt: there's no difference going home 9th or 3rd navywife09 07/18/17 07:29 PM
BB Updates T cause ur pretty and i wanted to talk to u navywife09 07/18/17 07:25 PM
BB Discussion T Elena behind it? Comment below. who's to blame? navywife09 07/18/17 03:53 PM
BB Updates T Elena and Ramses thinks Matt's hott.... navywife09 07/17/17 07:56 PM
BB Updates T i'll cook you some u just sit there and look pretty navywife09 07/16/17 12:30 PM
BB Updates T you have such a big heart and i think it's because you've seen such darkness in people navywife09 07/16/17 12:17 PM
BB Updates T Jessica, Raven & Christmas now talking about Dom - outside - navywife09 07/16/17 12:15 PM
BB Updates T Christmas continues about Dom - throw shade at navywife09 07/16/17 12:07 PM
BB Media T *fixed* LIVE FEED Screencaps - Saturday, July 15, 2017 MadVelvet 07/16/17 09:24 AM
BB Updates T Matt and Raven kissing under covers 12:59AM Cam 1 navywife09 07/16/17 01:59 AM
BB Media T LIVE FEED Screencaps - Friday Night 07.14.2017 (drama from this morning will be on Saturday caps) MadVelvet 07/15/17 09:00 AM
BB Media T Megan Guests on this eviction recap on Julie's Chin podcast if you want to see it Mikentosh 07/14/17 09:51 AM
BB Media T BB on Blast BB19 podcast lightupvm 07/13/17 03:31 PM
BB News & Rumors T [QUIZ] How Closely Have You Been Watching Big Brother Season 19? moeopoly 07/13/17 02:07 PM
BB Discussion T RANT | It's Time to Cancel the Feeds [LINK] RBRadio 07/13/17 01:49 PM
BB Discussion T Why do people like Paul? I just don't get it...Can anyone explain? He's annoying to me. LeForce10 07/12/17 09:42 PM
BB Media T LIVE FEED Screencaps - 07-08-2017 Saturday MadVelvet 07/09/17 09:17 AM
BB Updates T Raven & Matthew.. navywife09 07/09/17 12:12 AM

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